How to Wear a Dress Over Jeans & Link Up On the Edge #34

All the pretty Spring fashions are on the racks and are oh so irresistible! And my Spring wardrobe is whispering sweet nothings in my ear as I long for warmer temperatures so I can bring them out of the closet and into the sunlight. But alas, it is still too cold to wear short sleeves and dresses without leggings. One way to start wearing those Spring dresses and stay warm is to layer them over jeans.

You have seen my LulaRoe Carly dress on the blog before here in the beginning of Fall when the weather was just starting to cool down. Today, I bring you the Winterized version of my floral Carly! I threw it over a pair of cropped denim, added these adorable booties that have been begging to be worn for almost a year, layered on a long cardigan, and a scarf for some extra added warmth…and my short sleeve Carly was ready to go. Bright and bold Spring floral dress ready to wear in 30 degree temperatures. (Although the day I wore this last week was that freaky day where we had temperatures in the 60’s…then it dropped into the 20’s the following day. And tomorrow, we are expecting below zero temperatures. So cold. Brrr….)

I love the way the high-low hem of the Carly dress plays with the slightly flared hem of my cropped jeans. The raw hem of the denim adds a little bit of edge to the whimsical print on the dress. I added a subtle stripe in my scarf for some pattern play. (I don’t think you can even see the stripe in the scarf.  It is a very light tan stripe on cream background.)  The buckles and two shades of tan on my boots inject some extra interest. I literally threw this outfit on in a rush mostly looking for comfort, but I am super pleased with the result. And now I am hankering for a new Carly!

Outfit Details
Dress: LulaRoe Carly from Adrien Pacella.
Cardigan: Ancient (I don’t remember where I bought it).
Jeans: Old Navy (No longer available, but similar options here).
Boots: Aerosoles (from last year).
Scarf: Old Navy (from last year).
Necklace: Walmart (Old).

Have you ever layered your dresses over jeans? Or maybe over dress pants? This time of year is the best time to get creative with our wardrobes!

Now onto the link up…and your favorites from last week.

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style showed us the most beautiful floral skirt in her post What Would You Wear on a Floral Midi Skirt? Speaking of Nancy, our Bad Buy Book collaboration will be going live on March 15. If you haven’t submitted your Bad Buy for a feature in our post, there is still time! We are still accepting submissions…Click here for more details!

And Kathrine of Kathrine Eldridge: Wardrobe Stylist looks edgy, sophisticated, chic, and all around fabulous in her Pleated Metallic dress!

Thanks for stopping by and make it a great weekend everyone!

Keeping it on the edge,


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  1. I remember seeing this trend last year, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it! I mean, that’s just not how I was taught to wear dresses.
    But you know me—I’m always trying to be open to new styles & trends. So I’m doing this same thing with the 3 of us next week (and can you imagine the push back I got from the moms?–ha ha)
    You look fabulous Shelbee!

    • Oooh, I can’t wait to see what you came up with, Jodie! I am sure you all looked fabulous as you always do…and don’t the moms know that great things happen outside of your comfort zone?!


  2. I’m loving this layered look! Such a fun way to wear spring dresses now!

  3. Adorable!!! Love the pattern of the dress!

  4. What a pleasant surprise! Thank you Shelbee! I love your look, I always love anything high low hem and the jeans is perfect! Great idea and you made this a very trendy outfit!

  5. That is how many up in the Haight wear dresses. They have been doing it for years.

    Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I love layering things over and under dresses! It makes them so much more versatile… My go-to layering piece is usually leggings, but I really like your cropped jeans and the cute booties with the dress.

    Thanks for the link up & have a great weekend!

    • Layering is my favorite styling technique ever, too, Andrea! I usually go for leggings, but sometimes it’s nice to change it up a bit! Thanks for the lovely comment and have a wonderful weekend!


  7. Love how you styled this dress with your jeans! The print is so pretty. Thanks so much for featuring me on this week’s link up. Have a wonderful weekend Shelbee!

  8. love your boots! have a nice weekend Shelbee!

  9. Great idea for making your outfit more spring-like even when the temperature doesn’t feel that way!

  10. Don’t think that your no show yesterday wasn’t noticed. I thought that your link up is usually out on Thursday and wondered why I hadn’t seen any info on it. I figured that maybe I had missed it. I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling well and I’m glad that you’re doing better today. I adore the ‘dress over pants’ look and your spin on it is fabulous. The print of your dress is so cheerful and perfect for a transitional outfit. Thanks for hosting and enjoy your weekend 😎


    • Thanks so much, Rena! I am definitely feeling so much better today. I hope I don’t relapse over the weekend! My kids had some crazy week long flu last week and I thought I had escaped it, but alas, it caught up with me and knocked me down yesterday. I am still all coughing with head and chest congestion, but nothing that a little DayQuil is taking care of!

      I am so loving this dress. The cut is my favorite and it is super comfy. I need to get another one. I am just having trouble finding a pattern that screams “Shelbee”!

      Have a fabulous weekend.


  11. My legs are really long so alot of times dresses are just a tad too short for my over 40 self to feel self confident in. I love the idea of adding jeans underneath and was excited to see this trend.

    • I agree with you completely, Shelly! I am not comfortable in the super short dresses either. Then add to that chasing little boys all over the place, I need to keep my discreet parts discreet! And that’s super easy to do with pants under my dresses! I remember wearing dresses over jeans in the late 90’s and early 2000’s as well. And I am so glad it’s right on trend now. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!


  12. Very stylish, I love this look. Pretty dress and a great colour for the spring. x Jacqui

    • Thanks so much, Jacqui! I really need to get another one of these dresses! They are so comfortable and I love the cut. Have a fabulous weekend.


  13. such a great outfit!! love layering!

  14. What a super fun look … loving the dress over the jeans and those amazing boots!

    Dawn Lucy

  15. The cropped jeans are fab, I’ve yet to find the perfect pair.
    I have not done the dress over pants look for a while but I think I should at least try!

    • Thanks so much, Lorena! I like these Old Navy ones and if I recall correctly, Gap had some pretty cute ones, too. Definitely try the dress over pants! I feel so comfortable in the combination and that alone elevates my confidence! Have a wonderful weekend.


  16. What is really funny, is the memory that came to my mind when I saw this. When I was in grade school my mother insisted I wear dresses to school. Having two older brothers, I was a tomboy to the max and to this day still prefer jeans over dresses. When it was cold, my mom would let me wear a pair of pants under my dress, which I would have to take off when I got to school and put back on when we went outside for recess. Ha, ha. What silliness! Your look is much more fun and sophisticated than when I was in grade school! Especially the raw hemline on the jeans and those boots! Awesome! Thanks for posting and for the link up! – AMy

    • Amy, I love this little flashback story! Oh, the things the my mother made me wear when I was a child! I could probably dedicate an entire fashion blog to those stories. Here’s one for you. When I was in first grade, all my mother dressed me in was these beautiful super frilly dresses…every day…and in music class we were learning to square dance. When we would have to curtsy, there was a boy named Philip in my class who would tell me to lift my skirt higher. And at lunch he would crawl under the table and try to peek under my dress. (Little 7 year old pervert!) I stopped wearing dresses at that point. Hated them in fact. And wouldn’t wear one again until I was in high school! Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  17. I LOVE dresses over pants- this is totally FAB Shelbee!!!!

  18. Jennie

    I am crazy about your fab boots!!! I also really like your look, Shelbee. Such a perfect way to transition our spring dresses. I would like to try the frayed hem cropped jeans sometime, but am not sure how flattering it will be on my short frame. You are really rocking yours with these boots!

    • Thanks so much, Jennie! I think the cropped flares with frayed hem would totally work on a petite frame with a rocking pair of high heeled shoes/boots to keep the proportions in sync. And I know you have shoes like that! So you will never know until you try it! I can’t wait to see what you come up with when you find the perfect pair of cropped jeans.


  19. Hi Shelbee! You can definitely pull this look off! I don’t know about myself though 😉
    Thank you for hosting and for linking up with my party as well!
    Happy Weekend 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Paula! It is one of my favorite ways to wear dresses! And I think anyway can pull it off, you just need to get your proportions right and wear it with confidence!


  20. This is a great way to make a dress versatile! Love this! I need to try this out!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  21. Love how you have styled this outfit, love your shoes Shelbee 🙂 Thanks for linking up.

  22. great look!
    If black off shoulder dress keeps women a sense of mystery.Then sexy birthday dresses shows the neat and pure of a girl.

  23. WHat a unique styling idea! I haven’t tried this one!