Too Hot for Clothes! (Part 1 of some…)

I know most fashion bloggers and their followers are ready for Fall at this point in the summer. And I know everyone loves when Summer rolls around again and they can shed their layers and bring their sandals back into rotation. But I am one who would be superbly happy if it remained Fall for 12 months a year. In fact, I have been ready for Fall and planning my Fall outfits since mid-May! My perfect temperatures are between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the temperature starts closing in on 70 degrees, I am uncomfortable, hot, and cranky, and I start the countdown to cooler days. I get especially irritable at this time of year when it should be cooling down, but the summer heat hangs on and we get that final bust of warm weather as if Summer were refusing to die.

Here in the North Country, we should be seeing low 70’s this time of year, but we have had a week or two now nipping at the 90’s. And. I. Just. Can’t. Take. It. Anymore. As much as I want to bring out my Fall clothes, I can’t even bear the thought of swathing my body in layers. I. Am. Too. Damn. Hot. Maybe it’s this business of perimenopause rearing its ugly head (am I allowed to talk about that topic on a fashion and lifestyle blog? Eh. I just did.) So I have been doing my best to incorporate rich autumn colors in loose lightweight fabrics into my outfits of the day (on the days that I can even bear to get dressed with proper undergarments and accessories. Ugh. Accessories are so burdensome to me when I am sweating!) But, I also know that when I’m in a funk, in order to feel better, I need to put myself together…so here are six of my outfits of the day from the past two sweltering, sweaty weeks! (Can you see my glow? Yeah. That’s sweat.)

And it seems that my aspiration of six-outfit-of-the-day-posts-in-one was more than my uncooperative internet could handle! So let’s make it a series! You see the outfits. I will detail the first one and save the others for later…after I and my computer get some much needed sleep!

Outfit #1: Passionate about Plaid

IMG_2566 IMG_2576 IMG_2585

I have always had an affinity for plaid, but recently it is becoming more of an obsession. How much plaid can one person own? I have shirts, dresses, pants, sweaters, scarves…the only thing I am missing are plaid shoes and a plaid poncho. Maybe for Christmas, I will gift myself! The husband isn’t here to pick out my gifts anyway. (Secret: I always buy my own Christmas gifts anyway. I give them to J to wrap. I get exactly what I want. There is no pressure on him. Everyone is happy!) I love the darker colors on this shirt and the fact that it is sleeveless, you know, given the aforementioned heat index! Simple black linen shorts, a chunky necklace, and some funky sandals…and I was still sweating!

Shirt: Rock & Republic for Kohl’s, available in 4 colors.

Shorts: Kohl’s (old). Cute alternative here. And it seems options for shorts are not readily available this time of year! But everyone has a pair of basic black shorts, right?

Layering tank top: Many different options available at Target.

Sandals: Rampage Shoes from Burlington Coat Factory (no longer available). Similar styles here, here, and here.

Necklace: Fort Drum Army Exchange (no longer available). Charming Charlie has a lot of pretty options very reasonably priced. If you want some better quality options, Stella & Dot has some gorgeous pieces! In particular, this Sutton Necklace in green stone. If you like Stella & Dot, you should definitely check out Jo-Lynne Shane, who has a fantastic fashion and lifestyle blog AND is a Stella & Dot Stylist!

Is anyone else obsessed with plaid and desperately waiting for cooler weather to pile on the layers? How do you keep yourself cool and looking put together when your face is sweating off? I would love to hear your styling tips and secrets!

Maybe falling off the edge,



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