Weekend Wish List: Victoria Beckham for Target

So many of my blogger friends have been sharing their fitting room selfies of the Victoria Beckham Line for Target, so I had to go check it out in person. Not to mention, every time I have shopped in Target in the past 3 months, the sales people were all up in my face with “Have you seen the new Victoria Beckham line? It is coming soon. Be sure to check back when it arrives.” As if I need any more incentive to shop at Target!

*Feature photo: Women’s Bee Print Scarf with Marigold Trim – Victoria Beckham for Target Victoria Beckham for Target shop all Victoria Beckham for Target ($20.00).

*This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own, those of a fashion loving blogger who simply wanted to see what all the rage was about!

So I went the other day to check it out. I did take some fitting room selfies, but they are so atrocious that I cannot even bear to share them! But here you will find my opinion of the line and some of my favorites. First, I tried some of the X-Larges in the misses sizes and they were just a tad bit too tight, so I ventured into the plus size section where I found the fit to be quite generous and just perfect for my taste. The fabrics were substantial and seemed to hold their shape well. For me, I think the cuts and styles in this line are probably much more flattering for plus size women than for women who wear smaller sizes. I think the fabrics would overwhelm petite frames. In any event, I wasn’t thrilled with what I saw online, but when I tried on some of the pieces, I really did like them! And the price points were quite reasonable and well within my price per piece budget.

And here is my Wish List…

1. Women’s Plus Black Calla Lily Satin Ruffle Hem Dress – Victoria Beckham for Target ($35.00). (This dress was not available in my size to try on.)

2. Women’s Calla Lily Black Scarf with White Trim – Victoria Beckham for Target ($20.00).

3. Women’s Plus Black Satin Calla Lily Wide Leg Pant – Victoria Beckham for Target ($40.00). (I did not see these pants in my Target. I may have missed them though.)

1. Women’s Plus Blue and White Gingham Twill Peplum Blouse – Victoria Beckham for Target ($30.00). (They are calling this blue and white, but it really looked black to me! This was a very flattering cut on my plus size figure.)

2. Women’s Plus Black Daisy Drop Waist Scallop Trim Dress – Victoria Beckham for Target ($40.00). (The only thing I didn’t like about this dress is the little buttons up the back. While they are a super cute detail, I would essentially need help getting dressed every time I would wear it. There is no way I could button all the tiny buttons behind my back!)

1. Women’s Plus Fuchsia Jacquard Drop Waist Dress – Victoria Beckham for Target ($40.00). (I love this dress. Drop waists are one of my favorite styles of dresses as I have such a rectangular shape. The pink is super bright which isn’t a color I wear often, but it was very flattering in a cutesy sort of way.)

2. Women’s Plus Orange Drop Waist Scallop Trim Dress – Victoria Beckham for Target ($40.00). (This was a super cute dress with the drop waist. I was unsure of the orange with my translucent skin tone, but with the black up around the neck it worked for me. The only problem with this one was the little tiny buttons up the back again.)

3. Women’s Plus Marigold Mod Shift Dress – Victoria Beckham for Target ($35.00). (I did not see this dress in my local Target. I am not sure how the bright orange color would work on me, but the dress is adorable!)

4. Women’s Plus Fuchsia Twill Ruffle Hem Dress – Victoria Beckham for Target ($35.00). (I loved this dress and it took a lot of resisting to put it back on the rack. It may eventually end up in my closet! I will wait for sales, I think.)

*I cannot promise but these two dresses may already be hanging in my closet. You will have to check back to see if they make an appearance on my blog.

1. Women’s Plus Blue Stripe Poplin Gathered Waist Dress – Victoria Beckham for Target ($35.00). (This style of dress is one of my favorites. I love the high-low hem with the higher waist. It hides a multitude of midsection mishaps! Pinstripes are always a favorite of mine as well. And the adorable sleeves are just too much to resist!)

2. Women’s Plus Black and White Mod Shift Tulip Appliqué Dress – Victoria Beckham for Target ($40.00). (I have always had a love for mod-inspired dresses and bold prints. This dress completely caught my eye. And the shift style is so flattering on rectangular figures! So, so adorable!)

For size reference, I usually wear an XXL in most Target brands. The 1X in the Victoria Beckham brand was the perfect size for me except for the Blue Striped Poplin dress, the 1X was a little snug all around and I was much more comfortable in the 2X.

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend! If you are a fashion lover like me, go check out this fun new line! Even if it is just for fun!

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  1. I love to see what other’s find and I’m like you—online they didn’t float my boat. I may have to venture over and see if I like them better in person!!

    • For real, Jodie, I actually really kind of hated what I saw online. I didn’t even really like it that much hanging on the racks. But when I tried them on, they were so flattering on me! I don’t think that I would ever pay a higher price point for them than what they are marked at though. While they are adorable, for me to spend more than $40 on a dress, it really has to wow me exponentially or be for a super special occasion. And some of the pieces were just horrid on me…frumpville! It is definitely worth checking out though, I think. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. There wasn’t much in one local store I visited this past week so I wasn’t very impressed. I haven’t looked online yet but you’ve shared some really cute options that I’m going to seek out. The striped poplin dress seems worthy of further investigation. Thanks for sharing your finds.


    • Yeah, Rena, my Target didn’t have all that much and it was pretty well picked over by the time I checked it out. But I do love the poplin dress. I hope you find something you can’t resist!


  3. We had a few things in our store, but I did not do too much digging! I love that pink dress! A drop waist dress is one of my favorite styles!
    Stylin In St. Louis

    • Yeah, we didn’t have a lot in my store, but after looking online, it doesn’t seem like there is all that many pieces in the full line anyway. Drop waists are so adorable, in my opinion!


  4. looks like a trip to Watertown needs to be in my future, that is my closest Target

  5. I’ll have to check them out, next time I venture into Target. Thanks for sharing. Have a Happy Easter day. – Amy

  6. I was so mad that I went to Target the Saturday before the collection instead of a Sunday! Major miss on my part as I haven’t been back to check out the line. These are super cute picks though!

    The Adored Life

  7. I bought 5 dresses for me, 4 dresses for Vivian and a 2-piece gingham set for Vivi. I definitely want that scarf and kind of want the orange+white patterned sheath too. You will see all of my dresses on the blog eventually. Great recap here. =)

    • Awesome, Ada! I really had to resist buying all of them! The styles were very suited to my body shape! I look forward to seeing how you and Viv style your new pieces.


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