5 Days, 5 Outfits, 3 Style Challenges

I think I have mentioned in previous posts that I like to use Instagram Style Challenges as inspiration for choosing my outfits on days when I have no idea what to wear. I see a lot of IG accounts which combine multiple style challenges into one outfit. It looked kind of fun to me so I decided to choose three different style challenges and combine them all into one outfit every day for the entire week (Monday through Friday). It was a bit challenging, but it certainly got me thinking outside of my personal fashion box. And I ended creating some outfits that I never would have otherwise. Some were a little outside of my comfort zone, but I put on my fake confidence anyway and walked out the door. I will admit, I contemplated changing on some days after I took the photos. But that would be cheating, so these five outfits I did wear all day on the days I styled them. And the ones I felt least comfortable in were the ones I received the most compliments on. So if you are ever lacking outfit inspiration, do try a style challenge (you don’t have to post pictures if that’s not your thing). I promise you will discover a fabulous fashion sense that you didn’t even know you had!

In a recent post, I talked about the super cool Mercedes and Andy of COTD Style who host a style challenge every Monday through Friday. Andy chooses two colors (or patterns or textures) and Mercedes posts them on IG @COTDStyle and Facebook (she also posts a Pose of the Day as well on Facebook which looks like a lot of fun).

Elsie of @polishedwhimsy and Sarah of @queserasarah hosted #midMayMixitup for the week of May 16-20 with the focus on a “plethora of pattern.”

IMG_1739 (1)

And Shauna of @911style_ with Amy and Jennifer of @mypurpleblazer hosted the #911style_challenge for the week of May 16-20.


For more style inspiration, definitely check out all of the fabulous people who host these challenges each week! The links provided will take you directly to their IG accounts.

So these are the three challenges I decided to combine for the entire week. Have a look at what happened!



#cotdstylechallenge: Fluevog Toledo Green and Purple
#midMayMixitup: Stripes & Animal Print
#911style_challenge: Purple

My interpretation:
Green jacket and purple necklace and boots (#cotdstylechallenge and #911style_challenge)
Striped tights and mixed animal print scarf (#midMayMixitup)





Outfit details:
Denim Dress, Utility Jacket, and Long Sleeve Layering Tee: Old Navy
Scarf: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Aerosoles Outlet
Tights and necklace: Very old



#cotdstylechallenge: Road Stripe Yellow and Asphalt
#midMayMixitup: Polka Dots & Plaid
#911style_challenge: Layers

My interpretation:
Yellow camisole and shoes with black jacket (#cotdstylechallenge)
Polka dot shirt and plaid scarf (#midMayMixitup)
Button down shirt layered over camisole (#911style_challenge)





Outfit details:
Polka Dot shirt: Old Navy (old)
Jeans: Gap Factory Outlet
Camisole: JcPenney (attached to a sheer patterned blouse but separated for this outfit)
Jacket: Columbia Sportswear
Shoes: Target (old)
Scarf: very old
Tree of Life Silver Necklace: Silver Jewelry by Denise Smith



#cotdstylechallenge: California Desert Sage and Cotton Chino Texture
#midMayMixitup: Gingham & Leopard
#911style_challenge: Prints

My interpretation:
Dark sage colored cotton chinos (#cotdstylechallenge)
Gingham button down shirt and leopard shoes and belt (#midMayMixitup)
Striped tank top (#911style_challenge)





Outfit details:
Chinos, gingham shirt, and striped tank top: Old Navy
Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory (Brand: XOXO)
Belt: TJMaxx
Long Necklace and earrings: Cato Fashions
Tree of Life Necklace: Silver Jewelry by Denise Smith



#cotdstylechallenge: Varied Circles and Lots of Silver
#midMayMixitup: Fruity Print & Stripes
#911style_challenge: Menswear

My interpretation:
Lots of circles and silver on my jewelry (#cotdstylechallenge)
Pineapple cardigan and striped tunic (#midMayMixitup)
Burgundy Brogues and trouser socks (#911style_challenge)






Outfit details:
Striped tunic: Old Navy (from last year)
Pineapple cardigan: Target (from last year)
Distressed denim shorts: Gap Factory Outlet
Shoes: DSW (Brand: Crown Vintage)
Socks and jewelry: old



#cotdstylechallenge: Grand Canyon Orange Flower and Pink Rock
#midMayMixitup: The more the merrier
#911style_challenge: Bring on the Bling

My interpretation:
Orange cardigan and sandals with deep pink pants (#cotdstylechallenge)
Color blocking of 4 bright colors (#midMayMixitup)
Sparkly shiny, blingy jewelry (#911style_challenge)








Outfit details:
Cardigan and silver daisy bracelet: Cato Fashions (from last year)
Pants and peplum top: Old Navy
Purple layering tank top: Target
Sandals: Payless (very old)
Necklace: Kohl’s
Sparkly bling bracelets: Claire’s

I think Friday’s color blocked outfit turned out to be my favorite. And something I have never done before (bright color blocking). Which is your favorite? Would you try a style challenge (if you don’t already). I would love to hear from you!

Trying new things on the edge,


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  1. I need more green shoes in my life, love that green closeup! I need to try these challenges, summer dressing rut is looming.

    • Thanks for reading, Marie! It took me a minute to figure out what green shoes you were talking about! That the COTD Challenge color post and those are Fluevog shoes. I don’t personally own any Fluevogs or any green shoes for that matter, but I definitely need them in my life as well! Are they perfect?!


  2. You did a fantastic job of styling for these challanges, I’m very impressed. I love to follow and see what others do with these challenges, I just never seem to join in.

    • Thank you so much, Trina! It was fun to do for a week. But usually I only ever do a challenge when I am missing inspiration. But now I have a ton of outfits in mind that I want to wear without the challenges. But definitely fun to do occasionally and then combine more than one to make it more, well, challenging! Balance! Thanks for reading my post!


  3. You have a such a great sense of layering and using a variety of colors that are in perfect harmony.
    Red Reticule

  4. Shannon Jenkins

    So many cute outfits! Obsessed with those fun tights!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  5. You came up with some great outfits! Love the colors of the last one!

  6. Love your Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday outfits especially. You have definitely inspired me to get even more out of my comfort zone. You put items together I would have never thought of wearing before. Love it!


    • Thanks so much, Candace! I’m glad you were inspired. Some days the outfits just kind of fall into place; other days they need some playing around until they look right. Sometimes an outfit bombs but it’s okay because other times I feel so confident that I nailed something fun and interesting. I’d love to see what you put together when you start venturing out of the comfort zone! Thanks for reading.


  7. Shelby, I loved this post. I didn’t know there were daily challenges in IG. When I was nail blogging, there were things like this. This really would make me shop my closet. Now, will I actually do it, don’t know. But, I am going to think about it. I also wanted to tell you that I love your blog design. My daughter has finally convinced me to move to WordPress with a .com and when I saw your blog, I knew I had to do something different from blogger. Take care, Terri.

    • Thank you so much, Terri! Hopefully you do find some forgotten gems hiding in your closet! I have to be honest, I don’t have a clue what the heck I am doing with the blog design. It was a free template and I started out with WordPress because my sister suggested it. I still have a lot to learn about it though. There are so many little features and plugins, etc. that I have no idea how to navigate! I guess it’s all trial and error! But I definitely like that I have a .com address.
      Good luck with the transition over to WordPress! And thanks for stopping by!


  8. You have a way with prints and colours hun. Thanks so much for stopping by on my blog, I appreciate your comment.
    Princess Audu

    • Thank you, Sarah! I have been trying to be more bold with my outfit pairings, so I definitely appreciate the compliments! And I thank you for stopping by!


  9. Loving all your outfits Shelbee, you can’t beat denim it always looks stylish, love it 🙂

    Thanks for sharing at the Wednesday blog hop

  10. I have not participated in a challenge for a while. However my favourite part is what you mention: to wear something in a way I would have never thought of before.
    From you looks my fave is the blue polka dot one with the scarf at the neck. You’re looking beautiful.

    • Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment, Lorena! The polka dot with the neckerchief was the one outfit I felt totally out of my comfort zone wearing. But I started be more confident in it when I was getting compliments!


  11. I think Friday’s outfit is my favourite too – the colours are all so nice together! 🙂

    I like to play along with style challenges on instagram although the most I’ve ever done has been 2 at once, so well done for doing 3! I haven’t done one for a while, but I might hop back on board with them next month 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Thank you, Mica! I’m taking a break this week from style challenges. But I might want to try to combine 4 next time! It’s like a puzzle trying to make them all work together! Thanks for stopping by.


  12. Andrea Nine

    You did such a great job!! The polka dot with the red plaid is my favorite..so chic!! You’re a doll!!!

    • Thanks so much, Andrea! The polka dot and plaid was the most out of my comfort zone, but I did end up really liking it! And you are so sweet!


  13. Those patterned tights are so FAB – and great looks as well Shelbee!

    Come take a look at another outfit I’m wearing for my latest collab with Los Angeles-based brand TOBI – I’m sure you’ll love it!

    Happy Memorial Day!


  14. Amy Arnold

    So many great outfits in one post!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  15. Great outfits! I love your mix of colors.
    xo, Lee

  16. I love ever single look!! I especially love the last one with that adorable peplum top!! SO pretty!!

    xx, Elise

  17. OK, you really did give yourself a challenge here! Lol! I guess they call them ‘challenges’ for a reason! 😉 I LOVE the first two outfits, they are my absolute faves. They all look great, tho!


  18. What fun! Challenges like this always remind me to take some risks with myoutfits! Fashion should be fun!


  19. What a fun idea! I wish I took the time to participate in style challenges. I don’t typically plan out outfits, and I’m too dead to the world to think that much in the mornings. I think the last is my favorite too! It’s fun and happy. Although, I’m also a huge fan of the plaid scarf with the polkadot button-up – that’s giving me inspiration!:)

    • Thanks, Emily! I can only sometimes plan an outfit the night before…but even then I often change my mind in the morning. I usually can only pick one piece that I want to wear, then build around that. I did end up liking the polka dot and plaid after much tweaking! I’m glad you got some inspiration!


  20. Such fun looks! I really love your striped tights and marsala boots!


  21. Those IG challenges are so fun! Love all of these cute looks! The first two are my favorites!

    Doused In Pink

  22. Style challenges are so much fun right? Your interpretations are great, I especially love the gingham print 🙂