Server Issues

So my sister has brought it to my attention that all of my photos are appearing sideways when she views my page. I was confused because they are normal when I view it and when I reached out for technical support, the help desk tech confirmed that the photos appeared normal on his view as well.

After further research, we discovered that Internet Explorer is loading and displaying the pictures the correct way (which is the server I prefer to use), but Google Chrome and Safari are displaying all of my photos sideways! I don’t know what is happening on other servers at this point.

So if you are seeing sideways pictures, I do apologize and I am working on fixing the problem. However, I am completely ignorant about these technical issues, so it may take me longer than a normal person to rectify the problem! So if you have any input, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your patience!

Stay tuned…

These technical issues may just push me…

Off the edge,




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