Girls’ Night Out in Watertown & #SpreadTheKindness Link Up #30

I am back today with lots and lots of kindness! I apologize that I skipped my kindness post last week, but things got a bit crazy and I was traveling and just could not get to it. And sometimes, you just have to let it go. So I did. But I have lots of wonderful kindness posts lined up for the next few weeks and I am so excited to share them with you all.

Last Friday night, my friend Amy and I hit the town! We decided it was high time for a little girls’ night out action and we had heard about some fabulous new places that have recently opened in Downtown Watertown. So we needed to check them out. First stop was a brand new tapas restaurant and bar called Spokes Craft Beer & Tapas. When we were there on Friday night, it was only the third day they have been open and the place was packed with so many friendly faces!

Spokes offers a “modern twist on the bar scene with a large variety of quality beers and wines and flavorful food made fresh with creativity. The menu provides “a variety of plates to share. This is an opportunity to share or have a drink but not fill up on food. A great alternative to a traditional meal.”

Meet Eva! She is one of the owners of Spokes and she is one of the kindest, friendliest women I have ever met. You can just see it in her smile and her eyes! She is very accommodating and goes above and beyond to ensure that every customer who walks through the door has the best drinking and dining experience possible. And our server was Kristin…she was equally amazing!

Eva makes a point to stop by every table and chat enthusiastically with every patron. She genuinely wants to know how you are enjoying your night out, the drinks, the food, the atmosphere and how she can make it better, if possible. Although, the entire experience is pretty great just the way it is!

Now let me tell you about the food and drink selection at Spokes. They offer a small tapas menu with plans of changing it up frequently. The current menu is host to 9 different tapas dishes including 3 amazing flatbread combinations and 2 marinated olive dishes…well anyway, check it out below.

We had ordered the Italian Twisted Handlebar…

Italian Twisted Handlebar
Italian Twisted Handlebar…Devoured

…and the Clement Flatbread.

Clement Flatbread

The Eska Flatbread looks pretty amazing as well!

Eska Flatbread

And check out the Bianchi Flatbread.

Bianchi Flatbread

So I’m kind of a food snob and I must say that these culinary creations have completely exceeded my expectations! I do believe I may have experienced a flavor orgasm on more than one occasion during my meal at Spokes! The marinades were perfect combinations of rich and zesty. The dipping sauces were delicious. The flatbread was baked to create a stunning balance of crispy and doughy. The portions were super generous for the price. In fact, Amy and I only ordered the 2 dishes and we could not finish them. And then there are the drinks. They offer “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” plus 10 seasonal beers on tap. How fun is that?!

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

The selection of drinks provides something for everyone with a detailed description of each offering on the extensive menu. I enjoyed a delectable organic cider on tap that was refreshing and sweet and everything I look for in a drink on a hot summer’s night out.

And then Amy stole my drink for a photo opportunity! (But she did give it back.)

After Spokes, we decided to head across the street to the Downtown Local Lounge.

The Downtown Local Lounge “stemmed from an Amateur Wine Maker starting with Berries & Fruit and being recommended to submit to the NY State Fair in 2014.” The driving force behind this lounge is the desire “to help NY Wines flourish, and get the names out there…with a calm and relaxing atmosphere where people can socialize and enjoy a glass of NY Wine”.

Meet Kevin, the owner and wine connoisseur behind the bar at the Downtown Local Lounge.

Upon entering the doors of the lounge, you immediately notice that the atmosphere is very welcoming and calm offering a variety of comfortable seating spots from bar stools to small tables to plush lounge chairs.

They offer a wonderful selection of wines and beers as well as delicious and refreshing wine slushies for those patrons with a sweet tooth on a hot night. Β In addition to the drink menu, they also offer light snacks that pair well with all of the different wine choices.

Kevin is amazing behind the bar…very knowledgeable about the wines and very friendly and personable as well…everything you would expect from a great bartender/lounge owner.

It is not your typical crazy bar scene that the younger generation may enjoy, but it is very suited to the tastes of a mature crowd who may want an evening out with great drinks and awesome company where you can hear each other talk! Although Amy and I may have become a little goofy by this point in the night!

Who am I kidding? We started out goofy!

To prevent the crazy younger crowd from busting down the doors in the late, late hours of the night, the Downtown Local Lounge closes its doors at 11:00 p.m. on weekends. But Amy and I were free for the night and trying to get in touch with the crazy girls of our youth. So we decided on one more stop in Watertown. But I am not even going to share my opinion (or the name) of that final place…because it would in no way be spreading kindness. Although when a place of business greets their customers with such a complete lack of kindness and seems nearly incapable of even decent service, they may be much more in need of kindness! Perhaps one day, this particular place will redeem itself enough to make an appearance in one of my kindness posts. However, after two consecutive failures on their part, I may not even give them a third chance.

On a more positive and kind note, I highly recommend Spokes Craft Beer & Tapas for a fabulous night out for drinks and light fare. I also highly recommend the Downtown Local Lounge for a quiet and relaxing evening out in Watertown. While enjoying your night out, you are also supporting local small businesses which is so very important in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of Watertown nightlife! And now here are your favorite posts from my #SpreadTheKindness Link Up from two weeks ago. And there are four favorites from that link up!

First, we have Jodie, Charlotte, and Nancy of Jodie’s Touch of Style showing some fabulous ways to create classic and modern outfits using the same dress and just changing your shoes. I love the ways these ladies play with their styles and always end up looking so magnificent! If you haven’t already, do check out Jodie’s post A Classic vs Modern Style Using your Shoes with a Dress.

Jodie, Charlotte, and Nancy of Jodie’s Touch of Style

Next, we have Chrissy of Granola and Grace sharing a fun family trip and some adorable outfits in in her post New Headband & Girlfriend Shorts for A Crazy Safari Ride.

Chrissy of Granola and Grace

Then, there is Liz of Lizzie in Lace looking as beautiful as she always does in her Polka Dot Ruffle Dress!

Liz of Lizzie in Lace

And finally, Lorena of My Every Day Wear looking bright and vibrant and totally fabulous in Color Change.

Lorena of My Every Day Wear

I want to thank all of you for sharing your posts with me and for always spreading the kindness! Have fun linking up and don’t forget to visit some other amazing bloggers! Stay tuned for next week’s #SpreadTheKindness Link Up when I will be sharing some images from my amazing photo shoot with Sarissa Melissa Photography. What a fabulous experience it was!

How have you been sharing kindness? Do you supported local small business in your own community? I would love to hear about it!

Spreading kindness on the edge,


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  1. It looks like you had a fabulous time, Shelbee! I’m still giggling at your ‘flavor orgasm’ comment LOL!! LOVE IT!!
    Great to see you and your pal having a wonderful girls night out. I haven’t had a night out with the girls for AGES. Must remedy that situation πŸ˜‰
    Suzy Turner

    • Thanks so much, Suzy! I am so glad that comment made you laugh! I was hoping it wasn’t too over the top. Ha. And yes, you must remedy that situation…girls’ nights out are so good for the soul! we laughed so much!


  2. Thanks for hosting! I hope you have a great week!

  3. That must have been a great night out! Sounds like my kind of night out! That food looks delicious too.

  4. What a fun night out! Thanks for sharing and love the cute top your wore.

  5. You and Amy looked adorable on your girl’s night out in Watertown. Girlfriends are the best! Now Spokes looks like it was a great choice. I’m in love with their decor and the food pics look delicious. Thank you for hosting and thank you for featuring my post. That made my morning. πŸ™‚

    • Chrissy, thanks so much for stopping by and I am so glad I made you smile this morning! Time with girlfriends really is so rejuvenating!


  6. Well, Shelbee, don’t be sad cause 2 outta 3 ain’t bad (according to Meatloaf anyway). Looks like you and Amy had a fabulous night and I want to go to Spokes – so much character and it looks like they did not over look a single detail! Nights out with good friends are the best, thanks for taking us along for the fun!

    • Kellyann, thank you so much for reading! I am huge Meatloaf fan, so I really loved that reference! I suppose you can’t expect great service everywhere you go (but still I do expect great service everywhere I go)! We laughed so hard that night. It was refreshing for the soul!


  7. Looks like a fabulous time was had, memories made, and looking fabulous!! Girls nites are so needed to maintain ones sanity!! <3

  8. Now that’s the kind of food place we would love to visit. It always makes a difference to have friendly people along with the good food!! And the decor at Spokes was so fun!!
    You really are the kindest to showcase your local places—-that’s what keeps our communities great!!
    Thanks for the showcase, Shelbee!! That just makes my day!!

    • Jodie, thank you for your super kind words! And it always my pleasure to feature you on my blog. I think you might be my most featured blogger! Ha! I love it. And I am really enjoying showcasing local small businesses in my community. It is so much fun to visit these places and then I really enjoy writing the reviews. Plus it keeps the content on my blog a little more interesting, no?


  9. Girls nights out are so much fun, aren’t they? That flatbread looks amazing! You look super cute, I love that black lacy top!


  10. What a fun night out! The Italian Twisted Handlebar looks uh-MAAAAYzing!

  11. The Twisted Handlebar and flat breads look amazing! Glad you had a fun night! Thanks for hosting!

    Elizabeth |

  12. Thanks for the shout out Shelbee !!!
    and I certainly need an outing like that !

  13. Few things are better for the soul than some girl time. It looks like you two had a blast! πŸ™‚

  14. Look who’s having fuuun! It must be wonderful to spend sometimes with all those lovely people. And great food as well..

  15. Looks like wonderful places to spend time. Very nice.

    Thanks for hosting and hopefully you are having a wonderful week.

  16. Aw thank you so much for including me!! You made my day πŸ™‚ This looks like a really fun girls night out!!


  17. Looks like a great night – miss doing the girls’ night evenings!

  18. Girls night out are so fun! I haven’t been on one in a long while but hope to very soon. It’s a way to catch up and get some relief from a hectic work week. I’m glad you had a great time and the food looked delish. A owner is a good owner when they check on their customers. Great post ! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much, Trina, for stopping by! We have been trying to have girls’ time at least once or twice a month. It is very important and so refreshing for the soul!


  19. Lisa Smith

    Great description of the two places. Glad to see pictures of the food too. I think I might have to head down there today to try it out!

  20. I hope you had a fantastic evening – looks like you have a great time Shelbee. Quite a selection of wine – I’d have been in my element. x Thanks for the link up too. x

  21. Nothing better than a Girlfriends night out and you all had FUN.

  22. That restaurant looks so fun! What a great night out with a friend!

  23. You both look AMAZING!!! And how wonderful it is to have a girlfriend to hang out with ever so often. That’s one of the few things I miss about being so far away from the people I left behind in Asia.

  24. Your pictures are great and you look like you were having the best time! Its so great to spend time with a friend! Did I say you both look fabulous! Peace!

  25. What a girls night!! Both places look lovely and the decor of spokes is on point! Hope you had a great night with your gf, specially with that fringe top πŸ˜‰
    Thank you for hosting


    • Thanks so much, Mel! Spokes is such a cool place, for sure! I am sure I will be a regular patron from now on. We had a blast…the whole night was filled with laughter! And isn’t the fringe top fabulous? I never would have even picked that up off the rack. That was all the creative styling of Dawn at Torrid Salmon Run Mall!


  26. Looks like a great time! – Amy

  27. Oh wow Shelbee, it looks like a great night. The food looks so tasty too. Thanks for sharing at The Wednesday blog hop.

  28. Your smile says it all!

  29. I will check this out next time we are in Watertown. Looking great gal. Don’t forget to come link up on A Labour of Fashion. Would love to have you join us

    • Next time you are in Watertown, Linda, we are having a girls’ day, for sure! I was trying to link up with you earlier today but your page wouldn’t load on my computer! I will try again. Thanks for stopping by, my friend!


  30. Glad you two got away for a girls night! I’m like you, much less into the younger, loud, party scene these days. Spokes looks amazing!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  31. You can’t beat a good girly night out! Looks like you had a really fun evening. I love how Spokes have used the bike mounted on the wall!

    Emma xxx

  32. What a fun night out!

  33. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

  34. Hi There found your link through NattyGal. Loved the post and the Wine Bar sounds like my cup of tea(orWine). i plan on doing a post on a local wine tasting room we have here in town in Cadillac Michigan..Up North…Thanks for letting me link up

    • Carrie, thanks so much for stopping by! I look forward to seeing your upcoming post about a local wine tasting room. Please do stop by and add to my link up when it’s published! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  35. Hi Shelbee, it looks like a blast! I love going to tapas bars and trying new wine bars as well. Ill tell you again, i love those glasses on you!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • Jess, thanks so much! I went to the tapas bar again last night and it was just as spectacular the second time around! You really should contact Jody at EyeCrave Optics and do a remote eyewear restyling! It’s so much fun and he has so many fabulous pieces! Have a wonderful weekend.


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