Too Hot for Clothes: Countdown to Fall (Part 2 of Some…)

(Continued from Too Hot for Clothes! (Part 1 of some…))

Outfit #2: Stressed in Stripes


Well, actually, I’m usually stressed in just about anything I am wearing these days. And I like the alliteration. And I like that stressed rhymes with dressed. And this is a fashion blog. So there you have it. Stressed in stripes.

In reality, stripes are another new obsession of mine, especially Breton stripes. I have collected quite a few striped shirts and pants, but most of them are heavier and I need the weather to cool down before I can start showing them off. Speaking of weather, today was a teaser of sorts. It was in the mid-70’s and I was actually comfortable in jeans. And the weekend is looking like my ideal weather in the mid-60’s, but I cannot be so lucky…Summer refuses to die and the temperatures are supposed to shoot back into the 80’s mid-week. (Have you ever heard someone complain so much about warm, sunny weather?! On the other side of that coin, you probably won’t hear me complain much about the winter until I am digging my way out of 15 feet of snow.)

Onto my stripes. I love the 3/4 length sleeve on this shirt and the bit of stretch it has. And it is long enough to do a half-tuck, which is one of my favorite belly masking styling techniques! I also like that the Breton stripes are not in a traditional nautical color pairing. This one is navy and light aquamarine, not a color that frequents my closet but it appealed to me. And since it was hot, I kept everything to a minimum: short dark wash denim shorts, a dark silver multi-strand chain, a light aquamarine skinny braided belt, and my silver and gray sequined boat shoes (because frankly, I’m sick of sandals!). Most importantly, the stripes provide decent camouflage for sweat!

IMG_2431 IMG_2474 IMG_2454

Shirt: Target (No longer available). Target does have a cute striped sweatshirt available in mint on clearance for $8 here. L.L. Bean has a half-sleeve option available in 3 colors. Talbots offers a few different styles in a variety of color pairings as well.

Shorts: Old Navy (Old), similar here.

Necklace: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s. (Exact necklace no longer available, but similar options here, here, and here.)

Belt: Walmart. (No longer available, I grabbed it on clearance for $2!). But if you need a odd color belt for one outfit and don’t want to pay a lot and don’t care much about the quality, Walmart does offer a huge variety.

Shoes: Sebago (Old). Similar here, here, and here.

Outfit #3: Black and Brown Together

IMG_2370 IMG_2334 IMG_2379

I already detailed this outfit on my post Funky Sunday (or Deployments Suck). I must have been really tired and accidentally duplicated an outfit of the day. Oh well. It happens. And on that note, I’m super tired now. I had a long day of running one kid to and from pre-K with grocery shopping in between with the little one. Upon picking up my older at pre-K, he came limping out and tore off his shoes, crying that they hurt his feet. It seems he outgrew his shoes DURING school. So off to Payless and he got these and these on their BOGO sale (and Payless always gives an extra 10% off everything for military with a military id!)

152999_6_1400x1400 152068_6_1400x1400

Does anyone else feel teased by the temporary cool down? And how do your wear your stripes? And why does my son keep growing at such an astronomical rate? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

And I will detail the remaining outfits in a future post(s)!

On a more serious note, always remember those who have fallen for the safety of mankind. And please remember those who were lost on this day 14 years ago. And always remember to be grateful.


Still on the edge,



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