The Perfect Accessory for the Antique Boat Museum and #SpreadTheKindness Link Up #26

For Father’s Day this weekend, my husband and I decided a nice outdoor family activity would be a great way to celebrate. So we packed the kids into the car and headed out to Clayton, New York. Sunday was hot and humid and downright disgusting, so when I saw on my weather app that Clayton was going to be about 5 degrees cooler than Watertown, it was totally worth the 30 minute drive from our house. Plus I wanted to photograph my adorable new crocheted neckerchief made by a local crafter, Linda Gibbs Handmade. I picked up this cute little accessory on Wednesday when I ran into Linda at our local Farm Market and I was so excited to pair it with a white gauzy dress for a relaxed and feminine summer vibe.

Linda’s Stand at the Farm Market


Some of Linda’s beautiful creations on display at the local Farm Market.


Linda has some of the prettiest handmade items in her Etsy shop that you must check out if you are looking for something super special and one of a kind. She creates her own patterns as well so you can be sure that no one else will have the same!

This shawl is one of my favorites.


I also adore this piece!


Look at the beautiful shade of purple on my neckerchief. And those little wooden beads on the end…I think those are what really sold me on this piece! If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for in Linda’s Etsy shop or on her Facebook page, she does take custom orders as well!

Look at the beautiful colors on this shawl.


And the back of it.


So before I get back to my story, I want to alert right now that there are a ton of photos to follow. If you are not interested, please scroll quickly so you can get to the link up as fast as you can. If you are interested, I hope you enjoy the following photo tour!

Onto my Sunday story…I put on this dress and neckerchief with the intention of taking some outfit photos on the water. Well, we did take some photos, but the wind so crazy that it’s a good thing I wore shorts underneath my dress! We were going to just take a walk along the waterfront for photos and then head to a local playground. But when we arrived in Clayton and I mentioned The Antique Boat Museum, everyone wanted to go there. The kids and I have visited this museum on numerous occasions, but my husband had never even been to the beautiful town of Clayton ever before. We were pleasantly surprised to find that admission is free for active duty military and their immediate family members. Well, thank you very much Antique Boat Museum! In return for that kindness, I am writing this blog post!

*This is not a sponsored post. I am an advocate of supporting small businesses, independent crafters and artists, and non-profit organizations…especially those that also make an effort to spread kindness within their communities.

So have a look inside The Antique Boat Museum and then I will show you some more ridiculously windblown photos of my outfit!

Their newest display is The River Winter, which was my absolute favorite!

You can also climb aboard some amazing antique boats in The National Motor Boat Show Room.

In today’s dollars, this is a $272,000 boat.


If you venture into The Small Craft Building, there is currently a very interesting display featuring the history of canoes.

My kiddos are enjoying this display!


And don’t think for a minute that boat historians consist of stodgy ole fellows. They do have a bit of a sense of humor! And they are lovers of Dr. Seuss.

There is a workshop area which shows the boat making process.

And so many other wonderful and interesting displays.

And finally, my kids’ favorite part of the museum is the boat-themed playground where we fought the wind in an attempt to get some outfit photos! Ha.

Outfit Details
Dress: Old Navy (From a few years ago. Other white dresses here).
Shoes: Target (From last year. This year’s style is super cute, though!)
Necklace: Walmart (No longer available, but similar here and here, and here).
Neckerchief: Linda Gibbs Handmade.

So if you are ever in the area of Clayton, New York, stop by The Antique Boat Museum for a fun and educational tour. Follow their Facebook page so you can receive any updates about current events going on at the museum. But before you go, be sure to grab yourself a unique little crocheted item to protect you from the winds. Linda Gibbs Handmade is sure to have the perfect item! Follow her Facebook page so you know where she will be setting up her stand!

And now, if you have scrolled this far, thank you! Have a look at your favorite posts from last week.

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Thank you all for joining my link up every week and doing your part to #SpreadTheKindness. I hope you all find some new blogs to follow and also gain some new fans from here. Have fun linking!

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  1. What a nice way to spend Father’s Day with your family. I love your dress with the gladiator sandals, so stylish and comfortable. Great pictures pretty lady!

    • Thanks so much, Kellyann! It was so hot and humid that day that I almost didn’t wear a dress at all. But I am glad I did! The white gauze fabric kept me cool all day.


  2. What a fun day, Shelbee!!
    I loved that hand made shawl too. Many women at our knitting retreat will make similar items and they really brighten up a t-shirt!!

    • Thanks so much, Jodie! I never thought I would be into the crocheted or knitted items, but these little neckerchiefs are so cute. And they can be worn as headbands, too. Also, I am always a sucker for a beautiful knit shawl!


  3. Ship Ahoy! Thank you for hosting Shelbee! xx

  4. That scarf is darling! I love the color and how it looks with your white dress!

    • Laura, thank you so much! And it actually was not hot all because of the open knit! I could totally see you rocking one of these pretty little pieces!


  5. Absolutely cute dress Shelby! What a fun father’s day trip, loving the booth with the pretty handmade accessories too. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  6. That looks like a fun outing! I wish I knew how to crochet! So many beauties you can make. I love your white dress with those gladiator sandals! I just ordered two pairs of shoes off of Target, you just can’t beat their styles and trends!


    • It was a great day, Carrie! I agree wit you on crocheting. I can’t do it either. And Target has been really nailing it in the fashion department all around. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  7. What a lovely way to spend the day and you dressed perfectly for the occasion! I love all the pictures! Peace!
    Cheryl Tucker

  8. Look at you trending head to toe. Love this outfit mama. That boat museum sounds great. We have a similar one in Grand Haven, Michigan. =)

    Happy Tuesday!!

    • Thank you so much, Ada! I was wondering if there were similar boat museums in the country. I figured there must be! If I ever make it to Michigan, I will have to check it out…but only after I meet up with you! Hahaha. Maybe someday!


  9. That looks like a super cool museum to go to. I would love it. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful rest of the week.

    • Thank you, Patrick! I always have you in mind when I write posts of this nature! You are so great at these types of posts and your photos are way better than mine will ever be!


  10. To me everything that has to do with the sea, or just water, is fantastic! And that looks like quite some museum! You look lovely in that dress with those shoes, the colors are great together!

  11. I love museums like this, how fun! You are wearing one of my favorite styles of dress- the shift dress! They look great on you and I love the fun and funky sunglasses!
    Have a great week!
    Its pretty hot here in the South too..:-)
    jess xx

  12. I looks like a really fun Father’s Day trip!! Love all your photos!


  13. Fun flirty dress and great photos everywhere. Thank you for hosting and sharing on #OMHGWW!
    Have a great day!

  14. The museum conjures thoughts of Frozen! Cute outfit, you always look fabulous Shelbee. x Jacqui

  15. love that dress and the shoes! I really enjoy going to museums! Thank you for sharing this!

  16. Excellent idea to have Father’s day at the museum. Love the mix of vibes, soft feminine dress and leather gladiator sandals.

  17. Love those gladiators babe!

  18. You look so Comfy and Chic. The dress is fantastic on you and I expect to see it again.

    • Thanks so much, Neti! I think this dress appeared on my blog way back when I was only taking photos in my backyard because I was too embarrassed to take photos in public! Hahaha.


  19. You look absolutely gorgeous in that cute little dress, Shelbee! The photos are wonderful – it certainly looks like you had a great time!
    Suzy xx

  20. That looks like the perfect museum for (all) your boys!
    In response, I linked up the Aqua Car that I saw at Hinkley Lake last July 4th. It’s a bad IG video.
    Here’s a closeup still link:
    I especially like the fact that Aqua Car is aqua colored. Heehee.

    And now I’m thinking about that 4th of July feast… steamed clams! central upstate NY corn on the cob! moon cookies! Drooooooool.

    • What the hell is that amazing aqua-colored aqua car! Gah! I love it so much, Anne. Thanks so much for sharing it! And we are having a big 4th of July feast at my house with our new smoker for cooking some meat! And corn on the cob, of course. I hadn’t considered clams…but now you have given me ideas! Thanks so much.


  21. You look SO easy, breezy, cool chic, Shelbee. I’m always supremely envious of anyone who can walk around in sack-like dress and look that polished, damnit!!!

    • Thanks so much, my dear! I am glad that you think I look polished in a sack because I do love the ease and comfort provided by a good sack like dress! Hahaha. I think my height helps.


  22. I love exploring places nearby. The boat museum look like so much fun and I just love your outfit!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  23. Thank you so much for the feature Shelbee – I feel really honoured!

    Always love your weekly linkup posts.
    Have a fabulous week.
    xoxo Yvonne

  24. The white dress looks fab with the gladiator sandals! I love all the crocheted stuff, it’s great to buy handmade, it makes it more special. I know what you mean about hot and humid – we’ve had a mini heatwave in the UK. It was unbearable stuck in traffic with no air con yesterday! Thankfully it’s fresher now.

    Emma xxx

  25. Love the tall gladiators!!!

  26. This outfit is so cute, looks so easy breezy. Terrible pun. Sorry. But it does look easy like a Sunday morning…comfortable while stylish. I love the laceup sandals! And what a fun family outing. Oh and Linda is very talented! Have a fabulous weekend and thank you for linking up at Moda, as well as hosting your own!

  27. Love your shoes and neckerchief!Gorgeous!

  28. Thanks for hosting the party. Doesn’t it take for ever to pull on these sandal boots or gladiators? It looks complicated! Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

  29. What a lovely place to visit. Great look Shelbee. Love your gladiator boots 🙂 Thanks for sharing at the Wednesday blog hop.