A Necklace Made of Dreams & #SpreadTheKindness Link Up #33

A few weeks back, I joined a little Shopping Extravaganza hosted by EyeCrave Optics and I met the loveliest young woman at this event. Her name is Tricia and she is a representave who sells Premier Designs Jewelry.

You can see Tricia in the oval mirror behind me!

*This is not a sponsored post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

First, let me tell you all about Tricia…this girl is nothing short of fabulous! Her personality bubbles over with enthusiasm and excitement…about life in general. She just might be the happiest girl on earth. You can see it in her beautiful eyes and in her lovely smile. She exudes kindness and joy at every turn. Hers is the kind of energy that I like to surround myself with…you are drawn to her infectious laughter and her willingness to just be in the moment. (It kind of sounds like I have a girl crush on her! Heh, maybe I do. [Insert winky face]).

I stole Tricia’s Facebook profile picture just so you could see what I am talking about! Don’t you just want to be her friend?

We spent the day hanging out at EyeCrave Optics during Watertown, New York’s second Summer Block Party. There was definitely no shortage of chit chat and laughter! We were having a grand ole time, for sure. We ended the evening drinking wine and enjoying the amazing food at Spokes Craft Beer & Tapas.

Now, generally speaking, when I am setting up my pop up boutique at an event, I have no intention whatsoever of buying anything from another company. But Tricia’s Dream Jewelry really caught my eye. And she is so enthusiastic about her product that you can’t help but hear what she has to say!  So combine my love of beautiful things and amazing people with my desire to support women in business and I couldn’t resist this necklace which is apparently made of dreams!

Tricia calls this necklace the Vacation Necklace because it is like 8 different necklaces in one. So when traveling, just wear it and you don’t even have to pack another necklace! I prefer to call it the Necklace Made of Dreams. I adore the pastel colors mixed with silver and how fun it is to mix and match this piece! I styled it in this post with a very old black maxi dress so the necklace could make its statement.

Now let me show you how this works and how truly amazing this piece of jewelry is! It consists of 5 different strands attached together and some of the strands can be removed to mix it up a bit. I like to wear all the strands attached and layer my silver ring necklace with it. See the two necklaces below.

The Necklace Made of Dreams is on the left and my old silver ring necklace is on the right.

Here is an example of 5 different ways to wear this magnificent necklace.

The Necklace Made of Dreams-5 Ways

You can even detach some of the strands and wear them alone or as bracelets. How fun is that!

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this piece of jewelry! And it is such a statement piece that it totally jazzes up a plain black maxi dress. Or just pair it with a tee shirt and shorts to create some interest in an easy outfit.

To really add some extra wow to a plain old dress, some shiny metallic sandals complement this beautiful necklace perfectly!

I was browsing through the Premier Designs catalogue and there is a magnificent variety of stunning jewelry. So if you are interested in viewing some of the gorgeous pieces offered by Premier Designs, follow Tricia’s Dream Jewelry on Facebook. She will help you out!

Outfit Details
Necklace: Premier Designs from Tricia’s Dream Jewelry.
Dress: Old Navy Maternity (I bought this dress when I was expecting my first son 7 years ago! Similar here and here).
Bag: TJ Maxx (Old. Alternatives here and here).
Sandals: I know I ordered these online about 10 years ago but they are so old that the brand name has worn off!

I hope you have enjoyed my new necklace and meeting my new friend, Tricia.  And I hope you are inspired by this post to spread some kindness this week!  You can do so by adding your links below and visiting some other amazing bloggers!

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Kathrine of Kathrine Eldridge Wardrobe Stylist

That’s all I have for today! I want to thank you all for joining me. Have an amazing week and keep spreading the kindness!

Keeping it on the edge,


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  1. Love the dress Shelbee and thank you for rekindling my appreciation for the sugar rush necklace! You did such a great job, featuring the many ways you can style it…you are a blessing to women in business for themselves! 😊

  2. This sounds like a fun day Shelbee. Pop up shopping and meeting friends. I would love to do that. xx

  3. Love those glasses!! And, the necklace…and everything!

  4. Love these necklaces! They really dress up this maxi nicely. Thanks so much for the feature and the link up my friend!


  5. Thank you so much! Meeting you was such a great experience. The day at EyeCrave could not have been better. I look forward to joining forces with you more often 🙂

    • Thank you, Tricia, for being so amazing! I had such a wonderful day with you as well. Your energy is inspiring! I can’t wait for our next Shopping Extravaganza…coming soon!


  6. You just can’t go wrong with a black maxi dress… so versatile and the way you’ve changed the necklace also changed the entire look. I’ve never owned a necklace that can be changed around to have five different looks, what a marvelous idea!


  7. OMG you’re absolutely right. It IS a necklace made of dreams. I LOVE it, Shelbee! You look gorgeous – that dress is so stunning on you, my friend.
    Suzy xx
    Suzy Turner at Yogadocious

    • Suzy, thank you so much! I am glad you agree with my dream reference! Ha. And it’s the colors of cotton candy, so how could I go wrong? I hope your week is fabulous, my friend.


  8. Like shoes a girl can never have too many necklaces! Love these and teamed with black they really stand out. Thanks too for the link up Shelbee. x Jacqui

    • I agree, Jacqui! Completely. I have so many necklaces and shoes, but I can always find a reason to fall in love with new ones! Thanks so much for stopping by and have a fabulous week.


  9. OMG…that’s such a fabulous idea for a necklace!! People are so creative to come up with that!!
    I can totally see why you had to have it, Shelbee!!

  10. Shelbee, is it wrong to tell you that you look fantastic in that dress? And your fabulous necklace was truly a find. It would be a perfect travel accessory besides being a versatile addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Thanks for sharing this find and for weekly dose of happiness.


    • Thanks so much, Rena! I seriously held onto this dress for so long because I could never find a non-maternity black maxi that I liked better. It does fit pretty well, but it is a size smaller than I wear now so maybe that’s why it works and isn’t making me look pregnant! I hope you r week is fabulous!


  11. That is such a gorgeous necklace! And I like it even more seeing how versatile it is! It looks lovely on you!

  12. That is a nice necklace. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful rest of the week.

  13. I have several pieces of Premier Jewelry and they really are super versatile. You look fabulous my friend!

  14. How smart is that necklace for travel? I love that idea. One piece and so many looks/variations. Your black maxi dress fits you to perfection and looks amazing and I am drooling over your black and white kimono. A look I still have to try but really want one in a black and white sort of theme like that because it could be so versatile.

    Elizabeth | http://nattygal.com

    • Elizabeth, thanks so much! This necklace was probably one of my best jewelry investments! I think I am going to be wearing it a lot. This kimono is from my boutique! I still have 2 left. They are $38. It is super versatile and I found myself reaching for it at least once a week! I hope your week is fabulous.


  15. You look adorable! Love the jewelry!!

  16. This is the coolest piece of jewelry! How versatile!


  17. I cannot believe how versatile this necklace is! It’s the perfect statement piece with your LBD!

  18. Pretty necklace! Love the colors and the silver necklace looks so cool as well. Sounds like you had a good time!
    Love the black maxi and the kimono is very pretty on you. One of these days I will own a kimono 🙂
    Have a great week!
    jess xx

  19. Beautiful jewelry pieces, amazing how a necklace can transform an LBD. You look fab!

  20. Such a pretty necklace. I love that it is so versatile. That is my kind of jewelry! Thanks for sharing. – Amy

  21. You look lovely and that necklace….LOVE it!! 🙂

  22. Hi Shelbee,

    Isn’t it amazing that you can wear one necklace in five different ways? WOW! I love it. I wish they were also in Switzerland.

    • It really is such an fabulous piece, Miri! We have to find you something similar that you can get in Switzerland! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope your week is fantastic.


  23. I love your outfit!
    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris


  24. so much beautiful jewelry in this post and i love that you can wear the necklace 5 ways!

    cute & little

  25. What a fun post! I love those glasses and I think they add so much to a look! I also love your dress! You are looking fabulous doll! Peace!

  26. Such fun jewelry! Look great with the dress.

  27. Love how you styled this dress, those sandals are really pretty.

  28. This black maxi looks so good on you! Gorge!

  29. I love those sandals Shelbee!

    Thanks for joining the Thursday Moda link up!


  30. Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style linkup party with your post. You look great in this outfit! Perfect look!

  31. You look lovely and that necklacerobe demoiselle d honneur pas cher

  32. Fabulous necklace! I love pieces that you can change to wear different ways – you feel like you’re really getting value for money!

    Emma xxx

    • Thanks so much, Emma! You really do get more value for your money with a piece like this. Totally worth the investment! Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous weekend.


  33. What an awesome versatile piece of jewellery 🙂

  34. GREAT necklace – just found you! adding you to my link up list…come join us at: http://www.jodiefitz.com/2017/08/22/reader-tip-tuesday-party-crafts-recipes/

    HOpe to see you & your fab necklace at the party xo

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