Inspired by Cindy Sherman with Rosegal & Link Up On the Edge #56

I have been enamored with the artwork of Cindy Sherman for more than half of my life. I was first introduced to her work by a college professor in one of my Philosophy classes back in the late 90’s. I was embarking on a quest to complete my first very large research paper, the requirement being a minimum of 30 written pages. Egads. That was a daunting assignment for a teenager.  Even more daunting, I decided that I was going to tackle the concept of voyeurism.

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I had no idea where to begin. I just knew that I was fascinated with idea of voyeurism. (Apparently, I was pretty risqué even back then). My professor handed me a copies of The Post Card: From Socrates to Freud and Beyond by French philosopher Jacques Derrida, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (The Young Ladies of Avignon) by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, and a collection of self portraits by American photographer Cindy Sherman.

The Post Card by Jacques Derrida
Les Demoiselles d’Avignon by Pablo Picasso
Retrospective by Cindy Sherman

I had no idea what lie within all of these pages, but what I found fascinated me even more than my initial idea. I found myself writing pages and pages of interpretive material giving my voyeuristic perspective on reading post cards written by others, viewing a painting of masked women in a brothel, and gazing upon the self portraits of one very fascinating woman. And what inspired me most and stuck with me for all these years was Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Still #48.

Untitled Film Still #48 by Cindy Sherman

This photograph, featuring Sherman herself dressed in vintage clothing standing on the side of a barren, seemingly never-ending highway, with her suitcase in tow, spoke volumes to me. It was haunting, disturbing, romantic, and empowering…all in one moment. What was her destination? Where was she going? Was she leaving something behind? Was it something good or a something very bad? As I wrote my paper, the words poured out of me asking these philosophical questions and posing possible answers. But the questions and answers seemed as endless as the highway in the picture.

And since my first introduction to this photo over 20 years ago, I have always wanted to create my own interpretation with myself as the subject. Now I didn’t do it as a self-portrait as Ms. Sherman has, but I invoked the assistance of the fabulous photographer Melissa of Sarissa Melissa Photography. (Remember my recent post revealing the first photos from this session.) When I received this vintage inspired dress from Rosegal, I knew it was perfect for what I wanted to accomplish. My version does not have the quite the same darkness that seems to permeate the original, but that’s not my nature either. I am, however, over the moon happy with the results!

We also did lots of photos in color…bright and cheerful…that’s more my vibe! Check them out.

Makeup by Anna’s Chop Shop Hair Studio
Hair by Chantel
Hair by Chantel

Outfit Details
Dress: Sweetheart Neck Retro Floral Print Vest Flare Dress c/o Rosegal. (Unfortunately, this dress has sold out. Check out these other fun vintage dresses: Music Pattern Midi 1950s Dress, A Line Butterfly Print Dress, and Vintage Watermelon Pin Up Swing Dress).
Cardigan: New York & Company (Old. Similar here and here).
Shoes: Payless (No longer available. Similar here and here).
Earrings: Burlington Coat Factory.
Necklace: Thrifted.
Eyewear: EyeCrave Optics.

Photos by Sarissa Melissa Photography.
Hair by Hair by Chantel.
Makeup by Anna’s Chop Shop Hair Studio.

I hope you enjoyed my little walk down memory lane! And I want to send a huge thank you out to Sarissa Melissa Photography for helping create these images that I have been wanting for over two decades!

Also, Cindy Sherman, a pioneer of selfies long before social media existed, has added a new twist to photography on Instagram. She has recently made her Instagram account public and she is being praised, criticized, and scrutinized for the mysterious altered images she is sharing. (Just type in a Google search “Cindy Sherman Instagram” and you will find piles of articles on the topic.) You can also follow her on Facebook.

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  1. Shelbee these photos are amazing! The photographer is spot on and has truly brought the “WoW” out in you xx

  2. The black and white photos of you are lovely! Have always been partial to B/W. And was unfamiliar with Cindy Sherman so thank you for expanding my horizons. Love the hair too!

    Elizabeth |

    • Thanks so much, Elizabeth! I have always been partial to black and white photos as well for the moodiness they create. But I am a sucker for vibrant colors, too! I am you find some inspiration from Cindy Sherman as well!


  3. I adore the creative pursuit that goes into “inspired by” photos. The B&W ones are fantastic (my favorite is the 3rd one, even though it’s not moody) and the color ones do showcase “you” the best. Fabulous post!


    PS – no post to add to link up because I’m having issues with my site (soon to be resolved)

  4. I loved reading about your inspiration for these photos! They turned out absolutely fabulous! I love both the black and white ones as well as the colored ones that show the pretty colors of the dress.

    Thanks for the link up & have a wonderful weekend!

    • Andrea, thank you so much! I actually had way more fun writing this post than I thought I would. I figured it may get too academic sounding. I am so happy with the result of my interpretation!


  5. Love your dress girl! Beautiful photography also, Love your hair 🙂

  6. Oh all of these photos are awesome. It’s amazing the contrast between the B&W and color photos. I enjoyed reading about your interest in the art and philosophy!


    • Kelsey, thanks so much for stopping by! I am so amazed by the contrast too between the black and white and color photos. It’s fascinating how the mood changes just with the colors! I appreciate your kind words and wish you a fabulous weekend!


  7. It’s so interesting how the black & white photos bring out such a different style & thoughts!!
    Fabulous in all ways, Shelbee!!

    • Jodie, thank you so much! Isn’t amazing how the mood changes with the black and white? The color photos are so bright and cheerful, then the black and white get all moody and thought-provoking. I love how that works! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fabulous weekend, my friend!


  8. Love these photos!!!

  9. Love this post! It is the Micki before the Shelbee. The ying before the yang. I love hearing about inspirational things that make us who we are. I love seeing deeper sides of people. Music makes me get there, it is amazing to see how others get back there. Photos, images, outfits, trips, hats, shoes. I love the whole series of photos. You AND Sarissa Melissa did a wonderful job! ❤️💜

    • Aimee, I love this comment! There are so many things that make a person who they are, it is totally fascinating. Experiences, beliefs, likes, and dislikes. And how all those things can change with time. We become different people through the years, but still maintain bits and pieces of who we once were. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here! Love you!


  10. Wow! Such fantastic photo s Shelbee! The black and White are really in a totally other speed! Fabulous!

    • Nancy, thank you so very much! I am so loving the black and white ones! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend! (Oh, I have to get you a photo pf my bad buy sandals! Today! I will do it today!)


  11. What a creative idea! I love how you were able to channel the aesthetic of Cindy Sherman in these photos! I also love the idea of using art and artist as inspiration for fashion. Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend!


  12. This photo shoot is incredible and I love the inspiration you used for it! I adore this dress. It fits you perfectly. Thanks so much for the link up!

    • Kathrine, thank you so much! I really did have a great time during this shoot. I never thought I could be the subject of such amazing photos! And I am so pleased with the results. Thanks for stopping by and have the most wonderful weekend.


  13. Shelbee, you look absolutely incredible! I love both the black and white and colour images. It certainly is a gorgeous dress and I love that you teamed it with a blue cardigan. And what a fascinating subject you chose! I can understand why that particular image appealed to you.
    Suzy xx
    Suzy Turner at Yogadocious

    • Suzy, thank you so much for this incredibly wonderful comment! I adore the contrast in mood created by the black and white versus the color photos, too. And I am still, to this day, fascinated with the topic of voyeurism! Thanks for stopping by and have the most fabulous weekend!


  14. Such gorgeous photos and I love how you really captured the same vibes of the original photo! Happy Friday!!

    Rosy Outlook

    • Kelly, thank you so much! I love the moodiness and intrigue of the original photo, I hope that I was able to capture even a bit of that! Thank you for the validation. Have a fabulous weekend!


  15. I adore the vintage vibe to all of these photos and your outfit!

  16. Shelbee, you look beautiful, and I love that dress on you! Such a fun idea to do the vintage inspired photos, they look amazing!

    • Rachael, thank you so much! I always do love a vintage throw-back vibe. These were so fun to shoot and I am so happy with the results! I was trying earlier to read your post today, but I was having trouble loading your website. I will try again! Thanks for stopping by and have a marvelous weekend.


  17. These shots are so very pretty Shelbee! You’re right, the original Cindy Sherman shot creates so many thoughts and emotions all at one time.

    • Debbie, thank you so very much! I am so glad that this photograph has triggered deeper thoughts for you, too! It is amazing the stories that can pop into your mind just by viewing a photograph. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.


  18. You really are a great writer and your topics are so interesting and fun! I love your dress and your photos are so amazing! Great job! Peace!

    • Cheryl, that compliment means more to me than any comment on my clothing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Writing has always been my expressive outlet (combined with fashion) for me, but the writing is what has gotten me through lots of troubled times. It is so validating to have that skill appreciated. Thanks again and have marvelous weekend!


  19. Fabulous photos and you really do look the part. An interesting read a usual Shelbee. Jacqui

  20. Beautiful dress and photos! Your hair looks so pretty styled like this. Thanks for the introduction to Cindy Sherman – I am already web stalking. 😉

    • Jennie, thank you so very much! Did you find anything interesting that you like during your web stalking session?! The history of Cindy Sherman’s works is so fascinating, in my opinion!


  21. What a great post Shelbee, love the whole retro vibe about it and you look beautiful in that dress.

  22. Shelbee, you are just too cute in these photos. It’s just incredible what a different vibe the black and whites have vs. the color. I love them both and seeing your sassy personality shine through! Have a great weekend!!!

    • Lisa, thank you so much! I really love the contrast in mood between the color and black and white as well. And I never thought I could ver be the subject of such amazing photos! What a fabulous experience it was for me. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.


  23. Nice photos. Cindy Sherman is an interesting person. I have always like her art. I remember having to do a paper in college on the subject voyeurism. I was a mass comm major and my professor had this thing about porn. The class was called ethnic media but it was all porn. One thing I argued is that we all are guilty of voyeurism in a way and Alfred Kinsey proved that. Uhhh, I better stop there….ADD is coming out (One thing about those of us with serious ADD, If we like the school subject, we go overboard, if we don’t we don’t care to even look at it) and don’t want to go too deep.

    Thanks for hosting have and a have a great weekend.

    • Patrick, thanks so much for sharing! We had a professor in college who taught a class on diversity of some sort…and he was all about the porn and the shock factor. He was notorious for showing a film on the first day of class that started with a close up of the American flag and then a minute into a giant vagina was superimposed on the flag. No one ever quite understood the purpose or what he was going for since his lectures never made any sense either! Ha. I should stop there as well. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great weekend.


  24. Shelbee thank you soo much;)

    This photos are stunning and you look fabulous! I love your dress and this wonderfull hair.
    I wish you a great weekend, my dear, Tina

  25. These black and white shots are so dramatic – love the feel to them and the small accessories that make you travel back in time like the pearls and suitcase.

  26. I love your dress and the pictures are pretty!

  27. This is so fun. I liked the black and white pictures but then when I saw the ones in color… wow, what a pop! Such a fun outfit.

  28. First time here and I will be following you! I might even work up the courage to post a photo!

    • Hi, Jackie! Welcome to the edge! I hope you do share some links here…I look forward to getting to know you better. I am popping on over to your page now! Thanks so much for stopping by and have a fabulous weekend.


  29. I love all your photos! The B&W make things look all dramatic and the color ones turn them into fun photos. The close up portrait style one of you is terrific! Thanks for hosting and for sharing with my party as well. Hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂

    • Paula, thank you so very much! I also love the drama created by the black and white photos! And the way the color ones are so vibrant and cheerful make me smile! I never thought I could be the subject of such amazing photos, but here they are. I appreciate your ind words and I hope you are having a fabulous weekend.


  30. You look beautiful. I love your hair! Great idea! – Amy

  31. Beautiful photos Shelbee, Love the coloured ones and the black and white look amazing. Everything fits perfectly 🙂 Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop.

  32. Shelbee, you’ve got so much cool going on! This is gorgeous, fun and inspiring. Keep up the good work and thank you for hosting. 🙂

  33. Wow! Great inspiration for a shoot. When I first looked at the photograph the words courage, independence and adventure came to mind. It’s a very powerful scene. I was not familar with this photographer’s work, but I’m definitely anxious to see more.

    Your Rosegal dress is adorable. I love the look of a vintage style dress with a cardi. I have heard of this company, but never tried anything from them. Will have to check out their site.
    Your hairstyle is so pretty too.

    And the blue vintage suitcase is a perfect accessory.


    • Theresa, thanks so much! I had a feeling you would enjoy this post and these photos. Definitely check out Rosegal, DressLily, and Zaful for vintage-inspired dresses! They have so many pretty ones at very reasonable prices! And look at Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills from the 60’s and 70’s. I think you will find them quite interesting and provocative. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful week.


  34. You know what word comes to mind when I saw your interpretation of Cindy Sherman’s photo?


    There is so much life in both the black and white and color photos you created with Sarissa Melissa. You gave your own spin on Cindy Sherman’s photo and it’s full of life and personality, just like how I think you must be in real life. So you’ve given us a peek into your life and made me curious about who is this woman, so vibrant on film in both black and white and color???

    Also, that dress, those colors on you — SMASHING! There’s another good word.


    • Wow, Sherry! That is the nicest comment ever! I am so happy you could stop by and that you found me interesting Actually, I am quite flattered and very honored! I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog as well. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For validating what I do and for the amazing compliments!


  35. I love how you used someone else’s creative work to play off. I don’t see that happening in the fashion world too much, particularly with the visual arts and fashion. You look darling!


  36. Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style linkup party with your post. Wow you really pull that look off, may be even better than the original!

  37. Shelbee
    I love that the art work inspired you. Oh I remember Philosophy classes! That was one class I struggled with… I think therefore, I am! 🙂 LOVE the black and white with the vintage feel. your hair and makeup look great and the red floral is perfect on you!
    Thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  38. Amazing photos Shelbee! I love the vintage style dress and colour combination, it really suits you. The b/w photos are very beautiful too.

    Emma xxx

  39. That dress is so fun and I love how you styled it with the blue cardigan. It’s so bold but not overwhelming (sometimes I get overwhelming when I try to be bold). Thank you so much for sharing!

    I found you at Elegance and Mommyhood

    ~Lexie |

    • Hi, Lexie! Thanks so much for stopping by. And thank you for the wonderful comment! I struggled a little with finding the right piece to style with this dress, but I was really happy with the blue cardigan once the pictures were complete. I’m hopping over to your page now! Have a fabulous day.


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