The Bad Buy Book: March 2017-Sitting Shoes

Welcome to The Bad Buy Book!

Hi, we are Shelbee from Shelbee on the Edge and Nancy from Nancy’s Fashion Style and this is the start of a new collaboration called The Bad Buy Book! Together, we have initiated a monthly series where we share photos of our worst fashion purchases.  And we invite you, the readers, to submit photos of your worst purchases.  What! We hear you think. Yes, your worst purchases! Why would we do that?

We all do our best to look great in our outfits, choose the right accessories, the right makeup, the perfect shoes, and wait for the best light to shoot the most flattering outfit photos. And now we are asking you to show us the items you don’t feel your very best in. You know, those sitting boots, that dress that is actually not quite your color, the skirt that is a size too small but the saleswoman said it looked amazing. We all own those items!  And while they may look fabulous, they don’t always feel fabulous! So we want you to show us your bad buys and tell us the story about them! What made you purchase the item?  And why do you dislike it now?  And why not share them with us?  We buy these things for a reason then hide them in the back of the closet.  Now it’s their turn to share the limelight.

This month’s theme is Sitting Shoes. You know those shoes that are absolutely adorable, complete stunners, to die for, those had-to-have-them shoes. The ones that were so perfect in the store but turned out to be the most uncomfortable, intolerable shoes ever. Those are the shoes that Nancy and I like to call “Sitting Shoes.”

Now let’s check out some of your Sitting Shoes!

I am going to start with my collaborative partner, Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style and her sitting shoes. She has two pairs to share!

“I am always (like my hole life) attracted to shoes with higher heels. But they are not for walking on all day, I keep falling in that trap. Oh well, these are good for the pictures.”

“I bought these years ago and also in brown and blue. All three are horrible to walk. They are simply painful. But so beautiful…sigh.”

Jodie of Jodie’s Touch of Style says this about her Sitting Shoes:

“These red sandals were a great deal when I got them. And they were fine wearing them for the first hour. But after that, the straps dug into my foot too much!! Needless to say, I just gave them away. And am on the hunt for another pair of red sandals—they go with everything!!”

Rena of Fine Whatever submitted two different pairs of Sitting Shoes.

“These pumps were a thrift store find that I was giddy over because they are real leather and were showing hardly any wear. It turns out that they are not so comfortable for much walking even though the heel is somewhat moderate. There is no cushioning in the insole so a pad may help but I haven’t try that yet.”

“I bought these boots on-line this past December and when I first tried them on, the heel didn’t seem so high. It wasn’t until we had to walk about a block from our townhouse to the location when this photo was taken that I realized that these boots were definitely sitting shoes.

My friend and photographer, Aimee of 5 Memory Lane, submitted a bad buy that I bought for her! Ha!

“I have a fabulous friend that bought me these boots as a total surprise. (Her name might be Shelbee). I couldn’t wait to wear them, and at the time I had no boots of this style or height. They were tough to get on, even though I have a narrow foot, and you have grab the mesh area to help ease them up. Unfortunately, they ripped the first time I wore them and after about 45 minutes, were extremely tough to walk in. They are loose at the leg, and all of the weight is on your toes. These are my fabulous, stylish, sittin’ boots.”

These sitting boots from Cynthia of Een theelepel geluk.

“These boots are so beautiful! But they are true off boots! I can not walk on these, but because I find them so stylish I wear them when I need to go somewhere quickly. For an errand or when I have to go to work. At work they go out! But I have, in any case, stylishly arrived!”

Anne of Spy Girl wrote a little poem to her Sitting Boots!

An ode to some Bad Boots:

NaNa platform cowboy boots
Never fit, too tight
Dealt a bad hand, amiga.

Argh. Can’t attach photos to the msg from phone.
Use the one I already sent!


And my sitting shoes!

“I found these wedges on clearance for a great deal and thought they were so versatile with the nude color. And I loved the cork texture of the thong. I should have heeded the warning that there were SO many pairs of them left on clearance. It is the worst shoe design ever. A thong on a high wedge. As your heel is lifted up by the wedge heel, the thong jams so hard in between your toes that you can’t walk ten feet without severe pain! It is so obvious, yet I was so blinded by the great deal!”

The theme for April will be Trousers! Share your photos of those trousers that you thought were perfect but turned out to be too tight, too loose, too baggy, too long, too short, too staticky, too itchy, too hot, too thin…or whatever the case may be!

Please submit photos by April 1 for a chance to featured in our next post! Photos and the story of your “Bad Buy” can be emailed to or Please put “Bad Buy” in the subject line.

Please also spread the word about this fun series! You don’t have to be a blogger to participate. Anyone can play along!

Keeping it on the edge,


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I am a 40 something Army wife and stay-at-home mother of 2 boys and 2 cats named Dave and Frankie. I have a passion for helping other women feel fabulous in the midst of this crazy, beautiful life.

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  1. It’s so nice to see other women make some “bad” buys too!!
    But really, you just never know until you get the shoes home and try to wear them for more than 5 minutes!!

    • It is so true, Jodie! A lap around the store wearing the shoes is no indication of how the shoes will be in real life! Now let’s move on to next month’s theme of trousers and the trick mirrors they have in fitting rooms! How many times I try something on in the store and it looks fabulous and slimming and flattering. Then you get home and look in your own mirror and suddenly you have gained 15 pounds! And knowing about the super slimming mirrors in stores, I still fall for it. Every. Single. Time. Thanks so much for joining our silly little series!


  2. I am so thrilled to see ,,our,, collaboration! I love it😘😘😘😘😘😘

  3. I definitely have purchased my fair share of sitting shoes! Now that I don’t work in an office setting, I pretty much live in flats and more comfortable shoes, thank goodness!

    By Lauren M

  4. This is such a fun collaboration! I had a big collection of sitting shoes but after moving and a few closet purges, I only have a few left.

    Doused In Pink

  5. Love love love the boots!

    • I am sure all of these bad buys are for sale by their respective owners, Teresa! Haha. And just because they were a bad buy for one doesn’t mean that wouldn’t be fabulous for someone else. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  6. I love this! I am going to start keeping track of my bad buys, get some pics to send and then get rid of them. Ha, ha. – Amy

    • Yay! I hope you submit some bad buy trousers for next month, Amy! I should start including Poshmark links to our bad buys…just because it was a bad buy for me doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be fabulous for someone else!


  7. Such a fun series!

    I definitely have sitting boots (I even blogged about them), but somehow I didn’t get my act together to send a picture of them to you!

    • Thanks so much, Andrea! Maybe you have some bad buy trousers for next month’s theme! And I am sure we will do shoes/boots again as they are probably the most common bad buys in women’s closets.


  8. This is such a fun post! I have a few pairs of shoes that I bought and loved because they were pretty, but never wear. Sometimes you just can’t!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  9. Love being introduced to all these stylish ladies!

  10. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

  11. Great ideas for posts Shelbee, I have so many bad buys. I need to dig them out 🙂 Thanks for linking up.

    • Thanks, Claire! It is super fun! We will most likely have a sitting shoes theme again in a few months becasue it seems everyone owns at least one pair! But if you have some bad buy trousers for our April post, we would love to see them!


  12. I have a pair or two of sitting shoes too.
    Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday.

    • Thanks, Jessica! I think we are going to do the sitting shoes theme again in a few months. Hopefully, you can submit a photo ofr that one! I think I have about 10 pairs! And a few that I call “bedroom shoes”. Ha!


  13. What a fun post and collaboration! I love all of my shoes and don’t feel like I have any I consider “Sitting Shoes”, but I really enjoyed reading about everyone’s. Thanks so much for linking up with Fabulous Friday!
    A Pocketful of Polka Dots

  14. Thank you so much!! 😘😘

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