The Bad Buy Book: April 2017-Trousers

Welcome to The Bad Buy Book! This month’s theme is Trousers!

The Bad Buy Book is a series hosted by Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge and Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style. We wanted to establish together something fun and new. We both talked about our Sitting Shoes and The Bad Buy Book was born!

We all do our best to look great in our outfits, choose the right accessories, the right makeup, the perfect shoes, and wait for the best light to shoot the most flattering outfit photos. And now we are asking you to show us the items you don’t feel your very best in. You know, those Sitting Shoes, that dress that is actually not quite your color, the skirt that is a size too small but the saleswoman said it looked amazing. We all own those items! And while they may look fabulous, they don’t always feel fabulous! So we want you to show us your bad buys and tell us the story about them! What made you purchase the item? And why do you dislike it now? And why not share them with us? We buy these things for a reason then hide them in the back of the closet. Now it’s their turn to share the limelight.

This month theme is Trousers! You know the too loose, too long, too short, too baggy, too staticky, too itchy, too hot, too thin…..or whatever the case may be!

Well, let’s take a look now at your Bad Buy Trousers!

First, my co-host Nancy is sharing her Bad Buy Trousers.

“I loved these jeans, they are so stretchy, easy to wear, high waisted, and they even gave me a but! But it’s just not me! I only wore them for the blog once.”

Next up is Jodie of Jodie’s Touch of Style.

“It sure makes me feel better to know that I’m not the only one who buys the wrong items at times!! I never realized these pants were that bad. I used to wear them to work (but in my defense, they might look a tidge better with heels??). Anyways when I wore them as a comparison for our floral shirt post last summer, I realized that they just were not flattering. So I gave them away. I think taking photos of our outfits can be so enlightening at times!! The mirror can certainly lie (or else I need some new glasses–ha ha).”

I do love Jodie’s fabulous floral top, though!

And now my Bad Buy Trousers

“I am always a sucker for a great pair of distressed jeans and I also am a fan of higher quality denim. When I saw these on sale at American Eagle, I wanted to give them a try. I really liked the high waisted style when I tried them on, but I tried them on with a long tunic so they look slouchy and cute. But when I tucked a shirt into them to try to dress them up, it made me have the most puffy belly pouch ever! And no one wants that. I still wear them, but with longer shirts and really as just knock-around jeans now.”

The theme for May is Jewelery. So it’s time to take a picture of those heavy earrings, the bracelet that leaves stains, the gifted necklace that you hate, the ring that you can’t take off unless you keep your hand in the fridge for half an hour. I think you understand what we mean.

Every month on the 15th, we will both publish a post sharing the photos you have sent us along with a few sentences about your Bad Buy item. Photo submissions will be due by the 10th of each month so we have time to edit and compile all of the entries. At the end of each post we will let you know the theme for the next month’s post. Photos and the story of your Bad Buy can be emailed to or Please put Bad Buy in the subject line.

Unfortunately we do not have many Bad Buy submissions this month to share with you, but we do hope very much that you are going to send us a massive amount pictures for next month!

Buying bad things on the edge,


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I am a 40 something Army wife and stay-at-home mother of 2 boys and 2 cats named Dave and Frankie. I have a passion for helping other women feel fabulous in the midst of this crazy, beautiful life.

10 Responses

  1. Bummer that many people didn’t send in their bad pants! Because you know they are out there, right?? It’s just not as flattering to show people, maybe?? Whereas shoes still look good even though they hurt…

    • I know, I was bummed, Jodie! But I have some bad pants that look fine but they are just super uncomfortable. I have one pair in particular that are burgundy jeggings from Old Navy. They look super cute, but try as I may, the waistband will not stay up for even a minute. Then the crotch sags down, too. I wanted to share those but I didn’t have them photographed and they are packed away in a moving box somewhere in my pile of boxes! Maybe jewelry will get more submissions!


  2. We are the two with bad jeans while Jodie looks damn good in here! Enjoy your Easter weekend dear Shelbee!

    • Haha! I know! Jodie’s pants don’t look that bad at all! Yours look pretty darn good, though, too! And I look like a big frump in my jeans! Enjoy your weekend, Nancy!


  3. Well if it is any consoloation, Selbee, I have a big tummy in whatver trousers I wear! I love that black top you have on though 🙂

  4. Good job you gals! One of these times, when life stops being so hectic, I search for my bad items. I’m sure I have more than a few! – Amy

  5. The only pants I wear these days are stretchy lounge pants/ yoga pants samples from work. And the only ones that make it outside the manor (excepting exercising) are the dressier modal ones.
    Like Amy, life got hectic! School semester OVER in two weeks and I’ll have a rest from day job #2. Yay!

    • Life got too hectic for me, too, and I couldn’t find the pants I really wanted to add to The Bad Buy Book. Stretchy lounge pants are glorious though, Anne, aren’t they? As I was just doing my major closet clean out, I realized I have so many pants that I just would rather not wear due to restrictive waistbands! Good luck getting through the final 2 weeks of the semester and then enjoy your rest time!


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