Girls Who Wear Glasses: EyeCrave Optics and #SpreadTheKindness Link Up #21

I have been hinting here and there recently that I have invested in some fabulous new eyewear…and I couldn’t be more pleased with the final result!

There’s an amazing eyewear boutique in my little town that is taking the visually-impaired community by storm…I have driven past it about a million times in the past year and a half since its doors were opened for business. Situated in the best possible spot on the corner of the town square, the outside of the building is appealing and ever so inviting. So many times I have found myself sitting at that red light that seems to last forever, gazing at the charming and very welcoming store front, and imagining what wonderful things lie inside EyeCrave Optics.

I have been stuck in an eyewear rut for quite some time, year after year falling back on my old staple of thick black frames. They were good and trendy and served me well…10 years ago. But I was in serious need of an update. And honestly, Walmart Vision and all of the other chain optical stores just were not doing it for me. I needed something special. Something fabulous. Something amazing. Something new. Like artwork for my face. I mean, I wear the damn things prominently on my face every single day of my life. Can I please have something stunning?! A little wow factor, perhaps?

So let me take you on a little visual tour of EyeCrave Optics.

*This is not a sponsored post. This is an honest review by a supremely satisfied customer.

Let’s go inside…

So this place is not just an eyewear boutique, it’s a freaking art gallery. As soon as you walk through the doors, you are literally surrounded by the most beautiful works of art, from the original paintings and murals that adorn the walls to the whimsically picturesque window displays to the intricate and creative designs of the eyewear itself. I have been wearing glasses for 35 years and I have never before witnessed such an incredibly unique and wonderfully elegant selection of the most beautiful eyewear I have ever seen. Okay, so I’m rambling on and on…just look for yourself! There are so many pretty things!

So you get it, right? This place is so visually stimulating and completely inviting that you just want to sit down with a cup of gourmet coffee and while away the afternoon. Then you are met with the friendliest of greetings by the owner, Optician Jody Shuler. He just sort of whisks you into a chair, briefly studies your face, asks what style you had in mind, then sweeps through his shop choosing frames that best meet your needs and flatter your bone structure. He presents you with trays lined with his personalized picks for you and, of course, a mirror. And as you try on each and every pair, you get a detailed response of why each frame works for you or why it does not. And as you remove each pair from your face, Jody delicately cleans them before returning them to their displays so that the next client is not subjected to sharing the oils and makeup of the previous client. All of this personalized attention and so many options and my butt never left the chair. He did all the work. Jody is your very own personalized eyewear stylist. And never in my 35 years of visual impairment have I received such knowledgeable and detailed service while choosing eyewear. It was refreshing, to say the least.

After trying on the largest and most beautiful selection of frames, I finally settled on these two-tone frames by Etnia Barcelona, crafters of “the highest quality eyewear in Europe”. Aren’t they so fabulous?!

Jody was generous enough to allow me to model some of his gorgeous sunglasses for my outdoor photos. Actually, he went a step further and even took the photos for me! I don’t think I can say much more about the quality of that service!

Here are some of my favorite picks from EyeCrave Optics.

If you are in need of a serious eyewear restyling like I was, want some fabulous artwork for your face, or just want to wow everyone you know, stop in and have a look around. If you are not local to the Watertown, New York area, Jody is more than willing to help you remotely. Just give him a call or send him a message. You can link up with him on his social media platforms below.

Website: EyeCrave Optics.
Facebook: EyeCrave Optics.
Instagram: EyeCrave Optics.

Even my favorite little guy (who also now wears glasses) loves this place!

So what do think…will boys make passes at this girl in glasses?!

And now for your favorite blog posts from last week’s linkup.

Anne of Pattern Recognition (but most of you know her as Anne of Spy Girl) shared her post #AtoZchallenge and #ifjm2017 — Conclusion. She created this amazing print of Fluevog Shoes and then she had a tee shirt dress created from it. Isn’t is so fabulous? It is totally on my current wish list and can be purchased from Redbubble for $45.00.

And Trina of Chunky Lady Melts (but most of you know her as Trina of Tipsy Heelz) shared her post And The Journey Begins to Weightloss. She is sharing this new journey with all of us in order to help and support others as well as to gain some support herself! Way to go, Trina! I am joining you on this one, for sure.

Frames, Fashion, and Footwear: Runway on the Square

By the way, follow along on my social media platforms as well as Jody’s for details about an upcoming Fashion Show that we are hosting on the square in Watertown, New York, on Thursday, June 1 at 5:00 p.m. We are collaborating with and will be showcasing fashions from local small businesses including EyeCrave Optics, Strut Boutique, Solitary Consignment, Avon Shoes, and, of course, Shelbee’s Shoppe.

Restyled on the edge,


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  1. ohh Shelby. It’s an amazing place for shopping classes 🙂

  2. What a fabulous shop Shelbee, and you chose so well! I need to find some good eyewear here in the UK. I’ve been looking after my sons puppy who has just chewed my Fendi readers!
    Can I just say how great that dress looks on you too xx

    • Thanks so much, Laurie! That’s terrible about your readers being chewed! I wonder if you can find some of these brands at least in the UK. I am going to find out for you!


  3. That shop looks so much better then most opticiens over here! And what a service. Those glasses are fantastic Shelbee! They lift your face up! And what a great dress you are wearing ,but I am in love with that cute cardigan and necklace!

    • Nancy, thanks so much! I am so thrilled with these frames! I got so caught up in my review of the shop that I never even added outfit details! My dress is from Target and the cardigan is an old one from Cato Fashions. I can’t remember where I got the necklace!


  4. Love your new glasses and your chic feminine look you paired with them! What a great store. Thanks so much for sharing this gem and thanks also for the link up!

    • Kathrine, thank you so much! I definitely feel edgier and more feminine in these frames than I did in the old black ones. I might be addicted now to fun new frames!


  5. I almost bought that dress last week but they didn’t have my size!! I love how you paired it with the orange sweater. Great combo. Glasses shopping is so fun. I only do it every few years but I love it. You look great!!!

    • Thanks, Vicky! This dress is super comfortable, too. I really like ti belted though because the skirt is super voluminous, so it just adds a little more shape. I also love shopping for glasses, but this experience was so far above and beyond any other experience I have had!


  6. Now that’s a way to make wearing glasses fun!!
    I do think there are some interesting frames out there, so why stick with the boring ones???
    Those new frames of yours just add so much lightness to your face, Shelbee!! I love them!

    • Jodie, thank you so much! I seriously could not be happier with these frames! I love the way I look in them. The problem is…now I want more fabulous frames!


  7. the frames are amazing, that store seems fantastic ( next time I am down I will stop in) and that dress is fabulous. ( and I love Ann’s style)

  8. Love your new glasses! They really brighten up your face! Sounds like a wonderful place to get a new pair!

  9. Sweater Girl loves your adorable outfit. 🙂 And the glasses are great.

  10. I love your new glasses Shelbee! In fact, I have just got some that are very similar!!! 🙂

  11. Loving this dress on you and blue+orange are colors I’m crazy about together.

  12. I really love the sign for that store! I also love that dress and the pops of orange. My son just recently had to get some frames (his first pair) and it was a little hard to figure out just what to get!! I love the pair you selected! So chic and they look great on you!


    • Thanks so much, Carrie! Isn’t the store front super cool and so alluring?! It sounds like your son needed more personalized service! For his next pair, contact EyeCrave and he can do a remote restyling!


  13. I’m wondering how the wood frames will do in very dry or very moist climate. Great dress by the way.

    • Thanks so much, Nicole! I am going to defer toy EyeCrave for an answer about the wood frames, but I will get back to you!


      • Nicole, here is the answer I received from EyeCrave: “The wood is sealed and will perform like in other eyewear material in those climates. In the industry we are always testing new materials. Wood has been used in eyewear for many decades it’s just now becoming a little more mainstream and more available as manufacturers have designed hybrid woods to give it greater strength. You’re going to love the new ones coming. So thin and elegant.”

  14. Looks Like such a nice shop! This reminds me I need to get an eye exam(I neglect my own eyeballs. and I used to work for an eye dr. ) hahahaha. YOu look fab!!!

  15. Wow! I love how creative looking the outside of the eyeglass shop looks and all the pretty glasses they sell. And loving your glasses girly and outfit! Great post and thank you so much for featuring me, I really appreciate it hon:)

  16. There are some gorgeous specs there, Shelbee! I do love the hearts lol. My favourites are probably the wooden frames – how cool are they?! I really need to go and get my eyes tested again (and of course get some funky new glasses), as it’s been two of three years since the last time!
    Have a great week!
    Suzy xx

  17. Those who are wondering yes you can get these types of wonderful brands all over the world. Nancy especially in UK but as Shelbee alluded to I can style anyone from afar. Shipping costs will be a challenge but we could make it work!!

  18. Nice new frames !
    You’re looking splendid in that orange and blue duo.

  19. What a great shop, and such brilliant service! The glasses you chose are fabulous and I love your dress and orange cardigan!

    Emma xxx

  20. These glasses are so fun! Love the frames!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  21. You look great in this dress with orange sweater. And I think that you did great job with the glasses. Such a cute shop.


  22. Very nice shop. My daughter would love it. She has been wearing glasses since she was like nine months old.

    Thanks for hosting and have a good rest of the week.

    • It really is a beautiful place, Patrick! Thanks so much for stopping by. I guess you are a little way from L.A. but the owner of EyeCrave recommends a fabulous eyewear boutique on Sunset Boulevard, Gogosha Optique. Perhaps your daughter would love that place, too!


  23. Fabulous eye wear. Just love interesting frames and if I wasn’t prescription (hopefully laser this year) I would have pairs in every colour and style!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Suzi! I wear prescription lenses and I definitely want pairs in every color and style! IN time, I will accumulate a collection now that I have discovered EyeCrave!


  24. Your whole outfit is adorable! You make me wish I could wear orange. And I love the glasses. I had Lasik done years ago but now I need glasses to correct astigmatism for night driving. Does that make me sound old?? 😉 Anway, if I’m ever in NY, I’ll have to stop in this shop.

    • Chrissy, thank you so much! You need glasses for night driving and I need bifocals…so I guess we are both old! Ha! But that’s no reason not to wear fabulous glasses! If you are ever in the area, do let me know, I will show you around town! But in the meantime, you can always do a remote restyling with EyeCrave!


      • haha! This made me laugh. Thanks for always keeping it real…

        • Sorry for the extra comment but I forgot to mention that I most certainly will look you up if I’m ever in the area. While visiting my sister in Alaska, I was 10 minutes away from Nicole at High Latitude Style. We arranged a meet up and it felt like a whole other adventure. loved it!

  25. WOW I am flattered by all the compliments on my shop. Thank you all so much. It has always been my passion to create a beautiful store. I finally pushed myself and made the plunge. Thank you all very much for the comments.

    As Shelbee mentioned I can do remote stylings or I can also find a reputable shop near you if you rather talk to some one in person. My remote styling will be a simple video chat and some simple info about your current eyewear. Then I will send you some samples to try and another video chat to help you choose the best pair or two. It really is a lot of fun!!

  26. I love how your outfit looks! EyeCrave looks like a great place to get glasses. The glasses look stylish and the environment inviting. It looks quite different from most eyewear places.

  27. Wow! I made the hit list! Honored!
    (Just now getting here because someone — cough cough — forgot to pay the FiOS bill).
    I posted that dress on the Fluevog Fridays Facebook page and OMG it caused a flurry of sales. You know how they say for marketing “find a need and fill it”? Niche found! Now I must get the other 30 Fluevog shoe prints color matched and onto Redbubble. My Color Chart skirt is in the mail to me as I type.

    I am VERY IMPRESSED that you have such a shop in Watertown. We must go when I breeze through in 2019 (nothing like planning ahead). My prescription is horribly $$$ (no insurance), but I’d love to have a fitting! It looks like they carry a fun assortment of unusual frames.

    What kindness did I perform this past week? I participated in the Otis graduation ceremony (and I didn’t have to)! This is the first time I did so, and the first time I’ve worn regalia since my own graduation 30 years ago. Now if only the sound had been better in the auditorium. Couldn’t hear a darn thing! Blog post when my internet returns, meanwhile linked a funny IG photo.

    • Anne, this is why I adore you so much! Comments like these filled with so much wit and kindness and humor and just all around vivacity! You rock! I am so excited that you found your niche and I hope you get tons more sales! I can’t wait to see the other prints that you have available on Redbubble. And when you breeze through Watertown in 2019, we are most definitely meeting up! I will personally take you into EyeCrave for a visit. And how very awesome that you voluntarily participated in the graduation ceremony. I imagine it felt pretty cool to be in regalia once again after all those years! As always, thanks for inspiring us and for just being amazing! Now go pay some bills! Ha!


  28. Love the outfit. Glasses look super on you and so much choice! Needing to get my eyes checked, I think I’m way overdue! Jacqui

  29. You were made to wear snazzy glasses! Love the ones you chose, and that place is amazing 🙂
    Thank you for sharing with my party and for hosting this fab party!

    • Paula, thank you so much! That is such a great compliment…I was “made to wear snazzy glasses”! Ha! I need more pairs of snazzy glasses for sure. And I have definitely found my go-to place!


  30. I love the parody in the glasses do really suit your face and I think they surely enhance your feature more than your previous pair. Love it! Would love to connect at

  31. As the girl who has always worn glasses, I can tell you that you HAVE to have some cute ones! I love how they match your look too. I need to get some snazzy prescription sunglasses for my blind self lol.

    • Hannah, I agree. If you have to wear something on your face every single day, it better be something fabulous! I can’t wait to get a second pair. You should try a remote restyling with EyeCrave! They have some really amazing sunglasses!


  32. I think you look great with glasses. You look awesome in your outfit! Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

  33. Been having a heck of a time with my muscle pain lately Shelbee, or I would have commented sooner… my arms and shoulders are effected, so blogging can be tough this week. Loved the post! Wow, so many cool glasses to choose from and it sounds like great service. I swear I saw this shop in Asheville, i could be wrong.. is this the only store? I LOVE your new glasses, they are fun and so stylish! I lhave a collection of glasses and sunnies as I have to wear them all of the time.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • Jess, I am so sorry you are experiencing so much pain this week. I am sending some healing energy your way. Actually, this shop is the only one. But perhaps there is a similar on in Asheville. I am so glad that you read this post because I was totally thinking of you when I found this place as I always admire your choices of eyewear. In fact, I even shared your blog with the owner of EyeCrave to show him all of your fabulous frame choices!


  34. Thanks for linking up your post at the Friday at the Fire Station link-up! I love how we are wearing the same dress. 🙂 Fun to see different ways to wear it! Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks so much, Jen! I get so excited like a little kid when I see someone wearing the same thing as me! It is so fun to see different ways of styling the same pieces.


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