Wednesday Wish List: Sweet Velvet from Zaful

I am sure you all know by now that among my many sartorial obsessions, velvet ranks quite high on the list. I was a huge fan of velvet when it was trending back in the 90’s during my high school and college years. And I have remained a lover of all things velvet ever since. As trends wax and wane through the years, there are some that we grab onto in the moment and then upon looking back on them years later, we ask ourselves, “Why? Why in the world was that atrocity a trend? And why on earth was I so willing to embrace it?” You know the trends to which I refer.

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Long Sleeve Choker Velvet A-Line Dress

But velvet. Velvet has a different story. Velvet is a trend that possesses a dignity and a quality not possessed by other fads. Velvet has staying power even when it quietly fades out of fashion. There are those of us who will cling with endearing love to its plush fibers, its everlasting softness, its rich hues, and its supple aura as designers and trendsetters toss it onto a heap of forgotten frivolities. For me, if it is velvet, I must have it. And I would never dream of discarding such pretty things onto a pile of obsolete garments. I am a lover of sweet velvet straight to my core.

Drawstring Pocket Crushed Velvet Hoodie

I have always had velvet pieces on rotation in my wardrobe. But during times when velvet has lost its status as the next fabulous thing, the luxurious fabric was hard to come by in the world of fashion. How I did a dance of joy when you started to see velvet everywhere…on everything. Dresses, pants, skirts, and scarves. Shoes and boots. Gloves and hats. Blazers and coats. If you want to try the velvet trend, you can pretty much find it anywhere. Now some may say it’s too much. But is there really such a thing as too much velvet? To that, I say, “Hell, no. Give me all the velvet things.”

Lace Up High Slit Maxi Velvet Skirt

I could go on and on discussing my velvet love affair, but instead let me get right to it and share some of my favorite velvet pieces from Zaful. Perhaps the images will help you to better comprehend my passion.

Velvet Dresses

1. Velvet Slit Midi Dress
2. Long Sleeve Velvet Maxi Dress With Appliqué
3. Loose Velvet Shirt Dress
4. Velvet Long Sleeve Maxi Dress
5. Velvet Studded Embroidered Pinafore Dress

Plus Size Velvet Dresses

1. Plus Size Crushed Velvet Dress
2. Belled Sleeve Plus Size Velvet Dress
3. Tiered Sleeve Plus Size Velvet Dress

Velvet Jackets

1. Zip Up Velvet Biker Jacket
2. Graphic Embroidered Zipper Pocket Velvet Jacket
3. Velvet Embroidered Padded Jacket

And I wanted to end this post with my favorite velvet shoes and boots from Zaful, but alas they all seem to be sold out. Because velvet is fabulous! And everyone knows that.

What are your favorite velvet trends?

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  1. Those jackets are very nice! Maybe I will try a velvet dress too!

  2. Nice velvet dresses pick Shelbee. Great post!

  3. I have loved this velvet trend – it’s so sumptious!! Great choices here Shelbee x

  4. I need to add a velvet piece to my wardrobe. I have none! Love your ideas!

  5. I love velvet. Probably my favorite trend going on right now! They’re a great option for Winter too!

  6. All of the velvet things! I love any tops that have velvet, so fun to dress up or down! Great picks!

  7. Velvets are lovely and pretty. Their colors are vibrant and their textures are plush and soft! I can understand the love and honestly I don’t know why something so beautiful in the eye and the sense of touch should ever be tossed out or forgotten in the back of our closets. It should always stay up front. 😀

    Maureen |

    • I agree completely, Maureen! I agree with every bit of this. Velvet should remain at the forefront forever and always! Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving such a lovely comment!


  8. Loves your wishlist and loves velvet! 🙂

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