Spring Favorite (and My Husband’s Favorite, Too): Tee Shirt Dress and Sneakers

I have been seeing a bunch of posts featuring the most adorable tee shirt dresses paired with sneakers. And I find myself repeatedly commenting how this is one of my favorite outfits for spring and[…]


5 Days, 5 Outfits, 3 Style Challenges

I think I have mentioned in previous posts that I like to use Instagram Style Challenges as inspiration for choosing my outfits on days when I have no idea what to wear. I see a[…]


Easy Like Saturday Morning

Yesterday morning, I decided I was not leaving my house and would get caught up on some blogging work. So I wanted to be comfortable but still feel like I was dressed. I recently found[…]


Scarves are My Thing

Before I started blogging and was researching the entire process, many of my resources were suggesting that I find my signature style and be able to precisely articulate it. This was very difficult for me[…]


Two Days of Spring/Summer in the North Country

Here in the northern reaches of New York State near the Canadian border the winters are long and the spring/summer seasons seem to last merely a few days. Well, not really, but it sure can[…]


Favorite Cropped Patterned Pants for Spring

These patterned cropped pants that I recently picked up at the New York & Company Outlet are quickly becoming my favorite pants for Spring. I wore the same pair in a coral paisley pattern on[…]

Red confidence word destruction over grey background

Here’s the Thing About Confidence…

I recently discovered this fabulous woman on Instagram…actually I think she may have found me first…and when I checked out her Instagram feed, I was so happy that she did find me. Her name is[…]


My Happy Mother’s Day Paisley Pants

I am definitely feeling happy and inspired today on my 6th Mother’s Day. My kids are healthy and happy. My marriage is strong. We want for nothing. My technological issues are resolved. And I recently[…]


What I Wore Wednesday, the Craziest, Most Stressful, Bring Me to My Knees in Tears Day of the Week

Wednesday. Yesterday. I thought I had it all together. I finally published my first blog post since January and I was feeling motivated and ready to roll. My second blog post was on my agenda[…]


Return to the Edge

So it has been a nice long while since I last posted…like months. I found myself in quite the funk with deployment blues, then the reintegration process after my husband returned home from Afghanistan, then[…]