The Holiday Series Blogger Collaboration: 11 Thanksgiving Day Outfits

Ada of Elegance and Mommyhood has done it again! She has managed to coordinate a group of amazing bloggers to bring you a multi-blogger collaboration in a series of 6 holiday inspired posts. Today, we are featuring 11 different outfits to inspire your Thanksgiving Day apparel. Whether you dress up, down, or anywhere in between, there is something for everyone brought to you by all these fabulously stylish women! Make sure to check them all out to get lots of ideas for what to wear on Thanksgiving Day.

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This year for Thanksgiving, we will be spending the day at our best friends’ home for one great big celebration of delicious food and wonderful friends. This is how holidays are often done military-style. When you live far away from family because of duty stations, travel can get too expensive to go home for every single holiday.  So you have to rely on friends for the warm homey feeling on the holidays. Military families know all too well how to create families away from home! So during this Thanksgiving holiday, I am so grateful for our friends, our families away from home.

We haven’t yet decided on the Thanksgiving dinner dress code. We may play dress up just for the fun of it. But if the weather turns out being glum and cold as is all too common in the North Country, we may opt for super cozy and casual. In the event that we do go dressy, I chose this knit long sleeve dress with lots of stretch to accommodate a food baby! And then I dug out my favorite red paisley blazer for that happy holiday feeling. This blazer dates back to when Isaac Mizrahi collaborated with Target. Do you all remember that? That was a long time ago! And the tall sock booties are from Parade of Shoes which I guess was a branch of Payless many years back…that’s how old they are. They may be on their last wear, however, as the right heel is all wonky.  Then, I added my new Bronson Bib Necklace c/o of Chico’s as my completer piece.

Check out all the other fun holiday outfits!


Read on to see everyone’s Thanksgiving plans and stop by these fabulous ladies’ blogs, today, also.
Michelle: “On Thanksgiving, it’s all about food, family & comfort! Adding a vest to jeans & a blouse is the perfect way to make a casual outfit appropriate for Thanksgiving dinner!”
Chrissy: “Every year our family of six hops in our minivan and travels to central Illinois to celebrate Thanksgiving with my husband’s side of the family. I chose this outfit because I love the colors, as well as the reminder to be thankful.”
Kristin: “Living overseas makes it hard to be home for Thanksgiving, so this year my husband and I will attend a casual Friendsgiving. This red flannel has been in my closet FOREVER and I love it for Thanksgiving because it’s as traditionally ‘fall’ as you can get!”
Shelbee: “This year for Thanksgiving, we are joining our best friends at their house and decided we might want to dress up just for the fun of dressing up.  I chose a black knit long sleeve dress with lots of stretch to accommodate for food intake.  My favorite red paisley blazer to add some color and tall black boots with a modest heel.  A statement necklace completes the outfit.  Comfortable, chic, and fun!”
Monica: “Hey y’all!  The Thanksgiving holiday will be here sooner than we think!  I wanted to show one of the many outfits that I’ll be choosing from on Thanksgiving.  Over the past few years I’ve loved the whole casual vibes for Thanksgiving.  I also make sure to find outfit that will hide the food baby I’ll have after eating on Thanksgiving!  Since the fiance and I go to two different places on Thanksgiving we eat double.  With that being said, I love this top because the sleeves are such a statement that no one will be looking at your stomach.  Plus, it’s a super cute top.  The pants are really comfy and have stretch to them, so you won’t have to worry about your pants not being able to expand, these will expand with you lol.  Check out more looks like this one on my blog Jersey Girl, Texan Heart.  As always, thank you to Ada for hosting this awesome collab!​”
Linda: “ I love dressing up but I always need to be comfortable enough to serve and get everything ready for our guests. This Old Navy Tunic is a fav that can be dressed up or down at will.  With fun leggings and OTK boots I am fall appropriate.  Adding the pearls seemed to dress it up slightly.”
Lee: “Hi, I’m Lee and my blog is Wine & Couture.  This year I am hosting, for the first time, Thanksgiving Dinner at my home.  I am excited to decorate and have family over to share good food with.”
Kellyann: “Our Thanksgiving plans include dinner with our family.  We usually eat outside and don’t expect cold weather so this dress and booties are perfect!”
Ada: “My Thanksgiving plans are laid-back. Some of my family members work till the afternoon. But we will get together, have a bigger meal than usual, talk, drink coffee and love on each-other. I chose a semi-dressy outfit this year consisting of a thick, brick-red skirt (it has the cutest pockets) with a forest green+navy plaid shirt and some fun sparkly white booties to glam it up. Also, I chose a long coatigan (cardigan sweater) as a topper.”
Whitney: “This year I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and boyfriend at my sister’s new home in Colorado Springs.  I usually want to be comfortable (obviously) but a little bit dressed-up and festive, so this year I’m wearing an on trend velvet top in fall colors.”
Jennie: “We are looking forward to having our four sons, daughter-in-law, and dogs together under one roof again for Thanksgiving! My autumnal colored shift dress is not only stylish with its bell sleeves, but also works well with leggings for a comfortable look that will disquise my holiday food baby!”


What are you wearing for Thanksgiving Day? And have you started planning your shopping outfits for the day after? Stay tuned for the next post in The Holiday Series which will feature our Black Friday Shopping outfits.  The post will go live on all of our blogs on November 21!  Be sure to check back!

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I am a 40 something Army wife and stay-at-home mother of 2 boys and 2 cats named Dave and Frankie. I have a passion for helping other women feel fabulous in the midst of this crazy, beautiful life.

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  1. Wow they’re all so different, will be popping by to see some of them. Have a super thanksgiving Shelbee, have lots of fun. x Jacqui

  2. What a lovely post! And what a great outfit Shelbee! I love the idea to have a dress code when your with friends. I always want a horror theme, but nobody else does! Lol.

    • Nancy, thank you so much! If you want a horror theme, you should push harder for it! Or get new friends (hahahahaha). I think that would be fabulously fun to do a themed dress code. Have a wonderful day!


  3. I would love to get all gussied up for Thanksgiving and if it wasn’t always so hot here I’d do it! I think it’s fun to dress up even if you’re not going out . Spending time with best friends is definitely a reason to celebrate and look fabulous – just like you!

  4. With concentration on what desserts to bring, my Pumpkin Roulade? Pumpkin Mousse Tarte? Nougatine? My outfit has taken a back burner. Since we will be dinner guests, My choice of clothing will be safe and comfortable. Nothing too heavy because a home with many guests and food cooking gets hot-I️ don’t want to sweat. A skirt, tights, tee and a blazer should suffice. This is great “food” for thought!!

    • Cathe, I love this comment! I will probably end up in leggings and a lightweight dress with cardigan to be honest. And I have not yet thought of what I am going to bring to Thanksgiving dinner as far as food goes…I suppose I need to figure that out. Arriving empty handed at someone else’s house on a holiday is probably in very poor form! And what are all these delicious desserts you speak of? I must know! And perhaps attempt to make in my own kitchen.


      • I want to bring something light so I’m trying to figure out a good recipe for a pumpkin mousse tarte. Also a pumpkin/ginger roulade and cream puffs–but with a Hazelnut/caramel cream. I think three desserts is a good number. Then the day after, I’ll start the Christmas baking!!!!! XOXOXOXO

        • Oh wow, Cathe, that all sounds delicious! I love hazelnut as well as pumpkin, but my younger son is severely allergic to hazelnuts so I try to avoid having hazelnut in the house. Maybe I am going to crash your Thanksgiving dinner though! hahaha.


  5. I love all of these different outfit ideas! I love the casual looks for Thanksgiving, we usually don’t do anything too crazy.

    • Thanks so much, Laura! This was so much fun to put together, too. I will probably end up super casual for Thanksgiving anyway even though I did a dressy outfit for the post!


  6. Fun post! Love your outfit and Chico’s necklace. Can anyone join in? Love this series

  7. The military does know how to “go the distance”! Last year my brother and his family were stationed out in Washington, while my sister and her family were stationed in Georgia. This year my brother is stationed in Georgia, but my sister and her family are now in Alaska! lol. Ah well, some day we may all be together again. 😉 I can’t talk though. WE go to IL every year. My mom is nursing her “wounds” by heading down to Disney with my SIL. They will have a good time indeed. Anyway, I love that you may get dressed up…that dress is perfect – comfortable, yet so pretty. Hope the weather cooperates for you!

    • Chrissy, what a story! That is military life for you though! We get used to it and just make the best of it. I don’t know if I will actually dress up though. I am way more comfortable in leggings and a comfy dress and cardigan for stuffing my face full of fabulous food! Thanks so much for stopping by. This has been a super fun collaboration. I look forward to seeing everyone’s Black Friday shopping outfits next.


  8. Lovely blazer, Shelbee! I actually do remember the Isaac Mizrahi line at Target! Honestly I hardly ever get rid of a blazer since they’re all such great classic pieces, even when they have fun prints like this orange one. And it’s funny we both said the same thing in our posts…we had to factor in the food baby when picking out our outfits haha! Seeing your look makes me wish I went for something dressier! Have a great long weekend 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Kristin! I just could never bring myself to get rid of this blazer because of the print! How would I ever find one with such a great print again? And you look adorable in your casual outfit. I will probably end up more casual on the actual holiday because of food baby! I need room for my food baby to grow on Thanksgiving and I need to be comfortable! Tights or stockings just aren’t going to cut it. Another fun collaboration, my friend. I look forward to seeing everyone’s Black Friday shopping outfits next!


  9. What a great collab! I love to get dressed for the holidays. Your thanksgiving outfit is great, and that blazer is still fabulous years later!

    pumps and push-ups

    • Brooke, thank you so much! I love getting dressed! Whether it is up, down, or anywhere in between…hahaha…I guess that’s why I am blogger, right? And this blazer is just one of the pieces that I could never let go and I am so glad I didn’t. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!


  10. Thanksgiving sounds like a lot of fun! I hope you have the best day, eat lots of yummy food and enjoy your friends!

  11. So nice to know how military families spend Thanksgiving. Your mix of black and foliage colors is perfect for this beautiful holiday. You look great all dressy and fancied in that gorgeous paisley blazer and your bib necklace. I definitely think Chico’s emulates your personal style wonderfully, Shelbee.

    I cannot wait for our next collaboration and everyone’s looks and for your friend to participate, too. Fun fun! Thank you for all your kind words, too.

    • Ada, thank you so much! Military life definitely presents you with opportunities to find new ways for celebrating holidays when you are away from family. And sometimes, we even just change the day of the actual holiday in order to be with family! My kids are quite convinced that Santa visits us earlier (like a week earlier) than everyone else because we live closer to the North Pole! Thanks for welcoming Kim on board for the collaboration! I think you are really going to love her style, too. I have my Black Friday outfit all photographed and will be sending to you soon. Thanks again for all of your hard work on pulling together this wonderful collaboration!


  12. Such a perfect print for this time of year, love the way you’ve styled this too, very chic!

    Anika |

  13. Ooh I like this outfit! It would definitely be a great pick if your dinner decides to go the dressy route. My brother is in the army so he’s definitely one of those people who spends time with friends/neighbors instead of family – as we’re all too far away.


    • Lauren, thank you so much for the lovely compliment! I do love the way military families come together for each other especially on the holidays! I am glad your brother has found his people for that, too!


  14. I love getting dressed up for Thanksgiving! You have found the perfect outfit with this color choice!

  15. Shelbee you look so beautiful. That is a fabulous look for you.

  16. Very cool to hear about how military families get together for the holidays. I realy like your blazer – the colors and pattern are perfect for Thanksgiving! I remember the Isaac Mizrahi line back in the day. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing everyone’s style in the posts to come!

    • Thanks so much, Jennie! Military families definitely rely on each other for a lot of things that civilian families would look to family members for. And you have to make new friends as well with every new duty station. There is a strong bond created among members of the military community for sure.

      Do you also remember the adorable Converse line that Target carried? I had so many cute pieces from that line way back when.


  17. Oh I love that jacket ! orange suits you . I use to have the shirt until recently but it became a bit tight so I had to let go 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Lorena! I can remember so many fabulous pieces that I had to let go because they just got too tight! (Yep, I blame the clothes not the food for becoming too tight!)


  18. You always look so great in your outfits! I need to work on my fashion! 🙂

  19. Beware….wannabe writer and bff is about to write, on your blog. Love love love this post! For many reasons. 😉 Pretty sure my house is where you are spending Turkey Day, so there’s that! Then, in my working at Target days, I SO remember the Isaac Mizrahi days and bright colors like your blazer. Love your look. Looks fab. And yea, if you could bring like a sweet potato anything, that would be greeeaaaat. (Office Space reference obviously) PS: In some of our Army travels, we had to spend a Thanksgiving in Korea, with a TINY oven; so ever since 2008, we now make cornish hens for Turkey Day. Just so you are prepared. There might NOT be a turkey. And dress code? PM me. I am thinking dress up for prep, caz for food baby. What says you?

    • You are an insane person, I think! Part of why I love you so much though. Cornish hens sound great. Sweet potato thing, not so much! Can I just bring a bag of chips? (Just kidding!) Although, I am so proud of you for throwing in a movie reference and letting me know which movie it is from since you and I are both horrible at the movie quote game! Hahahaha. I think dress code may be decided on Thanksgiving morning!

      Thanks for inviting us for the holiday! I am looking forward to it!


  20. Wow, it’s so wonderful that you get together with friends for Thanksgiving when you aren’t near family. I think you picked a wonderful look for the occasion, and I have to say…I’m with you on the “food baby!”

    • Julie, thank you so much! It is so wonderful how military families come together and create families away from home! I am looking forward to all the great food on Thanksgiving, for sure!


  21. Such gorgeous Thanksgiving outfit ideas, I really like the burnt orange colour it’s gorgeous! What a lovely post and great to hear how you spend your Military thanksgiving.

    It’s so important to spend time with loved ones 🙂

    Thanks for sharing such a heartwarming post and some great looks too!

    Laura xo

    • Laura, thank you so much for such a lovely comment! Military families definitely have a special bond and the ability to create unique relationships and form “families away from home”! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  22. Lovely outfits. What a great jacket 🙂 Thanks for sharing at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop.

  23. Thank you for joining the Top of the World Style linkup party. Great office look!

  24. Shelbee, I love the print on that blazer. Thanks for sharing on the link up over at A Pocketful of Polka Dots’ Fabulous Friday.

  25. I love the colours and design on that jacket #CreativeMondays

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