Little Bits of Inspiration #5

Five weeks of inspiration and I really can’t keep calm when I’m inspired! I just need to share my enthusiasm! This week I have been inspired by these five:

1. Gracey of Fashion for Giants might be the sweetest person I have never met! Gracey’s blog takes us on her journey of dressing as a tall, plus-sized woman who loves thrifted and vintage clothing. She says the struggle is real, but despite said struggle, she ALWAYS looks amazing. And she is so smart and witty that every post makes me chuckle. Her entire persona just exudes niceness! I also love that she is a transplant to my home State of Pennsylvania. Perhaps one day, I will have the good fortune of meeting this wonderful woman. Check out her blog for fashion and literary inspirations. Thank you, Gracey, for keeping me inspired and always making me laugh!

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2. Currently, my personal anthem is Fight Song by Rachel Platten. Every time I hear this song, I feel inspired, energized, and empowered. Have a listen and you will know what I mean!

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3. Katherine of Katherine’s Corner continues to inspire on a weekly basis with her own creative posts on life, do-it-yourself projects, recipes, and more! Her weekly linkup Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop which she hosts with seven other bloggers also is a great source of inspiration for me on the internet! If you are looking for all things inspirational, do check out Katherine as well as her fabulous blogger friends: Nina of Vintage Mama’s Cottage, Debi of Surroundings by Debi, Jas of All That’s Jas, Erika of What Erika Wears, Betty of My Cozy Corner, Rina of I Thee Cook, and Rosemary of An Italian Kitchen.

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4. I discovered Sarah of Sadie Seasongoods on this week’s Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop at Katherine’s Corner. She has created a fabulous DIY wool blanket from thrifted wool scarves. She also has inspired me with a scarf charity idea that she found here. Check out Sarah’s DIY blanket as well as the source of her inspiration at Re-Scape Inspired Recycling.

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5. Shannon and William Anderson, It Works Distributors and a couple whom I am honored to call my friends, continue to inspire me on a regular basis. I met Shannon and William about a year and half ago through my local MOMS Club. They were expecting their second child and were not in the best financial situation. I was in a position at the time to pass on my baby things that my children had outgrown and they humbly accepted all of it. What I have received in return is so much more valuable! Shannon has become a very dear and cherished friend of mine who inspires me daily. The successful turn their lives have taken as a result of their It Works opportunity and just the way they approach life on a daily basis is inspiring. As a family, Shannon and William are thriving in so many ways! Read their story here. Shannon is also one of the people who inspired me to start my blog. I learned from her to chase my dreams regardless of what anyone else thinks. I really am truly blessed to call Shannon and William my friends. Thank you, Anderson family, for always inspiring!

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Always inspired on the edge,



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  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for including me as one of your inspirations! And thank you even more for saying such nice things about me. I’m blushing all over the place over here!!!