20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know & Link Up On the Edge #54

Once again, I have been procrastinating on my blog post because I have been at a loss for topics to discuss. Which is quite a strange phenomenon for a woman who could literally talk the face off of a marble statue. Fortunately for me, however, I have lots and lots of super creative blogger friends who inspire me daily. And thanks to Linda of A Labour of Life and her post today You Probably Don’t Know Part II (you can find the link to Part I in her post), I have been inspired to share some little known things about myself. If you know me really well, then some of these may be no surprise. But hopefully, you will enjoy this little post anyway.

*This is a sponsored post. I received this red dress in exchange for a blog post showing you all how I have it styled. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

You probably didn’t know…

1. That I absolutely, positively abhor ketchup. Like to the point of phobia. It’s the smell of it. It completely grosses me out.

2. As much as I despise ketchup, I will eat it on tater tots and a McDonald’s cheeseburger. I will also cook with it by using it in sauces and marinades but I literally hold my breath and cringe as I am adding it to the recipe.

3. My hatred of ketchup is equivalent to my love of honey mustard and ranch. I will use honey mustard and ranch on most things….salad, French fries, chicken fingers, bread sticks, pizza, etc.

4. Writing about food items often makes me hungry.

5. Speaking of phobia, I am weirdly terrified of bugs. All bugs. And the smaller the bug, the creepier it is to me. I try to keep my freakish fear of bugs under control in front of my children. I often fail at this.

You probably didn’t know…

6. I almost never wear the same exact outfit twice. I do wear the same items on repeat, but I get immense pleasure out of mixing and matching everything in my closet. I have been this way since I was a teenager.

7. Up until I was in my 30’s, I hated jeans. I rarely ever wore them. I maybe owned one pair. Now I own about 80 pairs. And every single pair has a significant purpose in my wardrobe. Not even kidding.

8. I am a bit of hoarder when it comes to clothing, shoes, and accessories. It’s not because I want to be. It is because I like to have lots of choices. It is also because I want all of the pretty things hanging in my closet where I can admire them even if they never get worn. It is also because whenever I finally purge something from my closet, I will inevitably need that particular item 5 days later.

9. I cannot resist a great bargain. It is an addiction. For instance, the sandals I am wearing in this post were originally $65, marked down to $29.95 with 50% off. Then an additional 25% off clearance sandals. And I had a $10 rewards certificate. If you do the math, you will see that I paid $1.23 plus tax for these cuties! Seriously, who could resist that?

10. I love to wear bright, vibrant, cheerful colors, but black will always be my favorite. Never underestimate the power of an all black outfit. When I drape myself all in black, I always feel the most at home in my skin and my clothing.

You probably didn’t know…

11. I hate birds.  They are freaky and scary.  And just weird.  But I am a sucker for all things with a bird print.  I cannot explain it.

12. I often take my own blog photos with a tripod and remote on my iPhone. Sometimes, my husband or my friends take my photos. I am never happy with the quality of my own photos. But I have learned to let that go.

13. The only editing I do to any of my photos is some minor cropping and exposure changes if they are too dark.

14. I don’t even know how to use Photoshop anyway.

15. When someone else is photographing me, I simply cannot be serious. And I usually trip and/or fall at some point during the photo session. My husband and friends really enjoy capturing these moments on camera.  (Edit: During this particular photo shoot, Amy pointed out that you could see my black shapewear shorts through my dress.  So I very casually but not very discreetly pulled them off in the middle of a public parking lot and shoved them in her bag.  Problem solved.  Thankfully, I made her laugh so hard that she could not capture it on camera!)

You probably didn’t know…

16. I have two cats but do really love dogs. However, I am very allergic to dogs so I never pet them. Because I will forget to wash my hands, then I will touch my face or my eyes. And I will regret touching the dog.  It makes me feel sorry for the dog who just wants to be petted.

17. I was never allergic to anything until after I had kids. Now I am allergic to cats (mildly), dogs (moderately), and cows (severely). Trips to the local petting farm are not fun for me. At all. I am also allergic to walnuts, peanuts, and apples. But I continue to eat these foods to prevent severe reactions in the future.

18. I am afraid of heights to the point that I get vertigo if I am walking on the second floor of a shopping mall too near the railing that looks over the first floor. And my husband rappels out of helicopters and down rock walls for a living. I get vertigo if he even tries to tell me about his work day!

19. I had been searching for a red dress for months now. Now I have 3 including this pretty little red lace cut out dress. I showed you another one here in My New Goth Style. And there is a third one coming soon to my blog.  I am really thinking red may be my new favorite color.  Maybe.  Behind black and green.

And finally you probably didn’t know…

20. That Zaful is having a Mega Summer Sale with all sorts of deals going on. Just click on the link here or the ad over in my sidebar. (If you click and purchase from the sidebar ad, I will receive a small commission. This commission supports my blog and its associated expenses). See what I did there. I rarely ever do that. But that you probably already knew!

Outfit Details
Dress: Lace Plus Size Cut Out Dress – Red c/o Zaful.
Jacket: Torrid Salmon Run Mall (I cannot find a direct link to this jacket on Torrid online).
Shoes: Mix No. 6 Lex Sandal from DSW.
Necklace: Cato Fashions (No longer available, but you can shop their tassel necklaces here).

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me. Perhaps, I will do a follow up post with some more details (juicier ones, maybe). You will have to check back and see! What are some little known things about yourself that would share in a post like this?

Thanks so much for reading. And thank you to everyone who stops by and joins my link up every week. I appreciate each and every one of you! And now your favorite posts from last week’s link up…

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Both of these ladies are rocking these fabulous looks in a serious way. So if you are needing some style inspiration, go check out their blogs for many more great outfit ideas!

Keeping it on the edge,


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  1. How fun to read this Shelbee!!
    You are the deal finder like I am. Rob & I just went to Banana Republic and got out of there with 4 items for $9!! 2 things for him and 2 for me!! Isn’t that the best feeling??

    • I love it so much, Jodie! And I love the bragging rights that come with finding a great deal. See how I was so excited to share it with everyone. But too many deals and $1 and $10 and $20 purchases add up quickly! Oh well, it’s my guilty passion. Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous weekend.


  2. So extremely entertaining! Maybe you don’t like birds and bugs because they’re found in HIGH places? Kidding.

    Totally with you on #8. Because we are Geminis.

    • Ha! Perhaps you are onto something, Anne! Are Gemini’s typically hoarders? My husband is also a Gemini and he is such a freaking minimalist, it’s crazy. But I suppose it’s better we are opposite in that regard or there would be major fights over closet space! As it is now, all the space is mine and everyone is happy! Have a fabulous weekend, my friend.


      • Maybe it’s our rising signs?
        Severo is a hoarder too. Thank goodness we have lots of space and each have our own spaces for our Precioussssss Stuff!
        My weekend just got significantly better — Summer Semester is DONE!
        Saturdays off for 5 weeks! Yah!

        • Hmmm, I didn’t consider the rising signs. Perhaps you are on to something! Although this article just cracked me up…This is the Most Annoying Thing about You, According to Your Zodiac Sign. It says this about us and I got a great chuckle!

          “Gemini: shallow windbags

          Geminis seem like they have a lot to add to a conversation until you realize they have — at best — a superficial knowledge about everything they talk about.

          They could seriously benefit from a little lesson in word economy, but that would blow their cover as some kind of scholarly genius.

          They’re full of nothing but hot air and useless opinions, jumping from one subject to another, regurgitating information they’ve heard before to appear interesting.

          In actuality, though, they’re very mediocre, shallow people with no real unique perspective or depth.”

          Enjoy your precious 5 Saturdays off, my friend!


  3. I hate birds too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are not many of us out there. Birds freak me out. That flapping noise of their wings. They are rodents with wings. Period!

  4. Interesting getting to know you more Shelley. I’m allergic to tomatoes! And I have a phobia of lifts! Have a great weekend xx

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Laurie! So you probably don’t like ketchup for a different reason! And lifts as in elevators, right? I once was stuck in an elevator for 2 hours and missed my very first law school class because of it! I was a wreck. It took me about 10 years before I was okay getting inside an elevator. But I still get a little nervous! I do hate escalators though. They make me really nervous! I fear I will be sucked under those weird moving steps. Well, I hope you have a tomato- and lift-free weekend!


  5. Great post! Omg I hate birds!!!!!! Thanks for the feature!!!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Jaymie! It was my pleasure to feature you. I love that graphic tee and purple maxi skirt so much! And aren’t birds just the worst creatures ever!!!


  6. Great post Shelbee! Love your dress, it’s cute and love the price on it and I thought you was trying to pull a Marilyn Monroe move on that vent or air vent lol! Awesome read lol! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Trina! I think Amy referenced Marilyn Monroe when I stood on that grate, but unlike Marilyn Monroe, I quickly damn near fell in when the heel of my shoe went through! Hahaha. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.


  7. If I recall correctly, one of our original bonding moments was over our inordinate fear of birds…but you love bird print and I have a bird tattoo…weirdos! Lol! I do love you in red. It should be your new favorite color. 🙂

    • Debbie, your recollection is correct! We did bond over our mutual bird-abhorrence. If you get a chance to read through the comments, there are quite a few others who also despise birds here! They are freaky sneaky little flying menaces (the birds, not the people)! And blogging and seeing photos of myself in red are to credit for my realizing how fabulous the color is on me! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful bird-free weekend.


  8. Love the outfit but I’m horrified you don’t like ketchup! I’m addicted. As a matter of fact, my husband and I go through a bottle each week! XO Susan http://www.themidlifefashionista.com

    • Thanks so much, Susan! My husband is a ketchup addict as well! I have to always make sure there is ketchup in the house. In the beginning of our relationship, I was so grossed out by ketchup that I wouldn’t wash his dish if it had ketchup on it! I am getting better now that I have two little boys are becoming ketchup addicts as well. Have a fabulous weekend, my friend!


  9. Love this post. You’re very hilarious. And, what is up with the closet purge dilemma? I have had the same thing happen so many times. I’ll hang onto to something that I haven’t worn in ages, then when I finally get rid of it I immediately discover it would have gone perfectly with something I wanted to wear that day.
    It’s maddening!

    You look great in this red dress, just as you did in the Goth post. Red is your color, lady 🙂


    • Theresa, thanks so much! I’m glad I could entertain with this post…that was what I was shooting for! That closet purge dilemma has happened to me so many times that now I just refuse to discard things for lack of wearing. I only get rid of things now if they don’t fit or if they are just shoddy! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  10. That’s so interesting that you don’t like ketchup but eat it on tater tots and McDonald’s cheeseburgers. I actually love ketchup and always try to “get off it.” But interestingly, I can actually see what you mean by the weird smell… Maybe if I focus more on the smell, I’ll stop eating so much of it…

    I really like the red dress!

    Thanks for the link up & Happy Weekend!

    • Isn’t it weird, Andrea? Actually, there is a story behind why the smell bothers me…when my nephew was very young, he put ketchup on everything. When he would get it on his hands, rather than using a napkin, he would wipe it in his hair. As a result, he always smelled like ketchup! Thanks so much for stopping by and good luck breaking your ketchup habit!


  11. Shelbee these sandals are sooo cute! You look amazing. I wish you a great weekend,and thank you for hosting. XO Tina

  12. Thanks for sharing and giving us more of an insight to you, it’s nice to know. Love the red dress on you Shelbee, red is your colour. x Jacqui

  13. This is so nice to read! And your sandals!!!! That is some bargain! I like this dress better this way, the red really compliments you!

  14. Love the outfits and I loved reading this insightful and honest post!

    Have an awesome day!

    xx Kris


  15. Thanks for sharing all these facts about you! I need to get you over your fear of birds. My bird Alan is such a cutie. Lol! Love these sandals and the fact that you got them for $1.23. That’s a deal! Thanks for the link up and I adore the dress by the way.


    • Thanks so much, Kathrine! I did have parakeets when I was in college. The first I had I absolutely adored. He would snuggle into my neck and just sit there. Then I got the grand idea of getting him a friend. Worst thing I could have done. They both turned so nasty that I could barely get my hand in the cage to clean it and feed them. Eventually, I found a bird lover to adopt them from me and have hated birds ever since!


  16. Such a fun post to read! I hoard my clothes too and always need the purged item a few weeks later. Those sandals are super cute and such a great deal! Thank you for the linkup! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Doused in Pink

  17. Loved reading more about you! Thank you so much for the feature; I’ve loved getting to link up with you!

    • Thanks so much, Nicole! This was fun to share. And it is always my pleasure to feature fabulous bloggers like yourself! I do hope you continue to link up with me. I adore your style.


  18. Haha you’re quite a character ! I cannot imagine you removing the shape wear while in the park !
    Oh I would have never guessed you were so afraid of bugs… and the ketchup thing is a first for me. I thought everyone loved it.

    • Ha! Thanks so much, Lorena! I think everyone does love ketchup except for me! And the bugs…ugh…I literally freak out over a gnat buzzing my head! It’s ridiculous. You should me trying to teach my kids to not be afraid of bugs! I hope you have a fabulous weekend.


  19. Very pretty red dress! Oh, those sandals are soooo fun. I cannot believe the final price. I enjoyed getting to know you better, Shelbee. Too funny about the shapewear! hahahaha….

    • Thanks so much, Jennie! This was fun to write and share! I am ridiculous with my shapewear! I always feel like I need to wear it, but then it is always in my way in one or another! Have a great weekend.


  20. This was fun to read! I love learning more about bloggers! Those sandals were such a deal! I don’t think I could resist them either!

    • Thank you so much, Laura! This was a super fun post to write. And who could resist these cute sandals for that price? You would have to be in a fashion black hole to resist them! Have a fabulous weekend, my friend.


  21. I love this red dress, and so fun to read these facts about you! Too funny about the ketchup, and I also dislike birds! Plus, I can’t believe what you paid for those sandals. Such an amazing price!

    • Thanks so much, Rachael! This was fun to write. I love sharing a fabulous bargain, but keep the ketchup and birds away! Haha. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  22. What a fun post! I love the pattern on that dress.
    Also, I am the way you are with ketchup, but with pickles. Except I will not eat them on anything. I have to brace myself when I walk down the aisle with pickles at the grocery store!

    • Kelsey, thanks so much for stopping by! And I love pickles! In fact, so much so that my husband and I have this ongoing argument that if there was only one pickle left on earth, neither of us would want to share it with the other and we would fight to the death for it! Hahaha. I hope you have a fabulous pickle-free weekend!


  23. Very cool post. I enjoyed learning more about you.

    Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful weekend.

  24. LOL to #4. Now I’m ready for some chicken nuggets and ranch myself! Your cutout dress is such a fun piece! The textile itself is really interesting, and it’s a fresh departure from the tighter meshes and popular crochet lace we’ve seen around. And the vibrant red makes it even more poppin’!


    • Thanks so much, Liz! I am glad I could make you laugh! Seriously though, doesn’t food talk make everyone hungry? And I totally fell for the lace cut out detail of this dress even though I had just received a similar style dress in red. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  25. You are so funny. In actuality I would never guess you are scared of so many things: birds, bugs and heights (for the most part) don’t bother me. Bu like you I hate ketchup and can only tolerate it on a hot dog with mustard paired, always. I love anything with tomatoes though and when I was pregnant I craved ketchup for my friend. Like you I do very little editing to my photos too and not via photo-shop.

    Girl, red might be your color cause this lacy number is gorgeous on you!

    • Thanks so much, Ada! I really am fearful of quite a lot of things, aren’t I? It’s a wonder I can successfully get through life! Haha. As far as hot dogs go, I like mine completely plain with no condiments at all. And people find that strange, too. I always get a comment like “You don’t put anything on your hot dog?” Nope. Nothing at all on a hot dog for me. And I am loving red lately! I hope you have a great weekend!


  26. I love this post Shelbee! I laughed out loud when I read you could talk the face off a marble statue! So funny! I also love that red dress! Wowzer! It’s fun to get to know you more! Thanks for joining the Ladies Who Link Up party! Peace!

    • Cheryl, thanks so much! I am glad that I could make you laugh out loud! I can be quite the goofball and very chatty…like pretty mush all of the time! Have a fabulous weekend!


  27. Great post, Shelbee. The color looks fabulous on you and the style of the dress is so fun and flirty. I found it amusing that your #1 item was an abhorrence to ketchup. Corn-nuts and guavas are two items on my top 5 dislikes list mostly due to their aromas. The one with corn nuts goes back to junior high school when I would smell them around campus as they were a popular item sold in the student store. I never exposed my kids to them and fortunately, they never developed a likely to them on their own. Corn in any other format is fine, just not corn-nuts. I first came into contact with guavas about 30 years ago when a colleague at work would bring home grown ones into the office to give away. Once I figured out what the awful smell (to me at least) was, I politely asked that the fruit be bagged and placed in a drawer or cabinet. Fortunately, my request was honored. I don’t have a post to link with but I’ll be back again next week with one.

    • Rena, thank you so much for this fun comment! My dislike of ketchup actually borders on phobia of the red goo so it is kind of always in the forefront of my head when I think of facts about myself that people may find strange. I do believe it is probably the most popular condiment ever so when people learn how much I hate, they are usually shocked! I don’t know that I have ever smelled or eaten corn nuts or guavas, but I am glad that you have been able to escape the smell of them in your office! Ha. I hope you are doing well, my friend. Have a wonderful weekend.


  28. I too have trouble being serious when getting photographed. Or I just feel awkward. I’ve noticed that there’s a big correlation between feeling good about myself and liking my photos. So during shoots, I just try to have a good time. I also am a big honey mustard fan. That dress looks cute on you!

    • Nina, thanks so much for sharing your experience! Why do we feel so awkward, I wonder? We have been doing this blogging thing for quite a while now! Yet I always sort of feel like an imposter of some sort pretending to be something I’m not! But I am a blogger and pictures are required for a successful blog. Hopefully, we can all get more comfortable with ourselves and just own it! I appreciate you sharing this comment. Have a fabulous weekend, my friend!


  29. Such a fun post! Your adversion to ketchup is a lot like mine to hazelnut coffee. It smells like feet to me, and I wretch every time I smell it being made. BLEH!.I am also very terrified of bugs so I feel ya there! I take my own pictures too on my Samsung Galaxy s6 (getting the new note soon when it comes out) and the self timer or remote. I am too OCD for most people when taking my pictures for me, the only one who puts up with it is my mom, only because she knows how to shut me up! AHAHAHA.

    • Stephanie, thanks so much for this super fun comment! I just laughed out loud at your hazelnut coffee aversion…I love hazelnut coffee! That is so funny that it smells like feet to you. I always thought orange markers smelled like feet…yes, just the orange ones! I am glad that I am not the only blogger who takes my own photos on my phone, too. It sometimes makes me feel like such a novice, but then when I hear so many others do it that way, too, I am much self-confident in what I am doing! I love that your mom is your best photographer, too! Such great stories. Thanks so much for sharing.


  30. How fun! your pictures are always full of life! Loving the red dress and those shoes are fab!

    Edwige http://www.hypnozglam.com

    Edwige | http://www.hypnozglam.com

  31. First off, I love your writing…you truly made me smile this morning…thank you! I also love this red dress on you and am so happy to hear another blogger with photo mishaps! I too have a difficult time posing for pics, yet the lighting on my own with my tripod is always a bit off. But like you, I tossed that all to the wind a while back. Love your musings, and the deal on those fab sandals!

    • Suzanne, thank you so much for this lovely comment! I am glad I could you smile and I so appreciate your support of my writing and my blog! I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who struggles with the awkwardness of being a “model” even if it is just modeling for my own blog! Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous weekend.


  32. I laughed out loud at the mental image of you shimmying out of your shapewear in the middle of the park (that is absolutely something I would do!).

    • Ha! That is totally how it happened, too. We laughed so hard! I am glad I am not the only one who does crazy stuff like that. Thanks so much for stopping by, Joanne!


  33. Thank you to share this things with the us Shelbee. I love your “bird thing”. You look so lovely in this red dress. On the price of these cute sandals are incredible! You are gooood!


  34. What a fun post Shelbee! :)I chuckled to myself a few times throughout. That’s always nice…like your deal with birds – the love hate relationship. Btw, those sandals are adorable and at $1.23 I think it would be ludicrous not to buy them. Oh and the dress is cute too!

    • Thanks so much, Chrissy! I am so glad I could cause a few chuckles! This was super fun to write and share! I hope you have a fabulous weekend, my friend.


  35. What an adorable dress! After 60+ years I’m learning to love red for myself. I guess it’s about time.

    • Thanks so much, Donna! Red really is such a great vibrant and eye-catching color, isn’t it? Why not wear it and turn some heads! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a blessed weekend.


  36. Love this look. And how can you hate ketchup? It’s delicious 🙂 Have a great weekend!!
    Xx, Nailil

  37. Super cute dress and those sandals!!! Love the pom pom trend.
    Thanks for hosting and for sharing with my party as well 🙂

  38. LOVE that dress!!

  39. Red is your color! Definitely makes your skin glow. What a fun topic!! I also started to become allergic to things after having kids… so weird. I own a dog but hate petting him… I know, horrible! I am the same way and forget to wash my hands… after I look like a patient from bloched lol
    Thank you for hosting,


  40. I am in love with this dress on you!! The color is so bright and the big mesh is fab! Loving those sandals too! I think Feel the same way about mayo as you do ketchup… I even think the sound of the word is disgusting.

    xx, Elise

    • Thanks so much, Elise! I am not a huge fan of mayo either. But I do like it for some things…in very small amounts. Big glumps of mayo are totally disgusting. And the word really is gross!


  41. What a great post-Shelbee. Hehe, you made me laugh about the jeans.I was never one for jeans and then in my 30’s, I went crazy for them too. I had about 30 pairs but now I have put weight on I can not get into them I am hating them again lol. Hopefully, I will love them again soon!! Thanks for sharing at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop. Adore your red dress, beautiful outfit.

    • Claire, thanks so much! Isn’t funny how our style tastes change when our weight and bodies change as well? Just recently I was into the big baggy loose cutesy clothes and now I am kind of loving the more fitted sexy look. I am sure I will go back to slouchy in the fall! I hope you love your jeans again soon as well! Never underestimate the power of a great pair of jeans.


  42. You look great and I am laughing out loud! How, pray tell, did you determine you are now allergic to cows? Maybe it’s the straw/hay?

    Elizabeth | NattyGal.com

    • Thanks so much, Elizabeth! The cow allergy was determined by the allergist when he ran a complete allergy panel on me! He said, “Did you know that you are allergic to cows? And pretty severely?” My response,”How in the world would I know that unless I lived on a dairy farm? Which I don’t.” But now when I take my kids to the local dairy farm for tours, etc., I nearly die from the allergy! Isn’t that ridiculous?!


  43. You look great in red. Cute dress! Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style party.