So Many Hats & Link Up On the Edge #39

How many hats do you find yourself wearing? And do you have trouble finding a healthy balance in the constant changing of your hats? Figuratively, I wear so many hats…I am a mother, a wife, an Army spouse, a sister, a friend, a small business owner, and a blogger. And there are so many little hat changes that happen within each of these jobs because, as you all are well aware, each job has a million different responsibilities that go with it.

Outfit Details
Coat: Old Navy (No longer available, but cute Spring options here and here).
Pants: Target (No longer available, but similar options here and here).
Sweater: Kohl’s (A few years old, but cute options here and here).
Scarf: Kohl’s (No longer available, but other pretty options here, here, and here).
Boots: Ariat Fatbaby Boots (Mine are at least 10 years old, but they are close to the Fatbaby Original and Fatbaby II).
Hat: Handmade by my grandmother, circa 1960.

For me, finding that balance and being able to change hats with ease has been a challenge. Tending to children and all of their needs, maintaining a household, running a small business and a blog all require a lot of attention. Add in being a good wife and a friend who is present and available, the obligations that we create for ourselves suddenly start to pile up! Prioritizing and fitting in all of the responsibilities definitely presents a Tetris sort of scenario. How do you fit it all in? And more times than I’d like to admit, I slack in all of the areas! But sometimes, I need to just stop. Relax. Take a moment. And catch my breath. Being able to do that without guilt is an art form!

Outfit Details
Dress: Old Navy (Old).
Coat: Retro Print Plus Size Fleece Coat c/o Zaful.
Scarf: Target (Old).
Socks: Sock Dreams, circa 2010.
Boots: Very old.
Necklace: Cato Fashions (Old).
Hat: This hat is so old that I have no recollection of where I purchased it.

While I may not have mastered the art of prioritizing, scheduling, and balancing, I have become quite adept at relaxing and taking breaks without too much guilt. Having accomplished at least that much, I think I am well on my way to striking the healthy balance between all of the hats that I do wear. And at the end of the day (or more realistically at the end of the month), I do manage to get it all done. Maybe not always up to my own standards of perfection, but I come as close as I can. And I will just be proud of that.

Outfit Details
Everything in this outfit is quite old…so no links to the products.
Sweater and Scarf: Old Navy.
Leggings: Cato Fashions.
Coat: Burlington Coat Factory.
Necklace: Queen Thumb Creations.
Gloves: L L.Bean (Old).
Boots: Walmart.
Hat: Claire’s.

Now onto the topic of literal hats…Since I have started growing out my hair, I can finally wear hats and not look completely ridiculous. Granted some of my hats by nature are ridiculous, but wearing them over super short hair only made them look that much more ridiculous and just plain old stupid! But I do love a good attention-grabbing hat! Have a look at some of the hats that have previously appeared on my blog.  Now I need to find some awesome Spring and Summer hats!

How To Transition Your Winter Wardrobe to Spring

Feeling Whimsical with Rosegal

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Stepping Into Spring with DressLily

How many hats do you wear? Which are your favorite hats to wear (figuratively or literally)? And have you found the perfect balance? I would love to hear any secrets you may have acquired on the topic!

And now your favorite posts from last week…

Jodie of Jodie’s Touch of Style tackled quite the topic in her post Funeral Outfits for All Ages. I found this topic quite helpful as I have had to go out and buy funeral outfits at the last minute. And that can be quite distressing. Having ideas of what to wear already in your head is a great idea!

And Liz of Lizzie in Lace shared a gorgeous black floral dress in her post Rose Embroidery & Friday Faves Link Up. I absolutely adore the bright pink flowers on the blackest of backgrounds. Doesn’t she look stunning?

As always, thank you all so much for sharing your wonderful posts with me! I love seeing what you are wearing, sharing, and discussing!

Do remember to submit photos of your Bad Buy Trousers for our April post of The Bad Buy Book! I will accept photos until April 14 for publication on April 15!

Juggling my hats on the edge,


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I am a 40 something Army wife and stay-at-home mother of 2 boys and 2 cats named Dave and Frankie. I have a passion for helping other women feel fabulous in the midst of this crazy, beautiful life.

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  1. Oh my god! You are wearing a lot of hats!😂😂😂but seriously, I was already wondering how you managed it all! You’re super woman!

  2. First—what a fabulous surprise to find my post featured, Shelbee!! Thanks tons!
    And the hats?? Aren’t they fun…I’m so glad I’ve started wearing them on a more regular basis!! I noticed your grandma had knitted that first hat–a long time ago!! That just touches my heart!!
    Now you need a straw hat, right? Ohh…and so many more!!

    • Thank you, Jodie! That was such a great post you wrote. I left an enormously long comment on it, too! I definitely need to add some straw hats. I just found an adorable cloche style hat in straw that I hope to wear soon. However, we have snow forecasted for today, so winter hats it will still be! Ugh. Isn’t that awesome that I still have this hat…made by my grandma long before I was even born! I also have a shawl that she made that I have been wanting to show on the blog and never got around to it. But I need to do that. Plus I have a photo of her wearing it in 1976 with me wearing an orange one that she made for me (I was 2)!

      Have a fabulous weekend.


  3. At least you can wear many types of hat Shelbee! They look terrible on me! xx

    • Thank you, Laurie! There are many hats that look terrible on me, too. Maybe you just haven’t found the right hat for you! I would say to keep trying different hats and I bet you find a fabulous one that suits you! Have a wonderful weekend.


  4. Great selection of hats. Indeed we do juggle a lot of “hats” and its sometimes difficult to prioritise, in my case I usually write lists. It keeps me on track.

    • Thank you, Lorena! I am definitely a list maker, too. But then I usually lose my lists all over the house! Ha! I might be a bit of a mess. But I still manage to get things done. Have a fabulous weekend.


  5. You have so many cute hats!!!

  6. I don’t think I’ll ever find the perfect balance but I know I can do better at taking a break to relax and re-focus. Love seeing all of your cute hats! You have quite a collection!

    Doused In Pink

  7. Oh Shelbee I like hats and I see you too 🙂
    I widh you a wonderfull weekend, XO Tina

  8. You are the queen of hats for sure Shelbee! I love the burgundy floppy one and adore the handmade one by your grandma. Thanks for sharing and for the link up!

  9. Shelbee, I think many(or maybe most) women can relate to the idea of all the hats we have to wear. I thought when I was done homeschooling I would be wearing less hats, but now I help care for my grandson, so I have a different “caretaker” hat! Seems we still have plenty of hats to wear, they just change styles! Ha, ha. Thanks for acknowledging what so many of us deal with! Love your hats. I am not much of a hat wearer, unless I am on a beach somewhere. But you look cute in all of yours. Thanks for sharing and for hosting the link up. – Amy

    • Amy, thank you for this fabulous comment and the amazing insight you have about wearing many hats! I think it is definitely something we all struggle with. And sitting on beach wearing a wide brimmed straw hat sounds like the most glorious thing right now…and I don’t even like the sand all that much…but it is currently snowing here and I am so over it! I hope you have a wonderful sunny weekend!


  10. This is lovely, Shelbee, the post and the clothes (love that blue dress, looks awesome and comfy – I’m a big comfy fan). I hope you can drop by my blog party and leave some links – to this posts and others so others can find you and who knows who you will meet? Hope this weekend treats you kindly.

  11. Okay, so you’re probably going to be a bit jealous – while you’re in coats and hats, we’re in swimsuits. 😀

    • I am so jealous, Christina! It is snowing outside right now mixed with rain. And it has been raining for days on end. I am so tired of the gloominess! Thanks for stopping by and do send some sunshine my way!


  12. Great post. I have seen you wear so many different hats and I love the friendship hat you wear, among others! 🙂 All of these outfits and hats show how versatile you are, and your positive energy emits off of you. No wonder you need time to recharge and relax, without guilt. That is one I am slowly learning. And guilt man, that is a tough tough feeling to get rid of. Ok, off to wear my mommy, house cleaning, off my phone hat.

    • Aw, you are so sweet, dear friend! I often feel like I am slacking when I wear my friendship hat! I have been quite absent the last few days because I have been relaxing and rejuvenating guilt-free! Ha. You should try it.


  13. Love skinnies on you with flouncy, totally colorful tops! Thanks again for this linkup party.

  14. Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend. The Panda hat would have been a great hit at Giants games a couple of years ago.

  15. love all of these outfits! You look super cute in the first one especially!!

  16. You look great in hats! I have a few but always forget to wear them. I probably have too much going on and I wear a lot of hats too. I tend to beat myself up about not getting everything done perfectly – but you’re right, we have to do the best we can, and be proud of what we do. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    • Lana, thank you so much! I often forget to add a hat as well unless it’s rainy! For me, if I focus on what I have accomplished rather than on what I have not yet accomplished, I usually am much happier and more productive! Have a fantastic weekend.


  17. You have so many cute hats! I wear a lot of hats too (not physically) and am still trying to figure out have to balance them all! Hopefully I’ll get it someday.

    • Thank you, Rachael! For me, it is focusing on what I have accomplished to keep perspective. And switching our brains to knowing that self-care is important, not selfish. Then you are well on your way to balance! Have a fabulous weekend.


  18. You have so many darling hats! I love how you tied the post to all the hats you wear in life!

  19. So many fabulous looks and adorable hats! You wear them well and look great. It makes me think I need to wear more of mine on the blog. It is difficult sometimes to feel like we manage all of our different responsibilities and take of ourselves, as well.

    • Thanks so much, Jennie! I bet you look super adorable in hats. And I agree, taking care of ourselves all too often falls to the background, but we really do need to make it a priority. I am getting better at that, for sure. Have a fantastic weekend!


  20. Both fashion-wise and figuratively, you wear so many hats Shelbee and do so very well. Love those first Wintery looks. Very casual yet still so put together.

    P.S. Towards late Spring/early Summer we should do a post with how we style our Orange Red Old Navy Dress.

    Have a great weekend Shelbee!

    • Thanks so much, Ada! For sure, we can collaborate on a post featuring the same piece! I am betting that we both have other items that are the same that may have already appeared on our blogs, too…but the orange dress is definite! Also, are we doing a Spring wedding collaboration? I have the perfect dress!


  21. Love the outfits shelbee!!! You really do wear a lot of hats. I am still trying to relax and not let guilt take me when I don’t get all the things done I want to get done.

    • Thanks, Stephanie! The guilt can be brutal, can’t it? For me, it is focusing on all that I HAVE accomplished, then I am able to ease up on myself for things that I didn’t get to!


  22. Wow Shelbee you must have a GIANT closet to keep all these outfits you own! I’m a jeans and t-shirt girl most days which is pretty boring. I’m at the point where if I wear something nicer than that I feel dressed up. Thank you for hosting and for sharing with my party!! Happy Weekend 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Paula! I do have quite the closet! My husband says I’m a hoarder, but I just say I am a lover of all things fashion! And I feel dressed down if I wear jeans and tee shirt…so when that happens, I will add 15 strands of pearls and a fancy hat! Ha! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.


  23. That’s a lot of hats, I have some days when I wear lots of hats, it gets quite exhausting doesn’t it! Thanks for the link up. x Jacqui

  24. Love the hats—you look so great in them! xo Susan

  25. I love the metaphor here!

  26. If I had to base it on everything I do as mom, I can’t count lol…there are the main hats you wear like being a mom, a wife/partner, a teacher, a professional, a friend, a cook, a cleaner, a blogger (for those of us who blog)….those are what I feel are the main ones. Secrets unfortunately I don’t have…I wonder if others do. the only thing I can be thankful for is the level of energy I was blessed with which enables to get a lot done in a short period of time, but it also eats up most of my time. How about you?? I’d love for you to connect and link up at

    • Rania, thank you so much for this wonderful comment! I love to hear about how others deal with the same issues. You are definitely blessed to have a high level of energy…that I do not have. But then, I feel blessed to have a naturally positive attitude towards just about everything! I guess it is these little things that help us juggle all of our hats! Hopping over shortly to check out your post!


  27. So SO many cute outfits! Especially for it being cold out – loving every single one. I’m especially loving those ears – are those fox or cat ears?! Either way, LOVE IT!

  28. Love all of the fun hats!The vintage one looks sweet on you and love the Panda! You look great in hats.. we just dont have much of the cold weather to wear them here. You are a lovely girl wearing “many hats” and yes, just relax at times and take a breath when you need it!
    Thanks for linking
    jess xx

    • Thanks so much, Jess! Hats really are an accessory that I am only just now realizing that I love! I think with super short hair, hats did not look so great. But now that I have grown out my hair a bit, I am really loving the edginess that a hat can add!


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