Deployment Blues

Today marks 100 days of deployment! I think it also marks a turning point in our moods because yesterday during Friday Night Skype Time, emotions were running high for all of us. It was the first Skype date that ended in tears all around. The kids were crying that they miss Daddy so much and they want him “to come home forever.” This, of course, led to both my husband and I tearing up. We have all been doing really well with this separation, better than I expected, in fact. Last night truly was the first time that the real Deployment Blues set in…

Appropriately, I donned a mostly blue outfit yesterday. It makes me wonder if the clothes we choose in the morning set our mood or if our mood influences our clothing choice for the day. Or maybe neither. Maybe clothes are just clothes. But I do remember a therapist telling me years ago that our outside reflects our inside and vice versa. She instructed me to pay attention to my living space and my appearance when I was feeling a bit chaotic inside. If the outside appeared chaotic, I was to clean it up in an effort to make the inside reflect what was around me. And it usually worked. If I couldn’t control what was going on in my head, I could certainly control my surroundings (in my home) and my appearance. I still follow this rule which is why I was pondering the above issue. So, for some reason, when I got dressed yesterday, I chose to wear blue.

I snapped up this cute cream linen/cotton crewneck sweater with a pastel and deep blue floral and paisley print on 90% clearance at Kohl’s a while back. It was perfect for a mild summer day with its 3/4 length sleeves and lightweight fabric. Since I was just lazing about the house, I paired it with a pair of worn-in, two sizes too big Bermuda denim shorts from Old Navy. I layered a heather blue tunic length Mossimo tank from Target underneath the sweater. I accessorized with my favorite leopard print foot bed sandals from Payless, my favorite (and very old) wide brown leather belt from The Gap, and a brown beaded multi strand necklace which I think I purchased at Chico’s over a decade ago.

IMG_1456 IMG_1430 IMG_1463

Sweater: Chaps for Kohl’s here.
Shorts: Old Navy, similar here.
Tank: Target, here.
Sandals: Payless. Leopard is no longer available, but same style in a variety of colors and prints available here. Similar leopard print sandals available here, here, and here.
Belt: The Gap (Really old).
Necklace: Chico’s. (Even older, but they have some really beautiful alternatives here, here, and here). For a bit less expensive alternatives, look here and here.

I did a minimal print mixing with the floral top and leopard sandals. And I kept it super casual since I never even left the house, but my friend and her girls came t visit so I wanted to be presentable. What’s your favorite summer stay-at-home outfit? I would love to hear from you!

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