Celebrating my Birthday with DressLily and #SpreadTheKindness Link Up #23

Today is my birthday! And every year I tell myself that I am not going to get all giddy about it like a child. And every year, I fail. I can’t help myself. I get giddy. I get excited. And I tell everyone. It’s my birthday! I am so grateful to have made it through another year. I am so thankful that I am here to celebrate another birthday. And I am so blessed to have this wonderful life! Β So why not celebrate?

*This is a sponsored post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

For my birthday, I did a fun photo shoot in Clayton, New York, showcasing my fabulous new Checked Pin Up Midi Dress courtesy of DressLily. I cannot rave enough about this dress! The fabric is very substantial and weighty so it lays perfectly on my curves. The skirt is extraordinarily full and when I added a multi-layered tulle skirt underneath, it was magical. The wide black belt I already had but it was the perfect addition to accentuate my shape and add a hint of sass. This dress has seriously become a huge favorite in my closet!

I have no amazing plans to celebrate my birthday this year…well, except, the husband and I already celebrated our birthdays over the weekend (his birthday was on Friday). My in-laws kept the children and we headed to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (my hometown), for a day of eating, drinking, shopping, walking, taking photos, and just being tourists. We spent the night in a hotel which was a wonderful treat. No kids climbing into the bed at midnight. And no one waking us up at 5:00 a.m. It really was quite glorious! So thanks to everyone who helped make that happen for us.

Although I get super excited for my birthday, I don’t expect much and rarely ask for anything. (This year, however, I am getting myself a newer, better, higher capacity food processor! Recommendations and suggestions are welcomed.) All I ask is this, my friends…for my birthday, keep spreading the kindness! That’s what this post is really about anyway. Keeping kindness alive in any way that we can. So when you perform a random act of kindness today, silently say to yourself, “That one was for Shelbee!”

And do let me know how you have been spreading kindness all around you! Have a fabulous day everyone and a happy birthday to me!

Outfit Details
Dress: Plus Size Checked Pin Up Midi Dress (c/o DressLily). (For size reference, I was between the measurements indicated for a 3X and a 4X. I sized up to the 4X and it is a little big through the waist and bust area. When ordering from DressLily, be sure to pay close attention to the sizing measurements not the actual sizes themselves.)
Sunglasses: Borrowed from EyeCrave Optics.
Black Tulle Skirt: Plus Size Tulle Midi Skirt from Charlotte Russe.
Belt: Cato Fashions (No longer available).
Shoes: Naturalizer (Old. Cute alternatives here, here, here, and here).
Jewelry: All old.

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Do add some links for my birthday! And check out the other fabulous people who are linking up. Also, let me know what other ways you will be spreading kindness this week.

And one last birthday request, I would love for to submit some photos of your Bad Buy Dresses for June’s installment of The Bad Buy Book hosted by myself and Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style. Please get them to us this week if you can!

Celebrating my birthday on the edge,


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  1. Happy Birthday Shelbee!! It’s nice to hear someone enjoying their special day instead of rueing the fact of getting older!! We should be happy about it—so I totally agree!!
    This dress is perfect on you!! Isn’t that the greatest feeling when you find something that works so well?? Because we all know the bad buys, right?? Ha ha!!

    • Jodie, thank you so much, my friend! Seriously, my 40’s have been the best decade of my life. And it just keeps getting better, so what is there to rue?! With age comes wisdom, experience, new perspective, gratitude, and so much joy just to be alive and well! And I can laugh at all of my bad buys without regret!


  2. Happy Birthday, Shelbee. Hope you’re having a great day. Love your dress, it looks great πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting.

  3. Happy Birthday Shelbee! I hope its a joyous one. Love this plaid dress and the belt is such a chic accessory with it. Thanks so much for the link up my friend.


  4. Happy Birthday! Your dress looks super pretty and I love how you styled it!

  5. Happy Birthday, I hope you have an amazing day πŸ™‚ It’s great to hear that someone isn’t complaining about getting older but celebrating a wonderful life!

    • Thanks so much, Kristina! I never complain about getting older. With age comes wisdom and experience and so much appreciation for the things we have. My 40’s have been the best decade of my life so far, so I have absolutely nothing to complain about!


  6. Happy, happy, happy dear friend πŸŽ‰ πŸ’πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸ₯‚. You deserve the best day ever and of course you should be shouting about it! The dress looks fabulous on you and the brilliant addition of an underskirt and belt makes it uniquely yours. How wonderful to see you glowing as you are. Thanks for spreading happiness and for the link up.


    • Rena, thank you so very much for this lovely birthday message! This weekend was crazy with traveling and I have not yet had the chance to comment on your recent post. I will get to it soon!


  7. Happy birthday my dear friend! You are so right, yes you need to celebrate it just simply because we are still alive and loved. Hope you enjoy your day very much! By the way, love the dress and love the background very much too!



  8. As though I needed another reason to adore you, fellow Gemini!!! xoxo

  9. Happy happy birthday my dearest blogging friend! I wish I was there so I could give you a big hugh! The weekend sounds like a fabulous one but I hope this day is also a perfect birthday for you! Lots of kisses from here!

  10. Happy birthday to you! I hope you have a great day! πŸ™‚

  11. You look so cute in that dress!

  12. Happy Blessed Birthday to you. I celebrate everyday I wake up.

    Thanks for hosting and enjoy the day,

  13. Happy birthday! You look so festive, I hope you have a wonderful day. Of course you have to celebrate, it’s your day! I will also be celebrating my birthday next Sunday…

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY you beautiful lady! I think it’s wonderful that you get giddy every birthday. I’m exactly the same and I always tell people it’s because I’m truly blessed to be here, to get to celebrate when so many others don’t.
    Big hug from sunny Portugal!
    Suzy xx

  15. You look like a pinup model seriously! What a fun dress. I hope you have the best birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Happy Birthday Shelbee!!!!!

  17. Shelbee happy happy happy birthday and many many good wishes and fab vibes going your way !
    A well deserved time with the hubs was the perfect choice.
    Oh and thanks for the shout out πŸ˜‰

  18. I love the dress! Good idea layering it over the tulle. You can tell that you feel beautiful in it…smokin’ hot shots my friend. Happy Birthday beautiful!

  19. Happy birthday Shelbee! Love this look, you look fab in that dress. Enjoy your day πŸ™‚

  20. Happy birthday Shelbee! I hope you’re getting spoilt! xx

  21. Happiest of birthdays, Shelbee! I am glad you had a nice weekend celebrating with your husband and got to sleep in – I agree that is heaven. You look adorable in this fun dress – I just love the colors, fit, and how you styled it. I have this food processor https://www.cuisinart.com/products/food_processors/dlc-2011chby.html and love it. I use it All the Time.

    Enjoy your special day!

    • Jennie, thank you so much for such a lovely comment! And I never thought of dough consistency settings for a food processor…hmmmm…you are on to something for sure! Plus I don’t have a standing mixer…so it’s like a two for one with this food processor, right?


  22. Aww happy birthday!! You look lovely as ever!


  23. Happy Birthday!!!! Have the most fab one today! And I love your dress wohooo!!! :)Have a blessed one hon πŸ™‚

  24. Beautiful outfit! Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great weekend celebrating both birthdays πŸ™‚ There’s nothing like not being woken up at 5am haha


  25. Happy Birthday dear heart!!
    You look wonderful and glad you had a fun day.
    Thank you for hosting each week, Mimi

  26. Bad buy dresses? Do you mean dresses that I didn’t like? I hope you have a content birthday and are happy!

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes, Laurie! And yes, bad buy dresses are dresses that you bought and realized that they aren’t so great and they hang in your closet all rejected! Send us a photo and a little story and we will share it in our next installment of the The Bad Buy Book!


  27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS!! You are an amazing gift to the world … inspiring others to live their authentic life. You look darling in this dress – it is such a fun dress – tell me you did a twirl in it!!! <3

    • Celia, thank you so much for this lovely birthday wish! And thank you for seeing and appreciating me for what I strive to do in this life! And yes, I twirled a bunch in the dress, but no photos were taken of the twirl! Boo on me for that one.


  28. Jaymie Ashcraft

    Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!!

  29. Happy Birthday, Shelbee. I’m glad you like having a birthday! Most of us as we age, don’t like it so well any more. Ha, ha. You look so cute in your dress and I love the sass appeal with the belt and boots and the extra tulle underneath! Hope your day ends well. – Amy

    • Thank you so much, Amy! I love all the of the benefits that come with aging…wisdom, tolerance, experiences! I look forward to what the coming years will being and I will celebrate every day of it!


  30. Happy Birthday! I love the shape and two tones of that dress. Your positive outlook is contagious.

  31. Happy B-Lated Shelbee. Hope you enjoyed it to the max. You are allowed to be giddy, after all you’re still Young!!

  32. this is such a fun checkered print dress! love how you styled it!

    cute & little

  33. Love the dress but LOVE the shoes!

    • Thank you, Tamar! These have been in my closet forever and I don’t think I have ever worn before! They are so comfortable, too, so I am sure you will see them again!


  34. Happy Birthday Shelbee.
    You look absoloutly fablulous.
    XO Tina

  35. Happy Birthday Shelbee! I am fortunate to have gotten to tell you that in person, but I wanted to make it blog official! I love all of your dresses lately. You keep accesorizing and styling them in new and unique ways. (Side note, I need more, or “a”, wide belt!) It is wonderful to see you glowing and floating on air lately.

    As you requested, I did something to spread the kindness in your honor, and man did it feel good. It was just buying two flower baskets (one for you) and handing the other to a random, seemingly deserving woman in the grocery store. She was tickled. And she promised to pay it forward. So you my dear, affected the universe today in wonderful ways, just for having a birthday!!!!!!!!!!

    • Aimee, you have no idea how much I love that you did this for my birthday! I am tickled! And when do you want to go shopping for your new accessories?

      Also, thank you so much for spreading kindness on my special day. And thanks so much for my lunch pho bowl! So delicious!


  36. Happy belated birthday Shelbee! I can completely relate to that giddy birthday feeling. πŸ˜‰ This outfit looks fun to wear and so cute on you!

  37. Fabulous dress Shelbee, you look amazing! I hope you had a wonderful birthday πŸ™‚

    Emma xxx

  38. I love this checked dress! It has such a cute pinup style!


    Novelstyle Blog

  39. You look great Shelbee! Happy belated birthday! Mine was May 29th – the BIG 50! EEK. Love the pops of red by way of the tee and shades with the B/W dress. Have a fun week of celebrating! #geminipower

    • Thank you so much, Elizabeth! And a huge happy birthday to you as well! 50 is the new 40, by the way, and I’m sure you are going to rock this decade of life like no other! #geminipower is right!


  40. Wishing yoou a very Happy Birthday, Shelbee. I lovve that dress, the shape and the style suits you perfectly πŸ™‚

  41. Happy Birthday to You! Sounds like you and your husband had a fantastic time away – that is the best present of all!

  42. Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style linkup party.

  43. Happy Birthday! I’m glad you got to getaway to celebrate! Your checked dress is so cute! Love the vintage vibe and how you styled it! Have a great weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  44. Happy Birthday Shelbee! I love this plaid dress, and it look adorable on you! Have a great day.

  45. Happy Birthday to you! You look absolutely fabulous! I love this dress on you!

  46. Happy happy birthday, Beautiful!

    Dawn Lucy

  47. Happy belated birthday! It looks like wearing that dress is a party in itself. Love the way you added the layer of tulle. So pretty and fun. Perfect for birthday-wear! Thank you for sharing your great look on Fabulous Friday.

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