Do You Think I Have a Scarf Problem?

Back in May, I wrote a post about scarves being my signature accessory (you can read that post here). A few weeks ago, I realized that “scarves are my thing” might be a bit of an understatement. It might actually be a problem. An obsession, perhaps. An addiction, maybe. Not only can I not pass by any scarf with a gorgeous, brilliant, interesting, or unique print…but I often feel this compulsion to seek them out. If you have been reading my blog, you know, however, that I like to find a great deal and then brag about it. So a few weeks ago, I headed to my local Salvation Army Family Store in search of some magnificent scarf that would satiate my scarf craving. And I left with 16. Problem? But they were all so pretty. And they were all between $.50 and $1.99. And I just couldn’t leave the pretty little things there. So I brought them all home, washed them with care, and took photos for you all to see. I do apologize…I did not press or steam them yet…so they are a little wrinkled and my presentation is far from fabulous. But none of this makes my thrift store scarf haul any less fabulous! Now I am looking forward to cooler weather so I can really show my scarf game! Enjoy…

1. This one is a larger square scarf with a tan and red paisley print. I am seeing so many possibilities with styling this one with its beautiful versatile colors and pattern.
scarf2 scarf1

2. This one is also a larger scarf with an abstract print of deep red, plum, and mustard yellow on an olive background. I am super excited about the colors in this scarf as I have so much of all of these colors in my Fall wardrobe.
scarf4 scarf3

3. This is a small square neckerchief style scarf. It has a brown and green floral print on an ivory background. The corner reads, ” Give love freely and recognize when you are loved. Memories are like the return of springtime flowers.” I just adore this little saying.
scarf6 scarf5

4. This scarf is also a small square neckerchief with a geometric square pattern in various shades of blue and white. And I am realizing blue is one of “my” colors. So I snapped this one up!
scarf9 scarf8

5. This scarf I almost put back because it was looking a tad bit worn…but then I decided it was just a very beloved scarf and I really loved the bright turquoise and floral pattern. Plus I don’t have any scarves in my collection that resemble this one. So I gave it a new home! This is a medium square.
scarf11 scarf10

6. This one is also a medium sized scarf and I wasn’t thrilled with the stiff fabric, but I really loved the black border and the rich colors in the red intricate mandala pattern. It reminds me of the super popular adult coloring books.
scarf13 scarf12

7. This green and navy checkered scarf is one of my favorites. It is a larger square and I love blue and green together. Also, it is made from a recycled sari. And it is not intended to be used as a scarf, rather it is supposed to be used as a gift wrap. But I like too much to use it that way plus I’m not giving it away!
scarf15 scarf14

8. This turquoise and lime green scarf is also a small square neckerchief. The colors and pattern on this one just made me smile. It is perfect for early spring or even an Easter outfit. I can actually picture this scarf tied on the handle of a gorgeous white handbag!
scarf17 scarf16

9. This small square neckerchief reminds me of a tablecloth or curtains from the 1970’s and I just fell for it right away. It is the perfect amount of vintage, retro, and ugly. I love it!
scarf19 scarf18

10. I am super excited to style this neckerchief in the Fall. I love the leaf pattern and the black and red color combination sets the perfect autumn mood.
scarf21 scarf20

11. I don’t always like geometric prints, but the variegated square print on this medium square neckerchief struck me as quite interesting. I’m not sure how I am going to style it yet, but I’m sure it will come to me!
scarf23 scarf22

12. This taupe printed scarf is a larger square and has all of the colors I need for fall and winter. I love the rich tones in the print and combined on the neutral background, I’m sure it is going to be as versatile as the first scarf!
scarf26 scarf24

13. This green and black paisley scarf is a long rectangle scarf perfect for Fall and Winter. Green is my absolute favorite color and this particular shade of green just left me swooning. I had been wanting a scarf exactly like this one, so I was thrilled when I found it!

14. This scarf is a really large rectangular scarf, which I love. I hate when an oblong scarf is not wide enough to drape around my shoulders, but this one certainly is. And I love the rich autumnal colors and floral pattern. I think I am going to wear this one frequently in the cooler months.
scarf29 scarf28

15. I am always a sucker for plaid and I only have a few lightweight plaid scarves (most of my plaid scarves are blanket scarves), so I was very excited to find this long lightweight scarf in a darker plaid. It reminds me of my 90’s grunge days and I am excited to style it that way again!

16. And I did save the best for last. This scarf is just everything. It’s gigantic. It’s bright. It’s fun. And now it’s mine!
scarf33 scarf32

I hope you enjoyed the very long presentation of my thrift store scarf haul. So, tell me, do you think I have a problem? But more importantly, tell me, which is your favorite? And how would you style it?

Acknowledging my problem (but not doing anything about it) on the edge,


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42 Responses

  1. I see no problem. LOL
    My hubby has said if we sell my scarves we could pay off our house. :/ Hey, scarves make an outfit!

    I really like 1, 8, 14 & 15.

  2. Wow, you do have a lot of scarfs, but scarfs are so elegant and nice for every outfit, so don’t worry you can have many more shah! xo, Sophia from

  3. Hahahahah, I had to laugh so hard. You’ve got humor! But no, if that is a problem than they better tie me in a straitjacket because of my shoes!

    • Oh, Nancy, shoes might be a problem for me, too! And jewelry. And jeans. And sweaters. And dresses. Not bags though. I don’t have much of a bag problem! Hahaha!


  4. Not a problem – a love affair! These are marvelous. xo


  5. Only when your scarf “collection” becomes the size of Lenny Kravtiz’s ( will you need intervention.
    I love scarves too. I usually buy a scarf as a souvenir when I travel — easy to pack!
    I think my favorite is your paisley square with the black center (you call it the mandala one). That one is traditional Russian design!
    Great score!

    • Anne, I wonder what Lenny’s real scarf collection looks like? Mine might be getting up there! I have a rack on the back of my closet door that is overloaded to the point that you can’t open the door, I have a bin stacked halfway to the ceiling, and I have 3 drawers full as well. It’s a lot of scarves! In excess of 100, I’m sure, but Lenny might have thousands! But scarves are just so wonderful! Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous Monday!

      Oh, also, after posting on your link up yesterday about a tee shirt that defined a phase in your life, I found my fave tee ever from my teen years in a box in my garage. (Yesterday just happened to be garage cleaning day.) I will have to share a photo soon!


  6. But they are not just scarves…they can be artwork, cover ups, necklaces & even bracelets!!
    So really you were just upping your accessory game!
    The last pink one is probably my fave, but I’m sure I’d love all of them!

  7. Wow I can absolutely relate!!!

    Can’t wait for you to check out what I am wearing this week at the blog – come check it out and let me know what you think!

    Happy Monday!


  8. Well you know how it is, the first step is admitting you have a problem πŸ˜‰
    Ha! that being said I too have waaaay too many HOWEVER you’ve beat me by far. But I get you, they come in handy and dress up any outfit.

  9. I love scarfs to Shelbee πŸ™‚ Great collection ..

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays, also stumbled your post πŸ™‚

  10. Scarves are a great indulgence and add so much fun to any outfit! Thanks for linking with us!

  11. I don’t see a problem. XOXO

  12. omgosh you have a ton of scarves! But they are all so different & pretty, I think you deserve to have them all

  13. When reading the title, I thought to myself. “Yes, I certainly do.” I can’t pass up scarves either… In fact, I bought three when we were on vacation…

    You got some amazing scarves! You’ll have so much fun with them! I truly think a scarf can take a simple outfit to amazing! And the same outfit can look completely different with a different scarf!

    • It is so true, Andrea! And I am glad that I am not alone in this scarf addiction! I just can’t get enough. And I hate when it is too hot to wear them! But in the winter I am always cold, so I wear scarves all the time…even with my pajamas I usually have a cozy knit scarf bundled around my neck!


  14. You can never have too many scarves. And these are so pretty, and they’re all different! I have lots of scarves, too ( and pashminas, wraps etc) and I wear all of them, and I still feel I could use a few more…

  15. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. That’s a great scarf collection

  16. At that price, I would’ve bought them all too. I do love scarves and have a big collection of them but don’t wear them as much as I should.

    Can’t wait to see how you style these!

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!


    • I just couldn’t leave them behind, Alice! I am too much of a scarf addict. I can’t wait for cooler weather so I can start wearing them. Thanks for stopping by!


  17. Hi Shelbee I love the collection. Bright patterns, florals, vintage inspired and bold colors. I collect brooches, you collect scarves! Nothing wrong with that πŸ™‚
    Have a great day!
    Thanks for linking up with Turning heads tuesday
    jess x

    • Thank you, Jess! I do love brooches, too, and I have a small collection but I never really where them. My sister is very much fascinated with vintage brooches, too, and I was getting her into trouble recently browsing them on Poshmark, Etsy, and Ebay! I need to direct her to read your blog and check out all the beautiful brooches you have! She will be green with envy. Although she does have quite a nice collection of vintage brooches herself.

      Have a fabulous day!


  18. I think this is the first time I see someone obsessed with scarves, it’s usually shoes, bags, clothes or jewellery. You do have a great collection of them.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Rania! I am also obsessed with shoes, clothes, and jewelry! But scarves really are my favorite accessory and they are a bit easier to store than shoes and clothing.


  19. My favorite one is the green one! And, wow, you really came away with an amazing haul for just a few pennies, didn’t you? Thanks for joining us at #FridayFrivolity this week!

  20. The 3rd one I own one of them.

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