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Have you ever heard someone say that they are trying to be happy? I never quite understand this when people I meet express that they are exerting a concerted effort to be happy. Does it really take all that much effort? Or is it simply a choice? Can’t you just wake up in the morning and decide that today you will choose happiness?

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I understand that we have bad days. Everyone does. And sometimes a perfectly good day can be completely derailed by a series of unfortunate events. A perfectly good day can even be perfectly ruined by just one unpleasant event. Heck, many days, especially during these summer months, my kids alone have been able to put me in the sourest of moods by the day’s end. But I can honestly say that I am never unhappy. Through all the ups and downs, all the trials and burdens that are thrown at us just as a matter of life’s course, I can always say that I am generally a happy person.

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So what am I doing differently than those people who have to exert effort to be happy?  For me, humor as always been a coping mechanism. Smiling has always contained healing effects. And laughter has always been the best medicine. And I have suffered through some pretty dark times in my life. I have lost loved ones. I have been in pain, both physically and emotionally. But even in my most unhappy moments, I still held onto the meaning of happiness. And here I stand, telling you that I am happy. Because I choose to be. Because happiness is the journey. It is not a destination that you spend your whole life trying to get to. It is a choice that you make. Every single day.

Dress: Long Sleeve Babydoll Dress – Xhilaration™ for Target.

Necklace: Vintage Inspired Black Stone Statement Necklace c/o Happiness Boutique.

Shoes: Chinese Laundry from DSW. Similar here.

While some days don’t end on a happy note, at least those days come to an end. And we are granted the opportunity to start all over again the next day. For that I am thankful. And that is reason enough to choose happiness.

Kimono: Lace Velvet-Trim Duster Kimono from Charlotte Russe.

So when Happiness Boutique wanted to collaborate with me, I was more than happy to accept! How could I not? A company that chooses happiness as their mission is a company that I can support. You all saw my Happiness Bracelet in my Blog Birthday post. Today, I am showcasing this super fun Vintage Inspired Black Stone Statement Necklace. And of course, I am also wearing my Happiness bracelet with my lace kimono outfit.

Bracelet: Happiness Bracelet Silver Color c/o Happiness Boutique.

If you shop at Happiness Boutique from now until September 24, 2017, you will receive an extra 10% off any purchase over 19 euros (approximately $23) by entering code shelbeeontheedge at checkout.

Notice my little tunic pulled through the belt loop trick…I learned this fun little styling method from the brilliant Cheryl of Northwest Mountain Living. Thanks, Cheryl! I have been using this trick quite often of late.

So tell me…have you chosen happiness yet?

Keeping it on the edge,


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  1. Well you are looking very…..Happy!! Haha, looking good girl.

  2. You do look happy Shelbee, thanks for sharing this post with us, enjoy your week. x Jacqui

  3. You look wonderfully happy here, Shelbee! I agree that we can choose to be happy or unhappy, for most of us it is within our mind’s control. Lovely outfit too, and thanks for linking up, xo


    • Thanks so much, Patti! I choose happiness and joy every day! If I don’t, the world and all of the ugliness in it starts to trump all of the beauty in it. And I can’t let that happen! Have a fabulous week, my friend.


  4. I love Happiness Btq. I think their jewelry is so pretty! Love the necklace


  5. Looking great! I LOVE the dress!

  6. You are the true picture of a Happy Healthy Gurl. I’m just Happy to wake up and look out my window each and everyday.

  7. Being happy does have a lot to do with your general outlook on life. But, in a way, happy days are are also a gift. Not something to be taken for granted. Because there are times in life where being happy takes a lot more effort for whatever reason. So I am very grateful for the days where happiness comes easier 🙂

    Love that dress. Of course, I’d be wearing my leggings with it so I could hide my knees! The shoes are also adorable. Always liked shoes by Chinese Laundry. They make some really cute styles.
    And the velvet trimmed lace kimono is fab. I also just found a really cute kimono at Charlotte Russe . I usually don’t shop there because the loud pop music drives me batty. I realize it’s because they gear toward a much younger demographic. So I prefer to shop someplace where I can hear myself think. But the kimono caught my eye in the window so I braved the bad tunes long enough to find my size, pay and get out as fast as I could!


    • Theresa, thank you so much for sharing your outlook on happiness! I am definitely grateful for the days where it comes easier, too. But I make it a point to choose happiness over the negativity that could easily take over. I agree about Charlotte Russe. Usually, the only things I find in there for myself are kimonos. And they occasionally do a sale where all kimonos are $15, so I usually head in and stock up! In my local store, though, one of the managers is 40, so I feel a lot more comfortable in the store than perhaps I would in one where everyone was in their 20’s! Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comment. Have a wonderful day!


  8. I just love your style!


  9. You are right on about having to choose happiness! It took me a long time to learn that lesson but I’ve finally come to see the light. It ties in with the old adage of happiness isn’t getting what you want but wanting what you have. I now take the time each day to be grateful for my fabulous and pretty darn easy life. Perspective is everything. Enjoy your day!

    Elizabeth | http://nattygal.com

    • Thank you, Elizabeth! Your words are spot on as well! I am so grateful for all of the blessings in my life! As I sit here on my front porch working on my laptop in the quiet peaceful neighborhood in which I am lucky to live. Perspective is everything. And I have everything to be happy about. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a blessed day, my friend.


  10. I love you in black and white. And you have been killing in kimonos this season, Shelbee.

  11. Sometimes I think you can choose happiness after you’ve been through dark times b/c you know the worst and you know that you made it and you know that whatever annoyances are coming at you now, they’re small potatoes. I feel my smile is always upturned, like I have a resting happy face instead of a resting bitch face! Anyway, looking good today!


    • Julia, I agree with you completely! And I love that you have resting happy face! That is such a great comparison. I think I have RHF, too! Hahaha. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on happiness.


  12. love the dress! it looks adorable and I like that it’s from Target. Happiness can be elusive at times. It’s been a trying summer for me but I keep praying and knowing that things will get better. I have lots to be thankful for and have to keep those moments in the forefront. Great Post

    • Thanks so much, Carrie! I am sorry to hear that your summer has been difficult. But I do agree…sometimes just keeping the perspective is the key to having happiness at the forefront. Thanks so much for stopping by…and here’s to Fall as a new beginning!


  13. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Have a great Labor Day weekend.

  14. Lovely post Shelbee. I sometimes make my self-sad by taking on too much in one day and then stressing about it. I need to plan my time better and get back into a routine after the school holidays. Love your dress. Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

    • Thank you, Claire! Routine definitely helps me to stay out of bad moods, for sure. I am more productive when I am organized and on a schedule and that contributes to maintaining a happy attitude!


  15. Happiness is definitely a choice, but certain things make it easier. Being tired/late/stressed can through a spanner in the works but remembering that those feelings will soon pass and balance will then be restored helps enormously. No amount of worrying changes tomorrow. I love your dress and the lace kimono – the belt loop trick is a great tip!

    Emma xxx

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