5 More Life Lessons & Link Up On the Edge #20


In my last post When a Talker Runs Out of Things to Say, I mentioned that I currently am suffering from writer’s block. Unfortunately, it is quite the persistent bout with the block. So here are 5 more life lessons that I have learned along the way (numbers 6 through 10 from my original post), another fall outfit, and a link up.




1. I have learned that all romantic relationships will be the wrong ones until you find the right one. So know that with each failed relationship, you are that much closer to the right one.




2. I have learned that each person will handle and react to identical situations in entirely different ways. And that is okay, too. As human beings, our perceptions differ greatly based on our past experiences and therefore our reactions will differ as well.




3. I have learned that no one person’s journey is any easier or more difficult than another person’s. Every path through life is hard and we should be kind and gentle with one another. I have yet to meet a person who has not struggled, seen tragedy or darkness, or suffered a loss. I have yet to meet a person who has never cried.




4. I have learned that a little kindness goes a long, long way. A simple compliment or act of empathy can make a person’s day. A simple gesture of humanity can change someone’s life. For real.




5. I have learned to be more compassionate and understanding of other people’s struggles. I have learned to accept each person where they are in their journey at this moment in time. By understanding that each person is as unique as their journey through life, I have been able to become less judgmental.





*This is not a sponsored post.

Outfit details:
Striped Boyfriend Shirt: Gap Factory (similar here).
Plaid Poncho: Target (from last year, cute alternative here).
Cropped Flare Jeans: Old Navy (similar here)
Neckerchief: Thrifted.
Boots: Nine West (similar here, here, and here).

I hope you are able to find something of worth in what I have learned in my life journey. If you do, please pass it on! The struggle is real, but if we struggle together it just makes it a tad bit easier.


Thank you to everyone who stops by every week and joins my link up! I really appreciate your loyalty and support. I love seeing what you are all wearing, sharing, and discussing each week. And now here are your two favorites from last week:

Susan of Over 50 Under 20 shared the last of her series featuring her lovely blue dress. Hop on over to read Old Blue 5 and check out all the amazing ways Susan has styled this dress. I am so inspired by all of her looks!


And Stephanie of Go Fashion Deals showcased a gorgeous plum tunic in her post Fall Colors! Styling a Dress for Fall. Not only is her tunic so, so amazing, but Stephanie is just too darn adorable. You need to just go look at her photos! Every one of them makes me smile.


Thank you, ladies, for inspiring us all with your marvelous style and magnificent personalities that are shining through!

Keeping it on the edge,


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When a Talker Runs Out of Things to Say, Some Lessons & A Fall Outfit


It surprises me how often I run out of things to say. Because I am a talker. Like the kind of talker who talks non-stop, for hours on end if you will listen, about anything and everything and sometimes even about nothing at all. I very rarely sit in silence…except when I am writing (but that is just another version of talking, isn’t it?).



However, it seems that I often run out of things to talk about in my blog space. Yes, I do have a list of topics I want to address, but right now none of those topics are interesting enough to me. Even as I am attempting to draft this post about having nothing to say, I am finding it immensely difficult to concentrate and focus. It could just be lack of motivation. Or lack of inspiration. Or I have a million other things going on that are occupying my mind and my energy. Or perhaps it is the 3 year old rambling non-stop in my left ear that is making the task at hand near impossible.



So I have decided that when I run out of things to say, I will start recycling some bits from old posts. Last October, I wrote a post about 39 Lessons I Have Learned. You can read the entire post here. Today, I will share the first five.



1. I have learned that people do not fit into neat little packages, including myself. It is okay to be a creative combination of many things, to have many facets to your personality, to have many different and sometimes even conflicting likes and dislikes. And that doesn’t make the package defective, it only makes it a more interesting package.



2. I have learned that it is okay to be wrong. But it is also important to apologize to those affected by your mistakes and try to right yourself the next time.



3. I have learned that it is okay to change your mind, your beliefs, your opinions, your tastes, and your priorities. Human beings are not static creatures. We are ever-evolving based on our experiences. It is supposed to be this way.



4. I have learned that as my mind, beliefs, opinions, tastes, and priorities change so will the nature of my relationships with other people.



5. I have learned that all relationships need to be re-evaluated every now and again. Sometimes that will make the relationship stronger or it may just change the relationship and take it in a different direction. But sometimes, it may lead to the end of a relationship. And that, too, is okay. We are not meant to remain close with every single person we meet in our lives for the rest of time. In fact, that would be quite impossible anyway.



*This is not a sponsored post.

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Fort Drum Exchange.
Jeans: Gap Factory 1969 Baby Boot Jeans in True Black.
Turtleneck: White House Black Market (from last year).
Scarf, Earrings, and Necklace: Cato Fashions (no longer available).
Watch: Churchill Timber Watch.
Shoes: Toms Sandstorm Nubuck Perforated Majorca Mules (from Fort Drum Exchange).

Do you ever run out of things to say? What do you do about it?

Silenced on the edge,


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Ivory Lace with Denim, An Apology & Link Up On the Edge #19


I love to pair feminine lace with a more masculine fabric like leather or denim. There is nothing more feminine than an ivory lace dress. There is nothing less feminine than slouchy ripped boyfriend jeans. Throw said dress over aforementioned jeans and it is a match made in sartorial heaven.





I styled this particular outfit on a very cool day back in July, but I felt it was more appropriately shared during a warm spell in October. And yesterday, we had temperatures around 70 degrees, so the timing seems just right. Today is rainy and cooler and I was fully prepared to photograph my very autumnal outfit that I am donning today. But alas, my remote is refusing to connect to my iPhone so photographs of today’s outfit seem like an impossible dream. So thank goodness for old, previously unshared outfit photos.




And today’s outfit is a cute one, too. In fact, the man with the tattooed face whom I see everyday at school drop off approached me this morning and said, “I really like the way you dress. You have amazing style.” Wow. I was kind of floored. Now I like tattoos. In fact, I have quite a few myself. But not on my face. And I have to admit that I have indeed judged the man with the tattooed face. Perhaps I should not have been so quick to judge. Because he seemed like a very nice man. He spoke kindly and gently and his compliment seemed of the most sincere and genuine nature. So shame on me. And to the man with the tattooed face, I apologize for passing judgment. I also thank you for your kind words and for reminding me to keep my judgments in check.




But back to my denim and lace outfit here. Everything has been in my closet for quite some time. So a great example that you can shop your closet and create on-trend pairings even with old pieces. The only thing purchased recently were my tassel sandals which I scored on huge clearance from Target at the end of summer.

*This is not a sponsored post.




How do you feel about pairing contrasting pieces together to create more interest in an outfit? But more importantly, have you passed judgment on someone a little too quickly and then found yourself eating those words? It definitely was a lesson for me today and one I need to remember more consistently.


Thank you to everyone who stops by every week and joins my link up! I really appreciate your loyalty and support. I love seeing what you are all wearing, sharing, and discussing each week. And now here are your two favorites from last week:

Jodie, Nancy, and Charlotte of Jodie’s Touch of Style are reader favorites for the third time in four weeks! You know why? Because these ladies rock! Check out how brilliantly they have styled their Ankle Boots with Short Trousers. Also, the printed booties they are showcasing are so fabulous!


Lana of My New Happy also captured your attention with a post about boots. Check out her contribution to the October Style Series with The Blended Blog.


How cute are Lana’s peep toe booties for the transition into fall?!


Apologies from the edge,


Poncho Paradise


I have loved ponchos, capes, wraps, kimonos, and any flowy cover up top piece for an outfit for as long as I can remember. And now that I am living amidst the entirety of my traveling boutique’s inventory, I am finding myself in poncho paradise. Because naturally my inventory includes pieces that I love!

Here are a few of the ponchos that are for sale in Shelbee’s Shoppe. I am still in the process of organizing my inventory and will soon be posting items online. But until then, at least I can share some photos of the pieces I have chosen for myself! I definitely feel as if I have rediscovered my edge in these new ponchos!

Bandana Print Lightweight Poncho ($28) (Available in 6 other colors).







These are my absolute favorite shoes of all time! I found them at Burlington Coat Factory for a mere $12.99. My husband said they were awful. I replied, “Awfully fabulous!” But my 5 year old thinks they are completely fantastic, too. So there!


Plaid Turtleneck Poncho ($48) (Available in 4 colors)






And I am also loving these contrast buckle boots which are currently on sale for $19.99 from Cato Fashions.



Toggle High Neck Paisley Poncho ($65) (Currently only 1 left in a bluer shade)





And a photobomb and a kiss by the little guy.


I think ponchos and wraps are the best and easiest accessory to add some edge to an outfit! Do you love ponchos and wraps as much as I do? Which is your favorite?

Keeping it on the edge,


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Fall Prints & Bell Sleeves: 2 Bloggers, 2 Ways (and Link Up On the Edge #18)


Today, I am pairing up again with the lovely Ada of Elegance and Mommyhood as the co-host of my Link Up On the Edge this week. We both styled outfits that included two current hot trends: prints and bell sleeves. And we came up with two totally different but equally fabulous looks! Do hop over to Elegance and Mommyhood to see the details of Ada’s adorable outfit!


If you are not familiar with Ada, let me tell you a little about her. Ada has been writing the blog Elegance and Mommyhood for the past 4 years. She focuses on affordable everyday style for casual stay-at-home mom days, polished work looks, weekend wear and everything in between. Ada also features her adorable daughter Vivian in her Mommy and Me Style posts. She is a firm believer that style and elegance do not have to cost a fortune and shopping your closet is always a great idea. I am honored to say that this is the third collaboration/co-hosting post that I have done with Ada. She is super friendly and creative and so much fun to work with! Thank you, Ada.

I am going to keep this post fairly short because I spent approximately 8 hours today trying to figure why I could not access my own website. For 8 hours straight, I kept getting a “server is not responding” error. Yet every other website I visited was fine. The support tech could see my site perfectly. And so could all of my friends from their own internet devices. Despite rebooting attempts and everything else I could think of, I continued to get the same error. Then finally, like magic, my website appeared. But after the time I would have already published my link up post.  So now I am behind schedule. I’m frustrated.  And I’m tired.  So tired.

So here are some outfit pictures for you. Then your favorites from last week. And finally a link up. Stay sane and enjoy!








Outfit details:

*This is not a sponsored post.

Tunic: Target
Flare Jeans: Gap
Sweater and Clogs: Fort Drum Exchange
Bag: Very Old
Necklace: Walmart

Thank you to everyone who stops by every week and joins my link up! I really appreciate your loyalty and support. I love seeing what you are all wearing, sharing, and discussing each week. And now here are your two favorites from last week:

Julia of When the Girls Rule looking lovely in her Fall Colors.


Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style looking super stylish in her Military Look with Joggers.


Fighting technology and fatigue on the edge,


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My New York City Trip and Big Announcement


If you read my last post Something Big on the Horizon then you already know that my friend Amy and I traveled into New York City this past weekend on a secret adventure! Now I am going to tell you all about it.

We headed out of Watertown on Thursday afternoon around 4:30 and headed directly to Amy’s mother’s house in New Jersey where we stayed for the weekend. And a great big thank you to her mom and step dad for accommodating us on our last minutes plans. And for sharing in our excitement! We arrived at their house around 10:00 p.m. haggard and tired and feeling kind of gross from eating McDonald’s along the way.

In McDonald’s somewhere in Pennsylvania.

We had high hopes of heading into the city early Friday morning. But after staying up until well past midnight chatting with Amy’s mom, we slept in a bit and got off to a late start. We did allow time for some photos on her mom’s porch before heading out.






We drove into Weehauken, New Jersey, and took the ferry from Port Imperial into Midtown Manhattan. And it was a beautiful day for a ferry ride.





*This is not a sponsored post. There are no affiliate links within this post.

First stop in Manhattan was Michal Golan‘s studio! You have no idea how excited I was to witness the behind the scenes workings of how Michal Golan’s jewelry is created! This was the most amazing experience. Michal is the artist/designer who created my very favorite evil eye necklace and bracelet. The kindness I received from everyone in the studio is unrivaled by any other business people I have ever met.

I set up this meeting via Instagram direct messaging with Michal’s assistant, Ariel. She walked Amy and me through the studio and allowed to take lots of photos.

Mosaic art by Michal Golan


The lovely Ariel

Wall Hamsas being created



The supply drawers (like giant card catalogs filled with jewelry making pieces)


After our little photo session, I sat down with Ariel to discuss some opportunities for me to carry Michal Golan pieces in…here it ismy new Traveling Fashion Boutique!
(More details on that later in the post…)

Some pieces from Michal’s newer collections




Aren’t they gorgeous?! After speaking to Ariel and Michal about my vision for my traveling fashion boutique and expressing that I really wanted to be able to offer very unique, almost one-of-kind pieces to my customers, they pulled out pieces from discontinued collections which are no longer available and no longer being created. I chose about 20 different beautiful pieces from these collections as the first additions to my inventory. And I cannot wait to share pictures (once I have the chance to catch my breath, get organized, and take some pictures)!

The beautiful artist herself

And the resident studio-cat

This was such an amazing experience! I am so glad we started at Michal Golan’s studio because the ladies there really boosted my confidence which carried me through the rest of the weekend! Thank you so very much, Michal, Ariel, Carla, and Nicki! For your kindness, for your assistance, for your encouragement, and for your time (we spent over 2 hours with these wonderful women)!

Then we moved onto the garment district and started checking out wholesalers. So, I was basically in a fashion lover’s heaven! And we hand-picked some fun, unique, and on-trend pieces for my inventory.

Here we are in the boxes!


So many decisions had to be made. While it was super fun, we were totally exhausted and hungry by the end of the day. We treated ourselves to an amazing sushi dinner at Haru Sushi in Times Square.



After dinner, we walked for about an hour back to the ferry station (mostly because we got a little lost and walked about 8 blocks out of our way)!



After another late night, we headed back into the city late Saturday morning to check out the jewelry wholesalers in the fashion district. I think we were much too tired on Saturday to even take photos. But we did get some pictures upon leaving the city for the final time on Saturday evening.



Did you notice that Amy and I are holding the same bags? It’s because we had most things shipped home and this is all we carried out of the city with us. The boxes arrived yesterday and all of my supplies are on their way from Amazon. And Amy’s fabulous husband built custom-made garment racks for me this weekend. Thank you so, so much to him for helping make all of my dreams come true! And thank you to Amy for going on this crazy journey with me! And thanks to my husband for all of his support. And to my sister for all of her crazy and very helpful ideas!

I am feeling excited, nervous, thrilled, stressed, confident, overwhelmed, exhausted, scared to death, and completely exhilarated all at the same time. And it is the most amazing combination of feelings ever! Remember, I previously wrote that if we manage to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones that is where great things can happen. Here’s hoping I am onto something great!

About my shop:


“Show me yours and I’ll show you mine.”

Does your wardrobe need to be refreshed and revitalized? Do you have your tried and true favorites that you will never part with but they just need a little extra lift? Have you lost your edge and are looking for a way to reclaim it?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then I can help! With my personalized styling services, I will offer you new handpicked on-trend pieces from my shop to combine with your existing long-cherished staples. Just bring me (or show me) your old faves and I will help you choose a few new items to inject a brand new flair into your wardrobe and create a fresh look which will give you that extra edge. “Let me put the new in your old!”

Come visit my shop and browse my handpicked selections of women’s apparel, accessories, and jewelry items.

For readers local to the Jefferson County, New York area, I am offering my personalized styling services which include in-home parties and the opportunity for you to earn free clothing as a party hostess. Pick a date, invite your friends, and spend a few hours shopping with your own personal stylist right in the comforts of your own home! You can even earn credits for purchasing items in my shop along the way. Call or text for details! (484)714-8856.

Also serving the New York Counties of St. Lawrence, Lewis, and Oswego.

“Bring me an old fave and together we will make it new and fresh!”

Let me help you rediscover your edge,


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Something Big on the Horizon & Link Up On the Edge #17

Striped Tunic 1

*I am posting my link up a bit early this week because I am heading off to New York City this afternoon for the weekend. I am super excited about this trip and I will share all about it later! I wasn’t sure about writing a teaser post, but it’s kind of the only thing on my mind lately. So here goes. Prepare to be teased!

I am cooking up something big. Really big. Well, really big to me in my little universe. I have shared my scheme with a few close friends and family members, but I am not prepared yet to disclose it to the entire blogging universe. But soon. Really soon. By the end of the October, for sure. I promise. (I don’t use Snap Chat, but I will try to post pictures throughout the weekend of my NYC trip on my Instagram and Twitter. There may even be some big hints about my secret revealed in these photos! So be sure to follow along!)

Striped Tunic 2

Striped Tunic 3

In the meantime, I want to thank my friends and family for their continued support of my crazy little idea! But I think it will not be so crazy in the end. I also want to thank my blogger friends for inspiring me to strive for something more, to think outside the box, to take a chance.

Striped Tunic 4

Striped Tunic 5

A few very special thanks are owed to these people:

My husband. While he was completely not on board at first, he is now so excited about my new venture and 100% behind me! It took a lot of persuasion on my part and there were quite a few very frustrating arguments, but we are here now and it is all so good. In fact, some of his points in the midst of said arguments did make me stop and think and reevaluate my approach. And I am much happier and way more comfortable with the route I decided to take because of his initial opposition. So thank you, babe, for pushing me where I didn’t want to go, but getting me to where I want to be.

Striped Tunic 6

OTK Boots

My sister. So, so much credit is due to my sister. She has helped with so many details that have made this venture come into existence. In fact, so many aspects of this entire plan were her ideas. Yet, she presented them to me in such a way as to allow me to believe that they were my ideas and mine alone! And this has only helped to boost my confidence in this pursuit. So, thank you so much, Sissy, for your brilliant and creative ideas, your “trickery”, and your unwavering support. You never once doubted me even when I doubted myself completely.

Striped Tunic 7

Striped Tunic 8

My friend, Amy. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you should know who Amy is by now. She has been with me
every step of the way on my blogging journey and now this new venture. She takes my photos, she offers constructive criticism and positive feedback any time I need it, she is full of genius ideas that help drive me in new and better directions, and she shares in my excitement at the tiniest milestones that I achieve. I am so blessed to have her by my side. Thank you with all of my heart, Amy, for being my confidante, my friend, my photographer, and my business partner. Because of you, whenever I have doubts, I am able to remind myself that we got this!

Striped Tunic 9

Striped Tunic 10

My special blogger friends (there are too many to name here, but I think you all know who you are!). There are so many fabulous bloggers out there who consistently deliver impeccable content and so much inspiration to their readers (and I am one of those readers). I follow so many of these amazing people. But through the course of blogging and reading and commenting and interacting with each other, naturally friendships develop. While I find the entire community to be extraordinarily supportive of each other, there are the ones with whom you just connect. And the conversations move from the comment sections of blog posts into personal email exchanges. You start to really know one another and you get comfortable with each other and you share things that you may not necessarily share in a blog post. You can ask these blogger friends for professional advice or ideas without fear of being rejected, ignored, or perceived as an annoyance. And they always seem more than happy to accommodate and help out a fellow blogger.  These relationships that develop in the course of blogging are just a really cool phenomenon that occurs so effortlessly.  So to those bloggers who have become my friends, thank you so very much for such an amazing experience. I really hope you like what I will be announcing soon!

Striped Tunic 11

Outfit details:

*This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you click on these links and make purchases. It costs you nothing and supports my website. All opinions expressed are my own and are in no way influenced by any compensation that may be received. Thank you for your support.

Tunic: Solitary Consignment in Watertown, New York (Brand: Vertigo).
Scarf: Salvation Army Family Store in Watertown, New York (No label).
Necklace: Cato Fashions (No longer available, but similar here).
Bracelets: Kohl’s (No longer available, but you can shop their bracelets here).
Leggings: Burlington Coat Factory (From last year but similar ones here).
Boots: Journee Collection Round Toe Over the Knee Boots from Target.
Bag: Merona Faux Leather Cross Body Bag from Target (Red is no longer available.)
Earrings: Metal Tassel Earrings from Target.

And thank you to every one who stops by every week and joins my link up. I really appreciate your continued support! Because I have been working really hard the past few weeks on my venture, I have totally been falling behind on visiting and commenting on everyone’s posts. Although I fully intend to start making your links my bedtime reading (rather than getting sucked into Farm Heroes and Toy Blast! But hey, a girl needs to shut the brain down every now and then, right?) For this, I offer my sincerest apologies. But please continue to share your links so others can find them and see what you all are wearing, sharing, and discussing. And now here are your three favorite posts from my link up last week:

Jodie, Nancy, and Charlotte of Jodie’s Touch of Style. They were one of your favorites from the week before, too…well because these gorgeous ladies are rocking their fabulous styles! Check out how they took Frumpy Florals from “mumsy to magnificent”!


Edye of Graceful Coffee posted 6 Things Blogging Has Taught Me. Let me tell you, this girl is so amazing and so wise beyond her years. I always find such wonderful inspiration in her writing and this post is no exception. Give it read…it really is worth your while!


And Karen of She Thought She Could So She Did looks beautiful in her Black Maxi-Light Denim outfit that was inspired by another blogger. And how amazing is her leopard scarf?!


Be sure to check back often for my big announcement! And have a fabulous weekend!

I can see something big on the horizon from the edge,


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A Rainbow Kind of Day: Little Green Dress


I shared this outfit last week as a guest post for the lovely Nina of A World of Dresses. Today, I thought I would share the entire post with you all in case you missed it over on Nina’s page! (Also, because the weekend got away from me and I never drafted a new post for today! #bloggerproblems #bloggersolutions). You can view the original post here. But here it is again (and there is lots of my background biographical information…in case you were curious)!

I was so excited and honored to guest post for Nina as she is getting herself settled in Spain! I am an over 40 stay-at-home mother of two boys and two cats. I also am an Army wife. We currently are stationed at Fort Drum in the northern reaches of New York State where the summers are short and the winters are long, cold, and very snowy. I decided to start blogging during my husband’s deployment to Afghanistan last year as a means to reclaim some of the sanity I have lost trying to raise these boys in the midst of this extraordinary military lifestyle in this curious climate of the North Country!




My blog provides a welcoming forum for like-minded women and mothers to stop by to give and receive support and helpful insights into surviving this crazy, beautiful life. I discuss topics such as Army life, parenting, fashion and style, and mental health. In my little space, you are free to express yourself without judgments and showcase your own unique style without fear. Here’s hoping we can all find our own individual voices in each area of our lives. While I may teeter on the brink of sanity (and midlife), I still find ways to hang on and feel fabulous in the process!




I have been following Nina’s blog for about a year and I so love her style and all of her fabulous dresses. I was so honored back in June when Nina asked if I would like to collaborate with her and 5 other bloggers on styling our Little Black Dresses. You can read Nina’s post here and my post here. I was equally excited when Nina reached out to me again and asked if I would guest post on her blog while she is making her big transition. Of course, I was more than happy to oblige in helping out a fellow blogger. And the only request she had was that I style a dress! Fortunately, I had this adorable little green number just hanging around begging to be worn!




I bought this dress on a crazy last minute shopping trip in search of a semi-formal dress (you can read about that craziness and see the semi-formal dress I chose here). During the insanity, I spotted this dress and I have always wanted to have a little green dress. There was one left, it was my size, it fit perfectly, and it was 50% off. So, of course, I took all of that as an omen that this dress was meant to be mine. The fate of said dress was confirmed when I styled it for this post and my husband’s jaw hit the floor! We are now planning a special date night specifically to showcase my little green dress! (But you all saw it first here!)




The dress is sleeveless which you cannot tell (obviously) because I layered a cardigan over it. There is a criss-cross pleated detail at the neckline that doesn’t seem to lay quite right. It was super annoying to me, so I added this adorable black and white polka dot cardigan which I think created a vintage feel. I was digging that retro vibe, so I stuck with it and mixed up some other black and white patterns in my accessories. My thin belt is white with black speckles (the dress came with a skinny nude belt which pairs perfectly with strappy nude heels). And I am loving these black and white plaid kitten heels! I wore green drop earrings and a vintage initial bracelet on a green leather strap. Other than the flower in my hair, I don’t think it needed any other accessories.




Well, except for my umbrella and sunglasses! It was one of those rainbow kind of days when we photographed this dress. You know, the days when you need both sunglasses and an umbrella. Because the sun is in your eyes when you are facing one way and the dark gray clouds are threatening you from the other direction. But every body knows that you cannot appreciate the sun without a little rain! And you cannot have a rainbow without both!




I hope you all enjoyed my little post and maybe found some outfit inspiration for a rainy day. I wish Nina all the luck in the world in her new adventure and I know she is going to be just as fabulous in Spain as she has been in Cincinnati! Thank you so much, Nina, for sharing your space with me at A World of Dresses!




Outfit details:
*This is not a sponsored post and I have not included any affiliate links herein.

Dress: Dress Barn (No longer available).
Cardigan: Elle for Kohl’s (from last year).
Belt: Target (old).
Shoes: Payless (no longer available).
Umbrella: Target.
Bag: Very old.

Recycling a post from the edge,


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Little Bits of Inspiration #10


Welcome to the tenth installment of my Little Bits of Inspiration series. If you are not familiar with this series, it is a short post that I publish on the first Saturday of every month where I share five things that I have read on the internet that have inspired me in some way. Usually, I share blog posts, but sometimes I share articles, stories, or even entire websites that I find may be helpful or inspiring to my readers. If you see something that has inspired you and want to read more, just click on the Little Bits of Inspiration link in my Categories tab on the left sidebar. Without further delay, here are five things that have inspired me recently.

1. Adriele of Style Assisted published Why I Am A Mom Fail: Today’s Episode back in June which made me laugh, cry, and feel completely normal in my inadequacies as a parent.


So if you are like Adriele (and myself) where parenting is the one thing that can really make you feel like a failure, know that you are not alone…and take a moment to read Adriele’s post. If you have children, I promise you will relate and you will feel just a little bit better about your own mom fails! Thank you, Adriele, for sharing your own fails. It is so important that we moms all unite against these armies of tiny little monsters that we have created!

2. So we all know that parenting is hard, but you know what else is hard? Marriage. And Susie of Not Your Average Mom addressed this issue perfectly in her post Marriage is f*cking hard.

Image Source

I love how Susie keeps it real. All of it…marriage, parenting, financial struggles, mental illness, life. She keeps life real. She hides nothing. And she makes you feel normal. Or at the very least, she makes you feel not abnormal! And she absolutely spoke the truth when she wrote, Marriage is the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. It is so fucking hard. Anyone who is married and/or has children, you should check out Susie’s blog. You will feel better. I swear.

3. This post! Wear 370: WTF by Charlie of Fur Earwig! Blogging existential crisis ahead.


If you are a blogger, you should probably read this: The question has to be: How do you keep blogging when no one does it for fun, and you don’t want to do it for money?…So am I still a blogger?…Of course! Anyone who blogs is a blogger. I have been forcing my crisis thoughts on anyone who makes the mistake of sitting still in a close proximity to me…

4. Nina of A World of Dresses wrote this post on Female Confidence as a follow up to her Little Black Dress Party back in June.


The message is a valuable one. And can benefit all of us women. In a society that profits from our self-doubt, boldly loving who we are is such an important thing. More than anything (even my extreme love of dresses), I believe loving yourself is such a beautiful thing. When we love ourselves, that love overflows onto those around us. It’s so easy to love others when you start by loving yourself.

5. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I am currently suffering from the beginning stages of perimenopause. And while I feel too young to even be discussing this topic, here it is…and it kind of sucks. But I have found Our Bodies Ourselves quite helpful in understanding the torment that my body is putting myself through!


The website provides an entire section dedicated to Menopause and Perimenopause which provides a great many resources on the topic. And it has helped me feel like I am little less crazy than I previously believed!

I hope you can find some inspiration from my five little bits this month! I would love to hear what you think in the comments below. And I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Happy October.

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A Fish of a Day & Link Up On the Edge #16


If yesterday were a fish, I would have thrown it back. Because it was a fish not worth keeping, that’s for certain. I really didn’t want it. But alas, I caught it and I was stuck with it. Do you ever have days like that?


The day began in the normal way. I awoke at my normal time of 4:50 a.m., took a shower, put my pajamas back on, and headed downstairs for coffee. I generally get a good 1 1/2-2 hours of quiet coffee time in the morning before the kids are awake. I catch up a little bit on reading my favorite blogs and joining my favorite link ups. All this went as planned.


The kids were up by 7:00 a.m., the morning routine completed effortlessly, and we were in the car headed for school at 8:00 a.m. as usual. My husband was even able to be home yesterday morning to help with the getting ready and school drop off. I was home by 8:20, started some laundry and the dishwasher, got a pot of coffee brewing to enjoy with my friend, Amy, who was due to arrive around 9:30 a.m. to watch my little one while I went to a doctor’s appointment.


My appointment was at 10:45 with my OB/GYN to schedule a uterine ablation and a tubal ligation. This was the second appointment which was prerequisite to even scheduling the surgery. At the first appointment (about 6 weeks ago), we discussed the procedures and the doctor ordered blood work and a pelvic ultrasound. It took 3 weeks just to get an ultrasound scheduled. Then another 3 weeks to get the follow up appointment with the OB/GYN. When I called to make the first appointment, I told them I was also due for a routine pap. This was never done at the first appointment. At yesterday’s appointment, I was asked if I was due for a pap. I replied that I was. And it was never done. When I finally sat down with the doctor, he had no pre-surgery paperwork and we had to wait for it. So I seized the opportunity to ask him a non-OB/GYN medical question.


My question was of this nature: On Saturday, I was stung in the ankle by a hornet. There initially was no swelling and only a slight bug bite type mark about 24 hours after the sting. Then suddenly, my ankle disappeared in a gruesome swelling of flesh, my skin turned purple all around the area, and I could barely walk on my foot without pain. These symptoms worsened from Sunday night until I was at the OB/GYN on Wednesday morning, at which point I was starting to experience minimal relief. So I asked the doctor if he thought it needed medical attention.

(This is the spot actually starting to improve. Sorry to gross you out.)

So upon leaving the OB/GYN appointment (without a pap or a scheduled surgery date), I walked across the parking lot to the Emergency Room of my local hospital (which shares a parking garage with the medical building where the OB/GYN is located). I was hesitant to go to the ER because it is really very much like entering the twilight zone. And once you commit to being there, you could be stuck there forever. But the doctor indicated that the stinger may be lodged beneath my skin and may require being cut out. I figured if I made an appointment with my family doctor, they may end up sending me back to the hospital anyway. So in the interest of saving time, cutting out the middle man, and eliminating a drive across town and potentially back again, I committed. I went into the ER, explained the situation, and then I sat. And sat. And sat. And panicked that I would not get home to relieve Amy of babysitting duties with enough time for us both to pick up our children from school. (I do think this caused me the most stress.)  And then I sat a little while longer.  I saw police officers come in and remove a patient from the waiting room for questioning.  And I got coughed on by a wretchedly sick man.  (Well, he didn’t really cough “on” me, but he was coughing a little too close for comfort.)


I finally got a room, the doctor came in, checked out my ankle, prescribed an antibiotic because it is clearly infected, and sent me on my way.  No incisions needed (thankfully). While waiting for my discharge papers, the OB/GYN called me to schedule my routine pap (which was today, by the way…because that’s exactly what I wanted to do the next day)! Stopping in the bathroom on my way out of the ER, my belt fell apart and I had to discard it with the threat of losing my pants during the rest of this hideous day.


At this point, I was pushing my time limit.  But Amy assured me that I had adequate time to drive all the way across town to my pharmacy to get my prescription (which is on the Army base and comes with all sorts of other complications). To my pleasant surprise, I was called up to the counter within minutes of checking in…only to be told there was no prescription sent to them. When they called the hospital, they were told once my file was closed they could no longer send the script electronically. The hospital also informed the pharmacy that they did not have the capability to fax the script. (My head may have exploded at that point.) After the pharmacist spoke with the hospital (in a not very pleasant tone), exceptions were made, my prescription was filled, and I headed towards home (holding my pants up with one hand all the while). I still needed to stop for milk (because I completely ran out of milk for the first time ever in my children’s lives and poor Amy had to deal with my little one crying for “pink milk” all day. Sorry, Amy.)


I made it home with enough time to grab a belt and get the little one into the car to head off to pick up the big one at school. And this is actually the outfit I was wearing all day. And I somehow survived in 4 inch wedges with a strap around my infected ankle (don’t ask me why I chose these shoes because I do not have an answer). And today I am exhausted. Completely and utterly fatigued. To the point that putting one foot in front of the other feels like I have to move a mountain. But I am home now.  And today I quit. I’m pooped. I’m tired. I’m done. I’m throwing yesterday day back, I’m recovering today, and I’m starting over tomorrow. Hopefully with a scheduled date for my surgery.  A huge thank you to Amy for keeping my kid and fielding my frustrated phone calls! So long, and thanks for all the fish.


Outfit details:

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Honestly, I am way too tired to provide outfit details.

Sweater: JCPenney
Scarf and Jeans: Old Navy
Sandals: Target
Necklace: Kohl’s

Thank you to every one who stops by every week and joins my link up. I really appreciate your continued support! This past week really got away from me as evidenced by the story I shared in this post! So I do apologize that I have not been to visit every post that was linked up. But I am working through them all because I do love to see what you all are wearing, sharing, and discussing. If I don’t get the chance to comment, I have been trying to pin and/or tweet all of your posts as well!

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