One Dress, Two Ways: Valentine’s Outfit Day to Night & Link Up

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, today is as a good a time as any to share with you a Valentine’s Day inspired outfit. Except I am sharing two outfits all centered around the same dress which can take you from day to night with just a quick change of accessories.

For Day

*This is a sponsored post. This hat was provided to me by DressLily for purposes of a blog post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

For Night

This post is the second in a three-part blogger collaboration series created by Ada of Elegance and Mommyhood for the month of February. The first post was in celebration of Ada’s 100th Thursday Moda Link Up where a bunch her blogger friends joined her in a $200 Target Gift Card Giveaway. The winner will be announced on Monday at Elegance and Mommyhood, so if you entered be sure to go check it out!  You can also join Ada’s 101st Thursday Moda Link Up today right at the bottom of this post.

Today’s post is all about creating a day to night outfit for Valentine’s Day. So not only are you getting two outfit ideas from me, but you are getting two outfit ideas from 8 other bloggers, for a total of 18 Valentine’s Day outfit ideas!  You can see all of their fabulous styling inspiration by clicking on their links below.

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ADA from Elegance and Mommyhood

KELLYANN from This Blonde’s Shopping Bag

FONDA from Savvy Southern Chic

LAURA from I do deClaire

Valentine’s Outfits For Day Time

*Dress: Torrid (No longer available online. Similar here).

*Blazer: Thrifted.

*Hat: Bowknot Long Band Felt Fedora Hat c/o DressLily (Available in 6 colors).

*Gloves: Torrid (No longer available online.)

*Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory. Similar here.

*Tights: Old Navy Control Top Tights.

*Earrings: Old. Similar here.

*Pin: Old. Similar here.

*Bag: Old. Similar here.

Valentine’s Outfits For Night Time

I kept on the same dress, tights, and gloves and removed the chain link strap from my clutch. I removed the faux fur brooch and added a necklace also allowing my lace bralette to peak out.  I switched my earrings to match my necklace and changed my shoes.  I also tradeed my velvet blazer for a faux leather moto jacket and removed my hat.  So with just a few quick changes of accessories and my jacket, I have an entirely different outfit.

*Boots: Burlington Coat Factory. Similar here, here, and here.

*Necklace: Fake Pearl Necktie Necklace c/o Zaful. Unfortunately this necklace is sold out. This was one of the very first gifted items I received in my blogging career and I still wear it quite frequently.

*Earrings: Old. Similar here, here, and here.

*Bralette: Torrid. Similar here, here, and here.

*Jacket: Faux Leather Jacket c/o Zaful. Sold out. Similar here.

Wishing you all an amazing Valentine’s Day however you choose to celebrate it or not celebrate it. Please be sure to stop back on February 20 for the third and final post in this February Blogger Collaboration series! We will all be sharing our favorite red dresses for Women’s Heart Disease Awareness Month.

Keeping it on the edge,


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I am a 40 something Army wife and stay-at-home mother of 2 boys and 2 cats named Dave and Frankie. I have a passion for helping other women feel fabulous in the midst of this crazy, beautiful life.

74 Responses

  1. Two super ways to wear! I love the lace up shoes! xx

  2. Love the hat and blazer with the dress and those boots are perfect with it for night time!

  3. Love this dress on you and both ways you styled it! Those gloves!!! OMG! I would love to see your closet my friend, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity and all those fabulous shoes and accessories – love it!

    • Aw, thanks so much, Kellyann! I do love putting together outfits. It’s part of what I look forward to every day! And my closet right now is a hot mess. I have a closet room…which is a nursery sized bedroom converted to a closet…and still it is overflowing with stuff! Too much stuff, people may say. But it is my thing and I don’t care. I will be making my rounds to the other posts soon. Have a fabulous day, my friend!


  4. Shelbee, you look amazing in both outfits!! I still can’t quite believe that you’re out in the snow in that dress though lol!
    Suzy xx

    • Thanks so much, Suzy! It was actually quite warm compared to what we are used to so I wasn’t even freezing at all during these photos. My feet in the snow, however, they were a tad bit cold. Have an amazing day, my friend.


  5. This dress is fabulous on you! I love how you styled it both ways. My preference is with the leather jacket because I always love a touch of edge. Thanks for the link up!

    • Thanks so much, Kathrine! I am with you on the touch of edge! Although with the velvet blazer and hat, I was feeling all the vintage vibes which I also love so much. Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day!


  6. I love this look on you, perfect for Valentines – lucky you. xx Jacqui

    • Thanks so much, Jacqui! I do love this dress…but we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, I just like an excuse to wear a pretty dress. Have a fabulous day, my friend.


  7. Great post with fun, beautiful pics! I love that you styled the dress with that velvet blazer, a hat AND gloves!!! Those tights are the perfect color! And I love that you brought edgy into the evening lookwith those fabulous boots and the Moto jacket. As always, well done my beautiful friend!

    • Chrissy, thanks so much! This was a super fun post to do. I will be making my rounds soon to check out everyone else’s looks! From the collage though, I am loving your outfits so much. Have a fabulous day!


  8. I love all the details in this look! Those heels are so romantic and the gloves are just fabulous! And then of course your hat and jacket are just darling! Happy Thursday! Cheryl

  9. I love your accessories…boots, especially the gloves, necklace and the hat! You do look cold in the outside pictures! The things we do for our blogs! You look great in the pink dress! Thanks for a fun post!

    • Thanks so much, Suzanne! I actually wasn’t all that cold. It was about 32 degrees which isn’t bad when you are used to single digit temperatures or below. I have more snowy pictures coming to the blog tomorrow!


  10. Blush and Burgundy is one of my favorite combos! Love it!

  11. Super cute!!

  12. This is a nice way of getting a head start on spring. Great look!

  13. I love both looks, but I have to say I love the edge the motto jacket gives to the dress.
    Xx, Nailil

  14. I absolutely love these looks, Shelbee! That pink dress is so adorable, and I love the vintage vibes of the first outfit!

    • Mary, thank you so much! I love that I could take one dress and make it edgy and vintage-y with a simple change of some accessories. Two of my favorite styles are vintage and edge! Have a great day, my friend.


  15. What a darling dress on you! I love the feminine soft pink color ! You know I am a sucker for details, accessories so your gloves and hat are adorable on you, love the bows! I also love the lace up shoes and that you wore stockings with them.. great textured look! Still snow! i am ready for some sun here.
    Have a great day!
    jess xx

    • Jess, thank you so much! I am really happy with the outcome of these two looks especially considering I literally threw it all together last minute with no idea what I was doing. And yes…more snow…and more snow…and more snow. We got about 8 inches randomly on Tuesday afternoon while the kids were at school. It all accumulated in about 3 hours. Then that snow storm yesterday dumped another foot on us. And tonight we have a lake effect snow warning threatening another 9-18 inches. I can’t take it anymore! All the while my husband is in Louisiana! Lucky guy.


  16. I totally love how you change up this dress so well Shelbee!!

    • Thanks so much, Jodie! And this was all thrown together last minute. I knew I wanted to use this dress for the post but I had no idea how was going to do a day to night thing. I am really pleased with the result, for sure!


  17. I love how this blush number can be remixed! SO cute, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  18. I love both looks! The one with the heels is such a fun flirty look!

    • Laura, thank you so much! I definitely was feeling super flirty in this dress. Too bad my husband wasn’t home to see it. I will have to restyle it for him for a special occasion. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


  19. What a fabulous colours together! And those shoes, wow! You are very brave to walk in the snow with those shoes! And of course a dress with a leather jacket is always fabulous! What a fantastic collaboration!

    • Nancy, thanks so much! I almost wasn’t going to go in the snow in these shoes, but it was warm enough out and the snow was so light and fluffy that it wasn’t slippery, so I went for it! All in the name of a pretty photo!


  20. I love this dress, Shelbee! you are rocking both styles! These colors look amazing on you! XOXO

    Edwige |

  21. My favourite here is not only the color combination but the way the tights look with the shoes – just spectacular.

    • Thank you so much, Lorena! That was the one part of this whole styling that I was unsure of. I thought it may cut my legs funny with the contrast in colors. But I do love the way it turned out, too.


  22. super cute outfits! I love those boots!

  23. You look Fantastic in this dress and kinda sexy too. Enjoy. . .

  24. I can always count on you for fun and fabulous outfits and beautiful winter wonderland views. Cause you know your weather and ours is always “fabulous” lol. I happen to love blush pink with both burgundy or black so you killed it in both. My favorite look is the first one. Retro, ladylike, elegant, beautiful and girly. The shoes and all the accessories such as the cloche hat and the gloves are beyond fabulous – those adorable bows!! You look radiant and I cannot wait to see what you come up with next for the red dress!!

    • Thanks so much, Ada! I have never done a post featuring a day to night outfit and it was a bit challenging for me! I threw it all together last minute knowing only that I wanted to style this dress for the post. I am so happy with the results, too. Although maybe it is just the pretty snowy background that makes the outfits pop. Now…for my red dress! Oh boy, I have some thinking and planning to do for that one. Thanks for another fun collaboration, my friend.


  25. Marilee Gramith

    If you threw these outfits together as you’ve described in your responses I’m thinking…
    You’re a woman with a well stocked closet.
    Lots of inspirational/ focal pieces and a number of essential colorful and fun basics.
    A sizeable collection of accessories that have bling, color, trend appeal and a good supply of classic backups.
    You have a well honed skill for creatively taking stock of what you know is there and quickly assembling the fashion solution for that day’s puzzle. Some of it was in your head all along and some of it jumped off the shelf, hanger or out of the box when you stepped into that closet.
    These outfits are darling. That little, pink, bit of fluffy, frilly, pretty textured dress is an old fashioned Valentine! The daytime hat, tights, prim gloves, and sexy shoes are the perfect ladylike trimmings.
    The addition of the moto jacket and long boots touched by floral embroidery to tone down the toughness is genius. Just enough naughty flirtation.
    All this amidst the never ending snowy backdrop with a quick respit on your covered porch and a wine glass of cranberry juice in the party room. Your husband needs to get home from Louisiana soon Shelbee!
    I’m sure I’ve missed the mark on a bunch of this but it was fun to try . You look beautiful in both versions of the Valentine snowglobe!

    • Jude, thank you so much for this very lovely and beautifully descriptive response! Now I feel like I just stepped out of a classic edition of Vogue! And you are quite right in that I have a well stocked closet. Perhaps some would claim it is an overly stocked closet overflowing with too many accessories of every sort, too many towers of shoe boxes, and probably more clothes than any woman ever needs. But it is who I am, it is my passion, and I do love getting creative with my ensembles. I so appreciate your observations and your very kind words as well as your support of my little blog space! Thank you a million times. And have a magical weekend!


  26. With all due respect, you are looking very nice in that dress both ways. Love the snow globe effect.

  27. Oh Shelbee you look gorgeous! ❤️
    I am on vacation, my linkup come back in 3 weeks. I send you many greetings from Thailand, XO Tina

  28. I can’t decide which way I like the best because honestly, I like how you styled this dress for both day and night. The hat and blazer really elevates the dress for day while the leather jacket and embroidered boots give the outfit a bit of edge and a bit of casual vibe for evening festivities. Btw, can we talk about your gloves and how gorgeous they are with that bow detail? I honestly can’t get enough! I hope your week has been great and wishing you a beautiful weekend!

    Maureen |

    • Maureen, thank you so much! I really liked the way both versions of this dress came out, too. It’s hard for me to decide which I prefer. Although I am always game for adding some edge to a flirty dress. And these gloves were sort of love at first sight! But I waited to get them, then Torrid had a clearance event that was Buy One Item, Get Two Free…and I snagged them up as a free item! Can’t beat that. I hope you have a lovely weekend and that health has been restored to your home!


  29. you are super ready for Valentine! I love the’s sooo cute!

  30. Those boots are fantastic!! Love both of these looks on you so fun and flirty!! xo

  31. I love the way you took this cute pink dress from day to night! The leather jacket is just the right touch, and those boots are darling!

    • Thanks so much, Julie! I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to do a day to night look with this dress, but with a little digging around in my closet, I am quite pleased with the result myself! Have a fabulous weekend.


  32. So chic and fab! Both outfits are beautiful!

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  33. I think the biggest reason I want to see spring come is so you can quit standing out in the snow and freezing your sweet little tu-tu off. You should get a trophy friend. After living in MN for 3 winters, I know what kind of dedication you are showing to get these photos. Great way to transition from day to night. Cute as can be! XO

    • OMG, Lisa! You just cracked me up with that comment! Cheers to that! I am tired of freezing my sweet little tu-tu off! We went out this morning for photos and the snow is beginning to melt so it’s all ugly and dirty now. And everything froze over night so the scene of my husband and I skating around on icy blacktop was pretty funny! Thanks for stopping by and for the great comment, my friend. Have a fabulous week!


  34. Both looks are Valentine-ready and so pretty. And all that white stuff swirling around — it looks beautiful too! Thanks for linking up, xo


    • Thanks so much, Patti! I so am hoping all the white stuff melts away by Valentine’s Day so I can at least wear some cute shoes without destroying them! Ha. Have a fabulous week, my friend.


  35. Fantastic and oh-so-sexy look! (I prefer it with the heels, so stylish!)

  36. Oh my. Where to even start! First off love both ways you styled that adorable dress. The burgundy accents with it are fabulous. The lace up shoes, Wow! But all I could think of was were your feet freezing in them?

    And I’m loving those black boots with the embroidered rose design. Hope you have a wonderful love filled Valentine’s Day.


    • Aw, Theresa, thank you so very much! I am still undecided on which styling I like best with this dress! But I do love the vintage vibes with the cloche hat. My feet actually were okay…for once…as it was a mild day with temperatures hovering around 32 degrees. But I did quickly change into snow boots after photos were completed. Thanks for stopping by and a very Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well!


  37. Man that snow! Here in Spain, we got just a bit of snow and everyone went crazy. I stayed in my flat like “I’ve seen this a million times.” I love that pink dress. Super cute. I love how you showed us two ways to style it.


    • Nina, thanks so much for the lovely compliment! And I always get a good laugh when folks who aren’t used to snow freak out! We measure snow in feet around here, so basically any accumulation less than that is laughable to us! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.


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