Cheese Curd Day

Thursday is Cheese Curd Day where I live. At least it is at The Cheese Store on Route 3 in Watertown, New York. I had never heard of cheese curds until last week when a local resident insisted that I must try the fresh cheese curds on Thursday.

So yesterday, we headed out to The Cheese Store to see what all the excitement was about. I admit that I did a Google search on cheese curds because I was very unsure what to expect. In fact, the name itself kind of grossed me out!

For those of you who are also unfamiliar with this local delicacy, this is what I discovered on Wikipedia:

1. Cheese curds are the solid parts of soured milk produced when fresh milk is pasteurized, clotted, cooked, then pressed to release the whey. The end result is cheese curds.

2. They are generally mild in flavor with the same firmness as cheese but with a springy or rubbery texture.

3. They are usually uncolored so they are white in appearance, but spices and flavors may be added.

4. They are often called “squeaky cheese” because they squeak against the teeth while being chewed.

5. They are a regional delicacy in eastern Canada, the northwestern United States, and the Midwestern United States.

6. In the Midwest, they are often battered or breaded and fried. Fried cheese curds are a regional hit at carnivals and fairs.

I read this information before I purchased the cheese curds and I was even more skeptical. Upon entering The Cheese Store, I was directed to a large refrigerator case packed full with bags of cheese curds in a variety of flavors. There was plain, jalapeno, garlic, Italian, and chive. I chose a very small bag of the chive cheese curds.

When I opened the bag, the aroma was amazing so I dug right in and took a tiny nibble! It was very tasty and salty and chivy and creamy. But the texture was a little weird for me. It was sort of rubbery…kind of like biting into a stick of string cheese instead of pulling it apart, but more springy. And it really does squeak when you chew it! I ate a few pieces before the texture really started bothering me. I think next time I will fry them. After all, isn’t everything better fried?!

The same local resident also suggested that I try another local favorite: Croghan Bologna. I think I will save that for another week!

What I wore to eat cheese:

IMG_1353 IMG_1178

I am really into the Breton stripes right now. I have accumulated quite a variety of different color schemes in this classic stripey pattern. And this new mustard color that seems to be a hot shade for Fall is really pleasing me aesthetically. So naturally, when I saw a Breton stripe relaxed boxy long sleeve tee in white and mustard at Old Navy, I had to make it mine. I even purchased it without a trip to the fitting room which is very out of character for me because I hate to return things!

I paired it with black jeggings from Target which I found to be super comfortable. No tugging and pulling up the waist band at all throughout the day, which is a problem I encounter with many jeans and leggings. So I am very pleased with this addition to my closet.

It was a cool day yesterday, so I layered on a dark grey knit moto vest also from Target which I think added a little edge to the classic stripes. I started with a black printed scarf that I found on clearance at Cato Fashions a while back for $1.99 (that’s almost free!). And I love the pattern and color scheme as it works well with much of my wardrobe. I did get a little warm later in the day so I swapped out the scarf for a long black beaded necklace that I picked up at the Form Drum Exchange (on clearance and tax free…there are many benefits to this military life!). I completed the outfit with these adorable leopard print slip on sneakers which I also found on clearance at Cato Fashions for $9.99. And they were very soft and comfortable. I wore them all day without socks and there was no rubbing and no blisters whatsoever. That is impressive for inexpensive shoes!

IMG_1218 IMG_1212 IMG_1141

Jeggings: Mossimo Mid-Rise Jegging at Target.
Moto Vest: Mossimo for Target.
Top: Old Navy’s Relaxed Boat Neck Tee.
Sneakers: Cato Fashions.
Scarf: Cato Fashions. No longer available, but another option to pair with this outfit here, here, and here.
Necklace: Fort Drum Army Exchange. Similar here, here, and here.
Black Belt: Burlington Coat Factory Men’s Department (Kenneth Cole Reaction, similar here).

I think I’m getting the hang of this pattern or print mixing business. Although I am still keeping it simple and basic…stripes, leopard, and geometric. How do you like to mix prints? I would love to hear from you in the comments! Also, have you have tried cheese curds? Are they for you?

Keeping it on the edge,


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  1. Cheese Curd Lover

    OMG I love those shoes! And I prefer my cheese curds fried, too. Dairy Queen makes some decent fried cheese curds and I was told by a Minnesotan once that they are very nearly authentic to the fried curds you’d find in the Midwest.

  2. I love the leopard sneakers! You did a great job with the print mixing!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  3. I love the mix of patterns!!

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week.


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