Olive Utility Jacket & Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me Link Up

I am so honored to be co-hosting the Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me Link Up hosted by Rachel of Garay Treasures. I started following Rachel’s blog when I was still just in the contemplating stages of creating my own blog. I think what drew me to Rachel’s blog is her casual and affordable style which is perfectly suited to my stay-at-home-mom lifestyle. I also find Rachel very inspiring as she manages her household of four children along with writing her blog and remaining very active in her church community. I love that her husband is her photographer and style partner and he even makes frequent appearances on her blog showcasing some casual and fun men’s fashions. However, I think my favorite things about Rachel are that she is down-to-earth, she is kind, she is helpful, she is approachable, and she is very real. And if you follow my blog, you know real is where I like to keep things, too. So I want to take this opportunity to give a heartfelt thanks to Rachel for allowing me a little spot on her blog today and for being so very helpful to me in my blogging journey. She is definitely a blogger who has and continues to inspire me!





Rachel and I decided we would both style an olive utility jacket for this post. I love that she wore an all black outfit of leggings, a fringe top, and lace up flats. Sometimes keeping it simple ends up looking so chic. And her jacket makes a statement all on its own.


To view all of the details of Rachel’s outfit, please visit her post here.

I decided to style my little black eyelet dress from my Last Outfit of Summer with tights and boots to create a more fall appropriate look. I found these charcoal gray crochet lace tights buried in one of my many bins of socks and tights and was super excited! I don’t think I have worn them before and I have no recollection of where or when I acquired them. But aren’t they really stinking adorable?!





I wore my very old gray suede lug sole boots and topped off my dress with an olive utility jacket. I had no idea how much I would wear this jacket when I bought it last year. But it definitely has become a fall and spring staple in my wardrobe. Feeling a bit drab in black, gray, and olive, I grabbed my brightly color bird print infinity scarf.

I need to share this little quirk of mine with you…I despise birds. All of them. They are weird and creepy and scary and dirty and I get all Alfred Hitchcock terrorized when I see too many birds in one place. But for some very strange reason, I really, really love bird prints or motifs on just about anything. I guess as long as they remain images and not real life freaky creatures, I like them! (If you love bird prints, too, check out my Pinterest board All Things Aves.)





I am loving how this black eyelet dress made the transition from summer to fall.  I think it will also work perfectly in winter with heavier tights and a giant cozy blanket scarf! But for now, I am going to relish the beautiful fall weather. Here in upstate New York, winter comes fast and comes with a vengeance…so my time for fall fashion and outdoor photos is but fleeting!




And no photo shoot in Amy’s beautiful rustic haven is complete without a photo bomb from one or both dogs. This time it was handsome Brady making his appearance.


And if it’s not a dog, it’s a kid.  Or two kids.  And a dog.  Well, because this is real life!


Outfit details:

*This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you click on these links and make purchases. It costs you nothing and supports my website. All opinions expressed are my own and are in no way influenced by any compensation that may be received. Thank you for your support.

Jacket: Old Navy (Similar here and here).
Dress: Old Navy (Similar here).
Boots: Target (Similar here).
Scarf: Cato Fashions (Similar scarves on Etsy here and here).
Tights: Origin Unknown (Similar here and here).
Necklace: Walmart (I cannot find a direct link to this necklace, but it is a recent purchase and it was only $5.)
Photo credits: Amy of 5 Memory Lane.


Keeping it real on the edge,


Now for Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me link up.

Rachel of Garay Treasures:



Rachel is a former full time preschool special education teacher turned full time stay-at-home mom of four children with a passion for substitute teaching and blogging at Garay Treasures on the side.  Garay Treasures is a fashion and lifestyle blog with some added posts on faith and everyday treasures.  Rachel loves drinking several cups of coffee a day (hot or iced), blogging, and reading and playing with her children. You can follow Rachel on Bloglovin’, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

Meet your Co-host Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge:


My name is Shelbee and I write the blog Shelbee on the Edge. I am so excited to join Rachel as co-host for her Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me Link Up! I have been following Garay Treasures for as long as I have been blogging and am always inspired by Rachel’s style, her parenting, and her fabulous attitude toward life!

I am an over 40 stay-at-home mother of two boys and two cats. I also am an Army wife. We currently are stationed at Fort Drum in the northern reaches of New York State where the summers are short and the winters are long, cold, and very snowy. I decided to start blogging during my husband’s deployment to Afghanistan as a means to reclaim some of the sanity I have lost trying to raise these boys in the midst of this extraordinary military lifestyle in this curious climate of the North Country!

My blog provides a welcoming forum for like-minded women and mothers to stop by to give and receive support and helpful insights into surviving this crazy, beautiful life. I discuss topics such as Army life, parenting, fashion and style, and mental health. In my little space, you are free to express yourself without judgments and showcase your own unique style without fear. Here’s hoping we can all find our own individual voices in each area of our lives. While I may teeter on the brink of sanity (and midlife), I still find ways to hang on and feel fabulous in the process! Please stop by for a bit and feel inspired!

You can follow Shelbee by Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Bloglovin’ & Facebook.

Now on to Rachel’s Featured 5 from last week:



Yvonne posted the benefits of wearing Electric Blue (also known as cobalt blue) this coming fall and winter and I couldn’t agree more. See why you should wear this color here.


Andrea shares one of the most popular colors of fall in her cute lacy top and some of her favorite (old or new) staples from her wardrobe. See post here.


I love Amy’s voice of reason and honesty as she dives into the topic of why she shares her style on her blog. For a good read on forsaking trends and styling what you have and own, go here.


Katherine styles a beautiful midi floral dress for her mother’s wedding in this post.


Bogi looks amazing in this A-line dress that screams icing on the cake of sophistication. See post here.

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I am a 40 something Army wife and stay-at-home mother of 2 boys and 2 cats named Dave and Frankie. I have a passion for helping other women feel fabulous in the midst of this crazy, beautiful life.

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  1. Seeing dressed in a jack and tights is amazing because for the last two weeks, we have had a heat wave in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is like 90+. Your fall is our summer.

    • I am so glad it is finally fall here, Patrick! I could not tolerate the 90 degree weather any longer! I hope fall temperatures reach your part of the world soon. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  2. Elegance in the woods Shelbee – what a cute idea.

    Love your outfit – especially the lace tights.

    Have a fab week,
    xx Yvonne

  3. Love the Way That You’ve styled Them with the rest of this outfit!


  4. Love the way you ladies stlyed these jackets!! Now I definitely need to buy one for fall!


    • Thanks, Amanda! I have to admit I bought mine last year mostly because I liked the trend. I had no idea just how versatile this jacket is. And I wear it. A lot! You definitely should invest in one.


  5. Lovely post, your outfit and the background match so well. There’s a really harmonious vibe in these pictures.

    • Tiina, thanks so much! Fall seems to be the only season when I am in harmony with nature! However, later that evening, I got stung by a hornet and am having a terrible reaction to it. Ugh. I am in swollen, itchy misery! So much for my harmony!


  6. I love how you styled your olive jacket! This is such a fun look!

    Doused In Pink

  7. Love how you dressed up this cool olive jacket! That scarf is gorgeous and loving the ornate tights. Thanks so much for the feature Shelbee!


  8. Aw thanks for the kind words Shelbee, thats so sweet. I love that you mentioned that I was real and down to earth as sometimes I strive to be real but often think I try to hard to be something else to someone else and not real, if that makes sense. It’s funny how writing brings out what we are or hope to be and achieve. I love that our jackets are almost similar (although mine is from Target). I love the birds story, so cute. Thanks again for co-hosting and for being sweet and real on your blog as well.
    Rachel xo

    • Thank you, Rachel! I am really enjoying the guest posting and co-hosting that I have been fortunate enough to be doing recently. It is giving me the opportunity to get to know some of my fellow bloggers a little better and that is super cool! Writing has always been my outlet and while it was scary at first to put myself out there, I really enjoy it now! Thanks again for allowing me to co-host with you! And it cracked me up how we both styled our olive jackets over black!


  9. Great post and look! I bought an olive jacket last year and you’re reminding me to pull it out! XO Susan http://www.themidlifefashionista.com

  10. I like that you both decided on wearing the same piece for this—it goes to show how versatile it is. But crazy that you both wore black with it!! Same wavelength, huh?
    You look great Shelbee!!

  11. Great jacket and scarf! Thanks for co-hosting!

  12. Shelbee you are rocking this outfit!! Rachel is one of my fav bloggers to read too! … This outfit is perfect for the transition into autumn – loving the charcoal gray crochet lace tights – they give a little “edge” to your outfit. And your infinity scarf adds the perfect amount of colour. Your photos are brilliant!! –

  13. Shelbee, this is another win! I don’t think you even need the scarf b/c that choker is so awesome! Keep having fun!

  14. Thanks for co-hosting the link up!
    And great tights!

  15. I love how the pics came out! Or should I word it “you look fabulous in these pics?”. No “you look fabulous AND the pics are stunning and edgy, just like you and that outfit.” There, that is worded complimentary I think 😉

  16. Those crochet tights are so cool. I really like the fact you both chose black to wear with your jackets and yet the looks are extremely different. Great transition look!

    • Thank you, Jennie! I can’t believe that I have had these tights forever and have never worn them! Olive and black is definitely a favorite fall combination of mine. Have a wonderful day.


  17. So cute! I love the tights with the dress and boots! The utility jacket is a perfect layering piece for Fall!


  18. I love that you both styled an olive military jacket–that’s something I have and love too. I love how you dressed yours up with that great dress and tights!

  19. I love your scarf! Just be careful not to let the crows know you don’t like them. They remember faces. As if you didn’t think birds could be creepier 😉

    • Hahaha! Thanks, Mallory! Oh, I hate the crows. Whenever we see a crow or a sea gull, my three year old yells, “Ew! Mommy, look at the garbage eater!” So I have instilled my bird-disgust in my children, too. Thanks for the comment and for the laugh! Have a fabulous day.


  20. Great pictures! Loving this fall look.


  21. Loving the tights!! So fabulous! Love the jacket. 🙂 great outfit shelbee!!

  22. Great jacket for the autumn. Lovely pictures Shelbee.

    Anna xoxo

  23. What a pretty area you are to take pictures! ( your neightbors yard or yours?) Loving the olive, the boots and the colors of the bird scarf!
    thanks for linking up with turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

    • Thanks so much, Jess. Actually, these photos were taken in my friend’s yard. She usually takes my pictures for me, too! She has a beautiful cabin in the woods with so many different spots for fun photos!


  24. Another great look lovely lady!

    Thanks again for joining Bargain Hunter Style! XX

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