Styling a Kimono and a Poncho: Fashion Mia Collaboration

Finally, I am able to write my post on these two fabulous pieces that I was gifted from Fashion Mia in exchange for a review. At first I was hesitant in agreeing to a collaboration with Fashion Mia. The fact that they are based in China and knowing that their sizing runs much smaller than in the United States combined with being a size 14 woman, I was afraid that I would be unable to find something that would fit me. As I was choosing the items that I wanted to review, I focused on looser fitting, free size pieces like kimonos and ponchos. With the sizing issue, I really did have to pay very close attention to the measurements provided on their website. Eventually, I decided on a long printed kimono with fringe sleeves and a black floral print poncho.

*This is a sponsored post. I was gifted these items in exchange for my review. However, all opinions expressed in this post are my own and are in no way influenced by Fashion Mia, the sponsoring company.

First, I will show you the Collarless Fringe Printed Kimono. I absolutely love this piece! The fringe on the sleeves is so dramatic and the print incorporates so many different colors that it presents you with endless styling opportunities. For this post, I decided the best way to showcase the unique print was to just layer it over a simple black dress. I added a silver tribal inspired statement necklace which mirrored the intricacies in the fringed sleeves and the details in the print.  I slipped on a pair of taupe open toe lace up booties to complete the look. And four easy pieces quickly created an interesting, dramatic, and very comfortable look (well, except the shoes…the shoes kind of suck, actually).




Isn’t the back so interesting?

And check out how detailed the fringe on the sleeve is…if you can see it. (Maybe not the best photo.)

I really love the print!


And the length is perfect for my 5’8″ frame!


Did I mention how much these booties suck? Yes, they are really freaking adorable. But they may be just about the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned. When I tried them on in Burlington Coat Factory and walked a lap around the shoe racks, they were comfortable enough. But let me tell you…no. Just no. After about 30 minutes of wearing them in real life, they were digging into my ankles and breaking the skin. There is zero support for the balls of my feet. The laces do not stay put. And the heel is a bit higher than I thought. So to steal Nancy Baten’s term, these are most definitely sitting booties!


And while I was hating these booties, this little caterpillar seemed to find herself quite attached to them. Well she can have them!


Outfit details:

Kimono: Collarless Fringe Printed Kimono (c/o Fashion Mia). For reference, I am wearing a size XL.
Dress: Cato Fashions Bodycon Midi Dress.
Necklace: Walmart Tribal Inspired Gemstone Cast Adjustable Statement Necklace.
Booties: Burlington Coat Factory (I can’t find these same booties online, but seriously, you wouldn’t want to buy them anyway! But these are similar and perhaps more comfortable).
Clutch: Old Navy (no longer available).

The next item I chose from Fashion Mia was this gorgeous Batwing Dacron Floral Printed Kimono (although I would call this piece a poncho). I absolutely fell in love with the floral print when I saw this piece. I was so excited to style it, too. But much to my dismay, it was much too small for me. Although it was marked as a one size, it fit more like a US medium. Rather than go through the hassle of returning it, however, I reached out to Fashion Mia and explained that in the interest of time and getting the post published, I was just going to have someone else model the item for me. So I enlisted my friend/blog photographer/business partner Amy to be my model. And I got her out from behind the camera where she likes to hide! I am so glad I did because…well…isn’t she gorgeous?!

floral poncho-1

Amy layered her poncho over a classic combination of long sleeve black tee, dark wash denim pencil skirt, black tights, and black booties. I love how her outfit allowed the poncho to stand alone and make a statement. She added two necklaces in earthy tones which really just added to the autumnal vibe created by the entire look.

floral poncho-2

floral poncho-3

Seriously though, how stunning is this floral print?
floral poncho-4

floral poncho-5

And the back is equally beautiful.
floral poncho-6

floral poncho-7

And I am so loving Amy’s tree necklace that she made herself! I think I need one for myself (hint to Amy: Christmas is coming).
floral poncho-8

floral poncho-9

floral poncho-10

Outfit details:

Poncho: Batwing Dacron Floral Printed Kimono (c/o Fashion Mia). For reference, this is a one size item and Amy is a US size medium. This item is available in black, blue, and orange.
Skirt: Gap Factory (no longer available).
Boots: From Amy’s own wardrobe.
Bag: Old Navy (similar here in tan).
Tree Necklace: Handmade by Amy.
Long Necklace: From Amy’s own jewelry box.
Tights and Tee: From Amy’s own wardrobe.

(I only know where Amy’s skirt and bag were purchased because I was shopping with her when she bought them. All of her other pieces are from her own closet and she is not sitting here with me while I write this post in order for me to consult with her!)

Other than the floral poncho being too small for me, I am thrilled with my Fashion Mia piece(s). And Amy is absolutely loving her new poncho, too! Understandably so…because it looks so amazing on her! The shipping was much quicker than I had anticipated coming from China. And the customer service was superb. The representatives at Fashion Mia were also super friendly and quite accommodating and understanding when I emailed them that my post would be delayed due to my recent computer failures!

How do you all like to style your kimonos and ponchos?  And given the chance, do you occasionally hug trees, too? We do!


floral poncho-11

Hugging trees on the edge,

Shelbee (and Amy, too)

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  1. And apparently, some of my photos have turned sideways again. So frustrating! I do not know how to rectify this issue except to edit every single photo BEFORE they are loaded onto my laptop. If anyone has any ideas how to fix this little glitch, I would love to hear them! Thanks.


  2. First off—the pictures sure get our attention being sideways that way!! Ha ha!
    I love your kimonos!!
    Both of them do you both justice and then some!!
    And can I say that I adore your necklace—I just bought one very much like it—it’s such a great statement!

    • Thanks, Jodie! I suppose the pictures do get attention! And then on a sponsored post of all the things, too. Ugh! And these big statement necklaces are so fabulous! I want them all. I had the hardest time choosing just one. In fact, I went back about 5 different times before I could finally pick one!


  3. Shelbee, these are very pretty pieces and I can see how they could be styled in a number of ways. I love what you did with the kimono over your black dress. The necklace is perfect! Don’t you hate when those shoes you bought that seemed comfy when you walked around the store end up being blister busters? So frustrating. The poncho Amy is wearing is very lovely. Any of my own photos that I use I have to rotate before I download them. They just go into IPhoto whatever way I took them and I have to make the adjustment before I download. Great post today. Thanks for sharing. – Amy

    • Amy, thank you so much for the lovely compliments and the photo suggestions! My pictures go into iPhotos the right way, then when I load them into WordPress some of them flip sideways. So I have to edit them in WordPress and they appear the right way on my end until I hit publish. Then they are sideways again! And they only appear sideways on certain search engines, not on all. It is so weird!


  4. Thanks for the shoutout!😘 It s such a waste when you ve bought shoes that really are not walkable! The poncho is beautiful however so that s a good thing. I think you have to edit each picture before you load them. Have a great and wise!! day.

    • Thanks, Nancy, for coining such a fabulous term! It is my pleasure to give the credit where it is due. And I think you are right about editing before the photos load. That seems to be the only thing that prevents the photos from flipping. And it is such a huge inconvenience. But it is what it is, I suppose. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. i love that long kimono styled with the black dress. it is perfect for the length, and let’s the print pop!

  6. I am a kimono person or at least more than a poncho one 🙂 I had not heard of this website, I am heading over to check their stuff –

    • They really do have a lovely selection of cute kimonos and ponchos, Lorena! And the prices are so very reasonable. I hope you find something you love! Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Such a gorgeous print on that kimono!

  8. Lovely styling! love the both looks!

  9. First of all you looooook fabulous in that poncho! Love the print!! And YAY you are back right? YAY! And secondly, I have bought many a shoe like that where they were comfy until I get them home, conspiracy? 😉

    • Absolute shoe conspiracy, Stephanie! That’s so funny. Because they are so cute, I will now search for the same but with comfortability…maybe. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  10. Love the print on the kimono, great colors whether worn as a dress or with jeans. Love the booties. I am in the obsessed category with boots lately!
    thanks for linking up with turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

  11. You girls look fabulous! Loving the free-ness of that kimino

    Sammy | XX

  12. Love that kimono! Beautiful! 🙂

  13. Love the kimono and the poncho – and the little caterpillar too. ha ha! Thanks for partying with us on #FridayFrivolity

  14. Pretty pieces and I am sorry those cute booties don’t fit well as they look adorable.
    Thank you for linking up to “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” link up
    Rachel xo

  15. Cute outfits! I hope your blog will continue to fix and will be back to normal soon! Thanks for sharing at the Grace + Lace Linkup!

  16. Love the print. This is so pretty

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