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Here it is…my story about Big Boobs in the City. If you recall, I attended the Forever Fierce Meet Up at Chico’s in New York City back in October and I met some amazing women at this event. One of the women who attended the event was Sandra Smith, the owner of Boostwr, a new line of loungewear for young girls and women who are full chested with small frames. When she described her product to the group, I was so excited because this is something I have been searching for…cute and comfortable loungewear that supports my breasts without the restrictions of a bra. I am that woman who removes my bra as soon as the day comes to an end. But then I cannot stand the swivel and swingability of my freed breasts either…it’s not the most attractive sight!  Nor is it very comfortable.

So when Sandra asked me if I would be interested in modeling her loungewear for her new ad campaign, I was totally on board! Her mission to support women who need support is completely in line with what I represent as a midlife fashion blogger. Today, I am just going to share the story of my weekend in New York City. Once I receive some of the professional photos, I am going to post more about Sandra’s amazing product. In the meantime, you can read all about Boostwr on their website, Facebook page, and Instagram.

*This is not a sponsored post.  All thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

Sandra arranged for photographers and a location in New York City for Sunday, December 10, and I recruited Jane, my best friend of 29 years, to be an additional model for the shoot. All we had to do was get ourselves into the city. With a 9:00 a.m. shoot time, we decided it would be best to spend Saturday night in NYC. Jane’s husband redeemed all of his Marriott points and reserved a room for us at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Chelsea. (Thank you, Jake!) Twenty-nine years of friendship and this was to be our very first girls’ weekend away together! I had planned on driving to Pennsylvania to pick up Jane on Saturday morning and then head into the city from there. I was hoping to make it to the Birabiro Trunk Show in Harlem on Saturday, but the weather had other plans for me.

You see, my husband had left for Fort Polk, Louisiana, early Wednesday morning but was due to return home late Friday night and I was planning on getting on the road very early Saturday morning. We got hit with some serious lake effect snow Thursday night and Friday morning. School was canceled on Friday and with parts of Atlanta getting over 8 inches of snow as well, my husband found himself staring at a list of canceled flights. The earliest he would be able to arrive home would be Sunday. That was not going to work for child care purposes! So we called my mother-in-law with an urgent request of keeping the children over the weekend. She willingly obliged (Thank you, Gramma!), but this added some serious travel time into my plans.

All of these flight cancelations were brought to my attention too late in the day on Friday for me to begin traveling then, so Saturday morning I found myself packing up two kids and myself and hitting the highway en route to Pennsylvania. We were on the road by 8:00 a.m. and after 4 1/2 hours of driving, we arrived at the first stop, Gramma’s house. After a quick unloading of kids and their gear and filling up my gas tank, I was back on the road for another hour’s drive to get Jane. We packed up her things and headed for the bus station. We finally arrived at our hotel around 8:00 p.m. and settled in.

By this point, we were starving, so we ventured out for some Thai food at Spice Chelsea Corner. I had the Pad Thai and Jane had the Massaman Curry. It was quite delicious and very reasonably priced for New York City fare.  The Thai iced tea was fabulous as well.

Pad Thai from Spice Corner Chelsea
Massaman Curry from Spice Chelsea Corner

When we finished dinner, we were craving some sweet New York desserts and headed for the Milk Bar in Chelsea which was about a half of a block from the restaurant. Oh sweet goodness, there was so much to choose from! We settled on some cookies, a 3 pack of birthday cake truffles, and 2 slices of crack pie.

Crack Pie from Milk Bar Chelsea

Seriously, if you have not had crack pie, add it to your bucket list. It is the most amazing pastry I have ever consumed and may very well be better than sex. Just keeping it real with that analogy.  (If I can talk about boobs in this post, I may as well throw in a sex reference, too.)

We headed back to the hotel with our desserts in tow, climbed into the king sized bed with our laptops, and engaged in lots of girl talk and baked heaven consumption until the wee hours of the night. My 6:30 a.m. alarm came quick and I was hurting in the morning. But we got up and put ourselves together and headed off to Sandra’s designated location for the photo shoot…her brother’s apartment overlooking Central Park. Check out this view from the living room…

We headed straight to make up and began the photo shoot promptly thereafter. Here are some fun photos that I managed to get with my iPhone. Stay tuned for the professional ones and more details about Boostwr in an upcoming post.

Jane having her make-up done.
Just hanging around the kitchen playing with oranges.
Posing with oranges?
Boostwr works in every room of the house!
Shelbee, Jane, and Sandra
Big Boobs in the City.

Some time between waking up in the morning and completing the photo shoot, I managed to contract a nasty case of pink eye! I don’t know how, why, or where it came from. But by the time we arrived back at Jane’s late Sunday night, I was a hot mess of red, goopy eye which fortunately has already resolved itself with the $16 bottle of eyedrops purchased at Port Authority and warm compresses throughout the night.

Monday morning, I was back on the road before 8:00 a.m. with an hour’s drive to my mother-in-law’s to get my kids and head back to upstate New York. But first, I set off Jane’s house alarm trying to sneak out without waking her or her children. Supreme fail on my part! (Sorry, Jane!)

I didn’t realize how tired I was until I started driving. So frequent stops were necessary along the way to keep myself alert. What should have taken 4 1/2 hours from Gramma’s to home took 6 1/2 hours instead. But we made it safely. Tired and grumpy with itchy eyes, but safe and sound.

So if you are still reading my very long story about big boobs in the city, thank you for sticking with me! If you have big boobs that need extra support in supremely comfortable loungewear, head over to Boostwr. And if you are looking for a lesson in this chronicle, here it is: When the universe starts pelting you with snowballs, just play along and have a good laugh! A good time, or at the very least, a good story, is guaranteed in the end.  Also, never underestimate the power of catchy blog post title. 

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  1. Love this post…I am always on the quest for tank tops with a shelf.

    • Thanks so much, Jeanne! Sandra also makes a two piece set with a cami and shorts. Except it’s not just a shelf, it actually provides real, legitimate support! And I believe she is working on a tank top as well.


  2. What a fabulous time (even with the pink eye). I can’t wait to hear all about the company and what a great opportunity, Shelbee!!!

  3. Ha ha, that last sentence is so funny!
    But I dont understand were you get all your energy from! Fantastic! And what a lovely story, I can imagine you two had a lot of fun. But what a long journey! At least, it seems for a Dutchie!😂😂😂

    • Oh, Nancy, it was an incredibly long and exhausting journey! But so worth it. Now I am just trying to catch up on rest before the holiday traveling begins! Thanks so much for reading and I’m glad I gave you a chuckle. Have a fabulous weekend! I am going to post my Bad Buy Book in the morning.


  4. My goodness Shelbee! That’s a crazy trip! The product sounds interesting, but I don’t have a need for extra support, LOL! My husband is just recovering from pink eye…who knows where he got it…probably client’s bringing children into the office. It probably would have resolved quicker for him, but at first, he thought it was just a stye.

    • Thanks so much for reading, Julie! I guess kids are the usual suspects with any kind of weird infection. Boostwr really is a great product, but if you don’t need the extra support, then you have an easier time finding cute loungewear! Have a fabulous weekend, my friend!


  5. A great post Shelbee! Brave to show yourself off! Did you feel a bit liberated? I did when I did that swimwear shoot. I was crapping myself at the time but felt great for braving it. Looks like a fun time with friends too xx

    • Laurie, thanks so much! It was kind of liberating to be prancing around in next to nothing in front of strangers and photographers and discussing big boob issues! And it was most definitely a fabulous time! You rocked that swimsuit shoot, by the way. I hope my photos turn out as good!


  6. It looks like you all had a great time Shelbee. 🙂
    Xx, Nailil

  7. Wow! What a hectic weekend. But looks like you had a blast. The crack cake sounds very intriguing. And, though I don’t have a need for extra support, I love the looks of this loungewear. Very pretty and you all wore it so well 🙂


    • Theresa, thanks so much for stopping by! The crack cake was something else, I tell you! While I am envious of women who do not need such support, I am so thrilled that there is a new product on the market that is perfectly suited to my needs and so, so cute, too! Have a fabulous weekend!


  8. finding a great night gown with support is so hard! those look really nice!

  9. Looks like a great time and you all look good and that is all I am going to say. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful weekend.

  10. I loved this post, it´s like a travel diary. I just want to hear some more about the trip!
    (The lingerie look great! And the apartment…WOW!Can you imagine looking at this view all year long?! With the trees changing colors, sometimes snow like in your photo, just ..WOW!)

    • Thanks so much, Helen! Oh, that apartment was definitely amazing! After the photo shoot, we walked around Central Park and checked out some of the street vendors. I bought myself a cute black furry hat! Then we had the most delicious lunch at the Plaza Hotel Food Court. That was a sight to see. So crowded but the food choices were abundant and everything smelled so great! We talked with so many interesting people that we met on our journey as well…a woman from Dublin who lives in New Jersey and her mother who was visiting from Dublin, a man from Great Britain who was incredibly nice to look at (hahaha…British hottie!), and a doorman from Croatia who was super interesting to chat with…to name a few!



  11. Wow. Looks like you girls had a wonderful time. Can’t wait to hear more about it 🙂 And my! I’m loving those outerwear <3

  12. lovely post dear thanks for sharing love your photos keep posting.. online shopping in pakistan online shopping in lahore

  13. I can’t wait to see your photos from your photoshoot! Specially since it was a mission to get there (thank god for grandmas)!! Crack cake? Lmao


  14. I can’t wait to hear more about your experience with Boostwr. I need some major help in that department. I am always wearing a bra, I even sleep in my exercise bra. Your photo shoot sounds like fun! That pie looks delish too. Glad you and your boys made it home safely – what a drive, ugh!
    Have a terrific weekend, I bet those boys of yours are anxious for Christmas!

    • Kellyann, I can’t wait to share more with you! In the meantime though, definitely check out the Boostwr website. There is so much support in this nightie and it is incredibly comfortable. I cannot wait to get the shorts and cami set as well as the tank top! I am amazed at how great this product is. My boobs are extraordinarily heavy and the built in support held them perfectly! Thanks for stopping by and have great weekend.


  15. Love that you were a model for this special brand! You look amazing and what a fun trip.

    • Thanks so much, Kathrine! It really was such a fun time and I am so grateful for the fabulous opportunity to be part of Sandra’s ad campaign! Her product is amazing! Have a great weekend.


  16. That’s amazing that she arranged the photographer for you all as well! What a fun excuse to go to New York. Just exactly how far are you from NYC? Cuz this gives me an idea. I have no set plans to return to the US, but I will likely visit for a few weeks in the summer. International flights from Europe are often into New York, so I could plan a few days there and we could meet up! Just an idea of course for now! But it could be awesome!

    • Nina, that would be amazing to meet you in real life! I am about a 5-6 hour drive from NYC. But I often visit family in Pennsylvania and it’s about a 1 1/2 hour bus ride from there into the city. I do it quite often, so it doesn’t really phase me. If you do make into NYC over the summer, I will definitely do my best to get there! Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.


  17. Shelbee, what a fun and memorable experience! You know I love travel adventures, especially with friends. And how exciting to do a professional photoshoot. I can’t wait to see the pictures and hear more! 🙂

    • Chrissy, thanks so much! It was a really fabulous time and such a wonderful experience, too! I can’t wait to see the photos, too. I will be sharing them as soon as I can! Have a great weekend, my friend.


  18. What a weekend! Even with all the things that could go wrong, it sounds like it was a lot of fun! I need to check out this brand, as I could use all the support! I can’t wait to see the photos.

    • Rachael, it is seriously the most amazing nightie! I really did not think it possible to hold up my 38H boobs without a bra and do so comfortably, but Sandra figured it out! And the nighties are super cute, too. Now I am just looking forward to getting more Boostwr pieces for myself. Definitely check it out. It is so worth the investment, too! Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic weekend.


  19. Shelbee, you and your friends look fabulous! And as a fellow big-busted but small-framed woman, I am definitely going to check out Boostwr!
    Cheryl Shops |

    • Thanks so much, Cheryl! The amount of support provided by this nightie was absolutely amazing. And not restricting and so comfortable. I didn’t even think it was possible, but I can swear to it from experience now! I just can’t wait to get myself the cami and shorts set and the tank top…in every color!


  20. Jane Horvath

    I want more crack pie!

    • Seriously, Jane! Do we have to go to NYC to get more? I wonder if we can get it somewhere else a little less inconvenient. You do realize we spent $12 on two little slices of pie? But it was really like a mere $12 spent on a little taste of heaven. Love you!


  21. That sounds like so much fun! What a fun reason to go to NYC!

  22. Shelbee so funny 🙂 Posing with oranges , lol
    I wish you a great weekend, XO Tina

  23. I’m so happy for you, Shelbee! Look at you networking and get opportunities. You are awesome! I’m a big woman with a big chest so I don’t think that bobsters would cater to me. You look like you had a great time.

    • Thanks so much, Gigi! You would be surprised at how much support Boostwr gives! My bra size is a 38H and my breasts are quite dense and heavy and the XL fit me perfectly with just the right amount of support. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend, my friend.


  24. You are killing me. So stinkin’ funny! Well, the whole big boobs thing isn’t an issue for me and I’ve always been so grateful for that. The Boostwr sounds awesome though and what a fun girls weekend, pink eye aside. Happy Friday!!!

    • I am so glad I gave you a laugh, Lisa! The Boostwr is amazing for added support which I definitely need! And I am so jealous of women who do not need it! Ha. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a fabulous weekend.


  25. This sounds like such a fun opportunity! I love changing into a not too tight sports bra when I am home, but the these look more comfortable!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Laura! It was a blast. Last night was the first night that I slept in my Boostwr nightie and it was incredibly comfortable for sleep! The support system is not at all confining but still provides much needed support during my evening lounge time. I seriously need to get more pieces so I have one for every night of the week!


  26. Looks like it was an interesting road trip/photo shoot trip you had. I can’t say I share your problem of big boobs. I’m on the opposite end lol…I always say my endowment was granted in the back…lol

    Glad you had a good time.

    • It was quite the road trip, for sure, Rania! But so much fun! And I received zero endowment in the back. I always say if I could just take some from the front and add it to the back, I would be a very happy and well-proportioned woman! Hahaha. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


  27. Great post-Shelbee, you all look like you were having lots of fun 🙂 Love your jacket, great colour.

    Thanks for sharing at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop. Hope you can join me for the last blog hop of the year tomorrow 🙂

  28. Cute coat! Now I want Thai food!

  29. I have a different issue. Not enough boob! Lol 😂😜 But this isn’t about me, so let’s talk about your post. First of all, Congratulations! Looking forward to your photos. Secondly, Oh-M-Gee! on how everything came together, I mean hubby’s canceled flight, pink eye, worrying about childcare, etc. That was rough! But I am so glad to know that everything worked itself out in the end. You, Jane and Sandra look beautiful and the true happiness in your faces are addicting. I hope your AM has been going well so far.

    • Maureen, thank you so much for such a wonderful comment! It was a crazy weekend, but I made it work and I am so glad that I did. Sometimes you have to just take it all in stride and don’t panic! Thanks so much for reading even if you don’t have the big boob problem! And have a fabulous week.


  30. What a lot of driving you had to do! No wonder you were tired. The loungewear looks fab!

    Emma xxx

  31. I am at my inlaws, so I just wanted to pop in and say Happy Holidays. love the post.. I look forward to reading about the company. I am not a bra lover. but med boobs that are showing gravity’s toll. hehe. Love the loungewear and hope you are over pink eye!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • Jess, thanks for stopping by! Once I get the photos, I will be sharing lots more about Boostwr! The pink eye fortunately resolved pretty quickly. I was thankful for that. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family and enjoy that new nephew of yours!


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