Let the Birth Month Celebrations Continue & Link Up On the Edge #42

The month of May has always been a month of celebrations for me! The main reason is that it is my birth month. And I believe more in birth month celebrations rather than just birth day celebrations! Because why celebrate your life for just one day, when you can celebrate for the entire month?  Eh, what the heck, we really need to just celebrate our lives every damn day!

Then I met my husband and his birthday is also in May. He was very confused the first time I introduced him to the concept of the birth month celebration. But during that first month of May that we were dating, he sort of loved it because I gave him a small present every single day of the month!  And who doesn’t love receiving a present every day for 31 straight days?

Jump forward a few years and our first born was born on the first of May! So now we really have reasons to celebrate all month long! And through all of my 42 years, I have met some pretty awesome people who were born in May! You all know who you are! So to them, I say Happy Birth Month! But today, May 4, is a very special gal’s actual birthday and I am joining her for a blogger birthday party!

Many of you already know Ada of Elegance and Mommyhood. And this week she has invited a whole bunch of lovely blogger friends to get dressed up in their best “old” dresses to celebrate with her! Do hop on over to Ada’s blog and see all of the lovely party guests and send her some amazing birthday wishes! You can join some amazing link up parties there, too!

Happy Birthday, Ada!

In honor of Ada’s birthday and at her request to wear my best “old” dress (at least 2 years old), I styled one of my favorite skater style dresses! It has been in my closet for about 4 years now.  I added a lightweight kimono and belted it for some extra shape. A pretty necklace and my favorite Toms mules complete the look. The perfect outfit to attend a Spring Blogger Birthday Party in May!

Outfit Details
Dress and Bag: Old (from Target).
Kimono: Old (from DSW).
Shoes: TOMS Sandstorm Nubuck Perforated Women’s Majorca Mules.

And now it’s link up time! I am posting a few hours earlier than normal because I need to get this birthday celebration started!

Here are your favorites from last week.

Jodie, Nancy, and Charlotte of Jodie’s Touch of Style have wowed us all again with their super fun post Athletic Shoes and Leggings are Not Just for Youngins. You definitely need to go check out how these fabulous ladies are rocking their leggings!

And Susan of Over 50 Under 20 shared an inspiring post about the struggle many women have with fluctuating weight and accepting our bodies. Such a great message in What Have You Got to Lose?. You should read it!

Enjoy the celebration! And a big, huge, super special happy, happy birthday to Ada!

Celebrating on the edge,


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46 Responses

  1. Ahhh…Happy Birth Month, Shelbee.
    We do the same thing only without gifts!! But if it’s my month, I get to pick the tv shows we watch, and decide the important things like where we go to dinner…LOL!!
    What a fabulous surprise to be featured—thanks so much for your positivism and love!!
    And we do need to be happy when a birthday rolls around–we are so blessed!!

    • Thanks so much, Jodie! We don’t do the gifts like that anymore! That was before there were children. The children are already spoiled enough! They don’t know when enough is enough. So one present each on their actual birthdays! Ha. Thank you as well for all of your positivism! Your comments are always so fun and thoughtful and refreshing! Have a fabulous weekend.


  2. I really love your outfit, and this is my birth month too! Have a happy birthday Shelbee. Thanks for hosting the link up. Jacqui

  3. By far the best written post anyone wrote for my birthday (out of the participants) this week. Thank you so much for participating. I always value and appreciate your friendship and support! BTW, half of my family is born in May so I can relate to your story. Also, my husband’s birthday in on May 6th and I share the same birthdate today with my uncle, too.

    I love that you have saved that dress. Green is your color and I love it with the kimino but the mules are out of this world! Thanks again sweet friend for being part of my celebration and for a great look!

    • Thanks so much, Ada, for inviting me to join your Blogger Birthday Party! It was super fun to be a part of it! And thanks so much for your kind words all of the time! I appreciate all of your support as well and our wonderful blogger friendship. Perhaps one day we will have the opportunity to meet in real life! Wouldn’t that be fun? I hope you had a fabulous day yesterday and that you have a wonderful weekend ahead as well as a lovely Mother’s Day!


  4. Love the photo shoot. You and the location look great. Happy Birth Month!

    • Thanks so much, Susan! The photos were at a local park and my husband was the photographer for these. He gets better and better every time! Have a fabulous weekend.


  5. Love the idea of the Birth Month! Wow, your whole family! Thats neat! I wished Ada a Happy Birthday as well. Love the green striped dress, you look great in green and the mules are very pretty! I love them on people… but have been going a bit shoe crazy lately!
    Have a great day!
    jess xx

    • Thanks so much, Jess! I think it is important to just celebrate life. We (meaning me) get caught up in all the other stuff all too often! I need to keep perspective and appreciate life more! By the way, these shoes are so comfortable and I was able to find them on clearance at the end of last year! Have a great weekend.


  6. Happy Birth Month to you!!! I’m a May baby too and I do believe in celebrating the birth month as well. Love that striped skater dress! Wish I could get it now.

    • Thanks so much, Vicky! And a happy birth month to you as well! I wish I could get more skater dresses like this one, too. I snagged it up on super duper clearance, too, when I found it! Have a fabulous weekend.


  7. Happy Birthday MONTH, Shelbee!! I LOVE that you celebrate the whole month. I think I shall do the same in December lol.
    You look fabulous!
    Suzy xx

    • Thank you, Suzy! And yes, you definitely should! Start announcing that it is your birth month on December 1 and then let the celebrations commence! Have a lovely weekend.


  8. Happy birthday month! It’s my birthday this month too – love the idea of celebrating for 31 days! Love how you styled this dress with the kimono – so pretty!

  9. Happy Birthday month!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Month! I agree that we should (try to) celebrate every day (and at least the month of our birthday…)!

    I like your “old” dress with the kimono!

    Thanks for the link up & have a wonderful weekend!

    • Thanks so much, Andrea! I think too often we get caught up in all the stuff of life, we forget to just celebrate life! Our birth months are a good reminder to stop and just celebrate our existence! Have a fabulous weekend.


  11. Happy birthday to Ada and to your son. My son’s birthday is today too and mine is next week! Lots of Tauruses. I adore how you accessorized this striped dress. You look beautiful in green Shelbee!


  12. That sheer kimono is so pretty and the white color will go with so many tops, dresses, etc. I also love green on you! My son’s birthday is in May, it is a great month and time of year to have a birthday!


    • Thanks so much, Carrie! I do love the month of May, but it appears it will never stop raining this year! And I am so glad I have this kimono. I actually wear it quite often because of its versatility. And truth be told, I had ordered it online a few years as a gift for my sister, but when it arrived, I loved it some much that I kept it for myself and bought her something else!


  13. I love where you placed the belt. So cute!

  14. I hope you have a wonderful birthday month.

    Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Happy birthday month to you! Love the kimono over that gorgeous dress!

  16. Adorable striped dress and sandals! So sweet to have so many special May dates in your family. I love the idea of a birthday month, especially since my birthday is right after Christmas. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Thanks so much, Jennie! It definitely makes for a fun month! And yes, definitely, with a December birthday you need to celebrate like crazy so you don’t get overshadowed by all the holiday festivities!


  17. I love the green!

  18. Happy happy! May is such a lovely month in your neck of the woods.

    • Thanks so much, Anne! And it’s not so lovely this year! We are on day of 6 rain with more rain and more rain and even a little bit of snow predicted for at least the next 10 days! I mean, unless you consider that lovely, which I don’t think you do! Hahaha!


  19. Happiest of birthdays!!!!!!!

  20. Hope you had a lovely birthday! Great idea to celebrate the entire month. Love the green dress!
    Thanks for taking part in Fabulous Friday!

  21. vanessa

    wow that dress is amazing!


  22. Happy Birthday month! I would love to celebrate my birthday for a whole month!

  23. Lovely pictures Shelbee, hope you had a great birthday 🙂 Thanks for linking up.