My Old Navy Rewards Haul and A Link Up

I challenged myself this week to do something I have never accomplished before! I had a $15 rewards certificate for Old Navy and I wanted to go into the store and spend as close to[…]


A Little Black Dress

I have an entire section of my closet that is dedicated to little black dresses…that I never wear! The LBD is such a classic look and I understand that every women is supposed to have[…]


Too Much Tequila, A Tantalizing Tunic, and Finding My People

Yesterday, we had some friends come over for an afternoon/evening of great food, delicious drinks, and a lot of laughs. Apparently, by the end of the night, I was drucking funk which is actually quite[…]


A Week of the Blues and On the Edge of the Week Link Up

I have been feeling kind of blue lately. And apparently, my clothes reflect my mood because I’ve been wearing a lot of blue lately. I don’t have much else to say about it…except I need[…]


A New Twist on a Old Tunic

I bought this tunic last year from Old Navy but I never wore it much because every time I put it on the length and volume overwhelmed my body to the point of complete frumpiness![…]


Menstrual Cycle Mayhem

I don’t know about you all, but sometimes my menstrual cycle determines what clothes I am going to wear. Yes, I am going into this unspeakable realm of the female menses! When the flow starts[…]


Kimono Love

I bought this kimono last year on clearance for about $6 and only wore it once. It didn’t fit quite right in the shoulders but I have since lost a few pounds and now it[…]


Mind Your Words

We as human beings have many ways of communicating with each other…words, body language, facial expressions, actions, the way we dress, the way we walk, our overall presentation of ourselves to the world. So you[…]


I’m in Love with This Dress

I’m going to make this a short and sweet outfit post. No deep thought-provoking concepts or ideas. Just plain old let’s talk about the clothes. I am seriously in love with this dress. Here are[…]


Little Bits of Inspiration #6

I haven’t published a Little Bits of Inspiration post since November mostly because I was over ambitious and trying to compose this post weekly. When I couldn’t keep up with it, I got overwhelmed and[…]