Something Borrowed, Something Blue & A Zaful Anniversary Giveaway

I went a little bit out of my comfort zone on this one…and just like I always say…great things happen there! Here’s the story…

A bunch of things happened to make me uncomfortable. First of all, this beautiful dress from Zaful is short, my friends. Really short. If I bend down, you are catching a glimpse of my under pieces for certain! At first I tried to wear a slip underneath to add a little extra length, but it ended up in the realm of frumpville. So I ditched the slip and went a little crazy with my pale bare legs!

*This is a sponsored post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

The next thing I did outside of my comfort zone was that I omitted my usual pair of shorts under the dress. I almost always wear shorts under my dresses to protect me from cool breezes, strong winds, and any accidental bending shows! I didn’t wear shorts, well, because the dress is so vertically challenged that my shorts would have shown. And that would have been ugly. I wasn’t in the mood for ugly.  Or frumpy.

The third uncomfortable thing that happened was this location. In this tiny little short dress. With nothing beneath it. Except a thin layer of undies. Walking in my bare feet. On very slippery moss-covered rocks. Talk about being on the edge. Yikes. There were a few near-accidents that could have landed me right in the water. But I managed with what little grace exists in this 200 pound frame of mine!

The next thing that took me way outside of my comfort zone are the borrowed sunglasses and La Loop hanging around my neck. With a combined retail value creeping up on $1,000, walking on slippery rocks in my bare feet, in a very short dress, with nothing but the undies to protect me from everything…tensions ran high in my brain and body. But again, I managed with the skill, dexterity, and confidence of a pro. (You are picking up on my sarcasm, I hope.)

And finally, as I was handling myself ever so gracefully (picture, if you will, a manatee on a unicycle), an audience of four gathered round to watch this scene! They stared and chatted with me and complimented my dress. I pretended like I knew what the heck I was doing. Although I did not. As they watched and I was straddling a few river rocks, a massive cramp crept into my right foot. Yeah, that was a sight, I’m sure. Just another day in the life of a blogger, I suppose.

With all that being said, so very far outside of my comfort zone in every possible way, these photos turned out pretty freaking fabulous. In my opinion. But what the heck do I know? Well, I do know this…“Great things happen outside of your comfort zone.”

Nevertheless, I love the dress. The color, the floral overlay, the exposed zipper on the back. It could just be a tad longer. Or perhaps if I were a tad shorter? Nah, that would never do.

Outfit Details
Dress: Embroidery Round Neck Sleeveless Dress c/o Zaful. Unfortunately, this dress has just sold out. Similar options here and here. If baby blue is not your color, Zaful also has the cutest selection of white see-through dresses. My favorites are this square neck flare sleeve dress, this off-the-shoulder shirred maxi dress, and this splash neck white cover up.
Shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless Brunch Chopout Ghillie Flat.
Shawl: Fringed Half Circle Wrap Scarf from Shelbee’s Shoppe.
Necklace: c/o Zaful. No longer available. You can see how I originally styled it in What to Wear to a Vintage Wedding.
Bracelet: Claire’s. (Old).
Sunglasses: Etnia Barcelona borrowed from EyeCrave Optics.
Eyeglass Loop: Freshwater Pearl La Loop borrowed from EyeCrave Optics.

Now let’s talk about this giveaway! Zaful, one of the biggest online fashion retailers is now celebrating their 3rd Anniversary and they have been giving away prizes like crazy! Please check out the details about this fantastic anniversary blog giveaway at ZafulOfficial Blog. Seriously, who doesn’t love giveaways? Go to their blog and take a look. But please hurry as the giveaway is ending soon! They have already chosen 2 winners. I would appreciate it if you would tag my name【Shelbee on the Edge】after participating in the giveaway event. Zaful will be choosing the final winners soon and these winners will receive huge rewards!

How have you stepped outside of your comfort zone lately?

Keeping on the edge and out of my comfort zone,


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I am a 40 something Army wife and stay-at-home mother of 2 boys and 2 cats named Dave and Frankie. I have a passion for helping other women feel fabulous in the midst of this crazy, beautiful life.

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  1. Ha ha ha, like you know, I speak fluent sarcasm!😂😂😂😂 I applaud you for your courage! On all parts!

    • Thanks, Nancy! Between you and Jodie using words like brave and courage with regard to this scenario, I am starting to question what actually is going on. I think I was more crazy than brave or courageous, but I will accept the compliment graciously! So thank you, my friend. Thank you very much!


    • Hey girl. I have the correct comfort zone cd for you done by MY life coaches! I also found the blog book. I want to blog, lol. I’ll see you very soon. Lori from Eye Crave! 💕

  2. You are quite brave Shelbee—no way would I be putting my feet in that water—I’d be on my bum for certain!!
    That dress is so pretty and it certainly doesn’t look too short in the photos!!

    • Thanks for thinking I’m brave, Jodie! Insane might be a better word! I did feel quite exposed in this dress though with nothing underneath it. Oh well, I’m adhering to Catherine’s #iwillwearwhatilike motto!


  3. I am sorry to say I laughed a little Shelbee, funny the things that we go through for a few pictures 🙂
    Totally agree that we have to push ourselves on doing things and
    you did fine and I loved the sunnies !!!

  4. Hello. . .you have the legs to wear it all. This dress is Perfect on you and kinda Girly, and who does not love being Girly.

    • Neti, thanks so much! I do love getting a little girly every now and then, that’s for sure! And my legs are my best feature, so I guess I might as well show them off while I can!


  5. This suits you so well, both the style and the colours, what a gorgeous blue it is Shelbee. Jacqui

  6. Such a retro length and look with the sunglasses! Love it!

    ps if you were looking for the Little Things Linky it’s live now — sorry!!

  7. I think you came across as very elegant, if it had been me, I know I would have ended up in the drink!!!
    That dresss is so pretty, the colour, detail and the zip at the back too. I like the shoes you were holding, AND the sunglasses! All in all, a delightful outfit 🙂

    • Judy, thank you so much for your kind words! I do like the dress a lot, I just need to be careful not to expose myself! I am surprised I didn’t end up in the water!

  8. Lol Shelbee this sounds like a story taken outta my playbook! I am not graceful at all. Half the time when we’re snapping pictures I lose my balance and practically fall. And as if I’m not self conscious enough in the spotlight there are neighbors driving by or out in front of their homes, kids riding their bikes by – all the while I am hoping to quickly get decent shots. Hahahahahaha!!! Waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone – I do not enjoy attention.
    Okay, those legs of yours are seriously shapely! Good for you for scrapping the slip and the shorts (although I get it) you wear this dress so well!
    Cheers to stepping outside of your comfort zone!

    • Thanks so much, Kellyann! I am always so self-conscious when people are watching me take photos! But we do it anyway! #bloggerlife Stay outside of your comfort zone though, my friend! It is where the best thing happen!


  9. OOOO, that adorable little dress screams 60s mod style to me. You’ve got the legs to wear it. I would probably pair with leggings because I hate my knees!

    The sunglasses are fabulous as well. And, seriously, you did a great job of carrying off that shoot. From the photos it appears you’ve done this a zillion times. If I had tried that, well, all I can say it they would have been calling me Ms. Soggy Mossbottom for sure 🙂

    • Theresa, that is so funny! Ms. Soggy Mossbottom! I love it. If I ever I do a photoshoot where I do end up in the water, I may have to steal that name for the blog post title! And now I am going to give you my mini lecture about your knees…they are the only the knees you’ve got and they have carried you far. And they will continue to support and carry you for many more years. So no matter what they look like, they are trophies of endurance and should be celebrated as such! So show off those fabulous knees and love them, my friend. Love them because they are amazing!


  10. Well I’d never know you were outside your comfort zone because you look absolutely gorgeous in that dress and the amazing location!

  11. I think the look is so great because you have pale legs! Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

  12. Wow cute dress Shelby! Love it:)

  13. I replied in the wrong place. Of course! Lol. I found the CD for adults done by my life coach. 🙂 I also have the blog made into book!! I’ll find you Monday!

    • Awesome, Lori! Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog space! And I like comments no matter where you leave them. Haha. There is no wrong place! I look forward to catching up with you.


  14. Shelbee I am loving this look soooo much! What a beautiful dress and shoes and the color is amazing! Those sunglasses just take it all to a new level! Great job! Thanks for joining the Ladies Who Link Up Party! We are doing an Instagram only link up party on Monday’s now and I hope you can join us! Peace!
    Cheryl Tucker

  15. Lovely outfit Shelbee, wow I love those sunglasses 🙂 Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop

  16. I’m quite impressed! The dress is beautiful, and I would probably feel exactly the way you did about the length. Those sun glasses are fabulous.

    Thanks for partying with us on #FridayFrivolity

    • Audrey, thank you so much! My most recent post goes on to talk about loving your legs, so I guess I was subconsciously building up to that topic by showing off so much leg in this post! Ha.


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