Better Late Than Never & Link Up On the Edge #38

I mentioned in my post on Tuesday that we were headed to the airport to pick up my husband who was finally returning home after 78 days away. I had big plans of photographing this adorable dress from Rosegal at the airport. I thought it would make the perfect backdrop for the vintage style dress. Plus the red, white, and blue with the bold stripes are in some way reminiscent of an old school airline stewardess, no? But the weather apparently had another plan.

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I got all dolled up to see my husband for the first time in 3 months. I even dressed the kids up a little bit, too. I picked the boys up early from school to make the hour drive to the Syracuse airport. We were anticipating my husband arriving at 2:00. About 20 minutes from the airport, my husband called to inform me that due to some storms off the east coast, he missed his connecting flight at LaGuardia and would now be arriving at 4:15. So I had to find a way to kill 2 hours with my very excited boys. If you are at all familiar with Syracuse Hancock International Airport, you know that there is no way to kill 2 hours there. It is a tiny little airport. So we headed a few exits south to Destiny USA which is New York State’s largest shopping center boasting 250 places to shop, dine, and play. In a series of annoying events which included missing the exit off the interstate, I got lost in some undesirable areas of Syracuse for about 30 minutes. Although stressful, it did kill some time. Upon finally arriving at the mall, my husband texted that his flight had been delayed and his arrival time was now 5:15. So I took the kids to The Disney Store, then we rode these little motorized animals all around the basement floor of the mall…

My little one couldn’t quite manage the thing, so I had to get on the back of his and drive him around. Wearing this dress. (Fortunately, there are no photographs of that scene!)  I definitely got some looks, some smiles, and even a few chuckles from onlookers. We rode those things for about 45 minutes and actually had a really great time.  Then the kids started getting fussy and hungry and they wanted Daddy. All the while, my pretty dress was turning into a wrinkled sweaty disaster, my hair had gone limp, and my broken toe was killing me! So we sat down for a while and had some Auntie Anne’s pretzel bites. And finally, it was time to head to the airport. We arrived 8 minutes before his flight landed. Thankfully…because stalling my children any longer was becoming nearly impossible.

Once my husband got his baggage, I think we were all too exhausted for a photo shoot. We managed to snap about 10 quick photos in the parking garage (hence the terrible lighting) and only 4 are even close to shareable. So my cute reunion outfit was quite ruined due to all the rigamarole of the day, but we have our soldier back…better late than never. Perhaps, on another day, I can restyle my dress.

Outfit Details
Dress: Plus Size Vintage Striped Button Embellished Dress-Purplish Blue (c/o Rosegal).
Cardigan: Target (Old, but other red cardigans here).
Shoes: Anna Almond Toe Ghillie Flat by Brash for Payless.

Don’t you hate all the travel issues? Has anyone ever had a seamless travel experience without any hitches and arrived on time as planned? I almost think that may never happen!

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Thank you to everyone who stops by every week and joins my link up. I love to see what you all are wearing, sharing, and discussing! And as always, I appreciate your continued support of my little blog!

Wrinkled but reunited on the edge,


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  1. Sometimes I think travelling is a lesson of patience! Everything is out of your control…so what can you do?
    I love the red shoes with this Shelbee—your toe fit in those shoes?? (the things we do for our blog, right?)

    • Ha! I had more patience than I ever thought I did! My kids, on the other hand, well…they just wanted Daddy! They didn’t even want to do fun things at the mall. I couldn’t believe ow comfortable these shoes were especially with a broken toe. And being from Payless, too. Seriously…super comfortable. Thanks for stopping by, Jodie, and have a fabulous weekend!


  2. Your dress looks fabulous, and far more important that you got your husband back, I can’t even imagine that as I’m with mine all the time, even dropping his sandwiches off to him at work! Great fun with the toys, sometimes the time we have to take/wait lets us absorb life itself, and enjoy what’s around us. Jacqui

    • Thanks so much, Jacqui! Yes, by the end of a very long, exhausting, and exciting day, we all just wanted to go home. In the midst of stalling the boys, it felt a little like a nightmare, but I suppose it could have been much worse. We had some fun and made some memories while we were waiting for Daddy!


  3. The dress is adorable, and you look great even in the parking garage after a long day.Thanks for taking the time to share. Enjoy having your husband home! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Susan! I really had high hopes for amazing pictures inside the airport! But it was much more important to get all the hugs in and get home. We were exhausted!


  4. Oh I do feel for you Shelbee! This happened to me when I was waiting to pick my son up at the airport from Australia. Must be worse with kids! Thank you for hosting xx

    • Thank you, Laurie! Yeah, the kids definitely add a different element to it. Then they were so tired I could barely get them out of the mall. They had to keep stopping to rest…on the floor! But we did. We made it. And we are whole again!


  5. You look great!!!! So glad he’s home!!!

  6. These dress is so adorable on you! Thank you so much for featuring me this are the sweetest!! XO

  7. Such a beautiful dress! I think you styled it perfectly with the red cardigan and the red shoes! Super cute look!

    I’m so glad that you have been reunited with your husband!!! I can only imagine how loooooong that wait must have felt for your excited boys!

    Happy Thursday!

    • Thank you so much, Andrea! It was kind of a nightmare…the waiting game… with the kids. But we made it and our family is once again complete! Have a fabulous weekend!


  8. Those shoes are so cute! Have a wonderful weekend, Shelbee <3

    Edye |

  9. So glad your husband is home and you look fab welcoming him!

  10. So glad you have your husband home! This dress is so pretty, and I love the shoes! Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. love the dress!!!! My little tries to convince me to let him ride those things and I know the minute it takes off he would freak out. lol

    • Stephanie, thanks so much! They actually go pretty slow so it is not as freaky as I first thought. My 4 year couldn’t figure out the controls, though. But 5 year old was doing great on it! Have a wonderful weekend.


  12. I would love to see that dress again! I am so happy for you that you ve got your husband back!

  13. Glad that your hubby made it home safe.

    Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful weekend.

  14. so happy hubby is home for you and the dress is so very cute. Plus I love Destiny USA ( well loved it as the carasol mall too)

    • Thanks so much, Linda! I have never been to Destiny without my kids, so I have never actually had the opportunity to just shop there. I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing! Probably good because I suspect I could do some damage in that mall!


  15. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Cute look.

  16. Loving your style and this is the first time I am linking up – off to read some of the others posts
    Great linky

    Laura x

  17. You look so Parisian chic – love it!

  18. Even with all the unexpected delays I am sure you are all glad your husband is home! I think you look fabulous in that dress!

  19. It must of been a really long day for you! So happy your soldier came back home safe and sound! Loving this outfit, specially the skirt
    Thank you for hosting,


  20. First of all, that’s a long time to be separated from your husband. I can’t even imagine being separated from mine that long. I think we’d both go crazy. Thank you for your service. Secondly, your story is hysterical. I could just imagine the whole scenario in my head. It actually was very reminiscent of many of my own fashion shoots. They are rarely planned out, and we just take photos as we head out the door or in some random spot wherever we are.

    • Amy, thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it! I hate when he is gone that long. But now he just left for the weekend with the kids and I am looking forward to the peace and lack of responsibility for a few days! Although I do have to work a Shelbee’s Shoppe event all weekend. I am a little disappointed that we didn’t get photos at the airport because I thought that would be a great backdrop. But I will definitely style this dress again and get better photos. Have a wonderful weekend.


  21. So glad the hubs is safe at home with you! That dress is darling! I love the vintage vibe! Can’t wait to see you style it again!

    Doused In Pink

  22. What a day you had! So glad your hubby is finally home. Your dress is really cute and I just love the stripes! Isn’t it so fun when a photo shoot turns out nothing like you expected? Happens to me all the time. Have a wonderful weekend, Shebee!

    • Thank you, Jennie! Photo shoots definitely turn out better when they are not so planned! I should have figured we would all be too excited and tired to take time out for photos! Oh well. I will get better photos next time.


  23. This dress is the cutest, and I’m loving the stripes! Exciting to have your husband back home!

  24. Oh Shelbee, your husband is back :)) Great!
    You look amazing in this dress. Can you imagine I have identically the same?!
    XO Tina

  25. Wow, what a day you had! On the bright side your dress is spectacular, and your husband is home!
    Thank you for hosting 🙂 Happy Weekend!

  26. Hi Shellbee, such a beautiful dress and your shoes are beautiful, love them 🙂 Thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop.

  27. Glad you were able to get photos despite the weather and the circumstances. WElcome back to the hubby! Would love if you can connect and link up at

  28. The basement motorized animals concept has me mesmerized. Only in Central Upstate NY! I’ve never been to that mall, but I know the airport well!
    Thanks for hosting, my dear!

  29. Hihihi! :)…thank you for this wonderful post! Makes me smile :))…Have nice evening and best wishes from hotel lana ! Anja 😉

  30. Ein tolles Kleid 🙂 Großartig schaut es an dir aus :))
    Vom marine Stil bin ich immer ganz hingerissen . Der passt immer und überall
    Lg und ein schönes Wochenende
    wünscht Dir Heidi

    • Thank you so much, Heidi! I look forward to styling this fun dress again!


      (Heidi’s comment through an online translator: “A great dress 🙂 Great looking at you :))
      From the marine style I am always quite relaxed. It fits always and everywhere
      Lg and a nice weekend
      Heidi wishes you”)

  31. Airports with lots to do can be busy, we have a small airport near us we used to go to because of less traffic there, but then there wasnt anything around! You did a good job it seems of entertaining. Love the vintage dress with the stripes peeking out!
    thanks for linking
    jess xx

  32. You look lovely Shelbee and I look forward to seeing more photos of that fabulous dress!

    Emma xxx

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