Happy Thanksgiving

I decided to take a blogging break this week…because, well, the struggle IS real. The sad thing is we are not even doing much for Thanksgiving, but yet I started feeling totally overwhelmed this week. And unmotivated. And uninspired. And maybe even a tad bit lazy. So I granted myself a blogging vacation.

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful and fulfilling Thanksgiving! Remember to be thankful for all of the wonderful gifts in your life…no matter how small they may be. I know I am immensely grateful for the very special people in my life, my family, and my friends, mostly my husband and my children. And coffee. I am extremely thankful that there is an abundant amount of coffee in my life. But even in the midst of my overwhelming gratitude, the struggle is still real! So I’m keeping it real. And taking a break. See you next week. And Happy Thanksgiving!

Feeling thankful on the edge,


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