4 Ways To Try A New Trend Without Breaking the Bank

Let’s face it, fashion is as fickle as the weather. With every new season, we see new trends surfacing while older trends drift off into oblivion only to be resurrected into a modernized version of their original form two decades in the future. When the coolest fad from winter is eclipsed by the next fresh thing of spring, how do we possibly stay abreast of it all? And for the person who loves to stay fashionably en vogue with the ever changing trends, how can it be done without completely breaking the bank?

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Say you have caught a glimpse of the next fabulous craze in fashion that has hit the runways and is creating all sorts of buzz among your favorite style icons. You desperately want to join the ranks of the most notoriously on trend street style stars, but your wallet cannot quite accommodate your sartorial desires. After all, the majority of even the most ridiculously stylish people in the world are just regular people who work regular jobs and earn regular incomes. But being regular does not mean that you cannot acquire a street style flair sprinkled gloriously with the luster of the next best thing.

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If there is a hot new fashion trend that has really caught your fancy and you want to give it a try without breaking the bank, check out these 4 tips for easily elevating your style to the ranks of the enviable…all while sticking to your fashion budget.

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1. Wait it out. I know you are probably dying to get your hands on that designer piece that was just revealed on the runways. But regular people with regular jobs and regular incomes can’t afford the runway designs unless you are willing to sacrifice the other necessities of life, like food and shelter, in exchange for being right on top of the hottest new trend. But I guarantee, you won’t look all that fabulous even donning your stunning designer acquisition if you are starving and homeless. So be patient. It won’t be long until designer knock offs hit the shelves of every major retailer in the world.

*Jeans: Torrid Jeggings – Dark Denim Wash.

2. Shop around before purchasing. When the knock offs find their way to retailers, you will start to notice that many different stores will carry very similar designs of the same trend. Resist the urge to buy the very first piece that you spot at an amazing price. Chances are, a week later, you will see a similar piece that you like better. And believe me, you don’t need multiple pairs of metallic silver booties.

*Cardigan: Old from Target. Similar here, here, and here.

3. Sample small. If it is a trend like velvet or faux fur or Pantone’s Color of the Year and you don’t want to make the investment into a large purchase until you are certain that you really like the trend and will get your money’s worth, start with something small like an accessory. Instead of a velvet moto jacket, try a pair of velvet sneakers. Rather than a faux fur winter coat, maybe a warm scarf in the plush fabric will suit your style and your budget better. Is Ultra Violet not really your color but you want to stay true to your inner fashionista? Perhaps a simple clutch in the vibrant color is just enough.

*Boots: Old from Charlotte Russe. Similar here, here, and here.

4. Shop your closet. We already know the fickleness of fashion and the ever changing trends that greet us with each new season. If you are loving a new trend today, chances are that you probably loved it the last time it made its rounds on the runway circuit. Take a peak into the dark depths of your closet and you may just find the perfect thing hiding there. And there is no better feeling than rediscovering that lost treasure of your favorite trend right in your own closet. Adding icing to the cake of your brilliant closet find, you now have the hottest new thing but with a vintage vibe. And everyone knows that vintage is always in style.

So when it comes down to satisfying your fashionista whims while sticking to a budget, remember these tips…wait it out, shop around, sample small, and shop your closet. Happy styling!

Do you have any tips for staying current with the trends without overspending your budget? I would love to hear them in the comments!

Keeping it on the edge,


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  1. Great tips Shelbee! I used to buy new items way to soon! And then it wasn t the right weather so I could nog even wear it. And by the time I could, there were other more fantastic items! So now I try to wait!

  2. Dear Shelbee, you are completely right, what good suggestions! especially number 4: shop your closet! Great! Indeed just today I wear a long gray cardigan (rather old) from my closet
    but..lot of snow! we need spring.
    Kisses, Simona

    • Simona, thank you so much for reading! Isn’t it so much fun when you find a lost treasure in your closet! You get that “Ooh I just got something new” feeling without spending any money! And yes, I am longing for Spring so very much. I hope you have a wonderful week!


  3. Great tips Shelbee! It’s fun to try new trends especially without breaking the bank!
    I am shivering looking at your beautiful pictures, oh my goodness, all that snow! Does it ruin your boots? Were you freezing? I am so curious because I have NEVER been in snow like that. These photos are all so pretty you like you’re on a Hallmark movie set!
    Happy Monday friend!

    • Kellyann, thank you so much! You are so cute with all your snowy questions! Yes, the snow does frequently ruin my boots! I usually end up in my big ugly rubber snow boots after pictures! This day was actually not too cold making for a very pretty snow. It was about 30 degrees and I was comfortable in just a sweater…because 30 feels warm after weeks upon weeks of sub-zero temperatures. I have to snow the crazy snow we get her is often quite amazing…but it does get old after months and months of it! I hope you have a fantastic week, my friend!


  4. Cute scarf – perfect for the weather and looks great too. Lucky you in the snow! Have just come back from skiing in the Alpes which was amazing, just cold, damp, windy weather back n the UK!!! Jacqui

    • Thanks so much, Jacqui! This was a pretty snow the day we did these photos. All light and fluffy and not too cold out. Although I don’t ski, any activity in the Alps just sounds glorious! I hope you had the most wonderful time! Have a great week, my friend.


  5. What great advice, Shelbee! I love your photos today – you look like you had such fun in the snow. But you must have been freezing though lol! Great tee, by the way!
    Suzy xx

    • Suzy, thanks so much! I have to be honest…looking like I am enjoying the snow is really just for purposes of photos! Hahaha. I hate the snow after about the 10th snowstorm. Actually, after about the 3rd snowfall, I am completely over it! And it actually was a mild 30 degrees the day of these photos, so I wasn’t all that cold. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.


  6. Such great tips! I always like testing out new trends with small inexpensive accessories to keep it affordable!

    By Lauren M

  7. Hey, this is great! Sometimes it’s nice to get a little reminder to slow down and don’t panic….but, but…I DO need those silver metallic booties, okay maybe I don’t. I like the “shop your closet” suggestion. I am always amazed how much I find that will completely work.

    And all the comments are great too!

    You are adorable! I love your red boots and fun style. I imagine a hot cup of cocoa was in order after this photoshoot. Thank you for the suggestions!


    • Julie, you are so sweet! Thanks so much for this lovely comment! I seriously have a shopping problem and need to find ways to keep myself in check. So creating my own tips, sharing them, and sticking to them is quite cathartic for me! And I don’t even have silver metallic booties at all. But I have so many others that work just fine…so I am exercising restraint…for now. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a fabulous week!


  8. I love this post Shelbee! It’s all so true! Your outfit is super cute, and I love your matching boots and scarf! I love trendy pieces, but I try not to buy too many. I think my style is fairly classic and casual, and I try to stick to that theme. I love shopping on Gilt and Rue LaLa! You can find trendy pieces, even high end designers on there on sale for several hundred off that aren’t on sale on regular retail sites. You just have to follow the sales and be quick!

    • Julie, thanks so much! I never realized how much I enjoy certain trends until I started blogging. While I like to remain true to my own style and put things together in my own creative way, there are trends that will hit the runways that still make me swoon! And being a girl with a major shopping habit, I need to control myself some how…so in come these tips! Thanks for your tips on Gilt and Rue LaLa. I have never shopped either site but I will be sure to check them out now. Have a fabulous week, my friend.


  9. Nice, Michelle! Love your outfit, and I kept noticing how flawless your skin looks! Envious! XO, Angie

  10. Checked jumpsuit made it’s way to my closet via Zara sales which I couldn’t resist.

  11. Great tips Shellbee, I would love something velvety or ultraviolet adding to my wardrobe 🙂 Love the colours in your outfit, great look.

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays, hope to see you on Wednesday for our next blog hop 🙂 Beautiful photos.

    • Thanks so much, Claire! I have tons of velvet, but Ultra Violet will definitely be one of those trends I try in moderation!

      See you tomorrow at the Wednesday Blog Hop! Have a great day.


  12. These are wonderful tips! I really love these pictures too, they’re so much fun playing in the snow!

    • Thank you, Laura! I am glad you like the tips and the photos! All the snow had finally melted and now everything is completely snow covered again! It has been snowing all day long!


  13. Brandi Custer

    Terrific post! Your suggestion to shop my closet reminded me that I have a velvet kimono stashed away that I was saving for winter. I would have missed my opportunity to wear it if not for your timely article. Thank you for challenging me to try new things and for helping me break out of a rut. 😊

    • Brandi, I am so glad that I could remind you of your velvet kimono! And now I am super jealous that you have a velvet kimono and I want one! But I do have enough velvet and plenty of kimonos to not justify the purchase of a velvet kimono! Rock on with your fabulous style, my friend! And thanks for stopping by.


  14. How many times can I say this…You are so cute! I have the BP option of that cardi in black and love it. I wish I hadn’t bought a different gray one because I’d buy the gray like yours. Anyway, I digress…Love the whole combo and your tips for waiting are SOOO smart. I was reading the comments between you and Kellyann. I always think the same thing about your beautiful boots in the snow. We lived in MN for three WINTERS and I totally get thinking 30 feels warm. HA! It’s all relative my friend. Have a wonderful day!! XO

    • Lisa, thank you so much! You are so sweet! And today, I think I totally ruined my faux suede boots! They are completely soaked and my toes hurt from the cold! Funny story about today though…it started out when I left the house this morning at -3 degrees. But this afternoon, it was 23 degrees and I completely shed my coat because I was sweating! Now I’m not sure if that was the drastic temperature change over a few hours or a menopausal heat flash! And I am definitely a wait it out girl when it comes to trends. I hate to pay full price and will very rarely do so! Have a wonderful day, my friend.


  15. These snowy day photos are too cute! Love the scarf & matching boots


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