My St. Patrick’s Day Post and #SpreadTheKindness Link Up #14

With St. Patrick’s Day this week, I thought I would share with you a festive outfit that was photographed a few weeks ago. Honestly, it has been so cold here that I have not taken an outfit photo since last week. And now we are sitting in this crazy blizzard that is currently hitting the northeastern United States. So I have been basically wearing jeans, sweaters, snow boots, and a giant down-filled, fur-lined puffer coat if I have to leave my house at all!

I have worn this black and white maxi tee shirt dress on the blog before but always in the warmer weather (here and here). But I thought it would be fun to style it with layers and boots this time. It was also the perfect opportunity to finally show off my new Fashion Rainbow scarf created by the ever so talented Anne M. Bray of Spy Girl. (You can also see how Rena of Fine Whatever styled the same scarf here.)

So…this scarf is amazing for a bunch of reasons. It features a sketch of little ole me from Anne’s Fashion Rainbow Art Show back in December. Also, it is a Fashion Rainbow so it includes every color in the spectrum which makes it the most versatile scarf that I own. And it is simply and literally a work of art. I figure once I tire of styling it (if that ever happens), I will frame it and hang it on the wall!

*Everything in this outfit is old except my scarf which can be purchased from RedBubble.

I also wanted to quickly share with you this adorable craft I did my with my boys and their Cub Scout Troop last week. We made tiny little leprechaun traps. I picked up some small wooden boxes at Michael’s for $1 each. They came with mesh screens in the lid…perfect for allowing air flow into the box if we do actually catch a leprechaun! The boys each painted their own boxes, added moss, some gold nuggets, shiny marbles and stones, hummingbirds (and butterflies on some), and stickers with hopes of attracting the magical little creatures. We propped the boxes open with sticks which would drop and close the lid if a leprechaun jumped in being attracted to all the shiny things inside. We have not yet caught a leprechaun, but the sneaky little guys have been coming in at night and leaving small treats for my boys! My kids don’t understand how they are doing it without knocking the stick out and getting trapped inside. I keep telling them it is because they have magic. I have a more difficult time getting them to believe in the Easter Bunny! Anyway, it’s a super fun and easy craft for the little kids and it keeps some magic in their childhood.

*All crafting supplies were purchased at Michael’s and Dollar Tree. And I found the best sweet treats at Cracker Barrel. Last night, the leprechauns left gummy fried eggs which my boys found to be most amusing!

Now let’s #SpreadTheKindness! First let me share your favorite posts from last week!

Jodie of Jodie’s Touch of Style shared the coolest style box service I have seen yet in her post A Thrift Box Delivered Right to Your Doorstep.

Look at how gorgeous this thrifted outfit is that Jodie received in her box!

The creative genius behind this Thrift Box Service is Janeane of Designing From My Closet. You can read more about her Thrift Box Service here.

And Ana of Mrs. American Made looks absolutely stunning in her vibrant pink lace top. If you haven’t already, check out her post Ageless Style Link Up-Second Time Around.

Wishing you all a fun, festive, and safe St.Patrick’s Day…whether you are Irish or not! (I don’t have an ounce of Irish in me, but it is still fun to celebrate and to try to catch me some leprechaun magic.)

Looking for leprechauns on the edge,


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  1. Those little leprechaun traps are SO cute! I always do a scavenger hunt and breakfast for my kids on St. Patrick’s Day, but these look so fun, too! I love the touch of green you added to your maxi dress outfit! I need to figure out what I’m going to wear on St. Patrick’s Day…


    • Thanks so much, Carrie! They were super fun to make. And easy enough for the 3 and 5 year old to be left to their own devices! Although a scavenger hunt sounds kind of fun, too (I am putting that one in my idea box)! I think I will be wearing green all week. Mostly because it’s my favorite color ever and I have tons of it. So what better time to wear it all than this week!

      Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


  2. Nice crafts that you did. I still have some of the stuff my son and daughter did when they were younger, it is always nice to have.

    Thanks for hosting and have a great rest of the week.

  3. super cute outfit! I love your sweater for St Patrick’s! Love the little leprecaun traps -how fun!

  4. You got the scarf! Oh, how cute! I got the Fashion Rainbow coffee mug. Seeing how you and Rena wear the scarf, however, has me thinking I need to invest in one of those as well. I bet it goes with everything, huh?

    Also, Leprechaun Traps! I had no idea such things existed but I sure like the ones you and your boys created. Any leprechaun would be tickled to be caught by one of your crew. Such fancy digs to live in! So…what do you do with a leprechaun once you catch them? Do they eat a lot? I also hear they can be fairly mischievous. šŸ™‚

    One last note: I’m so glad you featured Jodie! She’s a gem of a lady and that particular post has been one of my favorite of hers recently since it features thrifting so prominently. She looks fabulous too.


    • Sherry, thanks so much for this fabulous comment! I am absolutely loving my Fashion Scarf scarf. I have worn it at least once a week since I got it. It really does match everything and is becoming my go-to scarf when I can find no other to match. I highly recommend adding it to your wardrobe. I contemplated getting the large mug, but I currently have so many coffee mugs that the cabinet door won’t close properly!

      And yes, aren’t the leprechaun traps so fun?! I don’t know what happens if you catch one. we haven’t yet! We had a leprechaun garden a few years ago to attract the little creatures. But they only snuck by us and left candy there, too. I will let you know if ever we do catch one!

      And Jodie is my one of my fave bloggers ever! I hope one day to be able to meet Jodie in real life! I was sharing this Thrift Box post of hers all over the place before I even saw that it was a most clicked post on my link up. It is such a fabulous idea!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  5. I love your long green cardi! I have been seeing long cardigans a lot lately and think I need to get one!

  6. That green cardigan is so cute, looks great on you over the maxi dress. Perfect for St Patty’s Day!

  7. Love the green cardi!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! XO Susan

  8. Have a great week! : ) Thanks for hosting!

  9. Shelbee, I hope you and your boys are staying warm and safe. Those leprechaun’s might have to come inside and stay until the storm is over, so there might be a better chance of trapping them! What a great idea. I might have to use this with my grandson. I love that long maxi dress and that scarf is adorable. Great post! – Amy

    • Amy, thanks so much! My kids check for leprechauns every morning. They get so excited to find treats (even though they never find actual leprechauns)! Your grandson would probably love it. And you can use any kind of box really. I have seen them done with shoes boxes and all sorts of things!


  10. We just linked up with you! Love your craft idea! So cute!

  11. Yay for festive green pieces- I need to dig in my closet for something bright green for this Friday!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. These crafts are so cute! Thanks for sharing. I adore this cute cardi and cool maxi.

  13. Shelbee, the outfit is looks fabulous on you and that green cardigan is a wonderful color. I’m so glad that you’ve finally gotten a chance to show off the Fashion Rainbow scarf and thanks for the shout out. Lastly, the leprechaun traps are adorable and such a fun idea. I hope this is the last bout of winter weather in your area and that sunny days are soon to come.


    • Rena, thanks so much! I love green especially this shade of green! And I seriously wear this scarf at least once a week and I have photographed before, too, but the photos have all come out super dark and essentially unusable! I, too, hope this is the last bout of winter weather. Although the weather app on my phone is still showing single digit temperatures for at least the next 10 day! Ugh.


  14. I’ve been looking at bloggers wear long cardis and am totally on board !!

  15. Love the idea of leprechaun boxes! That is such a cute craft! I need to try that with my daughter!

    • Thanks, Laura! My kids love it! You should see how excited they are every morning…the first thing they do is check to see if the leprechauns visited! Once St. Patrick’s Day is here though, we put the traps away. Momma can’t be giving them treats every day for more than a week and a half!


  16. I’m stopping by from Tuesday Talk! I love your outfit! I honestly don’t have anything green in my closet. I should change that!

  17. Absolutely love that scarf. I want one! I hope your weather gets better Shelbee. x

  18. Lovely blog post Shelbee, especially love the leprechaun boxes – what an intriguing idea, my grand-daughter may like this.x

  19. Love the outfit Shelbee!! perfect for st patty’s day!!!

  20. I love how you styled that duster maxi with the green cardi though it hasn’t been warm at all, lately. Your fun personality shows in this outfit Shelbee, which I love!

    Have a great week, friend!!

    • Ada, thank you so much! What a lovely compliment! And no, it has not been warm at all around either. My weather app on my phone still has us dropping into single digit temperatures for at least the next 10 days. Ugh!


  21. Ok, first off, love the outfit – how are you not freezing? I am such a weather wimp. Second, the hair! You did looks soooo darling! Great post, love you in green!

    • Thanks so much, Suzanne! These photos were taken on one of those random mild days that we have had recently. Although, I was probably still freezing! It is becoming a way of life in these parts!


  22. Wow! Thanks for the big plug for the scarf!
    I haven’t had time to come up with any ice cream prints yet — many things crowd my head.

    I linked my 9-second guide to EATs in NYC.

    • Thanks for creating the fabulous scarf, Anne! Too many things crowd my head as well….so I can relate! I should be around today to check out all the links as we are currently completely snowed in!


  23. Those leprechaun traps are the cutest! And how cool is that scarf? You must feel fabulous every time that you wear it!

  24. Great post!!! From the scarf to the cardi to the green to the leprechaun traps. To fabulous you! (To the window, to the wall lol). Great idea to just wear green all week. It looks great on you. Happy snowy week!

    • Thanks so much, Aimee! You know green is my absolute favorite! I hope you are staying warm over there. At least every body, including your husband, is off today, so you are stuck alone and snowed in with the just the children driving you nuts!


  25. The leprechaun traps are such a cute idea! My daughter still believes in fairies, the Easter Bunny and Santa…it’s very sweet šŸ™‚ I love the vibrant green cardigan!

    Emma xxx

  26. I love long sweaters. I’m six feet tall and short ones don’t look right on me. Your green one is pretty! Thanks for visiting NanaHood

  27. What a cute outfit and craft! Green looks amazing on you! <3

    Edye |

  28. great outfit Shelbee! Happy St. Patricks Day.

  29. Your scarf is such a pretty print and you look gorgeous in green! The leprechaun traps are so fun!

    Doused In Pink

  30. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. This green looks great on you.

  31. Dear Shelbee, you look great in this style with green. Today I wear a green bag šŸ™‚
    I wish you a wonderfull weekend! XO Tina

  32. Thanks for sharing and spreading kindness!

  33. I love that outfit! I love the green and that scarf is absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this with us at #FridayFrivolity this week!

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