How to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe to Spring & Link Up On the Edge #33

In just a few short weeks, I will be holding my very first styling seminars at a fabulous local event…The 2nd Annual Girls’ Weekend Getaway hosted by a local fundraising group Helping Hands/Making It Count Event Planners. The Girls’ Weekend Getaway will be held March 31-April 2 at the Ramada Inn in Watertown, New York. You can read more about the details on the event’s Facebook page. I am super excited about this opportunity to help other women rediscover their edge!

One of the seminars I will be leading will be How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring. And my outfit today is a perfect example of how you can add a little touch of Spring into your wardrobe during the crazy long Winters we experience here in the North Country.

Oftentimes, at this point in a North Country Winter, the sun can be quite deceiving. It gives the appearance that Spring is in the air yet the temperatures are still quite frigid. Actually, the day we shot these photos, the sun was so, so bright, but the temperature was in the 20’s and the wind was making it even colder. So how is a girl to stay warm and start making the transition into Spring?

1. Keep wearing layers. Here I have a tank top and leggings underneath my dress. Plus the dress is fully lined. While the fabric of the dress is a lightweight rayon blend perfect for Spring, it is long sleeved and the midi length provides a little extra warmth. I also had a super frumpy black cardigan on top which we didn’t even photograph due to the frump factor!

2. Add a lightweight scarf in a Springtime color and/or print. This pink silk scarf with a floral print is perfect for this transition. Although it is lightweight, it is still keeping my neck warm. But the color, fabric, and print scream Springtime!

3. Grab yourself a pair of booties in a pretty Spring hue. These pink booties will transition nicely during this time of year. Well, first of all, they are boots. And around here, we need to wear boots well into May! But they are a beautiful shade of blush pink…again singing out Springtime!

4. Wear a wide brimmed hat. This big floppy hat in burgundy is the most amazing addition at this time of year when the sun is shining but the wind is cold. The wide brim blocks out the sun while the wool felt keeps my head warm.

5. Accessorize with a whimsical printed bag. Mine has birds! And aren’t birds so symbolic of the arrival of Spring?

So I might have been freezing half to death out there, but I definitely felt like I was channeling Spring! How do you transition your Winter wardrobe to Spring?

Outfit Details
Dress: Old Navy Printed Ruffle Hem Shirt Dress.
Scarf: StyleWe Dongjingji Pink Printed Abstract Vintage Scarf.
Hat: Target (Similar here).
Booties: Charlotte Russe Pointed Toe Chunky Heeled Booties in Mauve.
Bag: Relic for Kohl’s (No longer available. Other bird print purses here and here).

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As always, thank you, ladies, for keeping us inspired. And thanks to all of you who visit each week and add your links!

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I am a 40 something Army wife and stay-at-home mother of 2 boys and 2 cats named Dave and Frankie. I have a passion for helping other women feel fabulous in the midst of this crazy, beautiful life.

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  1. Wow Shelbee! I love your outfit! I love the dress and the boots are amazing. And the scarf is so stylish with it! Really fantastic!

  2. You look totally fabulous! I love the hat too – perfect. The first photo really is quite beautiful, Shelbee. I shall have to try some more of my dresses with trousers.
    Suzy xx

    • Thank you so much, Suzy! I am really very pleased with how this outfit and the photos turned out! I find that I layer my dresses over pants or leggings more often than not because most dresses these days are too short to wear otherwise! Although midi dresses are going to be my favorites this Spring and Summer because of their length. I won’t need to layer them and will stay cool in the summer heat!


  3. What a wonderful opportunity to participate in some style seminars! How fun! We have the same problem here – spring is still a long way off, it seems, but I’m ready to transition my wardrobe. Love this outfit you put together, and the booties are such a pretty color. You look so pretty and ready for spring! Thanks again for the link up and the shout out!

    • Thanks so much, Lana! It’s funny about transitioning your wardrobe with the seasons. I actually really like Fall and Winter best. And I really kind of despise Summer and it’s dreadful heat. I am a huge fan of layering which is difficult when it gets too hot and I get very antsy for Fall to arrive sometime around mid-May! But yet, here we are in February and I am ready for Spring. I am done with coats and cold and snow and sludge. If only I could live in a place where it was 45-65 degrees all year round!


  4. such a great dress! love how you styled it!!!!

  5. Congrats on the styling seminar! Sounds very exciting!

    I love your transition outfit! Such pretty accessories!

    Thanks for the link up & have a great weekend!

  6. I love your boots babe!

  7. Shelbee, I love this look. I pretty much do the same thing. Layers are my friend!! And yours too, apparently! Being from Buffalo, NY, I learned to wear layers well into Spring. Although, I think I do it much more stylishly now. Ha, ha. I love that pretty scarf and your booties. The bag is adorable. I have a bird bag too! Great minds. Thanks for your lovely post and congrats on the opportunity to help some other ladies get their style on! Hope it goes well. Have a great weekend. – Amy

    • Amy, thank you so much! I definitely have learned a whole lot about layering stylishly living where there is lake effect snow and bitter cold fronts that move through out of no where! And I seriously love bird prints on all things (as much I am terrified of and disgusted by birds in real life)! Thanks for the well wishes on my upcoming styling seminars. These are my first and I’m a little nervous so any positive energy sent my way is greatly appreciated!


  8. I love your cute dress with the cute spring colors. Thanks for your tips!

  9. Your seminar sounds wonderful! I love this look and adore the scarf and booties. They are wonderful accessories to turn this look toward spring. Thanks for the link up!

  10. Cute pinks with this!

  11. lovely spring fashion tips, Shelbee! I definitely need to layer more 🙂 thanks for the inspiration!

  12. It funny, because when I was younger, I thought it was silly to transition my wardrobe. It was either winter or summer, you know? But now, it’s so much fun to be able to make our clothing so versatile!!
    And I absolutely love those pink booties, Shelbee!! I just bought a plum pair, and have been wearing them tons!

    • Thanks so much, Jodie! I bought a plum pair and a burgundy pair last year and I wore them all the time! The color is perfect for adding a little extra something to an outfit. And we definitely do change our attitudes about clothing as we get older, right? Trends that I really love are boots with shorts and sandals with jeans and sweaters. But that transition I can NEVER quite pull off because if I’m wearing shorts then my feet are way too hot for boots and if I’m wearing sweaters and jeans then my feet are way too cold for sandals! But it always looks so cute when others wear it! Perhaps someday the temperature outside and my body temperature will meet in happy equilibrium and I will be able to comfortably try this trend!


  13. Thanks for the link up Shelbee, I adore your pink booties! You’re so right with the whole layered look, trouble with me I’m either hot or cold never the happy medium! Jacqui

    • Thank you, Jacqui! Yeah, definitely at this stage of life, I can never properly regulate my body temperature either! So I am always adding or removing layers throughout the day! But I do what I can to try to look put together!


  14. Sounds like a fun weekend ahead for you! I’ve never been to Watertown NY. I am in NJ.

    • I think it is going to be fabulous, Kim! Where in NJ? I lived in northern NJ for about 10 years back in my younger days! Watertown is quite a ways from NJ though! Thanks so much for stopping by.


  15. Those booties are so fun! I just love the blush color! They definitely add a touch of spring to your outfit!

  16. I think your are right spot on Shelbee. Lots of people in Australia are in denial and you can see them wearing thongs and t-shirts on a very cold day. i like the idea of adding some layers towards winter and then peeling them off in spring

    • Thank you, Anna! We had a spot of warm weather and you should have seen the way people were dressed! It is still cold but I guess when the temperature rises 20 degrees, people feel hot! Have a fabulous weekend!


  17. I can see that everyone can’t wait to for this winter to be over. I understand that. This one is loooong one. Those pink boots are amazing!

    Anna xoxo

  18. Such a cute look! I love adding in pinks as Spring creeps closer!


  19. You know that I love layers and those boots are fabulous! Congratulations on the style seminar…how exciting is that?!

    • Thank you so much, Debbie! Layers are my favorite thing ever! And I am equally excited and nervous about these seminars! So please send good vibes my way. Have a fabulous weekend!


  20. First off, I’m jealous of the snow! I know, I know. It’s record temps here in Atl today and I want some winter back!! These are some great tips for transitioning out of the winter clothes and into spring. Have a great weekend! I hope y’all are doing something FUN!

  21. Definitely time to start thinking about working some spring into outfits… I’m READY! 🙂

    Le Stylo Rouge

  22. Loving this layered look! Your dress is so cute, and I’m loving those blush booties!

  23. Truly great tips on how to transition to spring. Best of luck with the presentation!

  24. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful weekend.

  25. Love that dress!! The hem is so fun. Perfectly paired with tights and booties now and will be great in the warmer days later.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  26. Oh! My God! wonderful party! this is my first party with you ladies and I bring my most precious treasure, my Princessa Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern, hope you like it and love this party already!!

    Happy weekend all!

    • Lilia, thanks so much for joining us! Your baby blanket pattern is absolutely gorgeous and the colors are simply divine! I hope you continue to join my little link party every week. I also host a #SpreadTheKindness link up on Tuesdays. Have a wonderful weekend!


  27. Thank you for your comment Shelbee 🙂
    and I love seeing pictures that exude happiness, like these.

  28. Shelbee, this is a great transition. You look amazing. Xo Tina

  29. Very happy for you on this great opportunity. I am sure you will be phenomenal!! Would love if you can link up to

  30. Love your spring touches with the pink scarf and booties.

  31. Well, down here in Florida there isn’t very much transitioning going on from winter to spring. Just gets a few degrees hotter! I often miss the ability to try new outfit ideas based on the changing seasons, like I used to when I lived up north. You’ve put together a spectacular outfit for transitioning to spring. I love all your accessories, especially those fab pink boots and that birdie bag. Soooo adorable.

    • Theresa, thank you so much! I am definitely more of a 4 season type of girl. I love when the seasons change and I also love transitioning my clothes and finding new and creative ways to do so. Four seasons of warm weather is just not for me! Actually, if I am being truthful, I wish I lived in a place where it was 45-65 degrees all year! I could do without the heat altogether!


  32. I love this outfit! The dress is really nice and the accessories you’ve styled it with look amazing! Congrats on the styling seminar 🙂

    Emma xxx

  33. I’m definitely starting to channel Spring in colours but am still in cosy winter fabrics like wool. Best of both worlds! It can indeed look warmer than it is at this time of year.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Porcelina! While I love darker and richer hues generally, I am longing for pastels and brighter colors this time of year. But you are right, it looks warmer than it actually is so the best way to transition into Spring is with colors in Winter fabrics!


  34. Beautiful dress and boots. Love my dresses 🙂 Thanks for linking up.

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