Weekend Wish List: Dresses from Redbubble

I don’t know if you are all familiar with Redbubble or not, so let me tell you a little bit about it. They are an online retailer with a mission to “give independent artists a meaningful new way to sell their creations.” Born in 2006, today they have connected over 400,000 artists and designers with fans worldwide. You can purchase all sorts of fun items with unique and eclectic designs that have been created by your favorite artists. The artists get paid when you purchase, you get a magnificently unique item, and everyone wins! I was introduced to Redbubble by the amazingly creative Anne M. Bray . So I am going to start this weekend’s wish list with some super fun dresses which feature designs by Anne!


Dresses by Anne M. Bray

1. Fluevog BW Checker Pattern A-Line Dress ($65.00).

2. Party Leopard A-Line Dress ($65.00).

3. Fluevog Creepex Graphic T-Shirt Dress ($45.00).

*This is not a sponsored post. I just really love the designs and I am a huge advocate of supporting independent artists.

In case you missed it, a few months back, I purchased this gorgeous scarf featuring Anne’s Fashion Rainbow – 52 Over-40 Bloggers. You can get your very own for just $35.00. My image is the 6th one in the top row!

Fashion Rainbow – 52 Over-40 Bloggers – Scarf by Anne M. Bray

Fashion Rainbow – 52 Over-40 Bloggers Scarf ($35.00).

There are so many fantastic designs available on this website that I cannot possibly share all of my favorites. But here is a small sample from some other artists…


A-Line Dresses from Redbubble

1. Right the Wrong A-Line Dress ($65.00).

2. Relaxed Cats #RBSTAYCAY A-Line Dress ($65.00).

3. Ornament in Khokhloma Russian style A-Line Dress ($65.00).

4. Stay Positive – Hand Lettering Retro Type Design A-Line Dress ($67.71).

5. ETC – Expressive Therapies Continuum A-Line Dress ($65.00).


Graphic T-Shirt Dresses from Redbubble

1. Fox pattern Graphic T-Shirt Dress ($45.00).

2. Ice cream, watermelon popsicle dessert food vector seamless pattern. ice milk gelato, frozen yogurt sweet Graphic T-Shirt Dress ($45.00).

3. Retro vintage Graphic T-Shirt Dress ($45.00).

4. Pink Ladies Graphic T-Shirt Dress ($45.00).

5. Happy Unicorn Graphic T-Shirt Dress ($45.00).


So if you are looking for fun and unique gift ideas, Redbubble probably has what you need!

How about this fun dress for the art teacher in your life?

Make Art! A-Line Dress ($65.00).

Or this adorable scarf for your favorite coffee lover?

Floral Coffee Scarf ($37.92).

Your best hippie friend would love this tee.

Peace & Love Women’s Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt ($29.50).

Apparel sizes available from Redbubble run from size Small to 2XL.

There are so many other items you can choose, too. From iPhone cases to stationery items, various types of bags and totes to wall art and home decor items.

Have fun shopping, my friends!

Keeping it on the edge,


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  1. Aw, thanks for featuring me!
    So far, I’ve “road tested” the Scarf (huge!), the T-Shirt Dress (great), and the Mini Skirt (so so). The Mini Skirt is made out of a thin 88% Polyester, 12% Elastane (like bathing suit fabric), which I found disappointing.
    Gotta upload more designs!

    • Anne, it was my pleasure. I have been planning this feature for a while, but the obligatory/sponsored wishlists kept taking priority! I really like the shape of the swing dresses the best. Eventually, when I have an extra $65 to drop on a new dress, one of those will become mine! I love the Fluevog print, but I don’t even own one pair of Fluevogs so I might feel like a “poser” of sorts wearing that dress…so if you are uploading more designs, do some more swing dresses, please!!!


      • I’m putting (almost) anything that I upload onto a swing dress, so you’re in luck! (Would the 52 Bloggers be weird on a dress?) I think next will be the red leopard that I designed for The Handmade Shoes. And, as you well know, leopard is a neutral — even on a red ground!
        I’m debating whether to buy one of the swing dresses or to sew one. Considering the size of Sewing Mountain, I think I just made my decision. Ha.
        I think wearing a Fluevog dress without Fluevogs on one’s feet is not being a poser. I just did it today with mine — my Tee dress has become the “quick get out of your house outfit and into something decent so we can go eat” garment. All I need is the dress, panties, and sandals! Perfect for summer weather!

        • I think 52 bloggers on a dress might be fabulous! Depending of course where the bloggers end up being placed and if their heads get cut off and such! Ha. I think I just felt poserish because I don’t even own a pair of Fluevogs…I don’t think I would necessarily wear them together with the dress if I did. Eh, maybe I need to just get the dress AND a pair of Fluevogs! That will solve my current dilemma! But I still will check out what other designs you upload for the swing dress first. You better start climbing Sewing Mountain, my friend!


  2. I do think this is a brilliant concept Shelbee!!
    I know I purchased some t-shirts with the blog graphic on them, and I even had a couple of friends ask about them!!

  3. Dear Shelbee, I am a fan of Redbubble. I am ordering my grazy shirts there, like pink panther, frida…..
    XO tina

    • I love that you already order from them, Tina! How fun! I have only ordered my Fashion Rainbow scarf from them, but I am sure I will find more fun things to add to my closet. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  4. Thank you for this, Shelbee! I will be shopping at Redbubble any second now. And yes, Anne’s designs are out-of-this-world fabulous. And thanks for linking up, xo


    • Patti, I am so glad you will shop Redbubble! I love supporting independent artists and businesses. It is all part of my #SpreadTheKindness mission. I am looking forward to some new designs that Anne will be adding soon. Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous week!


  5. I’ve never heard of these before but how fun! Love the shift shapes if these.


  6. I love the prints! Funny! Thank you for this inspired post!

  7. Those are super cute!

  8. Anne’s designs are fabulous! I love finding quirky and unusual items that you don’t see in all the shops!

    Emma xxx

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