OOTD: Mint and Purple & Link Up On the Edge #35

Today, I need to share with you this color combination of Mint and Purple. Never in a million years would I have paired these two colors together except my friends over at COTD Style had challenged me (and everyone else) to create an outfit incorporating Mint Green and Grimace Purple. And I have to say…I love the result!

When I saw that Mint was part of the challenge, I knew I had to wear my mint trench coat that I picked up on clearance last year at Gap Factory. The temperature is still in the 20’s here in the Arctic North Country of New York State, so I knew I had to add layers underneath my Spring jacket. I wanted to wear my purple chevron printed skater dress, but it is sleeveless and it is short. So I added lots of black layers with a turtleneck and velvet leggings under the dress and a waterfall cardigan on top. I belted it all to keep the shape of the dress.

I added some extra hints of mint in my necklace and earrings and an extra pop of purple with my favorite clutch. So what do you think? Would you ever partner Mint and Purple?

And folks, it has been a crazy week so that’s all I have for you today. Nothing profound or though-provoking. Just a straight up outfit post. And a link up!

Outfit Details
Jacket: Gap Factory (From last year).
Dress: New York and Company Outlet (From last year).
Turtleneck: Mossimo for Target.
Leggings: Old Navy (No longer available).
Necklace: Kohl’s (Old).
Boots: Payless (No longer available online, but may be available in stores).
Cardigan, Belt, Hat, Gloves: All old.

Thanks so much to everyone who stops by and links up every week! I appreciate your continued support and I love seeing what you are all wearing, sharing, and discussing. Now for your favorites from last week!

Nicole of High Latitude Style just celebrated her 100th Top of the World Style Link Up Party with her post Join the 100th Inspiring Top of the World Style Party! And how amazing does Nicole look in her sweater dress and those adorable polka dot tights?!

Shelly of The Queen in Between shared some gorgeous Spring pieces she received from Stitch Fix in her post Spring Stitch Fix Review. I am totally swooning over the floral blouse!

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  1. Love this color combo and I love how you added all those layers to keep you warm and you still look stylish and feminine! Thanks for hosting the link up. Have a great weekend. – Amy

    • Thank you, Amy! It is still so cold where I live! We are dropping down to single digits and below this weekend. I want to start wearing Spring clothes, so layers (and lots of them) are a necessity! Have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully it is warmer than mine!


  2. Hey Shelbee—Nancy’s outfit that I added to the link up almost is the COTD with her mint(ish) jeans & purple in the dress!! What a coincidence!!
    Don’t you love the idea of new color combinations? I’ve tried purple & green a couple of times on the blog and I was surprised at how much I liked it!!

    • Awesome, Jodie! I have liked darker greens with purple before, but I never thought of mint with a dark purple (maybe with a lavender for a pastel combination). Also, mint is not a color that I am generally drawn to, but I thought this trench coat was a fun addition. Thanks so much for the lovely comment. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  3. You’re right – those colors are so pretty together! Love your mint trench coat. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Love this color combo Shelbee! You did an awesome job styling them together. I adore that chic coat. Thanks so much for the link up and have a great weekend!


  5. The mint is so pretty and it is currently trending so much. Love the purple on you too.

  6. Love the color of your trench Shelbee!!

  7. Love the color combo!! Have a great weekend!

  8. That’s a good idea those colours. I’ve got such a colour cardigan that I never wore. The colour with black is also very nice! Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Look how many Linkups are in the same colors! I, too, would have never paired these colors.
    And it might be the first time I’ve worn the “skirt” (in reality it’s yardage of a tubular knit with no sewn parts), which I acquired in the 80s to stockpile.

    • The links look so cool, don’t they? I really don’t like mint all that much, but paired with the darker colors, I am really digging it! You are so funny, Anne! A skirt of unsewn tubular yardage from the 80’s! How fabulous is that!? I once tied a vintage 50’s curtain/drapery around my waist and secured it with a piece of twine…and I called it a skirt! It was amazing! I wish I still had that old curtain!

      Have an amazing weekend!


  10. Mint green and Purple actually go quite well together! Have a great weekend Shelbee x

  11. Thanks for hosting and I hope your week gets less crazy. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Thank you, Patrick! Soon, the crazy will simmer down (17 days until the husband gets home)…but until then, I am afraid the crazy will continue! Have a wonderful weekend!


  12. You are too sweet! Thanks so much for featuring this look. Obviously we are both fans of mint! Hope you have a super weekend Shelbee!

    • Thank you for inspiring us, Shelly! I actually am not a big fan of mint! But I am starting to be now that I have found this cute color combination! Have a wonderful weekend.


  13. Pretty color combo!

    Thanks for the link up & have a wonderful weekend!

  14. I love her blouse!

  15. Would never have thought to mix these two colours together! Love fab though. Thanks for hosting. Jacqui

  16. It’s unusual but who wants to be the same as everyone else. The color combo suits you and it’s a cheery look for a cold and blustery day. I hear you on the crazy week … I hope everything is getting back on track. Thanks for hosting and enjoy the weekend!


    • Thank you, Rena! It really is unusual, isn’t it? And mint is not a color I am generally drawn to anyway. But paired with the darker and richer colors, I am kind of digging it! Glad to see you are back on track as well!


  17. I have always love purple and green together…actually my kitchen is purple and green…lol! So of course I love this look…and that mint trench? I need it in my life. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much, Debbie! I have always loved dark green with purple. Or mint with lavender. But I never would have put mint with dark purple! And I am so glad I did…because it is color perfection! I bet your kitchen is gorgeous in those hues, too. In our old house, I had done my kitchen around the 50’s willow green because that was the color of the sink and counters. I added tangerine as my second color with hints of lemon yellow. It was the most fabulous kitchen ever! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


      • Oh, and this jacket…I totally found it all by its lonesome self on the clearance rack at Gap Factory last year. I had been wanting a Spring trench and I had been wanting just one item of mint in my wardrobe. It was fate that this was hanging there in my size, the last one, at 80% off its original price!

  18. LOVE!! I wouldn’t of thought to pair these two colors together, but I have to say I love it!! You look beautiful πŸ™‚ thank you for hosting, have a great weekend


    • It is so true, Mel! Who would put these two colors together? Except for the color experts at COTD! It turned out to be a brilliant combo! Thanks so much for the comment.


  19. You I just adorable! What a fun outfit! XO Susan http://www.themidlifefashionista.com

  20. Mint and purple, no . But you look amazing in this combination of colours. I love it Shelbee.
    Xo Tina

  21. Thanks for hosting such an awesome linkup, Shelbee! The necklace adds an extra little something to this already amazing look! So cute! <3

    Edye | http://gracefulcoffee.com

  22. I love the outfit, it looks really great! I don’t own anything purple, but after seeing this I might buy something 😊

  23. The answer would be a no. That is until I saw the two colours on you, my friend. I am now officially in love with Mint and Purple.

  24. Love these colours together Shelbee. Such a lovely outfit. Loving your jacket, such a great colour πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

  25. Mint and purple do look great together. It’s those little things that suddenly click, like finding two items from your closet that match perfectly yet you had not thought of it before!

  26. I love purple and mint together…well any shade of green with purple. The trench is fab, it’s the perfect shade for Spring πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Emma! I always loved dark green and purple together, but I never thought a paler shade of green would work as well as it has! This trench was totally meant to be as it was the last one left on the clearance rack, in this pretty color, in my size when I went looking for a Spring trench.


  27. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

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