#SpreadTheKindness Movement (and Link Up) & My New Lularoe Carly Dress

Now more than ever, I believe it is of the utmost importance to be spreading kindness and love wherever we go. The holidays have arrived and while many people feel moved by the spirit of the holidays, there are also so many who feel depressed, stressed, tired, or just angry for various reasons at this time of year. Add that to a time of social tension in our country that has arrived in the wake of a controversial Presidential election and emotions are running high.  Many people are edgy to say the least.  We are watching people every day expressing their emotions by acting out in cruel and frightening ways.




We are seeing it everywhere in the media as well as in our personal lives. And I have taken a stand against it. I will not be broken by the hatred. I have made it my mission to conquer hatred with love and kindness. And I will rise up to the challenge. But it will make my mission that much easier if all of you, my wonderful, amazing, supportive, loving, and kind readers will join me in this mission! All you have to do, really, is continue to be your kind, amazing, loving, wonderful selves and keep spreading kindness wherever you go.




As a blogger, there are so many ways you can do this. You can leave lovely comments on other blogs. You can link your blog when other bloggers host link ups or blog hops. You can publish content that overloads the internet with goodness and gratitude and love and kindness. You can share other blog posts on your social media sites. Use the hashtags #SpreadTheKindness or #SpreadingTheKindness whenever you are sharing because sharing alone is spreading kindness! My mission is to literally overflow social media with all things kind and loving. And maybe, just maybe, we can wipe out some of the hatred that is trying to win.



As a non-blogging person, there are even more ways to spread the kindness. Compliment a stranger. Hold a door for the person behind you. Exercise patience in holiday traffic. Smile. Just smile. Just be loving and kind wherever you go. It really is contagious. But we need to be vigilant in this task if we want to succeed.




I have been taking steps daily toward my goal of Spreading the Kindness. This post is another effort on my part to do just that. Last weekend, I set up Shelbee’s Shoppe at a vendor and craft fair. I didn’t do so well that day. I don’t know if was just not the right people for my merchandise (I think they were looking more for handmade crafts), if it was the crazy cold and windy weather (my table was outside), or if it was just that no one had heard of me before (it was my first vendor event) and I was set up next to a lovely girl named Adrien Pacella who happened to be a Lularoe consultant (and we all know they have an established name). But whatever the reason, I didn’t do well. But I did establish a great relationship with the Lularoe consultant next to me! We were helping each other with all sorts of things throughout the day (mostly rescuing merchandise that was blowing away)!




Anyway, to make a long story short, I had not yet delved into the world of Lularoe until I spotted this red floral Carly dress hanging there amidst Adrien’s inventory. It was my size, so I tried it on right over my clothes and fell instantly in love! After a quick exchange of cash, the dress was mine! And now I want to share it with you all. And also I wanted to shamelessly plug Adrien!


So, if you don’t already have a Lularoe consultant or are looking for different pieces, stop by and see what Adrien Pacella has to offer! And if you get nothing, I guarantee she will at least make you smile with the kind-hearted and warm spirit that exudes right out of her! She is a stellar example of how sometimes just being who you are injects kindness into the world! Thank you, Adrien, for just being you!




*This is not a sponsored post. Adrien did not gift me this dress. I purchased it with my own money. All opinions in this post are my own and only influenced by how great the Carly dress really is and how inherently lovely Adrien is. #SpreadTheKindness




Outfit details:
Dress: Carly by Lularoe from Consultant Adrien Pacella.
Cardigan: Kohl’s (from a few years ago).
Boots: Cato Fashions Buckled Contrast Band Tall Boots in Barnwood (currently on sale for $11.99! Also available in Pitch Navy which are on sale for $9.99!)
Necklace: Cato Fashions (no longer available but other tassel necklaces available here and here).



What are you doing to keep kindness alive? Are you willing to join my movement simply by using my hashtag #SpreadTheKindness? Or how about I add a random link up just for sharing and spreading kindness?


Spreading the kindness from the edge,


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  1. Such a cute dress! I’ve yet to try any of their dresses or leggings yet. Have a great Thanksgiving!!

    • Thanks, Jaymie! I resisted for so long, but when I tried on this dress…oh my heavens! I may not ever buy another thing from Lularoe…except a million different prints in the Carly dress! I think maybe you should give Lularoe a try (add it to your Christmas list)! And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


  2. I think kindness should be our message every day, every year!! There’s nothing better, Shelbee!!
    As for LulaRoe—I love that they are bringing back the dresses and skirts! And leggings—of course I love those too!
    This dress is fabulous on you—especially the color!

    • I agree, Jodie! 100%! And thank you for the kind words. It was the color of the dress that caught my eye. Then the print. Then when I tried it on…I knew immediately it was made just for me! I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with love and gratitude!


  3. Oh, that is such a pretty dress. I love the colorful floral print. You styled it so well for the fall!


  4. I Heart the concept around this post Shelbee!!!! I try to live with gratitude and I am aim to continuously work towards being more kind and loving -it is vital to every living being.

    • You speak complete truth, Joi! And this is why I adore you! Thanks for stopping by and for being an example of kindness through and through! I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving full of blessings and love.


  5. Sending hugs 🤗 and floral love ❤️ to you. Thanks for the new link up.


  6. Love that you are spreading kindness with this link up! I love your dress. The print is so pretty. Thanks so much the link up and have a wonderful holiday week!


  7. When I was still working, November was the worst month to sell anything. People are saving for Christmas. Drop don’t worry, I’m sure you sell good the next time! What a lovely happy dress!

    • I get it, Nancy, but these are holiday shopping events! Ha! I did much better at the one this weekend and am hoping for an even better turnout next weekend. And thank you so much for stopping by and for the lovely compliment!


  8. I agree with you, it’s so important to show kindness throughout our day, be it online or in person. A few kind words can really change someone’s day.

    I like your new dress! How nice that you made a new friend and found a great dress!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • Thanks, Andrea! It is so true how much a simple kind comment can change a person’s day. Unfortunately, the same is true of one unkind word. so we definitely need to be mindful and practice kindness. That’s exactly how I made a new friend!


  9. What a fun print! I brought both my Lularoe dresses to Spain with me. They just had to come along! And I love the linkup that you are starting … such a neat idea!


  10. Such an uplifting post, well done Shelbee! I’m doing my best over here in the uk! Lovely pretty dress and a vey flattering flower design. Jacqui

  11. love those boots and these cute photos! you always look great because you’re always smiling! Wish I was like that haha. I always look like resting b*tch face 😛

  12. That dress is darling and looks fabulous on you! I love the fun print! Thank you for the linkup and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Doused In Pink

  13. Cheers to you Shelby for keeping that positive vibe.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. Loving the dress shelbee! So cute!!!

  15. Very cute dress, Shelbee. So happy! – Amy

  16. This is so sweet. And I love the dress! My sort of style! I’ll link up my post with the 52 Blogger portraits.

    Happy Thanksgiving and I’ll see you soon — IN PERSON!

    • YES! Anne, I am so excited to meet you in person! I can’t wait to see the post of 52 blogger portraits, but I think seeing it in real life is going to be even more amazing! Thanks so much.


  17. Thanks for linking up to the Top of the World Style linkup party. This dress is a great find. It works year round. One can style it for all seasons. You will get a lot of wear out of it!

  18. I wish people were more kind… and I happy you are spreading the word.
    I just purchased my first LulaRue just a few days ago and am dying to wear it, but my sick toddler has been keeping me in the house. #momlife


    • Oh you are going to love your new dress, for sure, Haley! Sometimes mom’s life can really put a hitch in your style plans! I hope your little one feels better soon and you get to rock your new dress. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great weekend!


  19. I am definitely with you on your Spread the Kindness mission. I have tried to spread happy and funny most of my life. If I do post a rant on my blog I always try to turn it in to something funny or at least have a positive spin at the end. We all are individuals with our own personal dramas. Remembering that helps me to keep things in perspective. Thanks for sharing on #FridayFrivolity

    • Me, too, Audrey! I deal with negative by using humor. I always have. And definitely being able to meet people where they are and accept their feelings without discounting them helps keep things in perspective. We are entitled to bad days, for sure, but we can’t allow ourselves to stay there! I am so glad you are on board with #SpreadingTheKindness! Thanks so much for stopping by.


  20. A great and noble cause! There is only one thing you can really change about the world and that is the way you treat it. Doing that kindly often inspires others to do the same, or makes someone else smile or feel gratitude or even just a pause in the chaos. The dress looks gorgeous on you. Enjoy it!

    • Charlie, thank you so very much for this thoughtful and inspirational comment! I agree completely…we must treat the world with kindness if we are going to have any chance of changing it and the people in it!


  21. Great message, Shelbee. It is shocking to see how people are reacting on both sides about this controversial election. If only everyone would remember the golden rule.

    This dress looks great on you! I really like the color and oversized floral. It looks so perfect for fall with your cardigan and boots.

    • Jennie, thank you so much. I really appreciate the comment. The golden rule is so easy yet so easily forgotten. It makes me quite sad. But I will keep #SpreadingTheKindness anyway!


  22. The world really does need kindness! I love your new dress! The Carly dress is one of my favorite Lularoe pieces!

    Thank you so much for linking up at Grace + Lace!

    Bows & Clothes

  23. I really like this autumn-y outfit. And your back yard(I mean, I reckon it´s not a park!) seems so relaxing. Look at all those trees!

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