Kimono Love

I bought this kimono last year on clearance for about $6 and only wore it once. It didn’t fit quite right in the shoulders but I have since lost a few pounds and now it feels more comfortable. I’m kind of having a love affair with it now…expect to see it more on my Instagram page!

I love how it disguises the parts I don’t want bulging out and around. I love how the long length makes me look leaner and taller. I love the versatility of the colors and style. I love how the fringe makes me feel a little boho. I love that it is super lightweight so I don’t get too hot, but it offers my shoulders some protection from the sun. I’m just really digging my old kimono right now!







The block sandals made it until about noon, then my back started to hurt so I switched to these flats.


Outfit details:
Kimono: Cato Fashions (from last year) Cute alternative here.
Tank Top: Cato Fashions (from last year) Lots of cute options here.
Jeans: Old Navy (These are the boyfriend button fly which are no longer available).
Block Heel Sandals: Mudd Women’s Strappy High Heel Sandals in Cognac from Kohl’s
Flat Sandals: Payless (from last year…but lots of adorable options available this year).
Necklace: A gift from my beautiful 7-year-old fashion-niece-ta, Saphia!

Are you loving kimonos, too? How are you styling your kimono?

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  1. Hey S
    Kimonos are so very versatile ! I’ve worn mine with red jeans, with black dressy trousers and am looking forward to wearing it with a dress. Nicely done.

  2. Great kimono! I love the block sandals, too. Too bad your back started to hurt, but the flats are really cute, too!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  3. You always find the best deals! I would have snatched up this kimono too at that price. Actually, at any price because it’s SO cute for summer!


  4. The kimono is so fun! I love the print and fringe at the bottom. Have a great weekend!

  5. What a lovely kimono! A fantastic piece for summer, loving that fringe!

  6. Love kimonos—of course I only discovered them last year—but I think they are the perfect topper for the summer!! And most of them (just like yours) are so beautifully colorful!!

    • Thank you, Jodie! Have you a done a post on kimonos? I need to read through your posts and see! I think the three of you would all rock the kimono look in such a fabulous way!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  7. You sassy thing you…you look fab!

  8. That’s a cute kimono and so beautifully styled. Love the mix print with the necklace. thank you again for linking up at #LinkPartyWithOsy

  9. You’re really stylish with your kimono:)

    don’t forget to visit me back,

    • Thanks, Marsya! I just read through some of your outfit posts and you are super stylish! And oh so beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my little page!


  10. I love kimonos! And fringe! Great combo!


  11. Love the Kimono style-but big surprise coming from me, right?

    • Haha! Thanks, Terri! But I am just wearing some $6 “imitation” kimono! You go for the real authentic thing! I might to order myself a “real” kimono soon!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  12. I love the ease and coverage of a kimono! Great block heels too! (I always carry flats for later also) Thanks for joining in our Friday fashion fun & have a fab weekend!

    Dawn Lucy

    • Thanks so much, Dawn Lucy! I used to be able to wear heels all day long with no problem (like 20 years ago!) traipsing all around Manhattan like I owned the place! Ha! The joys of aging!


  13. Kimonos are great, I have a few my self that need some love. Will plan some outfits soon with my Kimonos.

    Thanks for joining my linkup again this week and hope to see you next Friday! #UntamedStyle

  14. What a great kimono, and I’m loving the fringe hem. Kimonos are so perfect for summer!

    • Thanks so much, Rachael! It is definitely a fun kimono! Sometimes the fringes get caught on things on though and they pull right out. But, I guess that’s what I get for $6!!! Thankfully there are enough fringes that it is not so noticeable! Thanks for reading!


  15. The kimono is really beautiful and I love the pattern. Sounds like a bargain too. I have been wanting to get a kimono for awhile too.

  16. I love the length of that kimono. We have a Cato Fashions here and I always forget about it, I need to go in it again soon! They have such cute clothes for affordable prices.


    • I was unsure of the pattern on this kimono, but it was the length that sold me on it! That and the price! I love Cato Fashions. I only discovered it about a year because the one is kind of hidden away in a tiny little shopping center. I love hitting their clearance! So much cute stuff. You should definitely go check it out, Carrie! I really love their accessories, too.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  17. I love kimonos, but I have yet to find one that doesn’t overwhelm my short body. I also love your boyfriend jeans, it’s tough to find the ones that button up instead of zipping nowadays, too.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Ana! I wonder how a really short kimono would be for you? Like one that hits right at the waist? And he button fly jeans are awesome and I think Old Navy sold out really quickly and then never had them again. Bummer!


  18. Yess I love kimonos as well because they add some more sun protection but also aren’t a full-fledged jacket. It looks great on you. Also super jealous you found such a steal for 6$ !

  19. I do love a Kimono. Yours looks great & I don’t know why one hasn’t been added to my wardrobe yet. Will be on the lookout now ! X

  20. So cool outfit, love your color combine!

  21. What a great outfit, and what great taste your niece has! Love the necklace she gave you and that will be perfect for 4th of July, too! For some reason I haven’t taken to kimonos myself but I do think they make the perfect lighweight layer for summer!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  22. This kimono looks great on you. I like fringe on the bottom. I tried one on at H&M yesterday but it the right one for me. They certainly can be flattering and forgiving on certain areas!! xx-S

    • Thank you, Shannon! What a bummer the kimono you tried didn’t work out. Although, I have tried a ton of them on and I only have two in my closet because the others were never quite right. Thanks for stopping by!


  23. Oh, these colors are beautiful! I adore flows and lightweight cover ups like this for the summer.
    Red Reticule

  24. I love kimonos too and this one is great on you!

  25. Jessica

    Love the fringe on the kimono! It’s a really nice print too!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  26. Those fringe just screams Coachella.
    Love it!

  27. Very cute long kimono dress! You look lovely and should wear it often… the block sandals go perfectly with it…what a pity they hurt you!
    I think kimono is the only item I don’t have in my closet…I would love to find one …

  28. A kimono is a perfect summer sweater! Love the colors of this one!

  29. That kimono is a beauty!


  30. Fantastic kimono!!!

    P.S. I found you via a link-up 😉