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I bring to you today two of my favorite things right now: Red Plaid and Cloche Hats. They create the perfect combination for a festive holiday look, in my opinion. I have been adding piece after piece of red plaid to my winter wardrobe and I just do not tire of it. I also have been adding plaids in many other colors. As a result, I feel the need to add more and more cloche hats to my collection to coordinate with all of my plaid.

*This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

To better illustrate the madness that is going on with my plaid and cloche hat obsessions, I have just ordered two plaid coats, a plaid blanket scarf, a pink cloche hat, and a royal blue cloche hat. In addition to all of that, this fringed plaid blouse was just sent to me by Zaful to share with you all. And the taupe flower adorned cloche hat is also a recent acquisition.

*Blouse: Plus Size Checked Tassel Shawl Collar Asymmetrical Blouse c/o Zaful.

This new blouse and hat really put me in the holiday spirit, so I donned it for Thanksgiving dinner which was hosted by my great friend Amy and her husband. We ate so much food that I promptly went to bed at 8:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving night.  I was fearful that if I stayed awake any longer I would continue consuming all the savory goodness that we had left over, thereby increasing the risk of all my new plaid arriving two sizes too small!

*Pants: Faux Suede Knit Pants c/o Chico’s.
*Hat: Fort Drum Exchange.
*Sweater: Thrifted.

*Shoes: Aldo Shoes. (I bought these shoes in Los Angeles last December when I met Rena of Fine Whatever and Anne of Spy Girl and every time I wear the shoes, I remember what an amazing time we had! I cannot believe that nearly a year has passed since that trip.)

In true blogger fashion, I had to seize the opportunity for a family photo shoot since we were all dressed up for the occasion.  I think the last decent family photo we have is from Easter, so it was high time.  But getting a 4 year old and a 6 year old to cooperate for a family photo is quite a challenge. So what you see is the reality of my life.

And in true Brady fashion, my outfit pictures were photobombed! For those who you don’t know, Brady is one of Amy’s lovable cuddly pups. And whenever we do photos in her yard, he always wants to participate. So I say, if you can’t beat him, let him join you!  Plus, who doesn’t love a picture with a fur baby?

And Brady did make a great backdrop for my new Jord watch!

*Watch: Frankie Series in Ebony & Gold c/o Jord Watches.

For your holiday shopping convenience, I leave you with this information:

Zaful is having their Biggest Sale of the Year right now. They have lots of plaid and plenty of hats for all the other plaid hatters out there. Now if someone spots a red plaid hat, do let me know. Immediately. Because it must be mine!

Jord Watches also is having a fabulous sale going right now. Just click here and enter your email address, you will receive a special discount code directly in your email.

Shop Women’s Jord Watches
Shop Men’s Jord Watches

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to have an amazing week ahead of you. Happy Monday!

Keeping it on the edge,


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I am a 40 something Army wife and stay-at-home mother of 2 boys and 2 cats named Dave and Frankie. I have a passion for helping other women feel fabulous in the midst of this crazy, beautiful life.

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  1. Oh youre Jord watch is great.
    I am so obsessed with plaid lately! I love it!

  2. Love that hat and LOVE seeing your boys and husband – so cute!!

  3. Wonderful, happy post, Shelbee! Love the pics of your family, and your cloche is divine. xox


  4. great post! I like your style 🙂
    you can visit my blog
    and see my style videos
    and we can follow each other too what do you say 😀

    • Hi, Isidora! Thanks so much for stopping by! I just hopped onto over to your blog and you are simply adorable! Thanks for finding me so we could connect. I will be following along, for sure.


  5. Looking good, Shelbee! It’s been awhile since I made my way to your blog and I’m your outfit choice are still on point. I’m in love with that plaid shirt and that hat. The hat reminds me of the hats from the 1930’s, so it gives me tons of retro feels. Also, what a beautiful family you have. You got a bunch of lovely looking boys (and wow aren’t you lucky to have such a looker of a husband)! Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and that your upcoming holiday season is safe and happy!

    • Gigi, thanks so much for this wonderful comment! I have missed you in blogland! I pop by about once a week to see if you are up to anything new! I also love the retro vibe a cloche hat. So my jam! And yeah, my hubs is a hottie! Hahahah. I am one lucky girl. I wish you the happiest holiday season as well!


  6. Such a pretty plaid top! Love the look

  7. I just love the title of your post! Your hat is so cute – it has a vintage-y vibe that I love.

    Aaaand can your hubby get in touch with mine about his workout plan? Damn girl he certainly doesn’t skip arm day, you lucky lady! Haha!

    • Thanks so much, Roxanne! I got a kick out of the title myself! And my hubs does the soldier workout routine…whatever that entails! And thanks for feeding his ego! Ha! Thanks for stopping by and for such an awesome comment!


  8. Awwww, your handsome boys! Love that hat on you – you wear it so well!

  9. Great look Shelbee, love your top and watch 🙂 Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays.

  10. That top is so fun Shelbee! It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving, and I love your family photos!

  11. Such a cute layered cold-weather look and once again some plaid. This has a little retro vibe thanks to that awesome clochet hat. I need to dig my basement and hope to find one or more of my clochet hats lol.

  12. Lovely hat, it really suits you. I have a red cloche hat but it doesn’t look right on me, it’s the wrong shape for my face. I always appreciate an animal photobomb! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • Thanks so much, Emma! I have a new red cloche hat as well which I haven’t worn yet. I am sure it will make its way onto the blog at some point! You do look great in a wider brimmed hat though, for sure, even if the cloche style does not suit you. Thank you for stopping by!


  13. How funny that you went to bed early to avoid overeating. I think a lot more of us should try that as well. I, on the other hand, was motivated not to overeat by fear of triggering another gallbladder attack. Fortunately, I made it through the weekend just fine and lost 1/2 pound as well. Oh, I almost missed the shoutout! It was indeed a treat to meet and spend time with you and Amy last year. I had to chuckle about your current obsession with plaid as it seems that I go through phases like that too. Can’t just stop at one, of anything, because there’s another that would be perfect as well. Just this morning I was thinking that I’d use plaid as a theme for a future “Last Week, This Week” post and I first checked to make sure that I have enough plaid to cover the week (I do, LOL).


    • Rena, thank you once again for a comment that has made me smile, laugh, and feel wonderful about my blogging journey! I am so glad that you avoided another gall bladder attack. Your surgery is coming up next week, correct? I will send lots of healing energy your way, my friend! And I am not surprised at all that you have enough plaid for a “Last Week, This Week” post. I have enough plaid to feature it every day for a month (or maybe more)! And there are more plaid things in transit to me as I write this! So funny!


  14. Very cute and it looks so comfy too! I have three boys and know well the pain of getting a “good” family photo.

    • Thanks so much, Joanne! I was super comfortable until I over-ate the Thanksgiving dinner! And boys certainly have their ways, don’t they? But I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


  15. Love this look but so happy that you linked up with a slow fashion take. Thanks for your support.

  16. Love the family shot.


  17. Nice plaid shirt! Thanks for linking up at Top of the World Style.

  18. Loves that plaid color on you! 🙂

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