4 Ways to Kill Your Body Image Fears with the Right Style

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Have you ever had a day when you’ve looked in the mirror and thought, not today? You might have even retreated back to the safe haven of bed before a second alarm reminded you that the office beckons. Usually, this will be due to a hit to your confidence levels. Perhaps you looked at your body and felt like you’d put on a few pounds. Maybe a breakout occurred on your skin the night before. Whatever the reason, the confidence you once had has disappeared. How do you get it back?

Believe it or not, you might be able to solve a knock to your confidence with a few of the right style decisions. The right outfit, accessories, or fashion choices can make you feel like you just walked out of a Vogue photoshoot, even on your worst day.

Wear A Flashy Piece Of Jewellery

Bring It With Bling

The benefit of wearing a cool, elegant, or bold piece of jewelry is that it draws attention from the areas causing your confidence to be drained. For instance, if you think you have the bottom of a Kardashian and not in a good way, you should choose a unique piece of jewelry for your neck. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, just eye-catching and statement-making.  There are plenty of featured jewelry collections that have this effect as a result of their cool, trendy design. Pick the right items and people will notice, commenting on your choice, leading to a wonderful boost in your confidence.

Dress Up Your Feet

Foot Fashion

You can also think about drawing attention away from other parts of your body by dressing up your feet. For instance, you can choose shoes that don’t go with your outfit at all. By doing this, you will immediately draw attention to this part of your body and this can actually look wonderfully stylish. Models and celebrities do this all the time to make their fashion choices stand out and look more unique.

Alternatively, anklets, toe rings and the right nail polish can all have a similar effect.

Dress To Impress

Walk Like A Champion

If you are feeling a little blue about the way you look, dress towards a more formal style and aim to look professional. When people look professional, they are immediately treated more seriously.  Research has shown that you can even gain more respect from strangers just by changing the way you look. A stunning blazer with a neat skirt and pristine black heels will automatically change the way you are viewed by others. Subconsciously, their reactions to your elevated style will give you the boost you need.

Or Dress Comfortably

Going Casual

Finally, if you are feeling like your confidence has taken a hit, the knee-jerk reaction is usually to dress up and do more to the point where you no longer feel comfortable in what you are wearing. This is a mistake.  Instead, you should choose something that makes you feel completely at ease. If you aren’t comfortable with what you’re wearing, people will pick up on it, and this will cause your self-confidence to drop even further.

You see, the right style choices really can pick you up when a look in the mirror makes you want to retreat from the world.

I hope you enjoyed this post and these fun tips for getting out of a body image rut.

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  1. Great tips! Thank you Shelbee!

  2. I really love all of these tips! Especially with jewelry and dressing up your feet. Feeling confident in what you’re wearing is so important.

    • So, so true, Laura! I have always been a firm believer that you should dress your best on the days you feel your worst! These is something so powerful and empowering in the way we dress! Thanks so much for stopping by and have a fabulous day, my friend!


  3. Awesome tips! We all have our day or days when confidence goes out the door. Dressing up has a way of changing our mood and is pretty amazing. It’s instant confidence right in our hands, feet or whole body! 😀

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

    • That is is so true, Maureen! I find that clothing has such power to communicate so many things about ourselves as well as the power to boost confidence! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.


  4. Yes i have days like this! Since I always prepare my outfit from the day before, I don´t make any changes in the morning. But I will put in practice you tips! Especially wearing jewelry to make my day a little sparklier! Wish I had thought of that before, hehe

  5. Love these Shelbee!! Another thing I might add is a new hair style or hair color. That is always a great pick me up as well.😊


    • Thank you, Debra! That is a really great tip for boosting your mood! And it doesn’t have to be a hair cut or color even if it’s a last minute need to boost your mood…you can just change the part in your hair and create a whole new look! Thank you for sharing this tip.


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