Candy in my Scarf and Crazy Pants

Readers with children, have you ever heard things come out of your own mouth that you never imagined you would say? Things like, “Please stop licking the bottom of your shoe!” or “No, you may not play in the toilet.” If you have small children or did at one time, you are all too familiar with the very strange happenings that frequently occur! I recently experienced another one of these moments when I got dressed in my crazy pants and decided a heavy scarf was the only cold weather accessory I needed.

I am an avid scarf collector and this giant blue knit scarf is one of my absolute favorites. I also am quite particular about my clothing and accessories. Lighter weight scarves are kept on hangers in my closet and heavy knit ones are stored in a bin on the floor of my closet. I have a very large walk-in closet which is a dream come true for me to maintain some level of organization with the huge amount of wearables I own. My children also know that they are not allowed to play in my closet (as much as they love to). Now, I am not a super strict parent and I do allow my children to play and explore, but after all too many times of complete closet destruction at the hands of these wee little ones, I finally implemented my closet ban! Yet, when I pulled out my favorite blue scarf, I heard these words come out of my mouth, “WHY IS THERE CANDY STUCK ALL IN MY SCARF?!” Somehow, someway, there was hard, red, stickiness all clumped up in the long fringes of the scarf. How did this happen, you may wonder…in my closet where children have been banned? I do not have an answer…but all clues point to the wee little ones. In the end, scissors were necessary to save my scarf and no fringes were lost!

Anyway, I guess it was very appropriate that I chose to wear my crazy pants that day! After trying on several pairs of jeans and feeling that horrible monthly bloat where I could not tolerate a non-elastic waistband with buttons and zippers, leggings were the only way to go. I recently obtained these microfiber leggings in a vibrant pattern from Burlington Coat Factory at a super inexpensive BCF price (under $10). And the great thing about these leggings besides the awesome print (obviously) is they are super soft with a high waist that required no readjusting or pulling up throughout the day. Absolutely perfect for the monthly misery of bloat, destroyed body image, and all-around body discomfort!

Everything else in this outfit is old. I paired the pants with a navy blue tank top layered under a wide neck navy blue tunic with a subtle sheer striped pattern. Heavy navy over-the-knee socks (slouched down), camel shearling boots, and my favorite blue scarf completed my super cozy, comfortable, cool Fall day look ideal for running errands, tending to the little beasts, and ending the day with the onset of a cold!

IMG_6702 IMG_6653 IMG_6659

Leggings: Burlington Coat Factory. I can’t find the exact same leggings, but they have a huge variety of print leggings all for under $10. Similar ones are here, here, and here.

Tank top: Women’s Favorite Tank by Merona for Target. Currently, navy blue is not available, but Target always has these tank tops with new colors for each season. They are my favorite layering tanks.

Shirt: Old Navy. Old, but Old Navy always has a large variety of tunic style tops. This pintuck tunic would work well with leggings. This V-neck tunic sweater would also be great with leggings (it comes in graphite or red). Also check out the variety or tunic tops available in shades of blue here.

Socks: Sock Dreams. Years back, I went a little crazy on this website and accumulated quite the collection of fun socks! They actually still carry the socks I am wearing even though I bought them at least 6 years ago! Mine are these OTK Tube Socks. They measure 33 inches from toes to top with 7 inch cuffs. They are really heavy, soft, and warm and are available in 11 different colors. For only $10, they are totally worth it!

Boots: Payless. My boots are also about 5 or 6 years old, but these Vale Sweater Back Boots are similar and these Regan Boots are almost identical.

Scarf: Very old (I don’t even remember the origin of this scarf and the tag is long gone!) I know my scarf was store-bought, but I would probably check Etsy at this point if I were looking for something similar. I really like this super long scarf with fringe in blue. It measures 6 feet in length which is great for bundling!

Do you have to change your outfit choices based on the monthly bloat? What is your go-to outfit for ultimate comfort while keeping it stylish? How about some crazy kid stories to share as well? I would love to hear in the comments!

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  1. Looks lovely and warm too 🙂

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  2. They look like a fun print! I dont have kids, but I taught kindergarten and know kids say and do funny things!

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