Little Bits of Inspiration #3

Here we go with #3 of little things on the internet that have inspired me this week!

1. I have to highlight Sally McGraw of Already Pretty again…because she seems to always inspire me with her bits of wisdom on body image. Her post Yes, And… takes Tina Fey’s three rules of improv and brilliantly applies them to issues of body image. When recognizing something lovely or envy-worthy in another (the “yes”), we should remember to also recognize what is lovely and envy-worthy in ourselves (the “and”). Thank you for this wonderful reminder, Sally!

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2. Susan Shelly of Then You Stand is a very dear friend of mine and one of the most amazing women of strength whom have ever met. I met her in 2011 in my first graduate counseling class and we clicked immediately. She is tender, she is brilliant, she wears her heart on her sleeve. She is compassionate and she is caring. But mostly she is real. And this quality is taking her far in life and in her career. I realize body image issues are a hot topic these days with style bloggers so I thought it fitting to highlight a blog post that Susan published over a year ago, but it is so worth reading now. Dying Looks Good on You addresses the issue of randomly complimenting a person on weight loss without knowing the reason behind the drastic change. Sometimes there is a physical or mental health reason behind changes in weight and we need to be more aware of how very sensitive the issue can be. This post is well worth the read as is checking out any of Susan’s Lectures if you are in the Doylestown, Pennsylvania area. Thank you, Susan, for always keeping it real.

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3. Susie Johnson of Not Your Average Mom is a mom blogger whom I have been following for quite a while. I briefly knew Susie during my college years, but I feel as if I have really gotten to her through her blog. Which is amazing, by the way. In honor of Halloween, I want to share her post A Letter to my Girls Before Halloween, which addresses the issue of teen and early twenty-something girls feeling the need to wear slutty costumes. Susie is so brilliantly funny in addressing serious topics that I am feeling the need to praise her and her wonderful blog! Thanks, Susie, for making me feel like I’m not total crazy all the time. And thanks for always making me laugh in the midst of this crazy parenting gig!

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4. This post: 13 Life Lessons From a Tree! Writer Geoff Thompson discusses the lessons we can learn just by observing nature. My favorite sentence from this article: “We are perpetually becoming.” Definitely worth reading.

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5. Alexandra of Funky Jungle is an over 40 fashion blogger whom I have been following for quite some time. She always posts inspiring outfits which are great for daily mom living and an active lifestyle. Her series What I read on the Internet also provides very read-worthy links that she finds inspiring. In fact, I found the link above (#4) from Alexandra’s post. Thanks, Alex, for keeping me inspired!


What inspires you?

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