Wednesday Wish List: Zaful Valentine’s Day Dresses

History lesson: With somewhat gruesome origins, Valentine’s Day became associated with romantic love some time during the 14th Century when courtly romance was at its height. However, it wasn’t until the 18th Century in England when the practice of wooing your love interest with flowers, sweets, and greeting cards became a traditional practice. And today, especially in the United States, it is one the most highly commercialized holidays on the calendar. And now with the most romantic of all holidays just around the corner, you may be wondering what to wear for your special someone on that day. You may be wanting to impress your love by confirming your already existing feelings for them. Perhaps your goal is to garner the attention of your personal object of desire and win their heart. Or maybe you are a lot like me and will use any excuse you can find to wear a pretty dress. Whatever your case may be, Zaful has a wonderful selection of dresses for Valentine’s Day that are sure to suit your needs.

Plus Size Lace Rose Petal Print Vintage Dress

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I am going to share some of my favorite dresses from the Zaful Valentine’s Day Sales. Maybe one of these pretty pieces will really strike your fancy!

My Favorite Vintage Dresses for Valentine’s Day

1. Polka Dot Puffer Midi Dress
2. Polka Dot Floral Knee Length Flare Dress
3. Sweetheart Neck Vintage Swing Flare Dress
4. Cap Sleeve Polka Dot Swing Dress
5. V-Neck Tied Belt Surplice Skater Dress

Maybe vintage isn’t your thing? No worries. There are so many other options for Zaful Valentine’s Day 2018. How about a gorgeous little velvet dress to catch your lover’s eye?

My Favorite Velvet Dresses for Valentine’s Day

1. Cowl Neck Velvet Dress
2. Velvet Floral Embroidered Long Sleeve Dress
3. Open Back High Slit Velvet Maxi Dress

Still don’t see something you like? Check out all the dresses available during the Zaful Valentine’s Day Special. Order your dress now so you have it in time for that special day! Happy shopping!

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  1. Those velvet dresses are very nice! I just might have to have one!

  2. I love those vintage dresses! The one in the middle is my favorite and not available in my size, I’ll have to hunt around their website. Great round up Shelbee!

  3. I did not know that about Valentine’s Day – love learning the a little history of the day. Those velvet dresses are so fun.

    Daily Style Finds

  4. I love the third vintage dress – it’s gorgeous!

  5. We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day for the whole reasoning that it’s just a commercialized holiday haha! But I do love to wear a little red and pink! Now of course with the kids I’m having to partake in Valentine’s and treats for school, so my days of not celebrating seem to be coming to an end.

    pumps and push-ups

    • Brooke, I relate to this on so many levels! We were never ones to celebrate either. I would rather be surprised for no reason with flowers or candy when the prices are not jacked up for the holiday! Although, I do admit that clean out Dollar General after Valentine’s Day when all the candy goes to 90% off! And yes, kids definitely change the game, don’t they? Thanks so much for stopping by!


  6. The vintage style dresses are so pretty! We don’t really celebrate the occasion, other than give each other a card….hardly the romantic types!

    Emma xx

  7. Nice dresses.

    A little more history on Valentine’s Day, Father Frank O’Gara of Whitefriars Street Church in Dublin, Ireland, tells the real story of the man behind the holiday—Father Valentine. There are many stories about the origin of Valentine’s Day. This is the one I believe and this is the version I wrote about as Editor-In-Chief of my college newspaper many years ago:

    “He was a Roman Priest at a time when there was an emperor called Claudias who persecuted the church at that particular time,” Father O’Gara explains. ” He also had an edict that prohibited the marriage of young people. This was based on the hypothesis that unmarried soldiers fought better than married soldiers because married soldiers might be afraid of what might happen to them or their wives or families if they died.”

    Valentine was eventually caught, imprisoned and tortured for performing marriage ceremonies against command of Emperor Claudius the second. There are legends surrounding Valentine’s actions while in prison.

    “One of the men who was to judge him in line with the Roman law at the time was a man called Asterius, whose daughter was blind. He was supposed to have prayed with and healed the young girl with such astonishing effect that Asterius himself became Christian as a result.”

    In the year 269 AD, Valentine was sentenced to a three part execution of a beating, stoning, and finally decapitation all because of his stand for Christian marriage. The story goes that the last words he wrote were in a note to Asterius’ daughter. He inspired today’s romantic missives by signing it, “from your Valentine.”

    • Patrick, I love that story! That was totally fascinating and something I would have never known otherwise if you had not shared it! So thank you for always keeping it interesting and entertaining and educational! I always look forward to your comments!


  8. Great pics! I think you would look great in all the flare dresses.

  9. I love the polka dot midi puffer dress! Such a beauty. You know red is my favorite color but I don’t have a red dress or top or bottom in my collection. I just realized that a few days ago and when I look online for a dress or romper or blouse, I come up empty handed but I stopped looking and you found one that’s so lovely. I will be checking out Zaful and perhaps I can have good news for you soon. I hope you are having a great week so far!

    Maureen |

    • Maureen, thanks so much for checking out my picks! I do love red as well and it took me forever to find the perfect red dress…yet I still keep adding them to my collection! I just got a really cool red lace up shirt yesterday that I can’t wait to wear. It is a great color! If you don’t find any that you like in your size on Zaful, check out Rosegal, DressLily, and Gamiss. They often have the same exact things so you might be able to find your size on one if you can’t on another. Definitely keep me posted on what you find!


  10. Those are all amazing!! Love the all red shirt dress and the one from the top photo!

  11. That red/deep dress in velvet is gorgeous! I’d wear that a million times over. I love all of the dresses you picked.

  12. Oh my Shelbee, these dresses are all beautiful. I would love one 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to The Wednesday Link Up. Hope you can join me today 🙂

  13. I love all these different looks – you wear red so well Shelbee! Thanks so much for joining in with #FabulousFriday x

  14. Marilee Gramith

    There’s something about these vintage frocks that just hits the Valentine vibe perfectly! Number 3 has a neckline that is all at once pretty and has a touch of humor as well. Zaful has great prices. My Valentines days are pretty quiet after 42 years of marriage but thexe dresses are fun to eindow shop so thanks Shelbee!

    • Aren’t they the cutest pieces, Marilee?! We don’t do much for Valentine’s Day after only 8 years of marriage, but I always like an excuse to wear a pretty dress! Thanks for stopping by and have the most wonderful day!


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