A Little Piece of Home at The Marcy Spa & Salon and #SpreadTheKindness Link Up #25

Military life often takes you far away from your friends and family. Usually for the duration of the service member’s career. Sometimes, if you get lucky, you might find yourself stationed very close to home. If that happens, it is typically only for a short period of time…a year or two. So with each new place you find yourself, you have to make new friends and discover new places for your shopping, dining, and personal care needs. I have always believed that a great hair stylist is just as important as a reliable mechanic. Because, let’s face it, I am as incapable of cutting my own hair as I am of servicing my own vehicle!

*This is not a sponsored post. This is an honest review by a very satisfied and extremely happy client.

We have been stationed at Fort Drum, New York, for over 4 years and I was fortunate enough to find an amazing hair stylist in the first year that we lived here. But she has recently retired her scissors and so I began a new search for a trustworthy, edgy, daring, fabulous stylist whom I could call “my stylist”! Over the past 6 months, I have tried out a few new stylists and wasn’t really pleased. Nothing worth comment really. Just not for me. Until last week. I found “my stylist” in The Marcy Spa & Salon located on Public Square right in the downtown area of Watertown, New York.

Let me tell you the story…I was desperate for a face waxing last weekend. It was 9:00 a.m. on a Saturday and I was just getting ready for the day when I looked in the bathroom mirror only to discover that with the onset of this month’s menstrual cycle came a brand new, very black, mustache. These wiry little hairs were reaching out from above my lip like Medusa’s hair with a score to settle.  I cannot lie…I screeched a little.  Oh, the joys of premenopausal womanhood! And my eyebrows had already become quite unruly, too. Generally, I would make a mad dash for the mall to get a quick wax job done, but frankly I just didn’t feel like driving to the mall. And I had recently been frequenting shops on the downtown square and knew of two salons right there just mere blocks from my house. So I searched them on Facebook. The first one was closed. The Marcy was not. So I called and they had an available appointment for me within the hour. Score for me!  Medusa would not win this time.

So I went in and I was welcomed into the most calming environment by the friendliest of staff and offered a drink and a seat while I waited for my appointment. Then a stunning woman named Laurel came out and guided me into a cozy little room with relaxing music playing. Our small talk quickly led to a wonderful discussion about our businesses. I did not know right then that Laurel is the owner of this lovely establishment. I had Shelbee’s Shoppe set up at EyeCrave Optics that weekend and later that day Laurel stopped in and found some fabulous gifts for a birthday party she was attending. Then she very graciously invited me to set up shop in her salon!  We have since agreed on the day of her grand reopening event on June 30! I am so excited and honored to be part of her exciting day! Thank you, Laurel!


This is Laurel, Owner of The Marcy Spa. If you are needing to slay Medusa on your face, Laurel is your girl!


*Photo Credits: All salon photos were taken from The Marcy’s Facebook page. All of my outfit photos were taken by Aimee.

Fast forward to the following Friday when I had scheduled a cut and color at The Marcy. I did not request any specific stylist since I was a new client to this salon. In fact, I couldn’t even remember the name of the stylist whom I was booked with. But I will never forget her name now! I was approached by the bubbliest, coolest, cutest girl I have ever seen and swept off to her chair. Her name is Olivia and she is simply fabulous! We discussed what I wanted to do with my hair and threw some ideas around. Then before she even began work, she let me know the price range of the services so I could make an informed commitment. I have never had a salon or stylist do that ever before. And it was really nice to know how much I was getting into this for!  Olivia also described every product she was putting in my hair and everything she was doing to my hair each step of the way.

My hair before Olivia worked her magic.



The ridiculous mess on the back of my head before Olivia’s magic!


I know I am getting long-winded and quite wordy, as I often do. And any hair stylist I have ever visited can attest to this trait of mine. A 2-3 hour cut and color session and there is never a lag in the conversation…because I can talk. And talk.  And talk.  In traditional Shelbee fashion, I asked a lot of questions and shared a lot of personal information with Olivia. So it didn’t take long for me to discover that Olivia is also an Army wife (and a reservist in the Army herself…and a mom…and a phenomenal stylist…so she is pretty much one bad ass chick in my opinion). Living in a military community, one question that is always asked when meeting someone new is “Where is your hometown?” Being a Pennsylvania native, I get excited if I meet someone from my home state or even from New Jersey or the New York City area. And I have a few military wife friends where I live who are also Pennsylvanians (Aimee being one of them). Anyway…let me get on with this story…I asked Olivia, “So where is home for you?” And she replied, as we often do, with a question mark at the end (in wonderment if the person asking will actually know of our home town), “Bethlehem, Pennsylvania?” WHAT?! I replied, “No. Really? no you’re not.” She was thoroughly confused as to why I was questioning the accuracy of her answer. Until I responded, “I’m from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.” And suddenly, as if The Marcy Spa & Salon wasn’t already fabulous, it held right inside its pretty doors a little piece of home!

Two and a half hours in Olivia’s chair and we discovered that we had graduated from the same high school (there are two high schools in our hometown). After some Facebook referencing, we also found out that I had graduated with her uncle and she was in the same class with my nephew. Upon further research, I was informed by my sister that she and Olivia’s mother were actually quite good friends during their children’s elementary and middle school years. It was refreshing to find someone so far from home who could discuss all of the fun little things about our shared hometown. So not only did I get a fabulous haircut and color, I made a brand new friend! And I couldn’t be more excited about it. So if you are local to the Watertown/Fort Drum area and need a stylist, The Marcy Spa & Salon is the place to go!  Tell them Shelbee sent you!

A close up of my new cut and color by Olivia.
See how fabulous the back looks!
The amazing and beautiful kick-ass Olivia!


To see more of Olivia’s magnificent work, check out her Instagram page at Hair by Olivia. You can also see some other fabulous stylings and other services on the salon’s Instagram page at The Marcy Spa and Salon.

The Marcy offers a multitude of spa services including men’s and women’s haircuts and formal stylings, hair coloring and waxing services, makeup applications, hair and eyelash extensions, massage and body treatments, and new laser services. For more information about the services offered or to book an appointment, you can visit The Marcy Spa & Salon’s website or their Facebook page. Also, be sure to stop by on June 30 from 2:00-6:00 p.m. to celebrate their grand reopening at their new location in the Lincoln Building in Public Square! I will be there with Shelbee’s Shoppe to help with your personalized styling needs! And stick around after for the Party on the Square starting at 5:00 p.m. This is the first of the Summer Block Parties which will be held on the last Friday of June, July, and August. I hope to see you all there!

Outfit Details
Kimono: Shelbee’s Shoppe (The light blue is sold out and I have one left in navy.)

Light Blue


Tee Shirt: Old Navy (No longer available, but similar in color here and here).
Jeans: White House Black Market (From a few years ago. Similar here and here).
Shoes: TOMS Sandstorm Nubuck Perforated Majorca Mules.
Necklace: Cato Fashions (No longer available. Other options here and here).
Hair: Hair by Olivia at The Marcy Spa and Salon.

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As always, I am ever so grateful to everyone who stops by each week and joins the link up. I am thankful for your support of my mission to keep spreading kindness in any way that we can!

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  1. Oh wow what a great story, Shelbee!! Living in the Algarve, I also get (over) excited to meet anyone from my home town of Rotherham (South Yorkshire, England). It’s always fun to catch up and see if we know anyone in common. I’m absolutely loving your outfit – the photos are beautiful! Especially the ones next to that light blue whatever it is lol!! Your haircut is gorgeous – I really ought to get mine trimmed but I’m literally only just able to wear a ponytail and in this heat, I need to get the hair off of my neck! And I really want to grow it long again!!!
    Hope you’re having a super week!
    Suzy xxx

    • Thanks so much, Suzy! I’m glad that I am not the only who gets so excited about these things! I have been wanting to grow my hair long enough to wear in a ponytail and then I just had it cut too short right as it was almost ponytail length! Hahaha. Oh well. It was getting too raggedy for my taste so it needed to be done! Isn’t that tower cool? I love the color of it with my blue outfit! I’m guessing it is a water tower. Have a fabulous week, my friend!


  2. How totally cool that you found a new friend from your hometown! It really is a small world isn’t it? Your hair looks gorgeous and today’s shots? Beyond beautiful!

    • Debbie, thank you so much! It is so cool to find someone far from home who is right from home! I was super excited just to know that you are from my home state! So imagine how thrilled I was in this situation. Ha.


  3. Hey Shelbee, Thank you so much for featuring my blog this week! I have been a fan of yours since I found your blog a few months ago. I love your boldness and style.

    • Wow, Nina! Thank YOU so very much for that lovely comment! I definitely walk the edge with my boldness and it is nice to know that it is appreciated! You are also quite fabulous and have a fan in me!


  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful spa! I love how modern chic the vibe is. So glad you can find a place that makes you feel at home. I adore this kimono you are wearing. Stunning look Shelbee!


  5. So very cool Shelbee that you and Olivia had your stars align and found one another, such a small world. It seems like the universe was definitely telling you your new salon was the right one! And I have NEVER had a stylist go over prices ahead of time, how refreshing!

    • Thanks so much, Kellyann! Isn’t that amazing that she went over the prices first once we decided what exactly we were doing? I was so pleasantly surprised. I went in with a price in mind and it was a tad bit over what I had planned (like $15 over so no big deal), but it was so nice to know before I committed. The stars we definitely aligned for us that day!


  6. jodie filogomo

    You are always so kind to showcase the people you meet, Shelbee!! You are the perfect example of spreading the kindness, and we all need to do that more!!
    And your hair is fabulous!

    • Jodie, this is the sweetest and kindest comment. Thank you so much…for your support and validating what I do. I really do want to leave a legacy of kindness behind me when I go. And I am in great company because you do a fabulous job of spreading kindness as well!


  7. It is so very hard to find a good stylist, I’ve been going to the one I have now for 7 years or so! I love this kimono! The color is very relaxing and I just adore those little tassels on it!


    • Thanks so much, Carrie! I didn’t realize how amazing this kimono was until I photographed it. I need to restock it. So I will never underestimate the power of a good stylist or a good kimono again!


  8. Great post! I love your kimono and your pictures are beautiful. My best friend from high school married into the military and has lived all over the place while raising her family. We keep in touch and her adventures are endless but I know at times it has been hard for her. Peace!
    Cheryl Tucker

    • Cheryl, thank you so much for this lovely comment and for sharing your friend’s experience with me. Military life is definitely an adventure!


  9. Darling haircut Shelbee ! Nice pictures too. I enjoyed reading about your stylist experience and its great you found one you like! I know that is important. The blue kimono looks so pretty on you, love the color with your mules and blue pedi.. im due for one of those!
    Thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • Thank you so much, Jess! This kimono really seems to be a hit! I need to get it restocked in Shelbee’s Shoppe. And my blue pedicure was so old in these pictures, it has since been redone in green.


  10. Oh the search for the perfect salon sometimes seems endless… so glad you found your spot Shelbee.
    Thay kimono is superb, the color is very flattering.

  11. This shawl/wrap/sarong is so beautiful. It would make the perfect coverup too. But I love how it is styled here with a chic jeans outfit. Such nice classic mules.

  12. Your hair looks fabulous! Finding a good stylist is so important! Thank you so much for featuring me today!

  13. What a small world! I love a good hair cut/style and you are so right about how nice it is to find a salon that you really love. Olivia did an excellent job – your hair looks awesome! The blue kimono is also SO pretty!

    • It always amazes the whole small world concept! And it is so exciting! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the lovely comment, Mary Leigh. I have this kimono in navy blue for sale in my boutique and there is only one left. But Miss Olivia may still want it! If I restock I will be sure to add them to my online inventory.


  14. It’s always fun to find out you’re connected with someone when you didn’t actually know them before. And it even more fabulous you found a great hair stylist!


  15. What a great day, and you look amazing! Lovely photos xx

  16. So cool, Shelbee!!! I know I’d feel that same way too, should I bump into a fellow Sarawakian. They’re so few of us outside of Borneo that it’s a rare pleasure indeed 🙂 it must have really warmed your heart to meet this lady xoxo

    • Yes, Sheela, heart-warming is the perfect word for this chance encounter! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading about my wonderful experience, my friend!


  17. I love how you styled this kimono and you are giving us Fabulous Boho Vibes. Enjoy!

    • Neti, thank you so much! I tend to wear a lot of kimonos in the summer. They are so great for layering in the warm weather. Being a huge fan of layering and NOT a huge fan of being to hot, kimonos are the ideal piece for me!


  18. Isn’t it wonderful when you find a stylist and a salon that just meets your every need? So glad for you. Love your kimono. So pretty. – Amy

    • Thanks so much, Amy! It really is great to find such a place. I hate going into a salon completely unaware of what I am going to get. At The Marcy, I know now that I will always receive great service!


  19. Looking very nice and I am glad you found a stylist.

    Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful rest of the week.

  20. Your kimono is giving me LIFE! You look gorgeous and thank you for sharing your experience!

    xoxo Kristen

    • Kristen, thanks so much for this amazing compliment! I do still have the navy kimono left in stock! And I am going to try to restock them if I can.


  21. Your Kimono is beautiful Shelbee, lovely pictures and location. Love your hair, I wish my hairdresser could come around everyday as it is alway nicer when she does it for me 🙂 Thanks for linking up to The Wednesday Blog Hop 🙂

  22. Great outfit and great haircut!!

  23. Hair looks super, it’s so nice to go to the salon and be pampered! Loving the wrap, such pretty colours, they suit so well Shelbee. x Jacqui

  24. Great haircut! Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

  25. I always wondered how the kids cope with such situations, constantly changing. As a child we moved often but not nearly as much as military families. I know it took a toll on me and I hated having to always start over. I believe it does build strength and resilience though. I love this outfit on you. it’s got to be my fave so far! Would love to connect at http://the-wardrobe-stylist.com/2017/06/14/weight-lifting-for-women/

    • Thank you for this thoughtful comment, Rania! My kids amaze me every time we have a big transition due to the military. Although we have not moved as much as some, there are a lot of other military things thrown at us like long separations and deployments. My kids are so resilient and take it all in stride. I am so proud of them! I think this outfit is one of my favorites, too, even though I literally threw it together on the fly!


  26. I love this outfit and your new hair cut of stunning


  27. Lisa Smith

    Love love love your wrap! So cute and the color looks wonderful with your dark hair. Great review of the Marcy.

    • Lisa, thank you so very much! I can’t wait to show all of the fund kimonos and ponchos I have in stock! Hopefully we can find the perfect one for you. Have a fabulous weekend and I will see you on Tuesday!


  28. You were seriously cracking me up with all this Medusa talk… Lol! First of all, I panic when I need to find a new salon. Second, a few months ago I was in a similar situation and my new salon is also in our downtown district. I just love all the cool and quaint businesses you can find in that area. Glad you found a place you can feel at ease in. Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

    Jennie – A Pocketful of Polka Dots

    • Jennie, thanks so much for stopping by! Isn’t it ridiculous how hard it is to find your perfect stylist! I am glad I could give you a good laugh. Ha.