COTD & Link Up On the Edge #30

What is COTD, you may be wondering…

Well, it stands for Colors of the Day and it is a super fun daily challenge hosted by a fabulously stylish couple in Oregon, Mercedes and Andy. Every Monday through Friday, they choose 2 colors/patterns/themes and challenge us to post photos of outfits, art work, nature, just about anything really, that combines the two colors, patterns, or themes. Not only are the challenges fun, but they get you thinking and being creative with your closet. And…the members of the group who participate are probably the most sincere, most genuine, most creative, most colorful, most supportive, and kindest group of people you will likely encounter in this day and age!

You can follow along on Instagram @cotdstyle or you can request to join the private Facebook group COTD Style (that’s where all the fun happens)!

I had been participating regularly in the COTD challenges back in the Spring (you can see some of those blog posts here, here, here, and here). But then I strayed for some reason…partly because it almost becomes an obsession! But then the amazing Anne M. Bray of SpyGirl discovered what fun was involved and wrote a blog post about it (here). Well, that is all I needed to bring me back to the dark colorful side!

And today’s outfit is my interpretation of Sky Blue and Highlighter Yellow! For more fabulous outfit ideas, do stop by Facebook and Instagram and see all the magnificence you have been missing out on!

I also just this week started creating Pinterest boards to save even more colorful interpretations of the chosen colors of the day! I only have three boards so far but each will be labeled COTD Style Challenge with the color theme following in the title. Feel free to pin any images that you would like to these boards!

Outfit Details
Dress: Old Navy Printed Shift Dress (This print is no longer available).
Slip: Thrifted.
Scarf: Burlington Coat Factory (Quite old).
Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad Solid Leggings for Kohl’s.
Boots: Steve Madden (These are my wedding boots, so they are at least 7 years old).

How do you stay inspired to shop your closet? What do you do to keep it interesting? How do you make getting dressed fun?

Now on to your favorite posts from last week’s link up! Thank you to everyone who stops by and shares a link, clicks a link, and comments. Your support is so appreciated. And all the bloggers need some love! So keep passing it on.

Christina of Amanda’s Books and More shared a really fun and informative post about Multicultural Children’s Book Day at her daughter’s school. Thank you, Christina, for sharing. This was such an interesting read!

And Jacqui of Mummabstylish showed us 3 different ways to style this adorable Knitted Dress. I cannot even pick a favorite as all three styles are fabulous! Β Marvelously done, Jacqui!

Feeling colorful on the edge,


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I am a 40 something Army wife and stay-at-home mother of 2 boys and 2 cats named Dave and Frankie. I have a passion for helping other women feel fabulous in the midst of this crazy, beautiful life.

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62 Responses

  1. Andrea Nine

    What a soft beautiful floral! Looks like a tiny peak of spring in the dead of winter and I love it! You just scream sunshine!

    • Oh my goodness! That is the best compliment, Andrea! Thank you so much! I try to be like the sunshine in this often dark and crazy world. Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. That slip is so pretty under the dress! I also love the yellow with the blue… this dress will be so pretty in the spring, too!


    • Thank you, Carrie! I definitely will wear this in the spring without all the layers! I need to get some ruffled dress extenders, too. I want to try more with the slip extender look. I love when Debbie (Fashion Fairy Dust) styles her extenders!


  3. Sounds like a fun challenge! I actually don’t have much of these colors in my wardrobe. Bright yellow doesnt look good on me, but I love cobalt. The print looks very pretty on you Shelbee, and you always look like you are enjoying the snow!
    jess xx

    • Thanks, Jess! Bright yellow is not good on me either! That is the fun with this challenge…finding the colors somewhere not necessarily the standout main color. Sometimes, it is just a tiny little speck of it somewhere! Ah yes, the snow. If I didn’t at least pretend to enjoy the snow, I would be miserable for 6-8 months out of the year! In all honesty, I don’t really like the snow or the mess it makes. But I do like how it makes colorful outfits pop in photos! Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. I think blue and yellow are one of my favorite color combinations. Love this whole look, and the slip underneath is perfect. So pretty!!

    • Lana, thanks so much! I really love blue and yellow together as well. I have for as long as I can remember! It such a bright and cheerful combination. Have a wonderful weekend.


  5. Such happiness upon seeing me in your blog! Thank you so much for the mention, super cute outfit and I’m loving the colours – perfect for thinking of the spring. Jacqui

  6. Thanks for the reminder, Shelbee!! I read about it on Anne’s blog but then forgot to go check it!!
    I think this could be so fun!!
    I love your dress—especially with the slip hanging out!

    • Jodie, thank you so much! I’m glad I reminded you…you will love it! They post the colors around 8:00 p.m. EST every night for the next day! They also do a pose of the day (POTD) which I have not been brave enough to try, but my goodness, they look they are having so much fun! Such a great group. I look forward to seeing what you are going to do with the challenges, Jodie!


  7. super cute boots! I love this fun wintry outfit πŸ™‚

  8. What a fun challenge, and I’m loving this dress on you!

  9. Cute outfit! love the patterns πŸ™‚

  10. That’s a very pretty tunic, lovely colours, especially with the white accents. I’m going to follow @COTDstyle on Instagram πŸ™‚

    Emma xxx

  11. Love this printed dress! The slip dress underneath is a cool idea. Thanks so much for the link up Shelbee!

    • Thank you, Kathrine! I really need to get a lacy, frilly dress extender for this purpose, but I haven’t taken the time to find one that I want. Actually, I want them all and have trouble picking just one! But I do like how this slip just looks like a band around the bottom of the dress.


  12. Love the print of that pretty dress!

  13. You re one busy woman! Colors…Mmmmm….I am wearing them more and more….. But color is beautiful! Cheerful! Fun! Summer!😁😁😁😁

    • Ha, I really am, Nancy! Thanks so much for the fun comment! I, like you, have an affinity for darker, richer colors. But I do feel happier when I wear the bright colors! They keep it light and fun!


  14. Love the slip!!! Great to know about their challenges.

  15. That’s a lot of snow you have there Shelbee! It’s good to see bright colours in winter weather too. It doesn’t have to be all dark and gloomy does it. x

    • Laurie, thank you so much! I think I actually prefer brighter colors in the winter and more muted colors in the summer! I love how the bright colors pop against the snowy background.


  16. Blue and yellow is such a great color combo! I love the colors and pattern of your dress!

    I often build an outfit around accessories. I have a huge collection of scarves and necklaces, but a pretty limited selection of clothes. Accessories can really make the same old basics look new and fresh.

    Thanks for the link up & have a wonderful weekend!

    • Thank you so much, Andrea! I really do love blue and yellow together as well (probably why I bought this dress!). And I agree about accessories. I have probably more accessories than any woman needs, but then again, they give me endless way to remix my wardrobe! Have a fabulous weekend!


  17. What a fun style challenge! Your blue and yellow floral is so pretty! This outfit brightens up a cold winter day!

    Doused In Pink

  18. So pretty!!!

  19. Such a pretty print, Shelbee! Love the boots with it too.

  20. Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend.

    That is a lot of snow. Wow.

  21. Such beautiful happy colors Shelbee…love it!

  22. Such pretty dress with bright, happy colors! That sounds like a very cool challenge to participate in.

  23. Thanks for the shout-out, my friend!
    I added my take on Blue/Yellow, which I had fun wearing — nary a bitch garment in proximity. (Heehee).
    Just wait until you see what I have for today [RED/GARNET]!!!!!

    Will now waft over to your Pinterest Board and add some treasures.
    No, wait, you need to make it a sharing Board and invite me, I think.

    • Out with the bitch garments! (Wait until you see what Nancy Baten and I have in the works with regard to bitchy garments!) I love your blue and yellow and I can’t wait to see your reds! There is not an Anne M. Bray outfit I have seen yet that I haven’t loved!

      And thank you for the Pinterest board info. I figured I had to do something but wasn’t quite sure what. I guess I need to put it out there to COTD folks that if they want to add to the boards, they must let me know so I can invite them. You are all added and invited to the COTD boards, my friend. I can’t wait to see what magnificence you pin!


      • Saw the post on COTD-FB so knew you got it figured out. The Boards look great! I don’t have much pinning time (even though I’m currently at work hardly working. Bad Anne, bad). Well, maybe I’ll sneak in a few. Hehheh.

        And don’t neglect the Cry-Baby Soup! I’m waiting! Waaaaaah! MommyMommyMommyMommy

        • I saw your pins! Such fun. I am waiting for my sister to send me a picture of the “Cry Baby Soup” pot before I write the post! The whole concept of “Cry Baby Soup” is the brainchild of her husband and a few years ago I had big soup pot personalized with “Cry Baby Soup”. I stuffed it with ingredients and utensils and it was his Christmas gift. To date, I think it has been his favorite gift ever! And when people start whining on Facebook, he simply posts a picture of the soup pot with the statement “Soup’s on.” But now I have given too much information…gah.

          I still have to create the recipe for the post!


  24. So cute & fab boots! Have a fun weekend & thanks for linking up!

    Dawn Lucy

  25. Love that color combo! The boots are pretty terrific too. I need boots but discovered I’m so picky about them that I don’t see any I like anywhere. Thanks for hosting and for sharing with my party as well! Happy Weekend πŸ™‚

  26. We surely don’t see much yellow in the winter but I like how you decided to go with it. It looks great. Would love if you can drop by

  27. Love this color combo! Such a great way to wear color in winter!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  28. I am loving that print!!! Such great colors! πŸ™‚

  29. Dear Shelbee, you look great in this fantastic coloured tunic.
    xoxo Tina

  30. This is such a nice floral pattern. Thank you for linking up with My Red Carpet.

    Anna xoxo