A Battlefield, A Restaurant, and A Striped Dress

I suppose it is no secret now that I love striped dresses! (Not that this was ever secret-worthy information.) A lightweight, loose fitting dress made of tee shirt fabric is just the most comfortable attire for a hot sweltering day. I wore this dress on Friday for an afternoon date with my husband. We put the boys in day care for the entire day and we headed out to Sackets Harbor for lunch. (It is no secret either that I love food!) We walked around the battlefield and had some fun taking outfit photos.

A Battlefield

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The Sackets Harbor Battlefield, which is located on Lake Ontario, was the center of American naval and military activity during the War of 1812 between the United States and Great Britain. On May 29, 1813, a British-Canadian force launched an attack in Sackets Harbor in an attempt to destroy the naval shipyard. The few Americans stationed here (as the majority of the American forces were attacking Fort George on the other side of Lake Ontario) managed to narrowly drive off the enemy. It wasn’t until December of 1814 that the War of 1812 was declared officially over. The battlefield as Sackets Harbor is wrought with military history and blessed with extraordinary scenery. The town itself is a beautiful tourist location with adorable shops and amazing restaurants.

A Restaurant

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We enjoyed the gourmet masterpieces created by the culinary genius behind Tin Pan Galley. Sometimes the wait for your food is a little long because all dishes are prepared fresh and not in advance of an order. But it is well worth the wait. We dined outside in their courtyard and enjoyed the scenery and watching the passers-by while sipping on fabulous beverages from the bar. I had a Bloody Mary, which I only recently started drinking, but it was by far the best Bloody Mary I’ve had.

My husband and I started with an order of Panko Crusted Goat Cheese which is served with spicy tomato oil and grilled rosemary bread. It was like heaven for my taste buds. We were actually eating the sauce off the plate with spoons after the bread and cheese had been devoured! Then we ordered two different sandwiches to share because neither of us could decide which one we wanted. We ordered the Grilled Chicken Ciabatta which stacked the chicken with bacon, apple slices, Brie cheese, lettuce, and honey mustard between two fresh slices of ciabatta bread made fresh by the local bakery Chrissy Beanz Bakery. We also ordered the Totally Smoked Grilled Cheese sandwich. The price for this sandwich is $14. My husband wanted to know why a grilled cheese cost $14…and then the sandwich arrived and after one bite, his question was answered! Layered between two buttered slices of grilled Brioche was an overflowing amount of smoked mozzarella, ham, bacon, tomato slices, and house smoked tomato aioli. All I can say is it was worth every last cent of that $14. Both sandwiches were accompanied by super delicious, crisp, fried to perfection French fries. And the very best part of this phenomenal lunch was that we had no kids demanding more ketchup, dropping food and insisting we wipe their hands immediately, and crying to use the bathroom! We simply sat and enjoyed each other’s company while feasting on amazing food! It was the perfect afternoon date!

A Striped Dress


I recently picked up this adorable Old Navy Sleeveless Knit Swing Dress in Blue Stripe on sale for $15! It is so comfortable! And I felt fun and flirty in it, too! I grabbed this blue and white printed scarf with pom-pom details because I wanted to have something for shoulder coverage in case we chose to eat inside an air-conditioned restaurant…my shoulders always get cold! Even though we didn’t eat inside, I was glad I had the scarf to protect my shoulders from the intense sun! It also provided protection from the grass when I decided to sit on the battlefield for some photos.










Outfit details:
Dress: Old Navy Sleeveless Knit Swing Dress in Blue Stripe (currently on sale for $15)
Scarf: Old Navy (from last year)
Necklace: Cato Fashions (from last year)
Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory (Brand: Rampage) (from last year)

If you ever make it to St. Lawrence River Valley, be sure to visit Sackets Harbor for some great history, great views, and great food!

One final note: I need to send out a giant thank you to Ann Krembs of Kremb de la Kremb! She saw my featured image on my Instagram account and privately sneaked it away and did some amazing color editing to it. It was a good photo but she elevated to it brilliant with fantastic color saturation, etc.! (Although now it looks a little grainy once the size was changed for the featured image. Here is a little secret about me: I have no idea how to edit or improve the colors and lighting or quality on photos! All of my photos are completely unedited…something I do need to work on to provide clearer, brighter, more aesthetically pleasing images for you all! I’ll get there someday…) So, THANK YOU, Ann! You are amazing, kind, and oh so generous! You should all go check out her blog!

Have an amazing Memorial Day!

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  1. That stole pairs so beautifully with your dress! I love the bold color coupled with the simple cut.
    Red Reticule

  2. You look lovely in that striped dress, and I like the subtle print mixing with the scarf too. You lunch date (and the food!) sounds awesome 🙂

    I don’t do any editing with my photos either – just crop and post. Although I do use filters on instagram 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Thanks, Mica! I just crop and post, too, and occasionally use an IG filter. If I don’t crop first, the orientation of my photos get all goofed up! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one!


  3. Hi Shelbee… I love visiting historical sites here in North Carolina. We have so very many. And you did it in style too. Love your flowy blue dress. The kimono added to the look is fab. Old Navy is one of my goto spots too. Thanks for sharing your look.


  4. Loving that striped dress and it looks amazing with that cardigan. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


  5. Love the dress!! Such a cute look!

    Adi xx

  6. Love your dress! I have the same one in black and white! Such a great deal!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  7. Wow I had a blast going over your post Shelbee – wish I could be here someday soon!

    Come check out the 3rd installment of my collab with LA-based brand TOBI – I’m so sure you’ll love it!!!!


  8. It must be said, I am a lover of stripes. The dress is perfect on you Shelby, I love the colour combination.
    Michelle xx

  9. Such a cute dress, I love the stripes!

  10. Love the blue here, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. That dress is darling! I love swing dresses like that and you certainly can never go wrong with stripes!

  12. I love the striped dress. You and I shop alike. Old Navy and Catos are two of my “go-to” stores. You can find really cute clothing at those stores for a fraction of the cost at other department stores. Thanks for linking-up with me today. I saw you come across my Instagram feed today, and started following you. I thought, “I recognize her.” Lol!

    • Awesome, Tania! And thanks for the IG follow! I recently discovered Cato’s because there is a store located right next to my local Walmart (where I do most of my grocery shopping). They do have the cutest stuff and when I hit the clearance rack…watch out! And the quality is pretty decent for the price, too. I actually got really excited when I saw you wearing something from Cato’s because not too many people know of them, in my experience!


  13. Your description of the food is making me hungry. I am glad you two had a good time out without the kiddos. All the more to get dolled up and have fun.
    Thank you for linking up to “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me”
    Rachel xo

    • Oh, Rachel, if you only knew! That food was so freaking good! And it was nice to savor every bite and eat it while it was still hot!! Thanks for stopping by!


  14. Hi Shelbee! Thanks so much for your great comment on my blog recently! I’m just getting back from a long vacation so I’m a little late in responding.
    Love the dress and the way you paired it with that scarf! Don’t you just love Old Navy? I got a bunch of stuff from there for my trip– first time in years I shop Old Navy, but they’ve really upped their style game!

    -Nathy @ Earnestyle

    • Thanks so much, Nathy! I love to spread the love with comments! I hope you had a fab vacation! Old Navy really is stepping up this season! I found so many adorable and affordable spring and summer dresses! Thanks for stopping by.


  15. I have a very similar dress to yours (in fact I’m wearing it in today’s post too) and I love it for all the reasons you mentioned! You look cute and like you had a really fun day!

    • Thank you, Amy! I love how you styled your black and white striped dress with the pops of colors in your accessories. Super cute! Thanks for stopping by!


  16. I have this dress in a couple color-ways and it seriously my favorite dress right now. Perfect in so many ways!

  17. I love comfy t-shirt dresses too though I have to say I love your shoes and necklace. What a luxury to have a Friday afternoon date! But, so important!


  18. Blue is such a gorgeous color on you Shelbee! I have the same dress, but in olive green. It’s so comfy!

    • Thanks so much, Ashley! I didn’t see the olive green dress! I love olive green! But I think blue loves me better! Thank you for stopping by!


  19. This outfit is easy & breezy. Perfect for a spring/summer day